Star Citizen [FR] REPORT Bar Citizen Strasbourg 2019

hello to all dear friends here Commander-Fran about a week ago was held the citizen bar of strasbourg in Meltdown
and as usual I make you a brief summary in pictures so here no Vlog and aircraft image
because we had simply taken the road in the company of Silkinael and
it was difficult to make view while driving and I did not want
wake Silki during his nap during the trip because the alarm clock had
resonated early in the morning no matter what we arrived in the late afternoon
and I discovered this historic center beautiful for the first time the
time to put down his suitcases Meltdown and there it was hot, so yes
the atmosphere was hot where began to help very slowly with the arrival of
different guests citizens but especially the tropical temperature in the
Meltdown made any physical activity the interior impossible but easier
greatly tasting the different beers available but
especially star citizen cocktails that were four with one
first the Banu who was without alcohol and then the Teverin rather than
pink red color the Xi’ian to the juice of green blood and the Vanduul which was rather
a slightly spicy shot short no of cocktails issue as at each
time the room was dark and well arranged
with a top tray with many tables of screens and some
consoles and the pc part was at the level from the ground floor facing the bars so I would definitely forget about it
in advance, thank you for forgiving me and corporations had moved in droves
for some like the 13th of body the KEC, Kaamelott express body, epsilon
the SRTC, the STARK, under the astra commercia, the DHS that I did not know and there
had other representatives of everything rest but in fewer numbers
no N7 this time they make thoughtful choices about the goodies he
desires to win for the Pariverse the citizen bar of Rennes in december
even the citizen bar of cork in next march A PC was spinning star citizen
others had been attacked by visiting visitors to make
rocket league or league of legend to new free of Fornite this time
although the citizen bar is an opportunity to meet with members
known intra corpo or organization as well
what to do with new knowledge promote his body having at most
offering the activity a little flagship of this Citizen bar was clearly the quiz Kahoot!
citizen star that attracts more and more of people because it’s always fun
challenge and on his knowledge 46 participants divided among citizens
on the spot and this on the live of the citizens’ appointments have been slashed
on 15 questions some simple ones and some more
fine but a lot of news in all case. Our odysseus specialist roadmap won again with a new score record at over 19,000
points with 15 correct answers on fifteen questions hat down and as
as pulsar member 42 copies he gave up the lot won the starter
Aurora pack to the second that was only 20 etc.
congratulations to him and here’s the total ranking in pictures you can
remember your scores for the next time then chained the two
raffle draws by Meltdown with many lots but gives
some discord t-shirts and some goody star citizen packs offered by
several 42 the evening ended in calm but the heat has resulted
the participants of the bar goes outside for more freshness
the next date yesterday she should be the citizencon for those who
move otherwise it should be a meeting
unofficial at the Meltdown of Paris la Eve of the pariverse as usual thank you to pulsar 42 is the appointment of
citizens to have made this Kahoot quiz! possible see you next time in new
adventures it was like a fan if you like the videos report you know what
make Hi everybody

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