Star Citizen FR Focus Ship IDRIS Subtitles!!!!

Star Citizen FR Focus Ship IDRIS Subtitles!!!!

hello to all here is the result of your
Focus Ship and IDRIS votes out great winner of the last.
thank you all for taking the trouble to vote here Commander-Fran and here is my
focus type dedicated to the Aegis Idris with genesis, characteristics
techniques and the most beautiful images as well as some fan art concepts or
declinations of design. In 2943 the UEE ordered 150 IDRIS-P from Aegis
dynamics with funds from SynthWorld project.
even though the army opted for version lighter it is said above all to make
to Aegis its image of yesteryear ie plus a reliable military brand that a
luxury object the officers who are entrusted with this type
building are considered being part of the elite of
command and the Idris is the subject of all the lusts
in this post is prestigious, Aegis also sells this version for purposes
civilians but few are on sale the significant demand of the EAEU and the
limited production capacity. Aegis decided to name his frigate
reference to the decisive victory won against the summer varane would
IDRIS IV so far Aegis was focusing instead on
building more ships of the line small, but the Idris has perfectly found
his place of frigates and his utility between the corvette and the destroyer there are two Idris in any case of them
Main Idris: Idris-M and the Idris-P, the Idris-M is the raw and military version in all its splendor and the Idris-P for
peace is the version without this huge cannon, formidable weapon intended for
civilian applications or maintaining peace, it would be a little bit
faster than the M the most fragile he has more than
cargo capacity 995 scu for the P against 831 scu for the Mr the concept
initial was supposed to give an appearance more vintage compared to more lines
clean at RSI for a chip of the same class because originally
it must have been an RSI ship, did you hear Ben Lesnik
later announced that it was a mistake of casting
Aegis was preferred as a builder to finish even if not so handy
a Polaris corvette, the Idris will remain so much more than a cruiser
Javelin type for example but this has a impact on his armor that could
to be better according to specialists here I’m talking about the P version not
really care about the M version at this point of view there. This frigate will be a
indispensable element in operations Support.
Only one can face a attack of many type ships
hunters despite heavy fire Idris would receive different options from
customization and configuration it is also said that Idris will be the
biggest ship capable of getting to pose on the surface of a planet or a moon. so on genesis first of all at
CIG level it’s a developer independent ryan church who is the
creator in the company of others developers and this concept was addressed
as of March 28, 2013 but actually announced in June 2013 for the first
times in 2014 teams to start
internal development had to make it clear that the dimensions
original would not be appropriate for match the measurements now
present in the cinematics of 2012 who was already the smallest of
range this is where the Idris was adapted from
frigate corvette. This is the team of foundry42 uk who took charge of these
adaptations with many speakers including Chris Roberts in
people the Idris-P is at $ 1800 alone all taxes included
and he has since been in warbond at 1420 euro is in pledge to 1638 euros
the Idri-M and at 1200 dollars alone all taxes included when on sale
to be completely complete there are an upgrade of the Idris-P to a
K version this is what allows the Idris-P to equip the exodus laserbeam
size 10 from Hurston dynamics with some points of defense and
turrets and more but not what to go beyond an M in terms of power of
traffic light. This upgrade is $ 300 in LTI with a first announcement of 72 months
insurance policy that had creaked teeth but if CIG will go to a
clean insurance for each equipment the first Idris observed in game or in
movement let’s say was for gamescom 2017 in front of a dumbfounded meeting
he’s unveiled to the public for the first time at this show for the
2948 anniversary week in november 2018 at the intergalactic expo here
images this gigantic Idris-M stood before us. Idris is announced with a crew of
8 to 28 people although in fact it will not be necessary
especially be 8 for a setting orbit but to take full advantage of
its facilities This is another thing. 995 SCU, which
is not bad at all, but a good part should be devoted to
material needed for the correct operation of the building.
Idris-M when to him, as I come from say, at 831 UCS. It weighs 37 thousand tons
makes a length of 233 m for the Idris-P and 242 m for the Idris-M, a
span of 126 meters and a height 46 meters. The components are
essentially all of capital type had other middle elements added
for such or such other functions complementary as computers in
more or chillers or shields but 14 shields everything
even of which two capitals otherwise the whole remains is well capital and we do not
not quibble with an Idris, he owns 2 main trusters, 2 retro, 6
for the vtol and 13 maneuvering one not move 37,000 tons
like that. So for all its components suppliers are not yet
known or definitive as generally any ship that is even in the process of
production on the other hand for the weapons one is orientated
towards 2 or 4×2 turrets Remote controlled Gatling of size 4
at apocalypse arms according to the sources and 6 x 2 manual turrets so to equip
for crew members one of size 7 and 5 size 5 for the M. The
P does not have a class 7 turret. would be cf 557 laser galdering
repeater from Klaus & werner, weapons that we know well now and who
are preferred because no storage ballistics to predict there is also a
rack of 10 missiles of size 5 but with the possibility of inserting missiles
size 8 maximum. Obviously the Idris-M will be endowed
of the overpowered cannon of size 10 on rail gun a massdriver destroyer. The Idris
will be able to transport all types of land vehicles like tanks
nova for example. Regarding the exodus laserbeam small precision this is a
weapon “HIT SCAN” it means that there there is no delay between shooting and the moment
where we hit the target so he touches his target more easily
than a ballistic weapon but to compensate this force
it is less powerful than the gun rail and the energy to use the laser beam and
with the risk of undo his shield in case
intensive use. For his inside an infirmary, a prison, a
briefing room, a shooting room, a armory, a rest room, a mess,
quarter for the captain, 28 crew beds, just that, the hangar
for the Idris-M allows to embark three size ships
hunters and that she is quite able to refuel. His closest competitor for
the time it is sometimes compared would be the Drake Kraken
even if the gameplay differs a bit. In summary its weak points
– less manoeuvrable than a Polaris, firepower on the front especially –
less modular and requires a good crew to use this possibility
it will be expensive to maintain and functioning house knows it, what
is not the vocation of a ship military.
These strengths; well armed, well protected especially the M so vast shed a beautiful
equipment and many parts dedicated and VTOL capabilities, a MPUV
will be delivered and as each video focus type some complementary images of
developers fan art concepts on Idris. it was Commander-Fran for the focus
ship on the AEGIS IDRIS. do not forget to give your opinion for the next
vote of the focus ship where I wished you involve between the 890, the pioneer
and the javelin, link here and in description do not forget to connect to
my twitch chain for the dates of the show the Sunday streamer in
stakeholder company and columnists, program that debates
news and headings “Sunday Stars @” on the systems and the “FocusShip @” on the
ship of the day. Thank you all for me follow ever more numerous remember
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    je trouve que le 890 n'a rien a faire dans ton sondage car il est accessible et visité par de nombreux joueurs ^^ j'aurais mis le kraken a la place ou un autre ship pas encore accessible

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    thomas bouvier

    Salut commander il me semble que dans la variantes K tu automatise une grosse partie des tourelles permettant de reduire l'equipage. 🙂 Mais sinon bonne video. Seule chose derangeante la musique un peu forte vs la voix. Et la musique repetitive de videos en videos et don je suis pas fan et rends très/trop monotone ces dernieres. D'autant plus que ton ton de voix est aussi regulier. 🙂

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    Tayler 20i

    Super vidéo comme toujours, petit remarque, pour ma part, je trouve que les images des fan art passe trop vite.
    La musique d'introduction et génial !!!

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    Vidéo bien travaillée et intéressante, on en sait pas beaucoup sur ce vaisseau quand on ne suit que l'actualité du PU et c'est sympa d'en apprendre plus, surtout qu'on les verra en jeu d'ici un an et demi !

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