Star Citizen: Citizens of the Stars – Brian Chambers & Batgirl

Star Citizen: Citizens of the Stars – Brian Chambers & Batgirl

Closed Captioning provided by Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey everyone and welcome
to another episode of Citizens of the Stars. This week, in usual fashion, we’re going to
take a moment to highlight some of the incredible content and achievements coming from the Star
Citizen community. Now, let’s waste no time and jump straight
over to Ben Lesnick for another installment of Citizen Spotlight. [0:48] Citizen Spotlight Ben Lesnick (BL): Hey everybody. It’s Ben, and welcome to Citizen Spotlight. The part of a show where we spotlight a citizen
and the wonderful work they do to make the Star Citizen community great. Today I’m joined by my good friend, Nikki
“Batgirl” D’Angelo. Hey Nikki, why don’t you tell us how you got
started with this, and what you do for Star Citizen. Nikki D’Angelo (ND): Hey Ben. Wow, that’s not too hard. I got started with Chris Robert’s games way,
way, way back when it was Wing Commander, but thanks to Scott Manley and one of his
videos I was able to catch a glimpse of what he called From Wing Commander To Star Citizen
and that was back in August of 2013. So, a little bit after the crowdfunding campaign
started, and from that point on I have been hooked. And very quickly in September of that year
I started Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous, which that just started with a quick thread
inside the Subscriber’s Den and from that point on I’ve just been doing videos, sometimes
two or three times a week, most of the time just weekly. BL: Tell me about that. What does a Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous
video entail? ND: I go over a lot of the news that comes
out for the game development in the beginning when you guys were really putting out a lot
of news, I broke it down very simply for everybody to make it very easy for everyone to understand. I did theoretical match-ups of the ships. These days I’m talking to people like yourself
and Sandi and Brian Chambers and David Haddock, and bringing people or giving people the opportunity
to ask questions to them that aren’t subscribers. So, that’s what I’m giving back to the community. I also do another set of videos called State
of the Game where I get into the game and give my impression of where the development
is going at the time, sometimes critical, a lot of times very fair and balanced. And of course I do a great live show with
two wonderful women, Edenstar who is the one millionth backer and Sofiegirl who is a streamer,
and we call that Lightspeed Lunatics, and we do that on Friday nights at … I think
we do it at 8:30 at this point and that’s on BL: That’s 8:30 Eastern, yeah? ND: Eastern Time, Eastern Time. BL: So what exactly is that? What is an episode of Lightspeed Lunatics? ND: Well Lightspeed Lunatics came from.. we’re
friends, we went to CitizenCon together. We roomed together, and we came up with this
idea: three girls, pajamas, alcohol, Star Citizen. So, nothing good comes from that show except
for antics and just a lot of fun, and when you get us on a good night, we’ll go into
Star Marine and shoot each other in the face. BL: It’s always a good time when you’re shooting
each other in the face. Anything you’d like to say to the Star Citizen
community right now? ND: Yeah, just have patience. This is definitely going to be the best damn
space simulator ever. I have the utmost confidence that this team
will get it done, and I’ve had a little bit more access than the normal person to the
group, and I can tell you that everyone of these people that are working on this game
are passionate and true to the mission of delivering that game to us. BL: Well, thank you so much for saying that,
that’s fantastic. It has really been an honor being your friend
through all this, and thank you for helping keep the Star Citizen community so informed
and entertained. Everybody out there I’d encourage you to… ND: Ditto BL: Checkout Nikki’s videos and keep Star
Citizening. [4:41] Quantum Questions – Frankfurt Jared Huckaby (JH): Hello everybody and welcome
to another edition of Quantum Questions. Where we take a CIG developer, put them on
the hot seat and make them answer as many questions from Star Citizen subscribers as
they can in under two minutes. Today’s victim on the hot seat is Development
Director for Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Mr. Brian Chambers. Brian, how ya doing man? BC: [Double Go Fists] I am good. How are you doing? JH: I’m doing well. You ready? You psyched? You pumped? BC: I am psyched. I am pumped. I’ve done my research. I think Mr. Jeremiah has 11? JH: Now, Jeremiah, he does have 11. He is currently Quantum Questions champion,
so yeah. That’s terrible man, because he barely got
through his name. You saw it right? He barely got through his name. Please tell me you’re going to dethrone him. BC: I’m the type of guy that doesn’t, you
know. I usually only take on challenges that I’m
fairly confident with, so hopefully I don’t fall on my face, but there’s some confidence
behind this. JH: Alright. Well let’s see… BC: That German efficiency. JH: [Laughs] So let’s see how good that vaunted
German efficiency is. So let’s put two minutes on the clock. BC: Going fast man, you better ask them quick. JH: And … begin. JH: What is your name, and what do you do? BC: Brian Chambers, Development Director. JH: Name one thing you’re working on for Alpha
3.0. BC: Moons. JH: Will you be able to play as an alien in
Star Citizen? BC: Yes, eventually but not on launch. JH: When was Star Citizen first revealed to
the world? BC: 2012. JH: Will we ever be able to drive a Greycat
outside our hangars? BC: Similar, before, yes, eventually. I don’t think initially, but yes eventually. Next. JH: Can you substantiate recent rumors about
mining coming in Alpha 3.0? BC: Yes, true. Next. JH: Will the hangar module ever go back to
how it was originally? BC: We won’t go backwards. We will always go forwards to make it cooler. JH: What feature would you personally like
in Star Citizen that isn’t currently planned? BC: Dragons. JH: [Laughs] Alright. What is your favorite PC game of all time? BC: Full Throttle. JH: Will there be spaceship washing career
opportunities? BC: I sure hope so. JH: What moon is your favorite to land on? BC: The pink one. JH: What new gaming mechanics are we aiming
to include in Alpha 3.0? BC: Rumors: mining. JH: What impact has Lumberyard had on your
work? BC: It’s only made our support that much better. JH: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could hire non-union beavers as scab workers and avoid production cessation
due to a prolonged strike during contract renewal negotiations? BC: Union only, so none. JH: How tired are you of shipping Ben Lesnick
rare Wing Commander memorabilia that can only be obtained in Germany? BC: I love Ben. JH: What’s your daily routine like to maintain
hair like that? BC: Wash every three days. Put some crap in it. Let it air dry. JH: Who is your favorite community manager
for Star Citizen? BC: I don’t have any. JH: I’m sorry man, but the answer we’re looking
for is Jared Huckaby, but don’t worry. You did it, you knocked Jeremiah out of the
top spot. Congratulations, what do you have to say for
yourself? BC: Hey Jeremiah. How you doing? So, Jared reached out to me awhile ago, and
I did my research. I saw you on the top, couldn’t even really
get your name right, it’s a little disappointing. Made me feel bad that you were representing
this at the top. So sorry, I came and I did what I needed to
do. JH: [Chuckles] All right, all right man. BC: Is that shi [Censor Beeps] JH: And so Brian Chambers takes his place
atop the mountain with a whopping 16 questions answered correctly. He’ll go on to compete against other CIG developers
each and every week, and don’t forget that you can not only submit your questions for
consideration in future episodes, but you can vote on which questions you want to see
featured in every episode of Quantum Questions. With that, I’m Community Manager Jared Huckaby,
we’ll see you next week everybody. That was it. I did it. How many takes was that? [8:54] Top 5 Tyler Nolin (TN): Hey everyone, Community
Manager Tyler Nolin here to bring you this week’s Top 5. Number five, LtDanOfficial has created a custom
flight desk to get the most out of Star Citizen, and it looks great. We’re looking forward to seeing updates to
his flight desk in the future. Number four, Dr_Krueger for their impressive
screenshots of the Constellation around Port Olisar using the advanced camera controls. We can’t say this enough, the images and videos
from the community continue to blow us away. Excellent work. Number three, is infomatic Jim! for their
entertaining video of a Starfarer Gemini in Pirate Swarm. He goes to wrack up 84 impressive kills to
some very appropriate music. Number two, goes to BoredGamerUK for their
detailed new player’s guide updated for Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.1. If you are a new or returning player for the
2.6.1 update, we highly recommend your taking a look at BoredGamer’s new guide. Number one and this week’s MVP goes to Allyghost
for his hilarious video of testing a size 9 torpedo on a Caterpillar in Arena Commander
while his friends are still on-board. Their reaction is priceless. Congratulations Allyghost, you’re this week’s
MVP. [10:00] Subconscious Alexis Lesnick (AL): Hello subscribers. I’m Alexis, and it’s time for another edition
of Subconscious. The only smaller part of another show that
celebrates the people who make that show possible in the first place. They say that March comes in like a lion,
but for subscribers it’s more like a renegade, an Avenger Titan Renegade that is. The Renegade is yours to test fly all month
long. It’s an update of the versatile Avenger Titan
space frame that we launched last year as part of the Star Citizen anniversary celebration. My favorite part, the cool blue and yellow
markings. This isn’t a Jump Point week, but it is a
Jump Point year. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve heard
your request and that plans for the third physical volume of Jump Point back issues
have begun. Editor David Ladyman is hard at work on the
book’s layout, and we’ll have more details about the publication soon. And finally, we’ve got a sweet little Vault
for you. This week we’ll be looking at some of the
process work done on creating Cellin, one of the moons you’ll be visiting in the Stanton
System. And believe you me, it does a great job of
selling the place. I am so sorry, Ben wrote that joke, and I
tried to stop him but here we are. And on that note thank you to everyone out
there making the subscription program work. Stay tuned for more updates, and I’ll see
you in The Den. Outro TW: Well, that’s all for this week. I want to give a special shout-out to Batgirl
and to Brian Chambers for taking on the hot seat in another installment of Quantum Questions. Thanks again for all your support. Without you none of this would be possible,
and we’ll see you in the ‘Verse.


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    Sean Brophy

    Wow Full Throttle! So oldschool! Please give Brian Chambers a tip of the cap for me. Haven't even thought of that game in years.

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    Paul Manzella

    Full Throttle – EASILY one of my all-time favorites. So awesome Brian took a second to recognize such an amazing game!

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    grayson hellyer

    Man those are some stupid questions… If this video was wiped form existence nothing of value would be lost that day…

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    Phillip Mulligan

    Space Viking confirmed at 5:00. I would love to follow Brian Chambers the Red on a grand pillage in my space viking longship Caterpillar. They shall sing epic sagas of Brian Chambers the Red and his grand pillages in his quest for more hair wax.

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    Сперэнтия Инфантем

    Mining in 3.0? Cool! However, it would be much cooler to know when 3.0 itself happens. lol

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    Respectful adults only. No griefers.

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    LT Dan Official

    Hey guys LT Dan, thank you so much CIG for the spotlight!! I hope everyone likes my flight desk and maybe inspires you to create your own custom setup. Catch the full video of the project on my channel o7

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    Gus Mc

    no offense to Allyghost, but you made him MVP for THAT video over someone like @Grafton which has become a 'house hold name' on the SC forums for all the work they have done and information they have provided to new and old backers alike?!

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    Raymond Curcio

    I'm really excited for this game, but I'm tired of getting delays. So I'ma just wait a while. Maybe by the end of this year the game will have some meat to it's bones. I've been following this game since I was a kid in middle-school and now I'm and Aircraft Mechanic. Just, so much time for a good game like this. I really hope it's worth it all.

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    Full throttle not my fav PC game but really good. Hard to say my favorite PC game might be Sanitarium.

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    Leandro Mendoza

    Impressive how they manage to keep making weekly videos for the community and the develop the game at the same time.

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    Angry Marine

    Okay, Alexis needs her mic turned down so we can't hear her massive breaths every time she needs air. Also, get this woman a neck brace, she's going to be a job site injury if she does more videos. Great Job Brian and who is the heck is Tyler Noland? The number one was some kid who shot his teammates? Really, over the other options? Overall good show (Brian Chambers Q&A, Ben, and Tyler) but some work here needs to be done (all other aspects). Like the experimentation but please accept positive criticism.

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    WolfNight Games

    Al crear una cuenta, puedes utilizar el siguiente código STAR-PQ96-T27M para obtener un enlace y obtener de manera adicional 5000UEC en creditos. Pincha aquí para registrarte con el código y recibir los creditos.

    Los nuevos reclutas pueden inscribirse en Star Citizen usando este Código de Referencia. Ganarán 5.000 UEC (United Earth Credits) que se pueden gastar en el sitio web para armas, componentes de naves o decoraciones para su Hangar: STAR-PQ96-T27M

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    Ryan Harvey

    Jared's on-camera presence is top-notch. Cool under pressure on livestreams AND smooth-talking when scripted? Champion.

    Real question is, how many takes DID you need for that outro? lol

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    fx Gamer

    Am starting my own crowdfunding, to buy a gaming pc, to play this game 😀

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