Star Citizen [FR] News : CITIZENCON 2949, le programme (subtitles)

Hello dear friends, here Commander-Fran
and here we go for some info on the CitizenCon to be held in ten
days or less depending on the day you watch this video.
This video is sponsored by ANVIL aerospace and intergalactic
aerospace expo. The CitizenCon 2949 is wants to Manchester and will open its doors
at 11 am on 23 November. and as every year the object of
all the attentions the expectations of the players
is great and as we are all different each has its own expectations
whether it’s new gameplay or not performance improvements, new
ships or outings surprises, lore expanded or new missions or
new places to discover. This CitizenCon will be retransmitted in live switch
on their channel. Know already that I go there with a
important Francophone community and that you will see me at one or the other
stream as short videos info in the company of comrades
citizens or during the postponement that I will on my return. So stay tuned then
what do we expect from the CitizenCon? Let’s start with the panels as they are
planned and we know the themes. They will be twelve in number with one almost
every hour plus an intro and a conclusion of Chris Roberts. Starting at
13h, Manchester time. There will be two conference spaces
the ANVIL STAGE and CROSHAW AUDITORIUM. It all starts with “The
adventure begins “Chris introduction Roberts, which will start the festivities,
followed by the panel “Terra Firmer” which could be the translation of the earth
firm or more concrete on the development of the planets and at the same
hour in the Croshaw auditorium you will have the Xenolinguistics panel and you,
who will explain how RSI proceeds for creating alien languages ​​for
Star Citizen. Then we will have in the Anvil Stage
“Microtechalities” which is untranslatable but who wants to say that
what does it mean, that is to say pictures of the infos and
still images on the evolution of the development of the last planet of
Stanton system even though we know that Crusader will also have his facelift and
his Landing Zone. Next door Crowshaw auditorium, we will have “Ship Sounds”, a panel focused on the stuff techniques and the creative process for
implement nice sounds in the vessels. We will continue on the “Loremaker’s Guide 2949” which will plunge us into the base of the lore and what is good to
come. Beside there will be the panel “Locked up”, who will talk about the prisons and the
related gameplay in the verse. Then the “Shoot’em up” panel that will deal
a new gameplay planned in Star Citizen, and that of the same slice
next time that will follow the process complete between a design concept and
developing a feature playable, this panel is named after
“Me, myself and UI”. Will follow a rebroadcast of a panel
which will have occurred the hour before in the auditorium next door so as not to
specially to move the people from one space to another. To the
same time precisely in the Croshaw auditorium all we have
always wanted to know about how to be well protected in the verse this panel
will be titled “Armor archetypes”. Then the “Cos and effect” animation, a cosplay contest. The first of its kind at a CitizenCon. Then come the panel
“Ship talk”, a presentation very expected who will teach us about them
New vessels of the CitizenCon 2949 and also how to help the team
design to design a new vessel And finally, or already rather the last
panel named “Building a dynamic universe” which will deal with the balance of the whole
systems created by CIG for Star Citizen with an example of a simulation
universe creation. Then will come Chris Roberts conclusion on this
crazy day that we all hope rich in information and in ad
for the rest of our Star Citizen that we cherish.
“The Continuous Adventure” and this should from then on to finish around 21h or 22h
for panels and presentations. At the CitizenCon,
in addition, there will be different stands of the community or equipment manufacturers.
JR Designe and Manufacture and Chris Harrow who will be both present
at the Citizen Bar in Liège on March 7th 2020, but also pulsar 42
organizers of the Parisverse, GameGlass, or the organizers of the Daymar Rally, to name a few. A bar is organized the day before by CIG so the 22 at the bar “! Impossible” also to Manchester where I will go for you
postpone the event. Asset that we could indulge in
wildest speculations but I prefer not to think about it too much
surprised pleasantly. Anyway we will be quickly fixed. We
get together very quickly for this CitizenCon and the info I
can give you real time on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
in the meantime the videos that I will put very quickly online when I return with
the feeling and the atmosphere on the spot. It was Commander-Fran.

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