Star Citizen | Combined Arms Part II: Wrath from Orbit [CryEngine]

Star Citizen | Combined Arms Part II: Wrath from Orbit [CryEngine]

This is outrageous! To not inform the public of the danger they
are facing, is an act of treason against our own people!
Treason? Have you gone mad? To express the full extent of the threat at
this time would be to willfully cause a panic. I say we just put out a system-wide alert. What’s the worst that could really happen? You’re blind if you think that’s wise. But, that’s to be expected of a senator from
Min. Senators, please, we will not stoop to petty
name calling in this chamber. Now, onto an even more pressing matter. Admiral Graves, you have the floor. In all my years of service, not once have
I doubted the solidarity of this Empire. But we waited in the massacre of Armitage. We stood by as the Vanduul tore Virgil from
our grasp! Now is not the time to… buckle, under the
weight of indecision. Now is the time to act. If we are to end this battle before it becomes
a war, we must strike first. I plead a vote for emergency powers. So, what do you think? I think it’s hot. And there’s too much sand. I hate sand. But could we call this one home? Kenny, come on man. We’ve been to a dozen systems and… and I
don’t know. I might be having second thoughts about all
this. I miss my family– hell, I even miss that
stinky fuzzball Guss! I think I just miss home. That wretched planet is not your home, Lex. We stole from the Advocacy. Do you really think you’ll keep your Citizenship? Not even your father can buy you out of this
one. Christ, would you listen to yourself? Yeah, ArcCorp isn’t perfect, but where is? I don’t think it’s this dustball, Kenny. Get a grip man, I’m just tired of living like
an Outlaw. Lex, when I look up at night, I want to see
stars. Not smoke and billboards. The Empire can’t give us that, but on our
own… I get that. I really do, but… do we have to become Outlaws
to do it, Kenny? Isn’t there another way? Ah, you worry too much, Lex. Trust me, it’ll be fun. Go, go! Breaching left! Woo, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Nice shooting, private. Making me look bad. It’s what I do, sarge. Alright baby, show me your secrets. Brooks here. Control centre secured. Ingham, sitrep. Hold your ground! Hi sarge, yeah just a bit of incoming fire,
everything’s perfectly alright down here now. We’re all fine. Everything’s fine. How are you? Get that bay clear, corporal! Yeah workin’ on it, we’ll be five minutes
tops. You’ve got four. Bernal’s dealing with the uplink access. Reinforcements inbound in five. Yessir, we’ll make the rendezvous! Don’t you worry. Ingham out. Man, now this one was dead before we got here. What kind of sick son of a bitch kills his
own men? Come on! Oi. Oi, Patrick. God… dammit. God dammit all to hell. Oi Hodge, nice shootin’ mate. Make sure you give me a turn with that thing
later. There are many like it, Corporal. But this one? It’s mine. Ah, god damn. Hey private, you all good? I’m fine, I just got grazed. Hodge, fix him up will ya’? Ah don’t bother, I’m fine sir. This whole station’s a deathtrap Pelts, could
be pressure breaches anywhere. So slap a bandaid on it and get it sealed,
alright? You got it Corporal. Ah, this bloody tool. Problem? Yeah, guess we’re doing it the old-fashioned
way. Ahh, great. There’s gotta be someway outta here, maybe
an air-duct or somethin’… Nice tat Pelts. Been hiding it? Yeah! Got it right after Cathcart. A ‘Spider’? Well played. Yeah I was thinking of getting another one
after this. Kind of my own little storybook y’know? Kinda tells a– oh, Corp. We’ve got an incoming transmission. It’s from Atty. Ah good, patch him through. Hey Corporal, bit of intel. You should avoid Sector C. [Station AI: Alert, fire detected in Sector C.] Sigh, what would we do without you Atty? I canna take the praise, Corporal. It’s me job, ya’ ken? Oh, before I forget. Lotta red blips heading for the control centre. Lotta-lotta red blips. Ah christ. Hodge, find another exit. Quick. Pelts, I need the Sarge, now. Copy that, I’m on it. Roger that. Before you go, Tom. I got a hunch there’s a turncoat in their
midst. This man ‘Lex’ is nae keen on how things are
shakin’ out. Solid copy, stay safe buddy. Will keep you posted. Hey sarge, dig in, you got about 20 hostiles
incoming, we’re gonna try and draw them away. Roger that, Corporal. Do what you can to draw their attention. We got trouble? Eh, you could say that. Well cover my ass, I got mad tunnel vision
right now. Will gunfire be an issue? Because we’re expecting some. Two against 20… where the hell are those
ArcCorp Marines? Five, Six, on me. Stay close. Commence firing run on target. We’re getting a lot of return fire! [Wilhelm scream] Engineering, more power to the forward shields. XO, get a medic up here. Get those fighters out of my sky. Heavy fire to starboard! Watch your cross-fire boys. On me, let’s move! Get a charge on that door. Yessir. Big fuckin hole comin’ right up. Prepare to breach. Man, I didn’t sign up for this bullshit. Zulu 9, this is Zulu Leader. Anyone copy? This is Zulu 9, or what’s left of us. Transport’s down boss, what do we do? Find another way inside. It’s dangerous out there. Understood, sir. Probably a good idea. [Outlaw sobbing]
Well, I’ll have a crack then, ‘ey? Ah, ‘scuse me. You wouldn’t happen to know a way out of the
mess hall would ‘ya? Bit of debris blocking me route. Yeah… there’s an air duct over there. Much obliged, mate. Christ, these bastards are a right n’ proper
mess. You, against the wall, now. Oh, you’re the one I saw on the… uff! Be quiet. Diggin’ for gold, are ‘ya? Most people buy me a drink, first. Just be quiet. Y’know… I reckon I can help you. If there’s something you lot fancy. Money, weapons… Directions. We can deliver that too– wait, what? I need a new route to the EMP housing. EMP? Oh, no, no, no, no, I canna let you do that! Just try and stop me. You’ll take out both of our fleets! That would be the idea. I really, really canna let you do that… AH! DON’T! Why’d you go and make me have to do that? God dammit! Captain, this is Lex. I had a bit of a situation. It’s about time, sergeant. Regroup at these coordinates immediately. We’re taking a push to the topside hangar. What? Are you insane? Look outside, Kenny. We’ve lost! We need to fall back and get everyone to safet–
We have not lost, sergeant. We have come too far to back down now. This is our moment. Kenny. I need you to listen to me, very carefully. I will not follow you on a suicide mission. We need to cut our losses and save as many
men as we can. We can mourn the dead another day, sergeant. Right now I need you on the frontlines. God, get a grip Kenny, it’s over! It is not over! It IS over! We need to fall back! If we fall back now, our sacrifices will be
for nothing. I will not waste this opportunity. Opportunity? Kenny… tell me that’s not what this is about. This is our one shot at the Empire. I will not waste it. I’m done with you. Done? You cannot walk away–
I said I’m done! Traitor! You’re the traitor. This mission was to save our people. You’re the one throwing their lives away! I will not have a part in this any longer. Do not betray me, Lex. There’s a shuttle stored in Sector H, Kenny. Please. Come with me. If you leave now Lex, I want you to never
come back. [Comm clicks off] Argh! Send every. Last. Man if you have to! KILL the traitor! Any time now, Bernal! I’m workin’ as fast as I can, this shit ain’t
easy. Well work faster! It’s only a matter of time before one of them
gets lucky. Sigh, good work. Oh man, I was just winging it… uhh, I mean,
thanks sarge! So how long do you think we have before they
break through? Oh I don’t know. 5, 10, 15…? [Muffled explosives being planted]
Seconds? Seconds. Fun while it lasted! Well that aught to hold them for a while. Is that? Awh, shit. What happened? Atty’s wounded! Oh no, how bad is he? Awh, shit! Atty, can you hear me, buddy? Oi, Atty. Jesus. Hodge, I need a Meditool, now. [Laughs] That you? That you, Tom? Yeah it’s me. Talk to me private, how bad is it? Tool’s busted sir! Just a… flesh wound, corporal. Corporal, I said the tool… Well then find me something else, god dammit! Hey now, corporal. Don’t count me out just yet. I’m still kickin’. Yeah, yeah you’re damn right you are. Focus on me private, how’d this happen? Pushed when I shoulda’ pulled. That Lex fella. He’s turned on the other one. Just wish… he’d done it a mite sooner. Fuck, Tom, my kit’s empty. I got you… a partin’ gift, corporal. Nah, nah, nah, nah don’t talk like that mate
I don’t wanna hear it. You’re gonna be fine. Lost more blood than I’m pumpin’. Trust me, I’m long gone. This baby’s an Echelon Keylen-Class detonator. Proto mark V.
Worth me whole pension and more, but it’ll blow your target half a system away. What’s it rigged to? Heh. The bloody gravity generator. You are one crazy son of a bitch, you know
that? One last favour. Tom. You see that Lex guy? Give him–
Give him a 30 second head start. He seems… He seems like…
…a good… …la–aa…. Orders? We find the son of a bitch who caused this. Fuckin’ roger that. Zulu 9, this is Zulu Leader. What’s your status? This is Zulu 9. We’ve found a way into the station. We’re making our way to your position now. We’ll rendezvous in five– Zulu 9, come in. Zulu 9! I heard gunfire, requesting sitrep immediately. Zulu 9, report in! Your help isn’t coming. Tell your commander that Kenny sends his regards! God dammit! Keep your head down, private! My armour can take a few rounds if I’m lucky. Yours can’t! Luck isn’t really on our side today, sarge. Sarge, behind! Sarge! Heh, you were saying? Check fire, friendlies up ahead. Sergeant Brooks. Reece Davies. What’re the odds? Too slim, sergeant. We’re six men down and our transport’s FUBAR. What’s the contingency plan, sir? We cut of the head, so to speak. We reviewed the data sent by your operative. The man who cut down the rest of our squad…
good men. We have a positive ID. He’s a fugitive out of Area 21, been wanted
by the Advocacy for a decade. Charges filed for assault, treason and grand
theft. So he’s a Citizen of ArcCorp? Not quite. Civilian. Never earned his Citizenship. His name’s Ken Orano. Goes by Kenny it would seem. He’s a real shocker. Hold on. Go for Brooks. Atkinson’s KIA, sir. What? He’s dead, sarge. You gotta be shittin’ me! [Sigh] Roger that. God dammit. God dammit! [Sigh]
It wasn’t supposed to go like this! Lieutenant. Patch the last known location of your other
team through. Ingham. We’re sending you coordinates for the Outlaw
leader. You know what to do. That’s a five-by-five sarge. Consider him dead. Sarge, we need to–
Don’t worry. We’ll hold the centre. Regroup with your team. Thank you, sir. And hey. Give him one for my men. See you on the other side. We’re out of ground to lose, so hold the line
dammit, you hold! Damn, this guy’s leaving a trail of bodies,
corporal. And all KIA. We need to find him, and put him down. [Hangar door opening]
Did you hear that? Came from this way, I’ll take point. There’s the son of a bitch! Hostiles inbound from behind, they’re catching
up! Fuck, he’s gonna get away. Like hell he is! Boys! We’ll cover you. You give that son of a bitch one for us. Alright, let’s do this! Covering fire! Hey, did you hear that? Deal with it yourself! Breach, breach–
Shit! Matching bearing with target. Coming into arc, now. Main battery. Fire. On the way! Target destroyed, commander. Great shot. Helm, bring us around. Lex! Lex! Ahh, fuck me, fuck! Lex! I know you’re in here, Lex. Come out and talk. What’s there to talk about? You know what. We can resolve this without bloodshed. Come on, man. It’s just you and me, Lex. It’s not too late to come back. You don’t have to do this. Believe me. I do. [Station AI: Warning! EMP Failsafe activated!] Energy spike. What the hell was that? EMP blast caused the systems to shut down
to avoid burn-out. Reactor startup in a few minutes. Any second now! I care little for your excuses, ensign! Get me power to the ship, now! Or god help me… We’re doin’ our bloody best captain, but you
cannot, expect a miracle! Agh, it’s just not possible! How dare you! Good try Imperial, but you were dead the moment
you set foot on this ship! This is MY domain, and I will not be treated– [Ship AI: Deck impact warning!] Show me what you got, you ugly bast– [Ship AI: Attention, system is overheating.] Give me a sitrep, engineering. Ma’am, we are doing everything we can to keep
all systems in the power cycle, but it won’t hold. What do you suggest? We need to bring all systems offline, and
re-initiate in sequence. It’s the only way to stabilize. Do it, but we’re running out of time. [Ship AI: Attention, system is overheating.] Far out. Alright. Let’s finish this. You runnin’ with a tail between your legs? I thought a leader like you’d have a spine. I need not flee from you, Imperial. Go ahead and kill me! You’ve already lost. You’re not worth the ammo. By order of the United Empire of Earth you
are under arrest for the crimes of treason, murder–
You will not take me! Death, over the Empire. So be it. Say goodnight, you skull-faced son of a bitch. So that’s it then? I think it’s about time we blow this scene. All fleet assets are standing by, commander. We stand ready to go to war. Very good, Lieutenant. It would also appear both fleets are in disarray. We can proceed without hindrance. Excellent. Divert all power to weapons. A lock on the Imperial fleet is already secured. No. Target the cities of ArcCorp. Commander… there are… billions of innocent
civilians– None of them are innocent! Burn it all to ash. Very well. Commencing bombardment. Randall…? What the hell did you do? My god. I will find you. This is not over! Hostile leap signatures have been detected
on the short-range scanners. I would suggest immediate withdrawal, commander. Give the order to retreat. We’re done here. Full retreat! Get us out of here. Aye-aye, sir. All squadrons! Target that carrier and engage! And so the seeds are sewn. You know how to put on a show, corporal! Welcome back, corporal. It’s good to be back, boys! Ahh, look who showed up late to the party. Outstanding work, corporal. Saw the fireworks from here. Beautiful. Oho, now sarge, you should’ve seen them up
close! I can only imagine. [Sigh] Atty would’ve been proud. You know what? I think he is. Come on. Let’s take a moment. For Atty. Because, Karn, the mobiGlas update is so hard
to use! As soon as you calibrate your mobiGlas’ noise
to signal ratio and set the servers to 3.0… Shut up, karn. Welcome aboard the Ron Glass, sergeant. You’ve done an outstanding job. Admiral Graves. It’s an honour, sir. An outstanding job stealing my kill. Well that’s a funny way of saying, ‘champagne
for the hero!’ Hehe, ‘Corporal Ingham, hero extraordinaire,
destroyer of ships.’ There’ll be plenty to go around, Corporal. I’m proud of you. Indeed. Well the fine commander seems to like it… Oh, shutup. But celebrations will have to wait. You may be aware, but a situation has developed. The rogue Bengal. Yeah, what’s all that about? What you’re about to hear is highly classified
information. Three months ago, two armed suspects carried
out a raid on ArcCorp’s 22nd prison ward. This breach in security lead to the escape
of a first-tier convict. Their target was in the highest security ward,
and yet the two slipped by every protocol without raising the alarm. Those two went on to lead the attack you just
prevented. Ken Orano? It was. And that must have been Lex. How’d they pull it off? Yeah, how is that possible? I’ve seen the inside of those wards, shit’s
locked down tight. Unless you’re the Chief of Security’s son. Then it’s child’s play. What does any of this have to do with the
rogue bengal? The man they freed, the convict. Although his identity wasn’t procured,
he holds the name… ‘Randall’. Yes, that Randall. Oh hell no. That is not a name I wanted to hear again. Who’s Randall? The Randall Clan was a scourge. A blight on the face of the Empire. Crazy bastards screwed us over for decades! Lotta lives, lotta resources. I remember way back when the Advocacy first
took their poster-boy. Without a voice to lead them, they… They fell apart. Full points to Hodge. But if he’s released… you knew about this? Due to political tensions, we couldn’t go
public with– That’s bullshit! One of my men is already dead, and we just
risked our lives to save many more. And you’re telling me that the bastard responsible–
We’re on the same side, Brooks. Your corporal took down one of the two responsible. That doesn’t bring Atty back but she’s right
sarge. We’re on the same side. I understand your loss, sergeant. But there was more than one casualty today. During your operation, the surface of ArcCorp
suffered an orbital bombardment. Bloody hell. I see. The losses are… innumerable. This attack was to send a message, sergeant. And we will respond. With the full might of the Imperial Fleet. Commander Charezz, if you will. Yes, Admiral. Gentlemen, follow me. Where’re we going? To war, private.


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    Christian J.

    And of course, we MUST have the usual PC FEMINIST BS where only a WOMAN can be in charge, only a WOMAN is capable of captaining a capital ship. Also we cannot have it without the blubbering lad as well. Where is the black lesbian butch female, so disappointed. !
    Typical Β Feminised BS at it's best. What a circlejerk..

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    I know I’m pretty late to comment on this, though I wanna say congrats on the major animation improvements! The animation seems far smoother, the affects are well done, not as much clipping compared to what I’ve seen previously, better camera angles…. facial animations could have been better, as well as the debri effects. Overall this is great.

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    Josh Herrell

    what most dont know is thus is based of a true story tachionic fusion allows this to be possible even when its in the timeline that it is this is the only poddible end outcome for this race and planet

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    Star of Eden

    how much of everything in these clips is from star citizen ships ,environments,weapons ,characters and body movements ?

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    Luan Vetoreti

    I don't like it. Looks fake. Git gud or git out son. What do you think you are? Some sort of cinematic artist?

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    Crazy Gamer

    oh man this was so dam epic i watched the first one then this well done guys you all rock i cant wait to see part 3 please tell me theres gonna be a part 3 πŸ˜€ mega thumbs up plus a sub from me

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    Weirden bossious

    THIS SHIT IS AWESUUUUUUUUUUUUUM I LOVED IT ALL MAKE MORE PLEEEEEEEEEASE πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²

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