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News Network. Dave Haddock: Hello and welcome to another
edition of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this is where a member of the CIG Lore team
takes you through science, history, character, flavour, whatever you want to call it for
one of the many, many systems that will appear in the Star Citizen/Squadron 42 universe. Again I’d like to thank all our subscribers
for helping us provide that little extra money every month to do content like this and let’s
get started. I should pry introduce myself… my name’s
Dave Haddock, I’m the Lead Writer. Ok, so today we are going to be talking about
Nyx. You’ve probably seen it mentioned a lot
in some of the Jump Points and on some of the AtV Behind the Scene stuff and we’ll
get to why you might know it in a little bit. To start off we’ll just start here in our
wonderfully, beautiful StarMap here, we’re in the Sol system so let’s go find Nyx. All right, fly by Earth and Nyx, here we go. So, we’ll start out a little bit wider to
show you where it is. It’s situated… so here you have Nyx, basically
it’s in a nice little confluence of jump points here. You have Odin and Bremen, Tohil, Castra and
Pyro… but Nyx is an unclaimed system, so that means that basically for whatever reason,
the UEE or whatever governing body decided, in this case it was the UEE, decided it wasn’t
worth basically incorporating into the empire properly. Sometimes that means it’s, you know, people
called it outlaw system but we try to stick with unclaimed because there are various reasons
and we’ll get to that in a second. Anyway, jumping in… you’ll notice it’s
a very simple system, three planets, two asteroid belts and a star. Very exciting stuff, so the star is a F-type
main sequence star, basically none of the planets here are inhabitable, to get that
out of the way. That’s part of the reason the UEE decided
not to basically incorporate it into the empire, it was discovered in 2582 by Carla Larry and
basically the idea was that surveyors showed up there and took a look at the system itself
and decided it wasn’t worth the money and the cost but there was resources so they were
worth the money to come and take but the system itself wasn’t worth it. So, a little backstory about the name itself… Nyx is a name of the greek goddess of darkness
and night, and the idea being early on that there was poor visibility in the system that
kind of made it difficult to navigate around which made it kind of ideal for more nefarious
types to hide in and around. The other reason is actually because I was
a fan of Clive Barker’s, Lord of Illusions and I like the name. So, we’ll go through the planets now and
Nyx I is basically a coreless, kind of rocky terrestrial planet. When they first took over the system, basically
this was sort of earmarked for a lot of potential resources and over the course of the centuries
they basically strip mined a lot of it. While that means there is basically no large
scale resources that would justify a major company coming and taking it, that doesn’t
mean it’s necessarily depleted, just at a certain point it’s just not worth it to
set up a facility there. So, I’ll give you a bit of context about
the system when it was discovered historically. It was 2582 as I mentioned earlier before,
so this is 40 years after Ivar Messer has ascended…basically estabalished the Imperator
rank and named himself thus and established the United Empire of Earth. So, as far as the universe goes, this is still
sort of, I guess what you would call… I mean the Messer Era is known… reputedly
known as like one of the worst, darkest eras of human history but at this point it was
still literally on. Between the first and second Tevarin war,
so right now it’s sort of at it’s best, if you could call it that. People think he’s honestly protecting them,
so the public have not been as downtrodden but he’s doing that thing where he’s a
very smart, saavy dude so he’s been basically kind of still coalescing his power and subverting
sort of, reorganizing control to get himself, more and more power. Again because people think he’s doing a
good job, they’re kind of ok with any changes and stuff like that and obviously came off
the very devastating Tevarin war. So, Carla Larry found the system, pops it
over to the UEE and basically they come and take a look and decide it’s not really worth
spending the money so they left it alone. Nyx I was the one who obviously got mined
a lot because there was a lot to take and Nyx II is basically an uninhabitable, smog
planet, I can’t remember the actual designation of it. Yeah, smog planet, there we go. So, the sort of idea we were running with
is it’s sort of like Venus, high pressure, sulphuric acid type thing so very, very lethal
and the technology didn’t quite exist to be able to terraform that. So, you know, we have a couple of those scattered
throughout the universe that seemed like they couldn’t be terraformed and then later on
technological advances pushed terraforming technology so they were able to do it. So, it’s possible that maybe in the future
they might go… something might be developed that will let them take a second look at Nyx
II and try to terraform it but in the meantime it’s uninhabitable and very, very lethal. We’ll just go through the planets real quick. Nyx III is an ice giant situated all the way
over here and that’s pretty much it. Pretty much an ice planet, can’t inhabit
it, can’t really do much with it as of yet. The other and probably the most important
aspect of this system are these asteroid belts, you have two, there is this one between Nyx
II and Nyx III called the Glaciem Ring and then you have the Keeger Belt which is way,
sort of like the border, kind of encircles the entire thing. So, it’s a much less dense, but the Glaciem
ring is the one we want to kind of focus on cause it’s much more dense and kind of is
where our main point of interest is in this system. Again, asteroid mining is a very, very big
thing of what we’re trying to do so the idea was that was there was this company called
QV Planets…Planet Services that discovered a planetoid sized asteroid located in here
and decided, hey we’re going to roll the dice and apparently the idea is that it’s
very difficult… because it was so dense, very difficult to get large ships in here
so it was a tricky thing but they were undeterred and decided that they were going to try it
anyway and set up this massive facility on a planetoid. Basically were in operation for a handful
of years but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the cost to try and get stuff in and
out of there and shipped and stuff like that. So, they abandoned it. So, after that basically the system was pretty
much useless. There was nothing really going on here so
flash forward to much, much later and we have a group of refugees who want to get out of
the UEE. So the Messers have gone dark side, to use
the parlance of our time, and we’re in sort of like the Corsen Messer, who is the fifth
Messer, era and this is like the very dark, sociopathic, vicious, despot type ruler. So, there was this small group of people who
basically said, ‘we’re done, we can’t in any good conscious live in this type of
government environment’, whatever you want to call it. So, they’re like, ‘we’re out, we’re
done’. So they set off to try and fine and establish
kind of their own kind of community. So sure enough they come across the Nyx system
and they go to the old facility that was formerly run by QV Planet Services on this planetoid
that they basically just walked away from, it was cheaper to just leave it. So, they showed up there and took it over,
got it back up and running again so it was habitable and decided this was where they
were going to build their own egalitarian community that represented everything that
the Messer regime was taking away. So, you know, it’s about community, comradery
and people working together and overcoming problems and stuff like that. So, that became the landing zone that is known
as Levski. So yeah, you have independent government that
is trying to be a truly egalitarian community and that’s what they’ve been doing. So basically started collecting people, accepting
refugees coming in from the UEE who are also kind of sick and tired of living under the
Messer regime and were really trying to make a go of being a self sustaining, independent
government. Now in time obviously the Messers fell, people
eventually rose up and overthrew them but Levski’s still maintained so they are still
trying to kind of keep their government going and while they probably aren’t as ideologically
opposed to the current UEE regime I still think they view it as big government serving
corporate interests and stuff like that. They’re still doing what they can to try
and maintain this ideal that they’ve been pursuing but there’s sort of a trick to
it, the catch with Levski and we’ll kind of jump behind the scenes for a second. One of the things as we’re saying earlier,
this was meant to be an unclaimed system and originally in internal discussions within
the company there was UEE systems and then there were called pirate systems or outlaw
systems and stuff like that. It felt like there was… just to give flavour
within the outlaw systems, the idea was that basically we wanted to switch it up a little
bit so not every outlaw system should be a hive of scum and villainy type thing. That’s how Levski came about as an original
concept, how can we do something that’s not a UEE thing, that’s a outlaw organization
that’s not necessarily criminal. So hence the idea of this sort of independent
government came about. So, but the fun thing is because it was still
an unclaimed system, it still had to serve that criminal element thing if you can come
here and stuff like that. So, how do we strike that balance. The idea was basically because they have this
sort of open arms policy of we’ll take anyone, you know, everyone is worthwhile and deserves
to have a chance at peace and happiness and stuff like that. It’s really great idea and a really beautiful
thing to pursue but at the same time they’re people in the… more nefarious people in
the universe who viewed that as a vulnerability, as a weakness. Criminals started taking advantage of the
fact they have this place they can go to that would just unconditionally accept them and
stuff like that. So, what you have is now Levski’s… is
a sense threatened by a growing number of criminals who are just using their sort of
good nature against them as a hideout basically. You get to see this very interesting dynamic
and it’s kind of one of the things I like most about the system is that… or this location
is that there’s this sort of sad tragedy to it because you can see them trying to hold
onto this ideal of community and stuff like that but when you have people within that
community who aren’t on the same page and don’t share your ideology. You get a nice conflict going on so I think
that’s what gives this place a very unique flavour to it because you have this sort of
criminal element that’s just underneath the current of these people who are really
trying to do good and them sort of at battle and what does it take for the good people
to start to shift their ideals to block out the people they think are, you know, causing
problems for the location. So yeah, that’s basically Levski in a nutshell. Lots of idealistic, egalitarian people who
are basically just trying to do their best in the universe and you have a group of people
who are trying to, you know, self serving, do crime whatever they do and this sort of
juxtaposition between the two. So yeah, that’s it, that’s it for this
episode of Loremaker’s I hope you enjoyed it. Again, all this information or alot of this
information you can find on our StarMap if you go to the Roberts Space
website. You can see for yourself and go for a wander
around our universe. Thanks and see you next time.

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