Star Citizen – Screensaver – WTF

hey this looks kind of nice what am I looking at ? well guess what? Ah I know you’re not fooling me you know? This is a star citizen clip, right? Well kind of… how did you tell? Well it’s written all over the screen you know? I am not blind, or am I? I knew you were a bright chap. It looks kinda nice, what is it, a new trailer? Almost right! Pretty sure looks like a damn game trailer to me But wait a minute! don’t I know you? Do you? Yeah, you are that Brigant guy that made the star citizen promise clip some years ago glad to meet you! Well, yeah that’s me! I really liked your video. Got me all tearing up and misty eyed. Really well done! (chuckle) Thank you! So I guess it’s my lucky day for meeting you here then? Well not really, after all this is my channel You don´t tell me lad! This channel has been kinda dead for a very long time Okay, okay, you really got a point here! So what were you doing? Well a lot of things: family, kids health issues .. a very stressful job what is it do for a living then ? I am a programmer .. Now you’re kidding me? You are programmer making video games? (laughter) I fear it is less glorious than that And are you still following star citizen ? Oh yes, I do! so you made a new game trailer? No, it is not actually a game trailer.. Then what is it? let me show you! i am just pushing my mouse ! what ??? What for Christ’s sake just happened? Where is the vid?haven’t various development and it’s It is gone… wait a minute i was looking at the YouTube video why am I now stareing at a desktop? because it was never a video to begin with what you saw was a star citizen screensaver i have written! A screensaver ?! Now you got me interested! Can I have it too? Of course you can… if you want to! I am willing to share! s So what does it cost me? Nothing! I am giving it away for free I was tired of my old desktop and wanted to decorate it with something nice so I wrote this screensaver. So where can I get it? Well the link is provided in the video description. You just go over to the provided link and you can download it there Aye, let’s do it then! O.k., just let me go there really quick! So here we are! Here are all the zip files for the screensaver… Wait a minute, wait a minute, pal! You can’t be serious! This zip files are really really big! Well yes they are! And with big I mean they are really about the size of the whole game. You can’t be serious, can´t you ? Yeah, I know. The actual screen saver program is really less than 6 megabytes! But what about the other files that there are hundreds of megabytes? You certainly don’t need them? Well look: the screensaver can have one or several cofigured media-paths. The screensaver with scan all those given paths and subpaths for screenshots videos and MP3 audio-files. It will then play random video segments, images or MP3s to generate the slideshow! So basically the screensaver will not play anything without any media. This would be a rather dull experience, I think! The screensaver zip file contains only the screensaver to begin with. The other zip-files contain images, videos and all your files related to start season so the screen saver has something to play what is with the zip-file that is named basic media? Yeah, that is rather an important one! It contains a nice first selection of media that gets you going some images, some videos and some handselected audio files from Pedro Camacho… ..I really love his scores! and so what are in the other archives then? Well, think of them as booster packs. They contain all other video cinematics that are still missing for your media library: all ship commercials, gamescom- and citizen-con cinematics or interesting parts from “Around the verse” What do you mean with interesting parts? well I edited a lot of those videos.. I cut the crowd from life demos or just the tiny pieces from “Around the verse” that were visually appealing. I don’t need any of the other zip-archives then? No, you absolutely don’t! You can download images audio and video from the internet yourself if you like! Just put them in the configured directory and they will be played automatically. This is just a pre-selection of stuff i have put together so you don’t have to do it yourself. Well it sounds kind of great. How is the screensaver installed then? Well I show you… after you have downloaded the zip into folder of your liking just extract the zip like this… so! Now you have the screensaver.scr file, a readme.txt (which noone ever reads) and a setting.ini Those files are really small As i told you!! What is in the star citizen folder? Not much yet: the star citizen subfolder is still very empty besides two videos with star citizen logo animation that can be played. This is not very interesting. So let’s download at least the “BasicMedia”-zipfile and extract this one too… As you can see the subfolders audio, screenshots and video contain some really nice stuff already. Ah I see. But how do i install the screensaver? Oh well, that is really easy. You go to yor scr-file, you right-click the file and choose install! What the hell! Even I could do that. now you can choose the typical screensaver setting after which time of inactivity you want to screensaver trigger and so on I see what is the recommended value ? I don’t know. 15 minutes of inactivity or longer seems to be good but totally depends on your taste . I would stop working and just drooling over the screensaver all day long! (laughter) I bet you would as you can see it is really easy. Let´s configure a screensaver now: We can choose other media paths or additional media paths and all found media will be added to the playlist. We can choose if you want to play audio files or not. We can choose to only show images or only show video – just as you like We then can choose the length of a scene before the next random scene or screenshot is played and the default volume of the media mp3 that are played. Aye, change something! Ok. What is that? Well that is a preview which shows up after you have saved your settings. I thought it would be nice to fiddle around the screensaver and try out some things without bothering that it self-destructs on mousemove. We have a start-, stop- and the pause button for this …so we can start the playing manually oh yeah and the menu bar and the mouse pointer vanishes after the scene change so… it almost behaves like a real screen saver but you can shove your mouse … and we then again can fiddle around with the player if we want to… Really nice! What if I choose not to provide any media? I will show you… oh you are a clever bastard really dull performance indeed That’s why you should download or select at least some media So thought of every bug? (laughter) there is no such thing bug-free software, i can tell you! I did this one out of passion for Star citizen. I certainly tried my best.. If you find some bugs just private message me about them in the forums or maybe here at youtube. Nice to hear but wait a minute! Could I make a different screen saver if I choose other media? Technically you could do.. let me show you My kids love Star Wars Rebels here you go Does look great too… but the Star citizen logo really doesn’t quite fit in. It is intended being a star citizen screensaver only after all. Yeah right pal! So what about the other archives? Oh that is easy just download and extract them in the same folder as your screensaver too. The new media will be added to your StarCitizen-directory Let’s do that. I can´t wait to see the rest! O.k., let’s do it. So now we have download it all … let’s rock the boat Brigant, may I ask a question? Yes, of course. Are you doing all the voices in the video? Yeah, I am. Why? So I was talking to myself the whole time? Yes, I fear so… Why the hell are you talkin to yourself? You really have some problem, Pal! You are kind of my personal Dr. Watson. Like who? Dr. Watson! He is always asking questions… so Sherlock can explain himself So you think you’re Sherlock then? (Ah) let’s not go there… I am certainly not! Allright! Brigant, I have another question: Shoot! What is it me trying here? You can’t even talk English properly!? (haha) I have no fucking clue! I am no native English speaker so please forgive me for trying! Well I will not forgive you, that’s for sure. Yeah, so be it then! My last question: ok! Not for you, for the viewers out there. Ah, yes, the viewers! Hey youtube, why the hell are you still watching this clip? Go and download the damn screensaver already. So your unworthy eyes can behold the best damn space sim ever. in all of his glory! Listen to Pedro´s soundtrack and get your eardrums blasted and if you are no backer of Star Citizen go on do so already! Very well spoken Watson, nothing to add to that. So all I can say is: enjoy the rest of the video. Download the screensaver! Brigant, over and out..

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