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What’s up youtubers, this is seer6 here bringing you more star citizen content Today we’re talking about gunships and drop ships within the verse This is part 3 of my series called advanced organizational tactics or AOT for short The purpose of this series is give players an idea of how to use a type of ship within a fleet Every video I cover a different type of combat ship and I cover strategies alongside Let’s dive in So how do gunships and drop ships tie-in within a fleet Well, personally I’d say both ships are used for boarding, fleet escorts, and ground-based support operations. And here’s why Both types of ships are able to carry a fireteam and are well arms with heavy weapons The nature of these two types of ships are somewhat similar Kinda like a cousin not directly related, but still family When are not actively being deployed into a combat zone certain and gun ships and drop ships can be used as a logistical platform But once they are summoned they are a force to be reckoned with With proper escorts a tactical insertion can be performed in order to breach an adversary’s ship Outpost or base. And while the team is egressing they still have cover from enemies with the turrets Gunships themselves can act like fly swatters by using their heavy guns or large quantity of missiles to pick off enemy fighters With the changes to gunships their strengths will rely on keeping distance Understanding and protecting their blind spots using all their turrets or its large quantity of missiles this gives them leverage because they’re able to circle a target and put maximum firepower to the flank or To the front with a barrage of missiles for a frontal assault this also sets them apart from a traditional fighter because if they want to shoot you then there will be welcomed with Missiles or flak while they close the gap in order to engage you even in atmosphere when it’s too hot to bring in a dropship a gunship to go or a traditional troop transport wouldn’t be the best option for The ship can orbit at a safer distance and target threats before dropping off this small team Gunships can also serve as an escort for ships of smaller size up to capital class vessels Again, since flight characteristics will be different in 3.5. I feel like turrets in general will be more effective in both space and atmosphere Gunships also allow you to diversify your troops amongst multiple ships This is better than using one dedicated ship as a troop transport or in other words putting all your eggs in one basket So having a gunship with grunts could be the saving grace if you lose a drop ship The two exceptions to gunships is the a2 and they hammerhead in Special cases you can use the a2 for siege operations like dropping off the tank or completely decimating a large area The Hammerhead it being a massive space shark is not only designed for fighter control But also can be a point defense weapon if it is threatened for protecting a large ship and can easily defend in outposts in space But with the mass and the current flight characteristics it has it may need some assistance due to decreased maneuverability on a planet we will just have to wait for 3.5 and see what is in store for us Drop ships on the other hand have one very important job first and foremost and as they get grunts from point A to point B Safely to perform their job Now the one thing to note is that it just depends on the situation for a certain type of dropship to use For example, if it’s just a simple patrol mission maybe the hoplite will be up for the job by dropping off troops and keeping the skies clear a Hoplite is a great multi-role ship for people who want to be able to dogfight have increased range and be able to search troops into the field or For pirates the hoplite can take out a cargo ship by Disabling it with its heavy weapon package and then have the grunts board the vessel If you are trying to be a sneaky squirrel then prowler will suit your needs while forces are keeping the enemies occupied you have a task force ready to slip behind enemy lines to EVA to a ship a space outpost or infiltrating a planet base by getting closer compared to other drop ships and If you are assaulting a base in the valkyrie can bring troops and a vehicle Into the mix to assist and move the troops and vehicles as needed Drop ships can also provide more protection for troops but again It just depends on the tactics you are going to use If you lose the dropship Then it will put a dent in your recovery plan when you’re ready to pull troops out making more gunshots vulnerable to get the troops Different drop ships and gunships have their purposes in the end. The more logical option will yield you the best results Remember both the Valkyrie and the Prowler have reduced range over the hoplite so pilot planning will be necessary Or having logistics on standby to aid the transports If you want to know more about logistics, feel free to start a journey into my logistical series Everybody has different ideas when it comes to both these type of ships. I Personally want to hear your perspective. Let’s continue this topic in the discussion below Tell me your thoughts about gunships and drop ships in the verse present and future ones and Again, I personally thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch my content if you enjoyed this video click that like button and please share it with others and Feel free to subscribe for more content if you are new because this is what I do. This is what I love I will continue to digress about ships as much as possible But with that being said, I will see you on the flipside

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