Star Citizen Ship Guide Series | Anvil Pisces C8X Review | My Day to Day Mission Runner!

Star Citizen Ship Guide Series | Anvil Pisces C8X Review | My Day to Day Mission Runner!

Hello Everyone Tymerover here with another
Star Citizen video. Today we begin a new series of videos where
we explore the various ships available in Star Citizen. In these videos we will breakdown the information
on a specific ship including it’s cost, both in game and out, the default stats, components,
weapons, and the intended role of the ship before finishing up with my final thoughts. So without further ado, let’s dive into
the first video with the Pisces C8X by Anvil Aerospace. The Pisces C8 Explorer was originally designed
as the scout craft of Anvil’s prized Carrack exploration ship. Since then Anvil has modified the ship to
provide fledgling explorers with a ship that’s capable of standing on its own without the
need of the Carrack. This variant, known as the C8X is the standalone
version of the Pisces which brings additional firepower over it’s original design and
a unique livery and skin. The C8X provides its owner with a versatile
ship that’s capable of solo short range exploration, Small civilian transport, or
as a Courier. Stat wise the Pisces is a small ship measuring
only 12 meters long, 10.3 meters wide, and 3.3 meters high. It boasts a top SCM speed of 140 meters per
second with an afterburner speed of roughly 1150 meters per second. It brings with it the ability to transport
4 SCU of cargo while simultaneously having the ability to securely transport two additional
passengers, which makes it rather unique among other ships of its size. In terms of components you will find a mixture
of size one civilian and military components including two size one coolers, one size one
power plant, one size one shield, and one size one Quantum drive. Although the Pisces does not come with a Jump
Drive it will have the ability to add one later which does make the Pisces something
of a rarity amongst ships this size and does allow it to function as a standalone vessel. Offensively, the CX8 comes stock with four
fixed size one Omnisky III laser autocannons with one under each wing and two on the nose. In addition, it also comes with two size one
marksmen missiles with one under each wing. Although the weapons are fixed it’s worth
noting that you can install the size 1 gimbals on the ship if you have them available which
does make combat a bit more manageable in my opinion. Defensively though with only one small shield
generator and a boxy design the ship does not survive as long as some other ships in
its category. That being said, CIG have stated that the
ship will be more armored than other ships within its size category. However, they also pointed out that the ship
was designed for exploration and my interpretation of this is that the ship may hold up better
due to this extra armor in harsher environments but that may not necessarily mean while engaged
in combat. As for maneuverability the ship handles pretty
well having four thrusters on both the top and bottom, two on either side and in the
front. Being such a small ship, the rear engines
give the C8X the ability to accelerate rather quickly but the front two thrusters do not
exert enough thrust in the front to stop the ship nearly as quickly so you’ll want to
keep this in mind as you land or approach structures. To get around the braking issue I have found
it easier and more reliable to simply rotate the ship 180 degrees and utilize the rear
engines and space brake to quickly come to a stop. To enter the ship you’ll need to use the
rear cargo ramp as it doesn’t come with any side door or cockpit ladder entrance. As you walk-in you’ll notice that the interior
is rather boxy and the first thing that jumps out at you is the cargo area which can store
2 SCU on either side of the central walk-way once again bringing your total up to 4 SCU. Moving forward, you can see two jump seats
on either side as well where your passengers will be able to secure themselves during flight. Beyond these seats you’ll find the component
housing providing both the pilot and or the passengers quick access to repair and replace
broken components. The cockpit provides a good range of visibility
and it provides six MFDs or multi functional displays in a U shape around the Pilot seat
and that do not hinder the pilot’s visibility at all. One notable thing missing from the interior
is a bed which does limit the range of the ship but again as its primary purpose is as
a short range exploration ship that is to be expected. This ship is currently available on the pledge
store for $45 dollars as a standalone ship or as part of a game package for $60 dollars. For those new to Star Citizen the difference
between these two options is that the game package comes with the game which is needed
to actually play the game. Whereas the standalone option comes with just
the ship and is meant for those who have already purchased a game package. Both options will also come with 6 months
of insurance. However, it’s also worth mentioning that
at the time of this video the Pisces is not available for upgrading which means that if
you’re looking to upgrade from a lower cost ship to the Pisces you will not be able to
at the moment but I’d expect in the future for this option to once again be available
so if you do purchase a less expensive starter package and decide later to upgrade to the
Pisces you should be able to once it becomes available again for upgrade. Also, you can purchase either of these packages
with store credit so if you do have a ship that you want to melt for store credit and
then purchase the C8X then you can. It’s worth noting that you do not need to
spend anymore than $45 dollars to get a starting ship and play the game. You can purchase either the Mustang Alpha
or Aurora MR game packages for $45 dollars and be fine. Furthermore, you can purchase most flyable
ships in game using in game credits at various locations in Star Citizen however at the time
of making this video the Pisces is not yet available for purchase in game. Eventually though all ships will be purchasable
with in game credits so you do not need to spend any additional real life money beyond
the base starter package. Short range exploration gameplay is what this
ship was originally designed for and I believe it will do well in this role. However, currently the exploration gameplay
loop is not yet implemented with the only exploration being the ability to visit the
various locations that have been put into the game****. That being said, this ship is capable of performing
additional gameplay roles that are in the game such as Mission Running, Cargo Hauling,
Transporting, and to a lesser extent combat. So what are my final thoughts – well I really
like this ship and currently it’s one of my favorite ships in general let alone as
one of the three low cost starters, with the other two being the Mustang Alpha and Aurora
MR. Although it does come at a higher price point
then either of these two ships the inclusion of 4 SCU of interior cargo and the ability
to transport three people safely make this ship more versatile than either then either
of those previously mentioned starters. I also find that the addition of the Quantum
drive and future jump drive on a ship of this size is huge and in my opinion has made the
CX8 the premiere snub or scout craft for larger ships capable of housing it. However, it’s not without its disadvantages
as the combat ability and durability of the ship is lacking. Having only one small shield generator on
a such a small ship means that the Pisces will most likely go down before the other
ship when engaged in combat. Especially given that the ship comes with
a rather light offensive capability. However, what it lacks in combat is more than
made up by the sheer versatility of the ship. So is this ship right for you? Well like I said I would argue that this has
become the go to ship for anyone looking to get into the game and for a ship capable of
doing a little bit of everything outside of combat. Additionally if you have friends that you
want to invite along then this ship is currently the only low cost starter with the ability
to carry two additional passengers securely. However, if you’re really into combat and
expect to be focusing more on this early in your game then you’d probably be better
off going with something like the Mustang Alpha as it provides a bit more potential
firepower and maneuverability while still providing 4 SCU of cargo albeit on the exterior. I also think this ship is perfect for any
player who already owns a larger ship as it makes for a great day to day planetary system
runner and if your larger ship can house the C8X then it’s a must in my opinion. I personally plan to keep one around to serve
as my go to ship for mission running in a planetary system. I believe that does it and I hope you enjoyed
this video and found it helpful. If you did then please consider hitting that
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see you next time!


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