Star Citizen [FR] News 890 Jump LIVE 3 6 2

Star Citizen [FR] News  890 Jump LIVE 3 6 2

hello everyone here Commander-Fran.
Here we are on a short video while waiting the video walk in 4k and Focus Ship update here is the news the info what was really expected since
for a long time the 890 live there is it fell it is there the rsa site was set to
day here at jean graffie of a video on the 890 as we had been dreaming since
long CIG shows us at 890 brimming with life over a hundred
people on board obviously impossible with the authorities in 2019
but who knows in the future this video staged from 890 to the paroxysm of his
use of branded guests sorted on the shutter served by ballet
incessant servers of the cuts of champagne of the holiday a short image
but captivating on an unknown place a living moon in orbit of a planet
giant ring but with architectures just as fine and
to work in a good style of Origin a heavenly place
the party continues on the beach and is not ready to stop
and while the danger is booming activities fun out 85 x singing
of opera chefs and waiters turns on in cooking an attack take place on the
890 can not be counted transforming the attackers in addition to show with flaming fireworks lust and the supremacy of a
untouchable class that will be brought back to good port in his home equally
protected and exclusive is it enough? 890 is not a ship but a style
of life so what’s new on the site and stories
a link to an origins page for the 890 which gives you access to the video that
you come to see him but also on seven pages putting in
scene the exotic materials of high quality
refinement and elegance in the state pure exclusive amenities with the
choosing the best partners with the greatest attention the ultimate luxury
a 7-star hotel in space a tab allows you to admire the work
of original art from all angles and full access to information and
parts at all levels of 890 jobs four bridges with the mend ecc which is the
highest bridge of the 8,190 with already the atrium and the command post
main with the lower duck the sequel of Captain two rooms vip and all
the restaurant area as well as the room of meeting also the lidec that is
the main passenger space with all the refinement the services related to
their VIP status and we end with their hec look which is reserved for
characters from the crew with the kitchens personal space
the cargo area and the hangar purchase options are slim because the
possibilities are just carbon at the logical price of 980 euros taxes
included in any case with 21% VAT it is not
no longer possible to see her for now and create blinds nor the 85 x us is
reminded for those who wish to attract the attention of captains from 890 job
because we can not go on board with any ship like a bus can
hear tired and filthy and dripping of oil either in for example for
wealthy owners still desire acquire it hurry up the offer will only be
that very temporary and always with 72 months of insurance and you never know what
that the anniversary weeks of november can book us it was how francs for the exit
from 890 live jump to 3.6.2 and the update of the site and stories I you
thanks again for being ever more many do not hesitate to comment and to
share do not forget the next dates of
Sunday streamer this September 8th special edition 890 life on board and
episode 17 of the Sunday streamer which will take place on September 22nd
always with the team of chroniclers there is discord and twitch
of the show in descriptions hi to all


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    super, j'aime beaucoup la vidéo que RSI à faite mettant en scène la jeunesse dorée de 2949 avec tous ses excès… par contre les adeptes de chez Drake ne vont pas apprécier la fin ;p

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    j'en veux un , deux , trois quatre HUIT
    c'et mon premier coup de cuoer , avec le 600i,prend soin de ton 890jump ^^ juste pour ceux qui peuvent pas en avoir un

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