Star Citizen [FR] Focus Ship RSI Polaris 2019

hello everyone here Commander-Fran I present you today a
new video on a very ship expected by many players even
if there is no release date yet corvette from robert space
industries the polaris. ranking a little particular for the polaris capital ship
or not capital ship we will try to answer this question
if we believe the old information of CIG on the existing site
we would be tempted to say that yes it seems that now CIG
want to give this class from home capital for ships far more
big than 200 m so the answer will only not clear but here it is not a
frigate it’s a corvette but you do not have to be specially
capital to dream many players by its concept and the
many opportunities this offers ship and story is here it’s the
case like every video focus type you will have the general information my
observations and my research in term image concept or fan art
some rumors first of all the genesis of this ship
the ship commissioned by the door uee this name in memory of Commander Esther Polaris. Women honored it’s a member of the polar uees who
we talk about it Captain Lucia Franco. Esther
Polaris had returned to the Navy in 2523 and had his first deployment
in 2530 during the incident Pallas and was selected for
participate in the exchange of hostages with the Xi’an. Following his courage and his
participation in these events she was elevated to the rank of commander of a small
corlette class ship the UEES Gilchrist. Esther Polaris and Gilchrist were on the front line when the war with the Tevarin broke out in 2541. In 2543 the Gilchrist is caught in ambush following a scan error
reconnaissance site that had labeled the system as clear. Barely
the time to realize the attack that the ship had already been infiltrated.
Esther defended the bridge personally and his bravery again
to keep the ship in the better conditions for the
fight allowed to destroy three Tevarin capital vessels before
the arrival of the UEE fleet which leaked the other ships Tevarin
unfortunately after the battle Commander Esther Polaris succumbed
to his wounds received during the collision.
This Focus Ship is dedicated to him and this wonderful corvette bears his name
honored by robert engineers space industries. The Polaris is not yet planned in
no patch on the roadmap so let’s take stock so we do not know anything about him on his lead and if however he there is one right now. His arrival
would not be planned apparently “In Game” before squadron 42 episodes 1 so of
rumors about ddu “flyable” after mid 2020 but I doubt it so soon. But in
latest information that we let’s have the Polaris keep its good
role and its objectives but from here on output its dimensions its armament and
its bridges can still change but in size it will not be much
more because it was precisely designed in this meaning to be smaller and more agile than
idriss and in addition bigger the polaris could not land on the harbor at
current leader this concept came out on October 8, 2016 at
price of $ 750 excluding taxes for this after sale concept at the citizencon
for about 820 euros change and taxes included but despite this price it was
reserved for suscribers and concierges. The launch was impressive because
accompanied by a merchandising to do pale other ship launches
I understand myself Currently the ship Polaris’s pending loan is the
Hammerhead. So first of all the characteristics
techniques the Polaris makes 155 meters of length with current info of
developers 82 meters in width and 35 meters high a crew of 6 to 14
people even if we can assume that it will not be necessary
not so nobody to extract it from the attraction of a moon or a planet over
17 thousand tons empty and capacity of cardo of 216 SCU on the paper the
site RSI evokes us equipment different classes, wide for
shield generators and the chillers, also wide for
Quantum drive and its tank and the jump module.
It is announced that a medium size for computers and tanks
fuel. But we are talking about a size above wide for the radar
and energy generators so a capital class. Capital components
will be very powerful and so the power of radar detection will be
very important and more the generator of energy is powerful and higher can
assign energy to laser weapons who can gain room on the
storage and elbow and in ballistics he has four main sports
retro and 12 maneuver the three triple landing gear
axes. No partner brand provider has not been announced yet
the same goes for the weapons without known suppliers either it’s
clearly a torpedo ship but not that with 6 class 4 turrets so
a remote controlled and and a turret of class 5. 4 torpedo racks each of
size 10 and 2 racks of 16 missiles of size 3. The topilles are more
powerful go further but react poorly to state changes
of a target and clearly make big damage are
fixed installations or capitals ships. In short these four tubes
torpedo class warhead will do turn back to any enemy they
come we feel we are in heavy very very heavy but it’s a very
military vehicle. it is ballista of the airs. It will not be necessary to titillate
in addition to his interest in weapons powerful and dissuasive, the polaris
can also repaired and rearmed after view other ships in fuel he
will really be very versatile the Polaris will conduct patrols in
risk areas but will be the perfect tool for rescue missions or
simply for missions purely offensive on enemies the
more tougher to have to polaris friends in parking above a city of a
outpost simply a convoy will bring serenity safety and
tranquility and security his gaze to welcome a gladius
for example any other ship of equivalent size of 85 x for example
even if they have nothing to do there. To return to the lore two minutes the polaris
has been imagined as a result of a vanduul attack in the vega system in
2945. The request stipulated a alternative smaller than IDRIS
from Aegis Dynamics to be more agile and have a faster reaction. RSI was preferred for his armament without compromise the class ask who
enforces his hangar and tubes to torpedo then on the turn of the
owner the engines at the rear and the bridge at
the forward so far quite logical the opening to the hangar rather to
the back also the tubes torpedo launchers are located at the front
with a home reg an access elevator a side ramp
for access to cargo bay for land vehicles and engineering to
the back he will have Escape Pods as much at the front and back a neighborhood of
the crew and a living space the cockpit to accommodate five members
crew the pilot the co-pilot an operator
turrets to our officers from communications and the captain in the
crew quarter here the mess all was thought practical the table and the
seats are retractable and come out of the soil proving the great flexibility of
polaris the billiard option was even asked specifically by the captain
Lucia Franco the morale of the crew is very
important to carry out missions crucial a cabin for the captain
would be planned as well as for the second and the fighter pilots
but it’s conditional his points weak weak shielding little endurance
out of combat so short missions cockpit expose its strengths
maneuverable strike power turrets at 360 ° shed well
arranged prison cell center medical in summary the polaris will
carry out many things being used for several gameplay like
exploration also but basically it will be military and
especially certain missions that bigger ships do not
will be able to accomplish or with more difficulties the polaris will be the grain of
sand in the strategic gears of enemy attacks
the one we do not expect much does not will not bother to have it
underestimated here are some sketches now
the fanart image harvested so to help me satisfy you
at best even if other videos are already in preparation
could you answer this very survey fast on your reviews for a next
focus foot here is the link he omits also in the description of the
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