Star Citizen Fan-Film “Rich Spencer” – Cinematic (German Version/English subtitles)

Shit, I have to recalibrate the control of the 3rd feed pump. If he does not bring me the new control board soon, I have a mighty problem. Hey, my friend Rich. I’ll be right with you. Hey Citko, I just thought about you. Do you have the control board with you? Damn, I knew there was something else Okaaayy … I’m assuming you’re kidding Hahaha … sorry mate, yeah … you just know me too well. I know and I would be surprised if you had forgotten that! No way. You know, you can trust me. I’ll be there in a few minutes. OK. See you soon. Jazz! Are we safe? Yes Captain, the scans show no sign of the Vanduul. I keep looking anyway. Yes please do this. The area is not really safe here. We must quickly become the security post of the UEE. The box we have on board are damn hot. Captain Scott! Mr. Sherwick! Is the connection secure? Yes, Captain! I am sending via an encrypted connection. Did you find the box? The Vanduul ship was badly damaged and left but yes, we could safely recover the box. Well, the main thing, you have them. Bring the cargo around here. That has top priority because what is in it can be of great benefit to us. I am very aware of that, Mr. Sherwick. The area we are in is not safe. It would be good if you could send us assistance for safety. I will arrange this immediately. Send me your coordinates. understood encrypted …? Sherwick end. Well then let’s hope that they are fast here. Steve, send our coordinates to Scherwick. Aye Aye Captain. What was that? That came from behind. Steve, look it up. Will be done immediately, Captain. Captain, our entire controller is not responding anymore. Yes I see it Jazz. We have to find out what the cause was. Damn it … what’s that? Captain, Captain, come, please! With the box here is something wrong! What about it? Oh, you damn shit …….. Forgive sir! I have an urgent message for you. Mr. Sherwick ?! We have just received coded coordinates from the Orso. In addition, our sensors were able to register the destruction of the ship. What??? Oh no, the crew! How far were you still away? Sir? Our scanners say this place is 45 million kilometers away from us That should be right behind ArcCorp. Damn it! That’s too far away. Our people take far too long to get there. Hmmm! I can not contact ArcCorp. I can not trust them. The thing is too secret to take such a risk. Hmmm…. Maybe an idea. Rich Spencer! He flies one of the fastest ships in our system. He has always served me well. As far as I know, he would have to be around. I think on the moon Magda. He is definitely someone you can trust. Hey… you old rascal! Nice to see you again. Citko, my friend! Nice to see you. Here …..your holy control board. Great thank you. You really saved my day. And? What is the beast doing? Did you fiddle around again to get more out of it? Hehe … you know me. Unfortunately, my beast is in moment not ready to fly. I still need a modified distributor coil. I wanted to get it when my shift is over here. You spend too much time with your box. You definitely need a woman again. A real woman …. Hehehe Yes?! You might even be right. (Signal is heard) Rich Spencer! I greet you. Mr. Scherwick! What gives me the honor? And over an encrypted line? Yes …. was a long time ago. Normally I would not
Report if it was not an emergency. So is it an emergency ?! Yes, unfortunately. A special team from the Orso has been able to secure a top secret box. However, we lost the connection and at the same time receive the signal of destruction of Orso. I want to know what’s with the crew and the Box is. This box is extremely important and under no circumstances may in the
wrong hands come. Oh man, the Orso! I know Scott, Jazz and Steve. That sounds bad. Do not worry about costs You will be rewarded more than enough for it. No question. We know each other long enough. What amount are we talking about? 300,000 credits … plus expenses. Wow!!! The UEE have enough to spend. I can only guess, why the box must be so valuable. I send you the coordinates and hurry up Speed ​​should be for you
not be a problem. Scherwick end! I have another question? He is gone. He will never changes his behavior. What is going on Rich? Did not sound like a nice conversation right now. (Signal sounds) I have the coordinates. That’s behind ArcCorp. Hmmm… Hey Citko! Can you do me a favor? Of course. What is it about? I have to go right now and where I have to go, it can be very dangerous. Can you follow me with your ship? I’ll tell you all on the way there. but I have to do over
anencrypted line. Dangerous??? Hehe … you know how you get me. Of course I’m always up for something like that. I have to tell Greg that he’s here
must take over for me. At least I pimped my uncle’s Cutlass a little bit. It’s not as fast as my beast, bit`s still good. enough. Come over… do not let us lose time. Citko! Please scan the environment as long as I look around there. All right. Let me know immediately if you find something. Absolutely.. Damn Cit! Scott, Jazz and Steve are dead. Fuck! What’s going on here? Scherwick could not tell me anymore either. I am sorry friends Your dead should not have been in vain. I then tell Schwerwick that the bodies should be picked up here. Okay, I’m looking for the box now. Yes, but just be careful. You can bet on it. I found something. However, it is a flight recorder. But she makes strange noises and is totally undamaged. That must be the box that Scherwick talked about. Hmmm… Whether she has anything to do with the destruction of Orso? Secret technology of the Vanduul disguised in a flight recorder? That’s something completely new. Hey Rich! I think we get visitors. That’s exactly what I was worried about when I got lucky. Oh ooooh !!! Not good …. not good at all !!! What’s up, Cit? Two Vanduul ships! Little hunters! Damn! I think that’s no coincidence. They are too far out. If the box has anything to do with it, a big deal needs to be done here. Citko! Can you get rid of me until I get into my ship? Oh man, then Vanduul! Okay Rich! Do not worry. My mill has a fat ass but my shields are so much the bigger. They’ll bite their teeth off. Yeah haaah !!! Cit! I am in. Let’s get out of here for now. Nothing better than that! We jump directly to ArcCorp. Damn Citko! My controller was damaged. We are already in the atmosphere and I fall off. Rich !!! Crap, crap, crap! They hang on my ass! The Hammerhead Stealbreaker! That must be cool hand! Hey Richi! I see you have problems with vermin. What have you done that the Vanduuls dare to go to ArcCorp? Cool hand, you fucking bastard! How good that I see you here. I could not reach you but apparently you got my message in time. Of course. But that costs you a bottle of the finest stuff. Do not worry about it You’ll get a whole box from me, should we survive this. But now I have another problem I see your ship is unable to maneuver. Do not go on it. I will release you first of these lizards. Thank you my friend. No problem. For you always. Citko! I need your help again. I will now jump out of the Cutlass with the box Please try to catch me with your ship. absolutely , I will get you You won’t die here., my friend. Oh man, my uncle will be glad if his ship goes down. Sherwick? The Cutlass goes to your account. I would now like to pray but I’m holding the box in my hands. You do not need prayer. You have me. Cit! Still slightly to the right and will
a little slower Yes, now it looks good. Damn it! Do not bitch now. Wow … Citko !!! You almost had me stuck to you as a stain. So what’s going on? Sorry my friend My baby was a bit too hot here and fainted at short notice but don`t worry, now I’ll get you. I got you! Thank you Citko. I could kiss you feet. That was really close. Oh, get stuck. Take this up for your next date. The main thing is you okay! This is me. Thank you very much. Let’s fly to Sherwick. Alright, Rich. It’s time to get rid of this damn box. I do not feel good about the thing. This can not be true. The Security or Nine Tales are not but who the hell did jammed us here right now? Damn, they have an EMP I thought they are banned in this system? Let’s get the guns. They want to board us for sure. What’s that??? Fuck! Weapons down or we open the fire !!! You have a normal working day It is exhausting this poor man standing
here every single day and do his work shift but for the people it`s doesn`t matter It`s for them totally doesn`t matter. They has bring the packages,
scrap, garbage even such small colored cubes here and for what? No idea Nobody knows exactly and sometimes, yes sometimes and sometimes this gentleman answers you Not that, what you want to hear this is sometimes enough to kneel down or maybe, if you want to plan strategically well just for a falling suicide hey…have you had a drink? you should do your job and not turn around crazy

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