Star Citizen: Citizens of the Stars – Cherie Heiberg & Rockseeker

Closed Captioning provided by Tyler Nolin(TN): Hey everyone, welcome to
another episode of Citizens of the Stars. I’m your host Community Manager, Tyler Nolin. If you’re joining us for the first time,
Citizens of the Stars is a weekly show where we highlight the amazing content created by
the Star Citizen community, with that I’m handing it off to Tyler Witkin for this week’s
installment of Citizen Spotlight. [0:47] Citizen Spotlight Tyler Witkin(TW): Hey everyone and welcome
to another installment of Citizen Spotlight where we take a moment to highlight some of
the incredible contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Joining us this week is none other than Rockseeker… Rockseeker how are you doing? Rockseeker(R): I’m doing good, thank you. Nice to be here. TW: Awesome, now I’ve seen a lot of backers
make Star Marine maps or maps of various space stations but nothing to the scale of your
composite Yela map. How did you go about making such a detailed
map? R: Actually I was thinking about that for
a while to go and map and put a grid system on it. So I first decided to go and fly above Yela
and take one screenshot but then I realized the game doesn’t render Yella from that
distance so I said, I’m going to have to find another way. So, I actually figured I’d do it the old
way which is basically go closer to the belt itself and actually go and take multiple screenshots. So, I took about 25 screenshots going around,
the main difficulty being it’s not always the same distance so you have to try and judge
when you see the asteroid starting to disappear then you say I’m just at the right height
then go and slowly fly around. TW: Now I saw you mention on your forum post
that you had to do a lot of measuring, how did you go about measuring space in our game? R: The reason I had to go and measure is that
I did the map three times, so it takes about 10-12 hours to do. First time I did it, I just went around in
three evenings and between the first and second evening I did not realize but I started from
the wrong cluster of rocks… of asteroids so when I pieced the things together I was
missing about 3 degrees of the map. So, I did not realize til someone on the community
got excited and people started chatting and then one person mentioned, ‘you know, the
Benny’s Henge is not in the right location’. I said, oh come, now I see the red light so
I went and looked at it and says, you’re right and this guy Erin Cornwell went and
basically being a criminal was at GrimHEX, sorry was at the Benny Henge and could see
GrimHEX from the distance. So, ok of course, obviously I’m not in the
right place. So I went back and redid it and again using
the technique where each screenshot I make them about semi transparent then I overlaid
the asteroids going all around and making sure that they all fit and then I said, ok
I got it this time, fixed. So, I reposted, change the title said it’s
fixed and then again people went around and said you know, your measurements don’t look
right. So, because what people do is you always can
see where GrimHEX is and you go and locate yourself a different location and start doing
a triangulation and you say, oops it doesn’t work. So I said ok, so by that time I chat a lot
with this other guy who was a born cartographer, he likes that. So, I said let’s go together and go around
and you sit in one location and I go around and start taking measurements and we take
several screenshots and move to a different location and again did the same thing. I don’t know if it’s voluntary but there’s
currently a… maybe it’s a bug in the game right now but once you focus on someone, then
you can travel anywhere in the map and you’ll still see the distance to that person. So, as long as you don’t focus on something
else you could quantum jump somewhere else and it’ll still see how far it is, like
a million kilometer from you. So, that’s the technique we used and I posted
a map where there’s lots of lines and all the measurements we took and then I fit everything
together and then that’s it. Now the clusters, they’re all at the right
place. TW: Wow… ok and about how long did this
whole project take you? R: As I said earlier, about 10-12 hours each
time although I was getting better and faster at doing it and I made sure to use the Glaive
that I own, I’m quite happy with the Glaive and it’s easy to go in and out because to
have a good screenshot… each time I moved a bit and then EVA’ed out, position myself,
grab a screenshot and that’s why people are commenting what’s this small orange
line you see all around. That’s actually my facemask of my criminal
suits there that you see the small orange line but that’s nice, that’s a nice artifact,
it shows a rough looking feel of it. So, go back in, move a bit, go out, move back
in and go around like this. So it takes several hours to go around and
funny enough, there’s actually fuel in ships and you can run out of fuel. So yeah, I was about halfway around the map
and then I ran out of fuel so I had to go back… actually quit, exit the game and go
back in and then continue flying around, that was funny. TW: Cool, all right last question, what’s
next? Do you have any locations or projects that
you’re excited to do? R: Well, I’m part of the United Earth Mining
Corporation, we’re… I believe we’re the largest mining corporation. I love the mining, I joined the game because
of the RSI Orion that I thought online actually, I got the ship before I actually got the package. So and then yeah, I was looking forward to
3.1 but recently we just learned it’s going to be moved up to 3.0 so we’re all getting
excited about that and really looking to go and mine and hopefully going to be a new sector
open, maybe Stanton asteroid belt or something where we can go start digging around and yeah. TW: All right, well Rockseeker thank you so
much for taking the time out of your schedule and coming and doing this with me and for
all you folks at home, we’ll see you next week. [7:27] QQ Ben Lesnick(BL): Hey everybody, Ben here. Welcome to Quantum Questions, the only part
of the show where we ask actual questions to actual CIG developers. Questions provided by you the actual subscribers. If you’re not familiar with Quantum Questions,
the goal is for a CIG employee to answer as many questions as possible in under two minutes. Our record is 16, set last week by Brian Chambers
and this week we have a set of questions that we think will pair very well with a nice sherry. Cherie Heiberg, CIG’s archivist from the
Lore team, Cherie how’re you doing today? Cherie Heiberg(CH): Great! BL: How many questions are you going to answer? CH: Twenty. BL: That would be very impressive, let’s
see how it goes. You ready for this? CH: Yes. BL: Put two minutes on the clock please…
and go. Will there be any further updates to the Starmap? CH: Yes, we’re working on getting new renders
into it and we also want to sync it with the Galactipedia which is a really cool plan. BL: Which star system has the most planets? CH: Ellis. BL: What is the Galactipedia? CH: Galactipedia is the in universe encyclopedia
that describes the history and events of Star Citizen the game. BL: What can you tell us about Xi’An culture? CH: It is currently in production right now,
we’ve come up with things like religion and relationships and hierarchy and all kinds
of cool stuff. BL: Do the Xi’An lay eggs? CH: Pass. BL: Who is the moon Aemilia named after? CH: Someone. BL: Where do Flo-Pets come from? CH: It’s one of the protected systems under
the Fair Chance act, I just can’t… it begins with a Y maybe, no it doesn’t begin
with a Y, I don’t know. Pass I don’t know, I tried. BL: The Lore team has been drilling down on
one race in particular, getting ready for the next concept ship. Can you name that race? CH: It’s the Banu. BL: Why do the Banu hate chairs? CH: They don’t keep records so no one knows. BL: What is the coolest star system in Star
Citizen, scientifically speaking? CH: Tamsa, definitely Tamsa. BL: What is the status of the kickstarter
goal, ‘Galaxy map room’ for our hangars? CH: Oh, we still definitely want to do it
but no updates at this time. BL: All work and no play makes you ______? CH: So boring. BL: Where is Sharon’s Nebula? CH: Sharon’s Nebula is near the Bremen system. BL: Does the Aquila have either the P-52 or
P-72? CH: Yes. BL: Favourite ship to fly in Arena Commander? CH: The Sabre. BL: Best Dave? CH: Haddock. BL: What is the coolest star system in Star
Citizen, not scientifically speaking? CH: I like Horus because it has Serling and
that’s tidally locked to this red dwarf star so that’s pretty rad, in my opinion. BL: That is it, thank you very much. You did an awesome job. For those keeping score at home, that is twelve
correct answers, fantastic. So much for the Heiberg Uncertainty principle. If you would like to ask questions for a future
Quantum Questions, you can post to the subscriber area in Spectrum. You can also upvote questions you especially
would like to see and we’ll keep those in mind. For Quantum Questions, this has been Ben Lesnick,
thank you and good night. [10:51] MVP Jared Huckaby(JH): Hey everybody, Community
Manager Jared Huckaby here with this week’s top five and MVP, so let’s get to it. Number five, Up in Smoke, The Shipyard trailer
by Zaqq. Now Zaqq has created a trailer for what appears
to be a new series called the UINS Shipyard which will offer quote/unquote in lore reviews
of ships in the Star Citizen universe. I look forward to seeing how this series progresses. Number four, the Explore with Anvil poster
by Alastrom. Alastrom has made this fun and very colourful
poster highlighting Anvil Aerospace and the ever popular Anvil Carrack. I gotta admit I find myself wondering how
this might look if I printed it up and hung it above my desk in the office and I might
just find out. Number three, the Anvil F8 Lightning laser
cut model by Ricemaiden. Now we’ve highlighted these laser cut wood
models from Ricemaiden before but this may be my favourite yet. Very little is known about the F8 Lightning
and its proposed role within Squadron 42 and Star Citizen but this hasn’t stopped this
ship from looking any less cool. Number two, the Star Citizen movie poster
by Dan Silverstone. Dan has crafted a compelling display of Star
Citizen imagery in building this movie poster concept for Star Citizen. Of course, I’d remiss if I didn’t point
out he used the cast for Squadron 42 in lieu of not knowing any of Star Citizen’s cast
members but I like the artwork so much I’m willing to give him a pass for it. Great job, Dan. And finally number one and this week’s MVP,
now this person didn’t create any original art or build something with their craft in
fact I’m not certain they didn’t anything particular remarkable in the last week but
this person with well over 24,000 posts on our older forum system has been a touchstone
of development on our website for years. Always quick with a link to a relevant source
of reference for any given discussion, for this reason alone this week’s MVP goes to
than none other than Grafton. So congratulations Graf, it’s been a long
time coming. [12:53] SUB-CONSCIOUS Alexis Lesnick(AL): Hello subscribers, I’m
Alexis and it’s time for another edition of Sub-Conscious. Your cute little subscriber mini show, whether
your Centurion or an Imperator, this subs for you. Where there’s smoke, there’s flair, all
active subscribers now have access to our March 2017 flair item which is a framed cover
of Hitbox magazine honouring the release of Star Marine. It’s exactly the same kind of framed magazine
covers we decorate our lobby here with at CIG, only in the future. On that subject, here’s some flair IRL…
backer Ungineer recently gifted GreyHeaded Gamer a real version of the Tears of Fire
subflair. Happy birthday GHG! If you could have a real version of any one
piece of subflair, what would it be? I’d have to go with Mr. Refinement’s Cabinet
of Rare and Exquisite Spirits, let me know your choices in the den. We just finished shooting an all new 10 for
the Chairman featuring your questions gathered using Spectrum’s new upvoting process. This time the chairman is joined by Mr. Crusader
himself, Tony Zurovec. You won’t want to miss it, there is no release
date yet but keep a watch on the Comm-Link for an update in the coming weeks. Now leaping to another topic or should I say
jumping, the March issue of Jump Point magazine will go out on Friday. This edition will feature the development
of the Anvil Hurricane plus the usual collection of lore articles and fiction. That’s it for this week, thank you so much
for your support I hope you’re enjoying your Avenger Titan Renegades and I’ll see
you in the Den. Outro TN: That’s all for this week’s episode
of Citizens of the Stars. Big thank you to our guest Rockseeker, Cherie
Heiberg and the community for making it possible. I’m Community Manager Tyler Nolin and we’ll
see you in the ‘Verse.

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