Star Citizen: Around the Verse 3.9 – UK

Star Citizen: Around the Verse 3.9 – UK

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News Network. Chris Roberts (CR): Hello, thanks for joining
us here at CIG for another Around the ‘Verse, the weekly look behind the scenes at everything
Star Citizen. I’m Chris Roberts. Sandi Gardiner (SG): And I’m Sandi Gardiner. For those of you keeping track, we’re just
a little over a week away from this years CitizenCon. CR: Yes we are. So as we continue working towards the big
event, team members from every studio will be arriving here in L.A. next week. It’s going to be a really full house, hard
to believe how much we’ve grown since last CitizenCon here in L.A. SG: Yeah it is, and to find out all the latest
details for the event make sure you check out the RSI site. We have a post that outlines everything from
where to watch the livestream online to trophies, to what backers attending in person can expect. CR: Yup, absolutely so check that out. Every department and team have been working
really hard to make sure this year’s CitizenCon is a memorable one. SG: Very cool and of course you’ll have
to wait till the livestream next week to see, but don’t worry, with a whole universe being
created there’s still plenty left to share. CR: There is always lots to share. So right now let’s go visit the U.K. to get
an update on some of the latest efforts underway at Foundry 42. Studio Update Mici Oliver (MO): Hi everyone and welcome
back to the UK. I’m Mici Oliver, QA Tester to give you this
week’s studio update. After a successful show at Gamescom, the team
have been working really hard on the 2.6 content and also some exciting new things to show
you at Citizencon. First up, we’ve got David and Will to talk
about the improvements to the scanners and the radar systems – let’s take a look. Will Maiden (WM): So radar scanning is a very
fundamental mechanic – so many of the careers are going to be based off it. Not just combat but policing and smuggling,
mining, exploration – they are all going to be using radar and scanning in some way or
another so making sure that this system works for all of them can and compliments them and
feels natural has been an interesting challenge to overcome not just in space but on foot
as well. So whether you are in Star Marine or you are
just exploring a planet for the first time, the system needs to work in every case. So, having an eye on working for the future
but what do we have right now and making sure we don’t ruin an already good experience
has been an interesting challenge to overcome and something we have I think at some point
five or six different disciplines are all contributing to making sure that we’re not
overlooking one area to make one other area better. So it’s a continued system that’s been
in development and something that I think we are going to need the community’s feedback
on. David Pollard (DP): We’ve been breaking
it down into different tiers so the cross section you take the 3D shape that you are
detecting and it works out the dimensions that you can actually see and it gives you
a result from that. So if you’re looking at a ship from top
down it’ll have a bigger cross section and side-on it’ll be a smaller signal that gets
to you. As well as cross sections we got infrared
and electromagnetic which are systematically worked out from the items on the object that
you are picking up on the radar and so the different items draw different amounts of
power and give out different amounts of heat and that’s all added together and then radar
looks at that signal and works out how much of it it can see to determine whether it is
detected or not. For the FPS we’re thinking of adding- we’re
working on adding a decibel signal as well for sound so if there are guys walking around
a corridor or firing weapons they’ll be making sound – that will feed into the radar
signal system which means we can use the same radar on a player as on a ship and it basically
uses the same code under the hood. Fundamentally the ships and player radars
are the same, because it is all systematic and players- player characters, NPCs all have
items on them in the same way that ships do, they also emit infrared and EM in the same
way based on the power draw of their life support systems and helmets and weapons. So we’ve- in the past we’ve had just passive
radar on ships and with Will’s design we’ve been adding new features as well which the
active ping – which allows you to send out a pulse which amplifies the signals that your
passive radar might not be able to pick up and so I’ve implemented it. It’s done on a golf-swing type mechanic
where you hold down the button, wait for it to charge up and if you get it right, let
go, then it sends out a ping that is much more powerful than the passive radar and that-
with the active ping the last quarter of the power up power is the sweet spot you gotta
get. If you don’t quite get there then- by letting
go too early or if you don’t let go in time then that’s when it sends out a really loud
signal which other people could detect and the guys in LA are going to be taking over
this scanning and radar stuff and running with it – it’ll be good to see what they
do. WM: Up until now we’ve had a system in-place
that works great for combat, you can- a ship will come into range and you can pick it up
and then it tells you everything you need to know about it – who it works for and the
name of the ship and you can fight it straight away. But moving forward we’re going to need to
know specific information that you can gather from a scan – what it’s cargo is, and things
like that and you took the system out and we started to implement some of those new
features and we keep them all robust and future-proof so when we start working on it for the future
careers that stuff is already solid groundwork. We’re going to be seeing a lot more scanning
and radar focused ships- more utility ships I guess, say, where the focus isn’t on combat
but gathering of information – we’ve seen it recently with the Terrapin, we’ve also
got the Freelancer DUR and the Constellation Aquila – ships that are designed for exploration
or data gathering – that are going to have additional utility mounts used specifically
for scanning or increasing radar range – that allows them to capture information but also
bounty hunters can scan a ship – look who is onboard, find out their criminal status
– but also on the other side, smugglers need to be aware of the system so they know how
to trick it, how to stay hidden – spies need to know how to keep themselves quiet and disappear
off radar so it’s a two system of “I improve my systems one way” and then this guy is
trying to quiet himself down. One of the things we are looking at is the
ability to scout ahead so a ship might jump ahead, recon an area, gather information about
what forces have been gathered and then bring that back to the rest of the fleet where they
can make a valid judgement of “OK, they are exposed on this side” or “actually,
no, they are too strong, let’s leave it” but it means that you can start to plan out
larger attacks and have multiple stages of “oh, I’ve bought a Herald to gather information
quickly and run but maybe not fight” and now there’s a value in having those recon
ships as part of your fleet, as part of your group’s collection. And also if you don’t want to fight it yourself,
you can sell that information to the police or to other gangs who may want to act on that
information. MO: Next up we’ve got Vehicle Artist, Paul,
to show you some cool alterations we’ve made to the Vanguard to make a dropship called
the Hoplite. Paul Dalessi (PD): I was given the task of
creating a new dropship for Squadron 42 – the Vanguard was chosen to be a source material
for that – the Vanguard originally has a pod in the middle that can eject and be given
different functionalities for different variants – that plan wouldn’t work for a dropship
variant, you have to strip out all the walls to make space for the seats to make sure people
can walk inside the interior space easily. We’ve put in the bigger ramp so people can
get in and out easier, bring in some cargo – a lot more space – the original Vanguard
had a bit of a tapered ramp, you can only get in one person at a time – new bigger one
you can just walk in with four people at the same time no problem – it’ll be a much easier
fit. It’s not displacing any work, it’s not
going to delay anything, it’s just going to help Squadron 42 come out faster. The Vanguard Warden’s black – default Aegis
black – the Hoplite is green, it’s a UEE ship – it’s a UEE dropship so it comes in
the UEE livery of green similar to the Gladius. The Warden variant had middle pod which was
an escape pod, it had beds in it, the dropship does not have that, it is it’s own unique
variant, it doesn’t have swappable pod in the middle, it’s got essentially the same
weapons capabilities, the same turret on top, it’s just that the internals have changed
and it’s got a bigger loading ramp. MO: A lot for you guys to discuss. That’s everything for this week, so thank
you for watching – I hope you enjoyed our updates and we’ll see you in the ‘Verse. Back to the Studio CR: Thanks for the update Mici, and to the
team for taking their time to show their work cause they’ve been working very hard on
Citizencon work right now. SG: Yep, it was really great to see the Vanguard
transform actually and it sounds like the radar and scanning update is going to unlock
some pretty cool and big gameplay. CR: Yes – definitely and so it’s one of
the things I’m really excited by because it’s going to add a whole extra dimension
to the Squadron 42 gameplay that I didn’t have in Wing Commanders and then if you take
it to the Star Citizen side of the Persistent Universe, it’s opening up a whole host of
options in exploration, in piracy, in policing, enforcement so it’s going to be really cool. SG: Very cool and definitely I’m going to
need someone to do the scan operator on my Connie. CR: Yes, I’ve got a feeling skilled scanner
operators are going to be in high demand. I’ll will perhaps train to be your Scanner
Operator, we’ll see. SG: Wow. Now we’ve gotten a glimpse of what our devs
have been up to – let’s take a look at the hard work you guys have been doing – here’s
this week’s Community Update with Tyler in Austin. Community Update w/Tyler Witkin Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey everyone. Tyler Witkin, Community Manager in the Austin,
Texas studio, here to bring you this week’s Community Update. Last week the Aegis Retaliator won the title
of Galactic Tour’s Bomber of the Year, landing it a spot on our pledge store for one week,
and that sale ends tomorrow. Fast forward to this week and now we have
the Sabre verse the Delta competing for the title of Galactic Tour’s Dogfighter of the
Year. We’re going to post the results of that poll
on our website tomorrow. Now I know we’ve been talking a lot about
Bar Citizens lately. Just last Saturday there was an event in Denver,
Colorado; Vienna, Austria and Rennes, France that all look to be an incredible time. And thanks to the efforts of a citizen named
Ricko, you can now go to BARCITIZEN.SC to find all the news and updates about Bar Citizens
around the globe. The site is jam-packed with information and
even an interactive map to help you find events in your area. Speaking of Bar Citizens we’re going to be
hosting two official events the weekend of CitizenCon, Friday and Saturday night. You can find out all the details about those
events on the CitizenCon information page, which is on our website now. Now it’s time for this week’s MVP award. A huge congratulations to Leadhead for his
extraordinary efforts in creating a 300i sand sculpture. This was a week long endeavor, and they even
had to battle it out with some rain, but it turned out fantastic. So congratulations again Leadhead, you’re
this week’s MVP. Lastly the week would not be complete without
Reverse the Verse so make sure to tune in live tomorrow at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight
Time at Twitch.TV/CIGCommunity where we’re going to talk about everything that you saw
on today’s episode. Thanks again everyone for your support. We’ll see you in the ‘Verse. Back to Studio SG: Wow, that sand sculpture was awesome. Between 3V, 3D printing, oil paintings, Legos,
wood carvings and now sand I’m excited to see what the community will create next. CR: Yes, well maybe they’ll have a Close Encounters
tribute next. You never know. SG: Never know. Now I’m trying to figure out which ship would
look good shaped out of mashed potatoes. CR: Yes, made by Richard Dreyfuss. So speaking of shaping ships, let’s catch
up with Andrew Nicholson and Jonny Jacevicius in the U.K. to hear all about the new improvements
they’ve been making on the flight model. Ship Shape: Flight Model Balance Andy Nicholson (AN): For the upcoming 2.6
patch we want to start digging into balance on a larger scale than we have done before. Go back to the drawing board a little bit
– not too far obviously – so that meant finding out where do we start? What’s the first thing we do? There’s always dependencies with everything,
so try and find the fundamental thing that we might end up changing that’s going to
affect a lot of other things. The flight model was that thing. And what we decided, and what we started to
do to test it, was to pick one ship – we picked the Gladius – we lowered the SCM speed to
try and make combat, not really slower, but a little easier to control so you’re not
flying backwards and forth at really high speeds. I mean the Newtonian physics that we use,
the IFCS flight model is complicated – it’s complex – it allows for a lot of depth to
the combat, but it’s also kind of intimidating. Especially when you’ve got an SCM speed
of 350. You’ve got ships going really fast and a
lot of throttle management to do to get decent in combat. So we took the Gladius, we lowered the speeds
down to, I think, about 140 – it’s like a rough halving of the speeds to see how it
would affect gameplay. And then rebalanced a few ships around that. Okay make everything slower how does that
feel in a dogfight situation? And also, not just speeds wise, but we sped
up the accelerations so the stop times were lower. Which meant there was less slide when it comes
to ship maneuverability. It can take a little bit of time to get to
top acceleration when you are turning so that even … that staggers the speeds as well. It makes everything feel heavier. Gives the ships more character. But to fill that gap where we’ve cut into
the SCM speeds we’ve made some changes to the afterburner. We’ll be making further changes to the afterburner,
but we wanted to tweak the fuel limit on that so people used it more. The idea that in a combat situation if you’re
not moving fast enough or you need to escape faster afterburner’s what you’d use now
because … it should be like a … something you don’t use all the time, something you
use every now and that then, that just gets you out of a combat situation if you need
to. Afterburner didn’t really have that much
of a purpose before: now it does. We set up some tests where all the Designers
were invited to playtest and see what their opinions of it were. And it was mostly positive, you know, say
overwhelmingly positive, which has meant we’ve put together a patch, based on the 2.5 build,
so it’s like an interim patch that includes fixes, well rebalancing of, the ships’ speed. But we’ll go out to the Evocati for them
to playtest and give us feedback on that. And eventually more players will get to try
it too if it’s favourable. Or, you know, if it’s not we’ll still
try and make changes based on that too. Ship flight, ship handling, is the main fundamental. What we build upon from there is … in ship
balancing will be ship shields, ship health, missiles and weapons. Right now I’m starting to look at weapons
but we’ve already done a pass which should be in the Evocati build as well on shields. And what we did was … we’ve got some preplanned
numbers – future numbers – where we wanted to take the shields later when they’ve been
redeveloped and refactored and we ported them into the old system we have with the shields,
which should mean we get a little taster of how those shield classes might perform. I expect there’ll be a lot of feedback on
that and there’ll be a lot to change but that’s why we did it. It’s a good chance for Evocati to get there
hands on it and go “er, that’s not quite right” and we’ll react to that when we
can. But yeah the missile changes I think Jonny
will be talking a bit more about that. Jonny Jacevicius (JJ): So the problem we have
with our current missile rack system is a lot of the missile racks are bespoke to ships
and that they’re tied onto them, you can’t swap them out for any others. You can swap the missiles in and out but we’d
rather you had the choice to be able to swap it out for a different rack of a different
size so you can put different size missiles on there if you prefer more smaller ones or
a less amount of larger missiles. Another problem is a lot of the size allocations
we had on the missile racks that we’ve got at the moment is that some would be size three
that could hold, for example, two size three missiles, and some would be size two that
could hold two size three missiles. So we really just wanted to bring all that
in line, fix the problems with that, and then obviously build a system that’s flexible
enough to allow you to swap in and out these missile racks. Say for example if you don’t have a ship
that has a bespoke missile rack on there, like the Starfarer Gemini the rack on the
front or the Constellation wings, you’ll be able to use one of these new missile racks. The Frankfurt lads have been working very
hard on actually making all of the missiles the correct size. So all size one missiles, instead of being
huge … having huge variances in sizes, they’ll all now be the same size but we’ll still
have the opportunity to make them look unique. And this just means that instead of having
these different sized missiles floating away from missile racks they’ll actually be connected
to the missile racks properly, will disconnect properly, and it will look good. If you play something like an FPS you’ll
have your sniper rifle as something that is the long ranged, powerful shot weapons. You’ll have your SMG that is your burst
like … kind of like high rate of fire, lower damage, high spread weapon. You’ll have a shotgun that’s high spread,
very high damage. So we wanted to reflect that in our ship weapons
so that if someone is using a cannon you immediately know that they’ll be trying to engage you
with it from long range. A repeater: you’ll have an idea of what
the fire rate will be, how much damage it will cause and things like that. So that’s not to say that all cannons will
be the same and all repeaters will be the same. All of the … there are many different things
that can have varying effects on the ship weapon statistics. So if it’s, for example, an energy weapon
over a ballistic weapons it might fire faster, it might consume more power. And if it’s … say if it’s … if you’ve
got additional things under energy, say additional damage types under energy – so if it’s a
laser weapon, if it’s a plasma weapon – there’ll be different attributes to the projectile
it fires but also to possibly the gun’s rate of fire, it’s power consumption, it’s
accuracy and all of these things. We want to get these changes in on our current
set of weapons just to make sure that we can get those locked down first and make sure
we get them feeling good with the new flight model. And then, in the near future, we’ll hopefully
start getting some of these … getting some more variation in there, getting some of these
additional damage types in, and making these weapons feeling more and more unique. Back in the Studio SG: Yeah I can’t wait for the players to
test all the tweaks first hand when we implement this into the Alpha. Do you think people are going to have to adjust
their flying styles as these adjustments come in? CR: Yeah, no absolutely. Actually I think it’s going to give a much
more fun, close feel … up close feel to the dogfighting. Which is what we’ve been looking for: that
visceral Wing Commander feel. And of course we’ve got these beautiful
ships that Nate and his whole ship team build and we want to show that off and … It’s actually kind of ironic because it’s
exactly the process I ended up going through 24 years ago when we were doing Strike Commander. So Strike Commander wasn’t based in space,
it was modern jet fighters in this futuristic vision of the Earth where mercenary squadrons
were working for the highest bidder or the corporation. And we’d based it all on … we’d done
accurate flight modelling and all the speeds and everything were based on what an F16 would
be, or a MIG 25 or the various craft that you would be … fighter planes you would
be fighting with. But we found when we were flying around and
dogfighting that we really weren’t getting this up close dogfighting feel that we wanted
and Wing Commander had from what was done previously. And, yeah, it wasn’t helped by the fact
that resolution was really low – 320 by 200 – and 256 colours. So we were trying … we were wracking our
heads to see how we could do that better and we basically said “let’s try halving the
speed of … basically the distance and speed of everything”. And when we did that it felt right. So even though it wasn’t fully, actually
accurate and right it was … it felt good as a dogfighter up close, firing guns. And that’s kind of the same process we went
through here on the flight model changes we’ve done. So we’ve … the speed’s crept up over
time and everyone gets further and further apart. And now we’re bringing them back together
for a more up close, Wing Commander style dog fighting but with a much more sophisticated
physics model and all the rest of stuff. And so hopefully people are going to like
it but that’s up to the Community – it’s the process we do. So the first up will be the Evocati and see
what they like, and then after that a larger group of the Community. But we’re pretty excited by it. SG: Wow, that sounds like I am going to need
to up my Arena Commander game. Which fortunately is a little easier thanks
to Zane and Trevor and speaking of those guys we now go to a first look at the work they’ve
been doing on our brand new lobby interface. UI Update: Lobby and Mobiglas Treavour Wernisch (TW): The initial user experience
and the onboarding experience in Star Citizen kind of needed a fresh look, actually an entire
overhaul. So, we’re sort of burning the old system
to the ground and rebuilding it all from scratch visually and from a code base. So, user experience is a lot cleaner and should
be more fun to use. So, the initial pass will be launching in
2.6, internal feedback has been great so far. We anticipate the user base will be just as
excited, you should be able to match up with your friends quicker, jump into the lobby
much quicker, you’ll be able to customize your marine in Star Marine now. It’ll have unique loadouts for the different
factions. A big focus of the revision is having big
hero pieces. We have really unique and detailed planetary
system Star Marine models and Arena Commander ships. So, kind of to bring out those hyper details
we want to spin around models, zoom in on that or just kind of a get a feel for how
amazingly they’re built. We want to do some really interesting fullscreen
ship customization here, the system’s still pretty heavy under development but gives you
an idea of, you know, we’ll be able to spin around ships, focus in on parts and switch
out items. You’ll be able to drill down individual
items and gets those item stats when you’re swapping them in and out of your ship. So with the visual redesign we’re actually
going to bring the leader boards from the web into the game so players have less reason
to jump in and out when they’re tracking their score on the leader board. With bringing the leader boards in game, we’re
going to actually try to expand out the system and build a bigger feature set for users to
track. We’re going to have official ranking systems
and matchmaking, will be a lot more improved. A few months ago our Lead Designer, Zane already
showed concept… visual concepts on where we want to take Mobiglas so we’ve taken
those concepts and started to flesh them out ingame. We have a working prototype in game and we’re
kind of building different applications now. The mission management system and inventory
systems to kind of build a baseline style guide, make sure everything is readable and
legible in all kinds of different types of environments. Just a really fun unique system to use. Zane Bien(ZB): Reason why we kind of wanted
to do this overhaul was to make the Mobiglas feel a bit more inworld. That includes utilizing more of the arm to
communicate that this UI is associated with your arm and the projector. TW: One of the great features from Mobiglas
we’re trying to build out now is while everybody has come to know the blue LED visual style
that we have, we’re looking to implement a feature that will let a feature kind of
customize the colour to their liking so if there is any issues with the blue they can
make it their pink or purple that they want. ZB: We also have this idea of adding more
customization into the home screen so what you’ll be able to is much like a support
screen in the ship is customize what different blocks displace. So we have just these kind of placeholder
live elements here, so anything can then go in each of these little blocks here and you’ll
be able to customize what displays where. So, eventually we’ll have… you’ll be
able to kind of drag one of these apps here whether it’s like your UEC, bank account
or cargo manager, your StarMap and you drag it into one of these blocks and what that’ll
do is turn it into a real… overall status display for that application. As you can see this is our initial implementation,
you can see it’s very much a work in progress then after 2.6 I’m excited to get this out
to you guys so you guys can play around with it and test it. We’re expecting it to come in roughly around
3.0, so it’ll be exciting. Outro CR: Really cool work on the lobby and also
the mobi customization, a great way to end the show. SG: Yup and as always we’d like to thank
our subscribers whose monthly contributions allow us to make extra community content like
this. CR: Like this show, so thank you. So not only Around the Verse, Reverse the
Verse, the Town Halls, Bugsmashers, Loremakers, Jump Point magazine, 10 for the Chairman,
the Vault, hangar flair and so much more so thank you guys for allowing us to be able
to do this. SG: yes, thank you very much and a huge thanks
to everyone who’s supported development of Star Citizen, we could not do this without
you. CR: Yes, we definitely couldn’t so thank
you guys. So be sure to join us for Reverse the Verse
tomorrow at 8am Pacific, aka 4pm GMT, aka 5pm Frankfurt time where Johnny and Andrew
will be providing further detail on the flight model changes. Make sure to have your questions ready. SG: Yup have them ready and while there will
be a brand new Loremakers next week, ATV and RTV will be on Hiatus so we can focus on preparations
for CitizenCon. CR: Yes, there’s lots of preparations in
process. So make sure to tune into our livestreams
next Friday and Saturday and of course the big event on Sunday. I’m excited to share with you everything
that we’ve been working on, it’s pretty awesome. SG: And again head to the RSI website for
all the details on how to watch and more. CR: So until then, we’ll see you… Both: Around the Verse


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    Please move the scanning equipment on the Aquila to the bottom turret. The top turret is too necessary for ship defense. Also, the use of the word 'radar' for ships in vacuum bugs me!

  24. Post
    Gamer Max

    why is the camera being shown? That was very distracting please don't do that again. How did that get past the editor?

  25. Post
  26. Post
  27. Post
    Diego Reyes

    I feel like radar should be a network sort of thing. If you have it off, no one will detect you on radar through Ping-to-Ping. But, if you have it on a low setting or high, or anywhere in between, you could also be detected by other people with that signal strength or lower. Or perhaps higher?

  28. Post
  29. Post
  30. Post

    I am glad Arena Commander and Star Marine have not been abandoned! Was hoping for an update to those modules for sometime. I knew it was gonna happen eventually, but the PU was just so domineering. Anyhow, great video as always!

  31. Post
  32. Post
  33. Post
    Larry Miller

    So how about we get the game above 30 fps while using at least a shitty card like the evga 1070 ftw before we start adding content we can only dream of playing. Fps is a deal breaker for 75% of the community. Oh and if anyone other then me was curious as to how many times the 2nd dude to speak said Uh it was 44 times. Gotta work on the fps for sure without a doubt before anything else at all. No need to make a game if you cant managed at least 45 fps to 60 fps. Annoying to here about the new content when I feel ripped off because the games broke in term's of fps. Look i love the idea of the game or else i wouldn't have bought an alpha support package but it should have never cost anyone 35 bucks when you can get but an average of 20 fps on a good day period. Worried SC will end up dying in payed alpha hell…

  34. Post

    i really like the flight model change .. hope it feels more like close up dogfighting and coupled with that you can see he cool details of ships in dogfights more often … hope these changes don't get dumped by the early tests .. and more casual players get the chance to judge too! always had the feel that when flying around the detail of the ship didn't matter to much only landed and from inside.

  35. Post
  36. Post
  37. Post
  38. Post

    Well, I'm glad they are finally concentrating on the Flight Model. Wait, no I'm not. They seem just as clueless and out of touch as they've been since AC went live over two years ago.

    Seriously, you think bringing the VCap down and fiddling with acceleration a little, then playing the game like it's a Wing Commander doesn't mean that's ACTUALLY how ships handle in PvP.

    It's basically as stupid as a FPS developer thinking they are making their game more "tactical" when their Chars can run sideways and backwards as fast as they can forward and bunny hop as much as they want. Just because a few devs role-play against each other instead of truly play test, then they'll make no progress.

  39. Post
  40. Post
  41. Post
  42. Post
  43. Post
  44. Post
  45. Post
  46. Post
  47. Post
  48. Post
  49. Post
  50. Post
  51. Post

    Beautiful stuff all the revolutionary updates are exciting to see being brought out every year. This is how game development should be like. Would love to work for or with these guys lol

  52. Post
  53. Post

    More modifications to the flight model…but…I am almost ready to do rotating madness again…

    On a more serious note I hope they don't make it easier to race, I like the increased complexity of racing in 2.5 vs 1.2 and 1.3, and even through I would probably complain if it happened, I think increasing the complexity even further(for racing) would be good.

  54. Post
    Ben Vaughan

    Playing alpha at the moment, I have no problem with the speed, I do find it a little slow tbh, not in a fighter style but lining up jump points and other things like that, don't want to have to nav a asteroid field for a hour just to go 300km, it's space man, if you can fly, you can fly, if not, well learn, it's like driving a car…

  55. Post
  56. Post
    Shade Jodoin

    Half the speed?
    You actually made the new Gladius as fast as the fucking freelancer – Nice, good job ruining a perfectly fine ship.The one big draw of the Gladius is its drifting abilities, which are directly linked to its speed. Its speed allowed it to actually compete in combat. Now it is going to be a fucking turtle and be absolute shit. I fucking hate this change. I really really fucking hate it

  57. Post
  58. Post
  59. Post
  60. Post
  61. Post
  62. Post
  63. Post
  64. Post
  65. Post
  66. Post

    Very nice work with the redesigned UI. Looks more and more like an AAA game. Someone should take screenshots every time the UI is changed for a trip down to memory lane when the game is finalized.

  67. Post
  68. Post
  69. Post
  70. Post
  71. Post
    ben winwood

    The ships getting slower really is a dissapointment for me. Making the gameplay 'easier' as he says for players who feel 'intimidated' by complex controls, is a pretty disgusting. My opinion of this game just went from full on hype to feeling very confused. Making things slow and compressing the player gap is extremely unnervving. Please don't do this, please. This should be an option to limit thrust for new players who can engage in full control and speed when them deem fit.

  72. Post
  73. Post
  74. Post
    Will Brown

    I'm not really down with the golf swing radar thing, at all. Bravo for the thought and idea it's great. But not for this game. Radar should be radar. It should be a passive action done by active equipment. And definitely not a sensitive action that could potentially be done incorrectly. But, rather potentially read incorrectly depending on existing dampening equipment active in the area.

  75. Post

    so…the new FM….everything is slower, we have less drift…so basically ARCADE mode engaged? sounds fucking boring to be honest

    and what is that radar mechanic…I'm a hardcore supporter of the game,but this development is scary. why is everything being dumbed down? where are the hardcore mechanics that were promised?

  76. Post
    Some Sarcasm Required

    Cloud Imperium Games: Job Listings — Universal Requirement — Male applicants MUST have a beard measuring AT LEAST 1/3 inch, as determined by our Facial Review Board.

    Seriously though, the neckbeards are SOON BAD. Please, for the love of SC, shave those horrendous, scraggly messes.

  77. Post
  78. Post
  79. Post
    Fancy a Bev Mate?

    The flight mechanics is what I've wanted to be changed for over 2 years as compared to other flight games it felt disjointed and wayward I'm really looking forward to this change guys Thank you so much for finally getting around to this Vital dynamic!

  80. Post
  81. Post

    How good would this be if it had a build mode, where you can build your own hideout out in space or in an asteroid belt. When you die, you would re spawn there. Only you had the co ordinates to quantum leap to. If not build mode then at least be able purchase small bases, different types depending on what you could afford. You could purchase items, equipment to upgrade your base storage etc

  82. Post
  83. Post
  84. Post
  85. Post
  86. Post
  87. Post
  88. Post
  89. Post
    Ryan Delgaty

    I honestly don't like the "golf swing" idea, having to click a button at the right time to complete a successful scan, but I like the direction it's heading. If anything I think it would be great to point and wait to complete the scan, but setting the right frequency or something beforehand to make it more or less successful. Ships that could utilize a second person for scanning could take this frequency thing to another level like being able to bi-pass shielding that a single person couldn't previously do.

  90. Post
    Sexy Pineapple

    Please DoN't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Post
  92. Post
  93. Post
  94. Post
  95. Post

    I don't really like the idea of being able to scan for people while on foot, kind of ruins the ability to create an
    ambush or use terrain to hide.

  96. Post
  97. Post
  98. Post
    Jeremy Wade

    Star Citizen should be a benchmark for community and developer communication.
    Really interesting stuff, especially bug smashers :).

  99. Post
  100. Post
    Pariahs Of Vindication

    I think it would be really badass to be able to add a cloak ability (maybe partial against radar and full as in full invisibility at a higher tier) that you could only have up for so long, that way if you're a merchant and you want to get past a fleet of pirates you'd basically be sweating your balls off hoping your systems are going to hold the cloak up just long enough as you fly by lol

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