Star Citizen [FR] News Aegis Nautilus (Subtitles)

Star Citizen [FR] News Aegis Nautilus (Subtitles)

the kraken is a formidable monster but
he can and will sometimes be between bad hands
and even if the idris-k pack is a grain of sand in the train of drake
it needed a real answer and strength to strike a real counter measures. The
here! hello everyone here Commander-Fran for a news about the launch of the Aegis Nautilus. The news videos are not
not as complete as the FocusShip and have other vocations than
give you a short and fast info on a news event. The shot of
tea towel barely passed at the 1899 filing of Frankfurt where stood the Aegis Event this 24
last August and where were invited the few guests handpicked
we can basically say the chairman’s club it must be said that the
speculation about the in game release of the Nautilus are going well you’ve done well
heard he is not at stake for his exit.
it’s a whole new concept case we do not know at all when it will be
playable except that it must be ready for Squadron
42 at the latest because he would part according to the infos.
Yes, some
yet found the Aegis hopping expensive, inaccessible, useless maybe, but
It is clear that people present do not regret one time
their displacement and that CIG knows to receive ; quality meals, goodies to
gogo, souvenirs, bag chairman’s club and other things.
The projectors will stay on moment on the one we were waiting for
not in any case its gameplay. The rumors were more about a battle
imposing cruiser it’s true what CIG is still keeping secrets.
I heard players get into the craziest size ads
each other up to 500 meters long and CIG
through the manufacturer Aegis, we pulled out the Nautilus, the mine-setter but
he is much more than that. This is indeed the vessel that will
greatly slow down the progression of capital vessels by a new
gameplay but it will also be a ship multi-purpose.
With 400 years
experience the Aegis Nautilus setters of mines is the top of the strategic genius of
combat, with integrated capabilities of deployment of scanning and
disarming the mines. the Nautilus is an 8-member ship
crew, he brings a series so of new and new gameplay
It measures 125 meters, 72 meters wingspan and 21.6 meters high, a little more
great than a Hammerhead but smaller than a Polaris.
All components are large in size, It consists of 3 decks, the top deck
with the deposit and control room mines, the main deck with the bridge
main, the mess, the crew quarters and the captain, the escape pods and a
turret, it remains the sweep deck with the bay of drones, mines, space
cargo ship and another turret. He has a big tower before
inhabited size 7, 2 turrets size ballistic 3 and a turret
missiles of size 3 also. Regarding the pretty treats
“releasable” there is the HOMING MINE, the mine firestop kinetics tephra numbering 24
is built to set boundaries defensive
once armed, she moves towards any hostile target within shooting range once
that it reaches a mortal proximity she explodes with an explosion
devastating just as powerful as class 5 torpedoes.
There is SENTRYMINE, the role of this VLR-11 mine is defending a perimeter
once deployed the mine remains in sleep until a hostile target
comes within reach when it is activated, she will fire her equipped weapons
with great precision, turret in sleep in sum. There are two NEMO DRONES
they are manufactured by saga data systems specially designed to identify
disable and collect safely all mines compatible with the
Nautilus. as another feature, the
Nautilus is heavily armored and has cargo capabilities we talk about
64 UCS. So the Nautilus is available since
this Monday, August 26 around 18 hours in warbond with two versions but for the same
price, 614,25 euros before taxes first version the classic version
two shades of gray and a red border and the other the solstice version is the
white and black version or gold edging the purchase includes the nautilus the vfg
industrial shed insurance for life and an exclusive serial number for
every owner of this sale Inaugural. And since today it is
also buyable in stand alone price 660 euros excluding taxes. This new
ship arrives with a series of awesome merchandising with a
brand new t-shirt of the new poster beautiful Nautilus and Aegis mouse pad
impressive but apparently already off stocks unfortunately a little
strange. That’s not all for now, Aegis
offers you a little game the mission to Hadrian for which you have to align
a series of victories in order to unlock a patch and you will
right to a mystery content not yet available anyway.
here I hope this video news you will have pleased, if so do not forget
to put a like and a comment positive
it’s nice and lets me know what you like as content. Stay
connected and subscribe and activate the bell if it’s not perfect for
receive the other videos and for those of you who will watch these videos
first to the end and especially from here less than fifteen days to endow
exit, remember to book your Sunday September 8th for a Sunday streamer
special edition 890 jump with life on board I do not tell you more and
a Tumbril tidy CV will be pulled to live spell among the present viewers
who will participate hi everyone


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    limûle_kioui replay

    super vidéo la forme du nautilus me fais penser a un super star destroyer de la république dans star wars

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    Très beau vaisseau je doit l'avouer moi qui suis pourtant pas très adepte des gros vaisseaux mais celui ci a de la gueule et surtout il va apporter un nouveau gameplay très intéressant basé sur la stratégie et moins "bourin"

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    Nathanniel Flint

    Merci Commander-Fran
    pour tes vidéos et ton engagement malgré cette période de doute qui nous saisit un peu

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    Du coup la sorte de mine tourelle est puissant en combat vu que je trouve qu'il est pas fait pour combattre des capitale sert très bonne résistance est il a que 4 tourelle

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    franck En Planck

    Merci pour la vidéo.
    Cependant, on pourra déployer des mines aussi à la surface d'une planète, ou seulement que dans l'espace?

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