Star Citizen: Citizens of the Stars – STLYoungblood & Jeremiah Lee

Star Citizen: Citizens of the Stars – STLYoungblood & Jeremiah Lee

Closed Captioning provided by Ben Lesnick (BL): Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of Citizens of
the Stars, Star Citizen’s community show. This is the show where we celebrate the brightest
point of light in the Star Citizen constellation, you the backers. Now a lot of people have come to me and they’ve
said, “Ben, why do a Star Citizen community show? Why celebrate the Star Citizen community?”
and I’ll tell you exactly what I tell them. I’m working. Get out of my office. But the real answer is that, of course, Star
Citizen wouldn’t be possible without this incredible community. You’ve not only created the game itself with
your support, but you’ve inspired us with your artwork and your writing and the way
you come together and all the incredible things you do every single day. So, we wouldn’t be here without you, and we
wanted a platform to celebrate that. With that, let’s check out the next installment
of Citizen Spotlight. [Finger Guns to His Left] Citizen Spotlight Jared Huckaby [JH]: Welcome everyone to another
edition of Citizen Spotlight. Where we take a closer look at some of the
exceptional contributions made by our citizens to the Star Citizen community. I’m your host, Community Manager Jared Huckaby,
and this week we’re chatting with Star Citizen YouTuber Mr. STLYoungblood. How ya doing man? STLYoungblood [STL] Oh, I’m doing great. How about yourself? JH: I’m doing well. So, do I call you STL, Mr. Youngblood? STL: STL’s fine. Yeah, let’s keep it short. JH: [Laughs] Roger that. Now you’ve been making Star Citizen videos
for quite some time. When did you get started? STL: Well I pledged for the game back in 2014,
back in February of 2014 and have been making videos ever since then. JH: Awesome … and there’s a wide array of
videos you’ve created. Why don’t you tell us what the folks at home
can find on your YouTube channel? STL: Yeah, absolutely. I do have a wide variety of videos that I
like to put out there. If you were to find my channel and try and
pick something that would be what I’m best known for I’d probably say it’s my ‘Picking
the Right Ship’ series. You know sometimes that’s going to be going
through a variety of different ship categories. So, for example, I may do ‘Picking the Right
Cargo Ship’ or ‘Picking the Right Escort Ship’. And what I’ll do is I’ll really just break
it down and talk about the different stats on the ship, the different weapons, the cargo
capacity, the shields, the speed and basically break down ships in as much detail as I possibly
can. Try and do a lot of lore videos. You know CIG, you guys have done a lot of
really good job of creating this expansive environment that we’re going to be playing
in, and everything has this really rich background. So that like my lore stuff and my Starmap
videos, I try and go in and share the lore that, you know, your lore writers have actually
come up with, so people have an understanding of what the ‘Verse we are living in is actually
all about, because it’s going to be important for people to have that kind of understanding
of the background. I go through and I do a series called ‘The
Inbox’ where I answer questions that the community has. I know you guys are busy, so I try and answer
on your behalf whether that’s actually something you guys consider a good thing or not. JH: [Chuckles] (The views and opinions of
STLYoungblood do not reflect those of Cloud Imperium Games, Roberts Space Industries,
or its subsidiaries) STL: [Laughs] Yep, I’m totally at fault for
the information provided. JH: [Chuckles] Well we appreciate all the
work that you put in for the Star Citizen community. STL: Yeah. JH: Now do you have anything new coming up
that folks can look forward to? STL: Yeah, there is one coming up. It’s probably going to debut sometime this
month for the first time. It’s going to be what’s known as ‘The Patron
Round Table’. On my channel I’ve got a really supportive
group of patrons that spend their hard-earned money to help develop the channel we use. It’s a funny group, lots of good opinions
that I think people are going to enjoy. JH: Well that sounds great. Well thank you for taking the time to be with
us here on Citizen Spotlight, and folks at home you can find all of STLYoungblood’s videos
at the link in the description below this video. With that, let’s check out what’s coming up
next in This Week in Star Citizen. This Week in Star Citizen’s Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
Weekly Lore Post Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
Loremakers Guide Explore the Star Citizen Universe Thursday, February 9th, 2017
Around the Verse w/ Latest Development Updates Friday, February 10th, 2017
Happy Hour w/ Community and CIG Guests Quantum Questions BL: Hey everybody. Welcome to Quantum Questions, the quick quiz
where we carry your questions to a Cloud Imperium developer. We’ve got Jeremiah Lee, Concept Artist from
Star Citizen. He’s going to answer as many of your questions
as he can in just two minutes. Let’s do it. Jeremiah are you ready to face some Quantum
Questions? Jeremiah Lee [JL]: [Shakes Head] No. I am not. [Laughs] BL: Well good, because that was technically
not a Quantum Question. JL: Okay. BL: We’re about to start. Let’s put two minutes on the clock … JL: [Sighs] BL: … and, go. What is your name, and what do you do? JL: Wow … Jeremiah Lee, character [Unintelligible
With Nervous Laugh] Wait, what was the question? BL: What do you do? JL: Oh, I’m a Character Concept Artist at
CIG. [Chuckles] BL: How long have you worked on Star Citizen? JL: Close to about two years now. BL: What armors are you working on right now? JL: Right now the heavy slaver armor. BL: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen
at work recently? JL: I’ve seen some weird sh… JH: [In Background Yelling] Pass, pass! JL: Not safe for work pass. [Laughs] BL: Can you gift a pledge to a friend. JL: Sure … yeah, yeah … totally not scripted. BL: Is Disco as annoying as we’ve heard when
… JL: Oh no. BL: … he want’s something for one of the
shows? JL: No, no, no, he’s absolutely adorable. Absolutely adorable. BL: How excited are you about the thing you’re
working on that you can’t tell us about? JL: Super excited. I’m actually … it, it … because I’m at
the beginning of the pipeline, I always get so excited, and then I can never talk about
it. It’s the worst feeling, but also the best
feeling ever. BL: And how do you pronounce Xi’An or Xi’Anne? JL: I say Shi’an. BL: What work are you doing on the female
character? JL: The female character is actually in production
for armor variants right now. BL: What are you working on for 3.0? JL: I am currently working on Levsy … oh
my goodness … Levski P.U. costumes for the NPC. BL: How excited are you for the Titan armor? JL: Ooo, that thing I’m excited and also scared
for at the same time. The same feeling I had for the sandworm. Truly same feeling [Grimaces] BL: What is your favorite color? JL: [Looks down at shirt] Is this black? I think this is black. This color. This … this, this thing. BL: That? JL: That thing, yeah. Oh, okay. Did I win? BL: Well, you did a great job. Thank you for appearing on Quantum Questions. JL: [Whispers] That was two minutes? What? [Unintelligible Voices in the Background]
Man lies, that’s lies. BL: Well, that makes eleven questions for
Jeremiah, which means he’s the Quantum Champion. Tune in next week to see if he can hold on
to his throne, and if you have your own Quantum Questions that you’d like to ask to a Star
Citizen developer you can post them to the Subscriber area of the forum. We’ll see you next time on Quantum Questions. Top 5 and MVP [Caught in mid stride, surprised and excited] JH: I’m back. It’s me guys, and I’m here with this week’s
Top 5 and MVP. Why me, because Tyler Witkin is out sick,
man. [Points at Camera] Get better soon Tyler. We miss you. Alright, let’s get started. Number five, the MISC Razor teaser created
by Athagen. Now he used the 3D model from our holo-viewer
and his own experience with texturing and video making. Athagen created a short 30 second fan-made
teaser for the MISC Razor that’s left quite a few people in the Star Citizen community
waiting for more. I can’t wait to see what you come up with
next, man. Number four, The Diverse the Verse webcast
celebrated their sixth episode with special guest, Community Manager Tyler Witkin. The discussion covered an array of topics,
and I thought the entire team involved the show put out a pretty entertaining and informative
90 minutes, so good job everybody. Number three, the Star Citizen Custom Control
Box by Rovex. Now have you ever had the thought, I could
really use a few extra buttons to play this? Well obviously Rovex did, and this was the
result. Now I’m consistently impressed with the ingenuity
and creativity of our backers and projects like this only help to showcase that as well
as any. So Rovex, I’m waiting to see a video of this
thing in action, hit me up dude. Number two, Whataburger! Yes, [laughs] last weekend we went to San
Antonio, Texas, and I got me a triple meat Whata … what? what? … what? No, I can’t … okay fine. Bar Citizen San Antonio! [Laughs] Last Saturday after PAX South we
got to hang out with backers at the Bier Garten in San Antonio. Tyler, Proxus, Underscore and I were, were
there to just share in the festivities and we had quite the time. So thank you to everyone who attends these
in cities around the world. They’re quite honestly one of my favorite
things about Star Citizen. And number one and this week’s MVP is Gourmand
who created an interactive Vanduul keyboard that lets people convert whatever text they
want into Vanduul. Now I tried it with my name, and it looks
a little something like this. So congratulations Gourmand, you’re this week’s
MVP. Outro BL: That’s it for Citizens of the Stars. Thank you so much for tuning in to learn about
Star Citizen’s incredible community. And pay a special thank you to STLYoungblood
and of course Jeremiah Lee for taking the hot seat in Quantum Questions. With that, I’m Ben Lesnick [Left Finger Gun]
get out of my office. I mean … [Right Finger Gun] see you in the
‘Verse. [Thumbs Up]


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    Wellem Artex

    I love this format! Ty CIG!
    But it would be nice, If you would tell us the topics from the upcoming shows this week.
    Greetings from Germany!

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    Devon Sharkey

    You know how you hear someone's voice, and you form a mental image of what that person looks like based on their voice, and then when you see them they look totally different? That was not the case with STL.

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    andreas kv

    why are u guys cryin about the 2.6.1 and 3.0 infos? i mean i rly enjoy this little shows and the little information crumbs in it.
    btw i bet there will be an npc with the quote "get out my office"

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    Jay Tre

    good show stl, and way to knock ben off his throne jeremiah….despite the long pause on the first question too. 😒

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    Can we get some REAL questions next time? Nobody, and by that I mean NOT ANYBODY cares about what his favorite color is.

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    Here to support STLYoungblood. Keep up the great work man. CIG, you need to learn from his ship videos, and his Inbox show.

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    "Get out of my office I'm working" had me laugh out loud! Nice intro.
    I say She-ahn for Xi'an as well as Jeremiah. Living in a place with a fair amount of Chinese immigrants it's not surprising as an X is pronounced like a "Sh" sound.

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    Colt Martin

    Here is a summary of all the important info from this:
    1) STLYoungblood has a Star Citizen Youtube channel, check it out.
    2) Heavy Outlaw armour is in development.

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    Thursday's content is the only day worth watching SC videos. I hate to sound whatever, but these new series are seriously lacking in content and appeal. I don't care what your name is or what your favorite color is. Stop treating the SC community like we're a bunch of 12 year olds. I know this series is supposed to be about the community, but we didn't need a show about the community. I get enough community content on reddit.

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    jonny heenan

    love the hair Lesnick!! I like the show. Good to see Ben again. Miss the old reverse the verse were we got to see everyone just walking past and toast hanging out in the back checking nobody said anything illegal.

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    Kay Rozencaster

    Uhm… I don't care about this. You could do other stuff take a day off instead of spending time and money on these videos.

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    So glad ben is back to bussines. And i made similar controlbox to eve about 6 years ago. And i have lights in buttons.

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    Steve Bogle

    What is your favorite color? WHAT THE FRAK IS GOING ON!… The John Malkovich ad for his new line of men's fashion was a better watch. UGH!…. but STL is a Rock Star… Carry On!

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    michael cooper

    ben uses his hands way to much while trying to talk and explain things… ben if you read this comment, KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN…

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    Roel Versteeg

    Tnx for featuring my control box, i will be making a video of it in action Jared stay tuned for when i add it to the post. (wont take long)

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    Who bought the ship worth (Polaris) 700 $ is really handicapped. Because the game will never be finished. So sad…

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    Joshua Rau

    This is good content; Keep it up Community Team. I like the community focused content sprinkled with little game updates.

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    You guys should link the community guest in your description box, they're basically free advertisement for you, why not copy and paste for them?

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    Neil Fairland

    is the Star Citizen on beta release, or on test mode or under development or we can play while under development ?

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    Ooh maybe now that they've acknowledged that STL guy he'll get actual information to make videos about instead of just looping promotional material.

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