Star Citizen – Where is… the fun?

Star Citizen – Where is… the fun?

Hello Youtube. Here I am again to talk about
Star Citizen. I have a lot of close friends whom I often
play online games with. We played World of Warcraft together, Rift, Star Wars the old Republic Diablo3 and a lot of others. But just as of now, we have no actual game,
that we are addicted to, besides of Dota2. Speaking of Dota2, we are well on our way
to 0 MMR. I think we should get T-Shirts printed out and do some Let´s plays under that title.
We are really that horrible! But we do have fun! The theory is: When we have reached the
absolute bottom of the Matchmakeing System there will come the day,
when we will steamroll over our opponents, if they are even worse at Dota2 than we are.
Only problem is, those guys do not exist. But Dota2 aside, I have long tried to win
them over to Star Citizen as our next game to go to. But the interest of my best buddies
has so far been mediocre at best. “I will take a look, when it is done. Is it
released yet?” I guess you know the rest of the story. But recently we were having a male only weekend
with BBQ and long Playstation Sessions. Then late at night, I asked them to watch some
Youtube Videos with me. Sneaky git that I am… I convinced them to watch the Homestead Demo. And boy, did that open some mouths. “Man, this looks really astonishing!” But then the question arose: “Although this
looks really great, it feels kind of fake, as it is so heavily skripted. Why does he
go there in the first place? Why can´t he land at the crashsite? What
would real gameplay look like?” With a grin I convinced them to watch the
Gamescom 2016 Demo with me. I felt very sure that I was sitting besides to Star Citizens
in the making. And according to plan, my pals were open mouthed
in wonder. “Boah, this looks really great.” I smirked a victorious grin. “I told you so
for years!” But then I got bitchslapped by a question
I have not been prepared for. “But where is the fun?” I was dazzled. “What do you mean with where
is the fun? Are you blind? Open your eyes, it´s right there in front of you on the screen.” But then my other Pal joined in: “No really,
where is the fun?” I was baffled and answered: “Are you kidding
me? The whole quest has been a hell of a ride. Did you not see all of the different
gameplay action? Shady sidequests with a twist? Exploration, Aviation, Outer Space Combat
on Planet gameplay, looting, First Person Shooting!
Vehicle combat and hovercraft chases ? You must be joking, right?” But they weren´t joking. “So fine, you got
the quest. But what did the pilot do?” “The Pilot? Well he did fly the Freelancer
of course.” “Did he have the quest too? Did he get his
share?” “I assume so.” “Did not look like that to us.” “Common guys, the other player was just there
for proving that this is a multiplayer game. No tricks, no walls, no instancing no fake
elevators that are hidden loading screens. Can´t you
tell? The other player was not really needed for the quest. He could have flown on his
own.” “Yeah, but we are buddies. We play together.
What did the other player do, while you were smoothtalking to the shady guy in the Grimlock
bar?” “Well he waited.” “Yes he waited for you picking up a quest.
What does he do in his Freelancer while you strole around the station?” “Well I don’t know. He could have accompanied
the first player.” “And taken another seat? Or waited for you
to get the quest and then get it too? Or do only you get the quest?” “Well I don´t know. This was just a demo.
I think it is not decided yet. I could have paid you for flying me around if it was not
possible to share quests.” “Yes, but that is not fun! And while you were floating around the Starfarer downloading logbooks and fighting pirates, what did the
pilot do?” “Well he waitet of course.” “Sorry, but this is just boring.” “You could have accompanied me, if you wanted
to…” I uttered. “And then somebody stealing my ship? No way!” Slowly I was grasping the problems that my
friends had. We were super hyped for Star Wars the Old Republic. But the game was just
not fun as a multiplayer experience. It was basically a singleplayer
game where multiplayer has been tacked on through instances and raids but the multiplayer
part and game always felt kind of lacking. It was no genuine joyful
experience and after 2 months there was nothing left to do. So I tried to win them over. I was talking
about capital ships and organisations. Which in the end only lead us to the same backyard
talk that have started that conversation. “O.k., so now you are the pilot of a JAVELIN
destroyer. And I am a gunner…do What do I on that destroyer?” “well you sit in your turret” “And if there is nothing to shoot at am I
sitting there idling around… and waisting my time?” “Well you could of course leave your gunners
seat and do something else…” “For example?” “Well I don´t know….walk around the ship.” “That is not really gameplay that I want to
spend my evening with” “I could fly somewhere where you get something
to shoot at.” “What if I can´t play for two weeks? What is, when you outlevel me?” “There are no levels in Star Citizen, this
is no RPG” “Yeah, but you would be playing, getting richer and getting a better ship while I am still stuck with my Aurora. You would be winning.” “There is no winning in Star Citizen. You
are my buddy. We are on the same team. Remember World of Warcraft? If I would outlevel you, I would help you catching up. I would help you with your quests and give
you money for your mount. It is the same principle!” It is needless to say. I did not win over
two new Star Citizens that night. I got catched left footed and rather unprepared. But after some thinking it struck me…. The question is totally legit. “Where is the fun?” If something is not fun, why would you want to spend hours and hours of your spare time with it? It does not matter how fancy something
is or looks. Star Wars the Old Republic was something that couldn´t fail either after my opinion and still it did! It is true. It was not fun. Wonderful voice over, the music, light sabers, the force and all. But after two months I felt bored playing the game. It is the same everywhere. If you can´t enjoy
what a game has to offer, you will not stick around. That´s why I canceled my EVE online subscription. That´s why I canceled SWTOR! I am 100% certain, that a lot of Star Citizen
backers do have difficulties too convincing their dear friends that are still undecided
that Star Citizen will be worth their time. How do we win them over? How do we know if we are right? So let´s talk about fun then and where to
possibly find it in Star Citizen or Squadron42. Is it there at all? Firstly, we can all assume that it is safe
to say, that Squadron42 will most certainly be a blast to play as it has a lot to offer. It will be a great narrative with deep emotional connection due to great writing and even greater actors whom we belove that bring the story to life. It is a single player game with the
most diverse gameplay you can think of. Dogfighting, crashlanding on Planets, shooting your way through enemies, stealing enemy ships! Fighting the anthagonist that we just
love to hate in a one-on-one throne room battle and safeing the day. Or at least that´s how I assume it will be! If you liked Wing Commander, or the Mass Effect
Series, or the TV-Show Battlestar Galactica, Squadron 42 is a safe bet. This will not fail.
Gary Oldman was full of praise. 60 mission, cutscenes, a war scenario, mankind at the brink of extinction, safeing the day against all odds! Yeah, Chris Roberts has proven,
that he knows what he does when it comes to single-player games.
Take Wing Commander, take Strike Commander and then you got a lot of credibility. If you like single-player games of that kind
you will not even have to touch Star Citizen, Squadron 42 alone will be worth your time
and it will be fun for sure. But let´s talk about Star Citizen, shall
we? The Game want´s to stick around for a decade or longer, so it better has some tricks
up it’s sleeve to keep our attention, right? And here is the catch. You have to acknowledge,
that different people might have quite different definitons of “fun” than you. If we were all
alike we would all be playing Battlefield. But we don´t. Some enjoy playing Fifa, Some enjoy playing Hearthstone, Some love the Witcher3, others play Civilisation or XCOM. People
play games for different reasons. You play what you like. Your definition of a good time might differ from those of your buddies. In the end what you consider fun is dependend
on which player archetype you are. I have identified 10 different kinds: Man, I am almost making a science out of this, don´t I? But I think you get the idea. No player is one gamer archetype only.
Each player is rather a mix of different archetypes that he is leaning to with different strong preferences. If you are a grinder, you will love trading
or mining. Doing the same thing for hours, earning credits, buying bigger and better ships. If you are a socializer you might start with
a constellation, space for 3 more players. Or as a cutlass red owner saving people that are in need of help. You even might end up making helpful guides
for others and putting them up on Youtube. What you need to understand is:
Star Citizen is a big, big game. But it is not only so and so. It is not only
the Gamescom-Demo or the Homestead demo or Arena commander. It is not all about tradeing or dogfighting.
Star Citizen is a huge sandbox that has endless possibilites and something in store for each
and every one of us. It does not matter what you love or what you hate. What you make out
of Star Citizen it is totally up to you. You just have to be true to the playertype that you are: If you hate grinding, for God´s sake, don’t trade, don’t mine. But if you are a lonewolf or a grinder absolutely do so.
If you are a griever you might find the pirate´s way is your way. Not saying that every pirate
is a griever but you will find them amongst that group certainly.
If you are a roleplayer you might like to hang around in bars or points of interest
in landing areas or stations where you can interact with other players. You can find
the socializers there too. I expect the roleplayer however to draw less joy from playing round after round of Star Marine If you are an explorer, you might want to search for jumppoint to discover undiscovered solarsystems. Or you want to explore a planet producing a video documentary of you
driving round in you Ursa Rover and discovering new fauna, flora, derelict ships or ruins.
Wait….I must absolutely do that myself. sounds fun! Whatever your playstyle is. Whatever it is
YOU draw fun out: It will be all there in Star Citizen – eventually. You just have to
grab it, embrace it and enjoy it. Leave the things out you don’t like. For
this is what you would do at a dinner too, would’n you? That’s what sandbox games are all about. Do your own thing. By no means are you forced to do things you hate.
You don´t need to farm up an Idris to PvP or explore a planet. Most of the game content can be experienced in your Mustang or an Aurora.
And if you want Ursa Rover gameplay or swooping around in a Dragonfly farm up for a Freelancer
or find a friend who has one. So you can store it in the ships bay.
If you really hate sitting idle in a gun-turret in a multi-crew ship – then don’t! Fly your
own ship. Bring your own guns to the fight.. Your buddy with the Constellation will find
other crewmembers to man the guns or he will hire NPCs to do that, because that´s what
NPCs are there for! That´s what your buddy does when you are offline either way. Let´s talk about my mates, that started this
essay in the first place. I think they are mostly socializer and part-timer gaming-archetypes.
Of course they would never enjoy sitting aboard of an IDRIS in a gun turret
waiting hours for the one battle where they are needed to stand their ground.
But if you are the Archetype Achiever or Champion you might gladly do so, if there is a chance
that your organisation might win the space battle thus ensuring domination over
a solar system or planet. They do however have a complete different gameplan. I am sure however, my mates would love to
play Star Marine or Arena Commander if it just half as fun as being beaten up by seven
year old kids in Dota2 on their way to 0 MMR. No sincerely. World of Warships or World of
Warplanes are quite fun to play. Or Overwatch for the matter. I hope Star Marine and Arena
Commander will be so too. But to succeed in that, you do need
a bigger variety of maps, different gamemodes and armament for the players to play with.
Shielding, healing, placing turrets or traps would really enrichen the gameplay.
Also the zero-G could be really fun to fiddle with.
I know, these gamemodes are still in early alpha draft, but I feel they could still improve
and I do expect them to. Star Citizen 2.6 is just a first little step. But my mates and I, we would love to play
missions in the universe that we can do together. Where everyone has a part to play. Like tracking
down a pirate, rescuing hostages from a asteroid hideout
and so on. In other words the equivalent of dungeons or raids. Although you have one persistant
Universe, I don´t think, that instancing that would cohere with such gameplay
would be a bad thing altogether. It would open up so many possibilites for interesting
gameplay if we thought a little bit further than just manning up a constellation and calling
it multiplayer. Just a few basic ideas I have that I stitched
together could be: – Tracking down a Pirate in a multi-part mission
and bring him finally to justice by raiding his base and teking him into custody.
– Trying to survive and get to the last escape pods in a burning capital ship, that is crashing
onto a planet but saving some people or plans before you bail out.
– Finding a lost Ancient temple with alien artifacts that is full of traps and defenses.
– Surviving a crash on a hostile planet and endure long enough to get rescued
(I am thinking of survival gameplay here) Getting an abandoned ship repaired before
it drifts into a sun or crashes into a moon. The company owning the ship could reward you
if you succeed. – Or think of ME3 Multiplayer that I thought
was actually really good Beside the real money item shop! but surviving and defending ongoing waves of attackers (pirates, vanduul) and try to survive until your rescue shuttle get´s you out.
– Sports. Sata-Ball anyone? – A hacker has taken control of all droids in a mining station and is holding it’s employees hostage. Try to stop him.
– Get a sponsored 2, 3 or 4 player ship and try to break a blockade on a planet to get
those dire needed resources in. You see there are a lot of multiplayer things you could do with instancing and personalized misisons, that just keeps you entertained for one, or 2 or 3 hours! Or think of global events that change the
persistant universe. – Vanduuls or Pirates takeing over sectors.
(we will have global efforts to repel them with all kind of ships, we have to feed the
troops shuttle in resources and so on) – What about space anomalies that have to
be cleared with science and research? Like an eruption of a planets core that have to be stopped in time. – Deseases that spread and must be stopped.
A cure that has to be found In order to keep the desease in check! – Terraforming a planet or a moon.
– Building settlements and colonizing planets or moons – Wars between organisations. – Finding clues of an old Civilistaion that
has left a sector and gone somewhere else. Think of the Tevarins for example. Where have they gone? And then you find clues clues all over the place
that could lead to a new system. Let the player social up and try to solve the puzzle.
Make it kind of hard like Blizzard does it in Overwatch when hinting for new game charactes.
– What about changeing control of sectors by players via wars or as a reward from the
UEE. I don´t know how much multiplayer there will
be in the end. And of course you can´t featurecreep endlessly if you ever want to publish anything playable. When World of Warcraft was initially released, (and I have played it and was there when it was) It was not the polished game-experience it is today. It has grown into it over the years. How much content will be designed for us to
experience instead of having to make up all the content on our own?
I don´t know. But I am hopeful. I see a lot of opportunity for expanded fun
for all kind of players but a lot of the gamedesign in that regard is still to be determined. I hope some guys from CIG do listen to this
video eventually. Maybe it was totally unnessesary talking about all that stuff in the first
place. But maybe not and this video is a timely reminder to not forget putting the fun into
the Star Citizen Universe. There are 1001 flavours
to what people enjoy and like. Maybe you can´t cater to everyone but you can try to have
a menu that appeals to a wide variety of people. I really think multiplayer gameplay should
be a great experience. SWTOR did not achieve that goal. They just went with a lot of wrong
gameplay decision and in the end they failed in keeping the playerbase engaged in spite
of the Star Wars brand!
But SWTOR had no active playerbase that could participate in game design and give feedback
where the direction should be going. And that is the big difference: Star Citizen has.
It might not appeal to all of us from the getgo, but over the years it will draw more
an more people in and there will be enough fun in Star Citizen for each and every one of us. What you make out of it…is totally up to you. So we are already in overtimefor this video
and I would like to know what your expectations and dreams for Star Citizen are.
Why have you become a backer if you are one? If you aren´t a backer, what is holding you back? What gameplay do you wish for the most? What
do you consider fun? What Gamer-Archetype are you?
What gameplay does really turn you off? Just leave your thoughts in the comments down below and let me know. Let CIG now. And again….If you liked the visuals of this
video…. I once again abused the Star Citizen screensaver I have written to provide them. If you are interested in the screensaver too,
just click the thumbnail to download it. Thanks for listening, Brigant, out.


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    Sean Mayes

    Great video. I was hesitant to become a backer but after watching this, i'm much more willing to back Star Citizen. I thought it was overwhelming at first but as long as I focus on what I like to do, i'll have a good time. This isn't a game where you have to do everything.

    Also, you've gained a new subscriber, looking forward to more videos on SC and future monologues you may post in the future.

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    Jamie MacPherson

    You do realize this game is still production its not even am alpha right now…. you basically bought into a kick start not a finished game.

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    Scientist in the streets-gorilla in the sheets

    I asked this question to my friends when they got obsessed with no mans sky when the hype train was going they couldn't answer

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    Bran Tse Mallory

    Elite launched multicrew… It was boring to sit there waiting for anything to happen… SC will follow it down the same rabbit hole.

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    I would say, at least right now the "fun" is in the space combat. Except no everyone considers that fun. Not space combat in general, just the way it's turning out so far.

    And if it's still bad by the time SQ42 roles around, then no amount of fantastic narratives or well done cut scenes will save it.

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    Black Eagle

    I have a Hornet Ghost. For the most part I will be playing solo. Flying stealth around the verse doing odd jobs protecting crews and most definitely hunting down bounties. They could release this game today and I would be satisfied. It's incredibly ambitious. There's nothing like it and it's not even finished yet. You should go play Mass effect or something less ambitious. This game is for the people who want something they can live in. Not every moment had to be flying bullets and lame dialogue. Star Citizen is not for you and that's fine. Because you probably wouldn't even survive in the verse.

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    You know how to fix this? Don't play the shitty alpha and play the magnificent final version of the game so you don't get burnt out. Don't buy the biggest ship when you pledge. Just buy the smallest or the game with no ship so you can upgrade and have things to do.

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    Your friends need to stfu and become star citizens. Currently you can't do shit but fly around. And I still have a shit ton of fun.

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    The weirdest thing about this game, is that there are a lot of things I look up wanting to see, but thinking "no, that's doing to much they wouldn't do that." But I am yet to find out some aspect they have not put into the game. That is amazing. This is truly a game like no other, with no limits. I hope no limits. I should probably not over-hype this for my self so I won't be disappointed.

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    Hans Yolo

    The fun is what you make it. From what we know, you'll be able to do anything you want. Farming (plants and stuff, not grinding), Pirating, Bounty Hunting, Dogfighting, Trading, Hauling, Smuggling, Exploring, Boarding and stealing ships, ect.

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    Jayel Saffioti

    This is a great video Brigant70. I have been a backer of Star citizen since 2014 and i believe you have captured the essence of what star citizen is and what it could potentially be in the not so distant future (fingers crossed). Star citizen & squadron 42 has something for everyone. In my mind, if star citizen could somehow apply Eve onlines amazing ability to have player based corps/alliances influence & control star citizens own version of Null sec ( uncontrolled star systems in deep space ) This would open up the game even more to literally every one of those player archetypes that you accurately mentioned.

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    Ashleigh Syller

    your mates are looking for a COD Advanced Warfare, Star Citizen isn't for them. They clearly want action packed content ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Gee I was expecting more out of mature gamers… I mean, at the end of the day, you like what you like. But I find it naïve of them to want a game that is constantly providing action! all the time!

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    Paul T.

    Look at any real ship…does the captain have all the 'fun'? The crew is busy as heck getting provisions, outfitting the ship for the current mission, and upgrading equipment.

    On any ship, there will be multi stations and skill sets required to run the systems to full effect. I have a feeling that my Anvil gunner will be very busy.

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    Youtube automatically queued this video up after the one I chose to watch, at first I thought it was going to be a boring video full of stuff we've all heard before but I've gotta say… I thought this video was rather influential. Kudos to you Brigant70, you have the kind of voice I expect would be good for reading to children as well it kept this big kid engaged haha

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    Nicklas Sandum

    If all else fails.. I at the very least hope they'll make this games pve gameplay difficult.. you brought up world of warcraft as a polished game but I sincerely believe, the unpolished version of wow that was vanilla wow was probably a lot more rewarding to people then the current wow is.. where an instance biggest challenge to the player is to keep up with the tank as he literally steamrolls throughout it …

    With that said, to answer your question about the game archetype I am, Im probably mostly lone wolf, I don't socialize well because I am too goal driven. then alittle bit of everything else except for the griefer and the roleplayer..

    What I hope to see in this game's future is basically what you just said. A game that encompasses all the different archetypes, both the mentioned ones and the unmentioned ones, a game that has a place for everyone.. and it's because of this potential that I ended up backing the game aswell.

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    Will Brown

    I dunno. It sounds like your friends are skeptics to a fault. If they can't see the fun in playing roles, then obviously, this game may not be for them. It is certainly a game where teamwork will be involved. And if your only concern is in being the star then you're useless in a game like this. Or you'll just run solo all the time. I mean, take turns. One mission, yo'll run it and organized who does what. The next mission you'll fly the ship. The next you may die.

    I appreciate skepticism. But, But, this is not about the quality of game play. This is about being willing to team play. if you can't team play, then don't play team play games. Period!!! I do like your follow up with the different gaming types.

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    this video is fun and entertaining. I will listen to it while my friend does his mission while i wait in the ship.

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    Daniel Liddicoat

    I self identify at an achiever. My motto is – "Can I join your clan". If I have no clan I'm quite happy to grind though.

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    i don't agree "where is the fun" you decide, you can do any thing you want to do. if your board, you can dogfight, hijack ships, fight outlaws, fight enemies, deliver cargo, exploration, racing, hell you can even walk around a whole planet. there are hundreds of things you can do. you just have to think of them

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    kevin swanson

    I can not wait for the game have not played it in a long time. I play EVE and i am waiting for open universe side things big fleet battles with friends and corps and market running areas owning stations that sort of thing. I don not think they got round to that yet or if they will add the eve sort of universe big fleet battles politics system control, where anyone can jump in and get involved, but its still in beta so it will be broke dull in some areas and real good in others people should not hate on that that is why its a beta. I hate the price of the ships took a friend to the web site he seen the prices and said no £30 to £40 yes, but the big price tags should be hidden away that scared my friend away (that was a year or so ago) Pay to win he kept saying i stopped arguing with him.

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    Casual Hardcöre

    ♫ Mister Chris Roberts keeps eatting lobsters, living off ill-gotten gains like a bank robber. Legion of neckbeards waiting on a promise, glutton got your money outta pump his fuckin' stomach. See what comes out, bet it won't be a game. Took and spent your money basement-dwellers feel ashamed.♪

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    Paul Raver

    Gotta wait for 3.0 to have fun and really get into the game, instead of the piles of people now complaining 3.0 is still delayed etc etc.
    Get them in SC when 3.0 live on the servers.

    More important is to remind you need to crew ships and each crew member need a ship that needs crews in different roles.
    For instance on e player has a Constellation Aquila, the other has the Taurus and you can alternate between roles,
    Or smaller ships and fly protection for the cargo ships etc, it will be impossible to have a crew where everyone just sits in a turret all day.

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    I was like your friends until 2 days ago. Then I finally decided to throw 40something bucks on a starter pack and tried it out. Holy cow I'm addicted now!

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    So the problem with the game is your friends have ADD.

    Got it.

    Well hell, lets' scrap the whole thing until we can create spacesuits that come equipped with licensed game boys, that way your ADD friends can faff about with Tetris while you play the whole game yourself.


    Christ. On-Rails guided experience? "Linear plot, to much hand holding."
    Open-world choose your own adventure? "Where's the fun? All we did was wait around."

    You can. Not. Please. Everyone.

    And not every game. Is FOR. /EVERY/ one.

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    ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

    This is nothing more than a engine showcase, not a game. They're using backers money to fund the development of an engine they can licence out.
    No real game actually exist.

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    BuShi Do

    You sir, have a good story telling voice. I'm not really into this type of game but I got stuck here listening to you like a child sitting down to story time.

  50. Post

    What draws me to SC is that immersion in the verse , and i think there will be Single player moments to do and multipleyer co-op style things to do , youll crew up with friends , or just fly next to them , and when your friends are not around youll be able to go on your own and still find things to do from exploring to cargo, mining ,security, Search and rescue, salvage. what have you that's the beauty of the game IMO your free to play it anyway you want , the story in the PU is yours

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    I was very touched by your welcoming title on the year 2016. Share the share the same basic sad view of the world as you have. We 'nice people' are going to have to be stronger and tougher because the bad guys have no mercy. To the predators out there a good honest citizen is a 'mark'; a naive victim who deserves to be screwed and cheated because they are too 'simple' , honest and well intentioned and deserve to be abused. It's the old might make 's right or in elitist terms the total opposite of duty, consideration of others or any other emotion other than ego and sadism.Its like those who deliberately market ot the very old knowing they are vulnerable. Our societies based on capitalism where more and selfishness are all that matter, even as we are too many while 1% own 50% of the world.

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    For fun to exist there has to be some final ultimate goal.
    That's what games have taught us so many years now… If there is no actual goal in SC, then people just won't do the effort. Simple as that. And you can't win them over with visual rewards, you have to found a clever and great gameplay, there is in fact some final goal.

    I can think of one to help you out:

    I can think of being able for someone to become master of the galaxy. And that's the final goal! And here is how it works…

    So at first the only thing you own is a simple spaceship. Nice so far, so you do a bunch of missions, and you travel to an undiscovered planet or moon. And you travel in a unclaimed area on that planet or moon. So you (and your team) can gather resources and create a base there! (Therefore SC should give the players the ability to create their own bases, like in The Sims games! Nice one right?) So you fortify that base and its now your's and your team's.

    So that moon has some points of interests, where you can build a base there and basically 'capture' them. Capturing all these points (though the entire planet) will create a force shield, shielding the ENTIRE planet or moon or asteroid etc to YOUR command!

    Congratulations! You own now, and entire celestial body! What's the reward? Well, resources… You can mine them and then sell them, and others won't be able to find them otherwhere so they will have to buy them from you, if you happen to fortify a planet that has for example rich quantities of a given element or whatever. Secondly, fame! You own a fucking planet, you are becoming famous and other people cannot enter there without your permission or without fighting against you and your defenses…

    So, there are say X amount of planets in a given solar system… So, like we did with the planets, there are key planets around a given star, that if you capture them, imagine! You own an entire star system!! Now that's something! That would meen, that (like in Elite Dangerous) other people won't be able to travel in or out that star system without your permission (but they will be able to fly there conventionally (the slow way)… but not using warp drives or whatever…)

    And if you capture key stars (or all;) around the galaxy you own the entire galaxy and you are the most feared player in the entire game!

    That right there… Feels like the greatest ultimate goal that any game had ever offered to their players. And Star Citizen can do it, they can make it if they want. But if they don't, I'm sorry to say, but SC will be just another No Man's Sky with better graphics.

    Where's the fun? That's the most important question of video games production.

  59. Post

    I was interested in learning if this game would be fun. While your English isn't perfect, your voice is calming and made me enjoy learning about this game. It does sound like fun. I may upgrade my tower for this.

  60. Post
    jered williams

    My goal is to make an empire outside of controlled space. Ran by friends, brothers, and allies. My player type is all of them really as I play almost everything and enjoy the games as new experiences. Although lately all the games started to feel the same but than I found Star Citizen! A Game that reminds of the time when I first played a game. By the way if you are looking for someone to play with look me up: LastOfAssassins . I have a lot of ships and bikes for 3.0

  61. Post
  62. Post
    Jean d'Esperi

    You will need to hold your friends by the hands like pre school kids. Some people just dont have imagination or cant figure out stuff by themselves. If this game reach completion dont worry for the fun it will come by itself.

  63. Post
    Jamie Coxe

    Well said. Thanks for creating this video. I'm a mixed bag of nuts. I enjoy the exploration with the danger and the ability to protect myself and my team mates. A group mission where we can all work together or at times split up to try our own approach to solve the problem. I am a backer with a Freelancer and some day dream of having ability to host team missions that give me the ability to pilot the ship or have someone else pilot my ship so I can man the turrets. And once we get to our destination, I want to be able to join the ground party, knowing that my ship will be safe for our return. Maybe there's a need for a cloak technology, a type of camouflage or a place to hide or secure the ship. I want a immersive experience, one where I learn new exciting things and contribute to the success of a new universe. A VR experience would also be great.

  64. Post
    Funk Commander

    I know this is just a video over a video game but… It's absolutely beautiful. I don't know why but, it just captured me. Good job.

  65. Post
  66. Post
  67. Post
  68. Post
    Christian Blackwell

    Sorry but your friends are simple-minded. "Fun" is subjective, and every "problem" even mentioned in this video is absurdly mundane. Just wait till the full release.

  69. Post

    This video is the best argument for getting into Star Citizen I have seen. Great video. and I agree with the guy below, you didn't need the subtitles. Your English is better than most of the people I see in a trip to Walmart.

  70. Post

    There are actually cool possible solutions to some of these issues:
    – Idle time in flight:
    1) craft things (utilities, weapons, goods) out of components/raw materials which you can sell later.
    2) side activities (play cards for money, etc.)
    – Quests: Accept contract/quest as a group, get paid as a group, aka payment and distribution of it is made clear before the quest starts and no matter how it gets done, payers get paid according to the initial distribution. For example: A mission to hunt down a pirate pays 5000 UEC, you can do it alone or as a team of 2 and in this team you split up the money 1k/4k because one player just flies while the other one risks his ass.

  71. Post

    Some questions there were legitimate in regards to gameplay, some others sounded like coming from one of those new age gamers that needed something to shoot at within 5 seconds. You wouldn't get some of those questions from an ED player for instance. For space sims like Wing Commander Privateer, X3, ED, you need a healthy dose of patience, discipline, immersion and wonder – and not only twitch reflexes.

  72. Post

    I was about to buy a hull and a prospector this week so I could earn massive credits to buy more shit, but this video made me realize that I hate repetitive tasks, no matter what the reward is. I'd rather get the reward much slower and enjoy what I'm doing. I still might buy the prospector just because it only takes one person to operate and I would be able to make extra cash when needed. I think the most intriguing thing to me is living out the universe that I fantasized about as a child- star wars, star trek, battlestar galactica to name a few. You could become anything you want, from an explorer to the most influential good and bad characters. To me, even in the limited verse, its amazing to just go into space and fly around, explore, and interact with other people. When the game goes live I want to explore, search and rescue, bounty hunt, maybe even pirate. Anything that offers exploration, adventure and an a completely unique and organic experience every time is what I want to do

  73. Post
    Diche Bach

    Wow this is a really well done video. Love your accent! 🙂 Subbed. Just your archetype thing is worth a closer look.

  74. Post
    I did my best

    But CIG already answered this question, of course it's not in the game yet, but there will be dozens of things to do while you wait in your ship.
    Not only will you be able to play star marine or Arena commander (or maybe you'd need simulation pods for that, and thus a bigger ship? Who knows), but they said they will add board games like chess or cards or what have you.
    They also talked about their space football (whatever the name is, I can't remember) that you could play, but not only play, you could WATCH too.
    The whole purpose of the Reliant Mako is exactly that, for players to FILM important matches and races and events or whatever it is they want to film so that anyone can watch it, in game or on a browser.
    And the pilot will simply have to call them whenever a danger arises/something happens so they can leave their matches or stop watching whatever it is they're doing to get to the turret or snub fighters and get ready for some action, idk.
    That's the whole point of this alpha anyway, for people to find out what they like, what they don't like, and most importantly, what they would like. Do you think you'd like to, I don't know, cook while your pilot is flying around? Why not go to the forums and see what people think?
    If you make enough noise, you can be sure a cooking minigame will appear at some point.
    Maybe some kind of dance revolution or whatever rhythm game you're into?
    Maybe playing space invader on your mobiglass?
    Maybe even have the whole catalog of SNES games on it to play while you wait? (Since most of them are public domains and completely free right now)
    How about preparing your crew's next quests? Opening your mobiglass to call some npcs here or there and look for stuff to do and plan it all accordingly? 'Oh, we could do this quest while we finish that one, we just need to haul this piece of junk from there to there and it's only one jump away from our destination anyway'
    How about watching netflix (or even youtube) in game? Whether it's on a huge screen inside the ship or on your mobiglass.
    Possibilities are endless, really.

  75. Post
    Dont Knowler

    1. In the released game (hope to live that long) the ships will be lockable, so there will be no need for one member of the crew to remain inside to guard the ship in order to avoid stealthy stealing thereof: everyone will be able to go on missions. However, the risk, that in the absence of the crew some pirates would come with their ship(s), blow your ship up, and loot everything lootable, will still exist, I guess. That´s part of the game, and this risk itself makes it more thrilling.
    2. Even in the Alpha version playable now, crew members` (other than the pilot) idling during flight is not a problem at all: thanks to the hyperjumps, long flights in normal space are untypical, as long as you are not in battle, which keeps everyone busy;
    3. Generally speaking, any game is always some compromise between simulation realism and arcade gameplay. If you make a game too realistic, schoolchildren will get bored, since in real life situations which need action just do not happen every minute. If you make the game too unrealistic by intensifying happenings to a level where schoolchildren are happy, grown-up players with money in their purses will complain; if you make a game something in-between, both types of players will get disappointed… As a game designer, you can not be good for everyone, I guess: you can just know "your own client" and offer him what he wants. If you do that right, the game will be a success. If you are building a simulation of a Universe, it is a game for those who would love travelling in space with some level of realism, and not just have constant "fun".

  76. Post
    Smiley Smith

    you will be able to build cities on planets that you own and of course wars with organizations. Also i forgot to put in here next spring there releasing patch 3.0 and you will be able to go to 3 planets and do more missions on there and there releasing 12 more ships i think into the game when 3.0 comes there will be more than a couple hours of game play now lol. i don't mind grinding but i wont do it for months on end ill grind for like a week then ill take a break and do other things like other missions or socialize then ill go back to grinding but its also fun if you grind with someone there with you grinding with you as well it makes the experience better. well i know what i am now im kinda like a casual, grinder, socializer.

  77. Post
    The Star Wars

    yeah – if it takes you 40 minutes just to land your god-damn ship… fuck that – I have other shit to do.
    besides, this game is going the "Pay to Win" route, no more interest.

  78. Post
    Raven Valentine

    you are a rare soul in this day and age , your words show how sophisticated the gaming community is and i truly would give you stars if i could

  79. Post
    Jack C. Lamb

    Wing Commander fan…signed up, got Golden Ticket…bought my $70 package aaaaand… six years later, still I wait…I predict one month after real release…uninstall. No fault of Chris Robinson/Cloud Imperium, but just the way I am…lone wolf/explorer…Perma-death?…buhbye!

  80. Post
  81. Post
  82. Post
  83. Post
  84. Post
  85. Post
    bear suo

    It's not even out yet. I don't get these 30min to a hour long videos talking about a game that doesn't even look 50% complete. For all you know it could be the worse kick starter in history.

  86. Post
  87. Post
    Zissou Moonshot

    Good arguments but over a year later, still no release. If I had brought friends into the game when this was made, they would be long gone already, because they wouldn't be able to play as ANY of the archetypes.

  88. Post
    Christopher Gibbons

    The real question is, where is the game. 8 years of developement and they have a big empty room you can clumsily walk around in and one planet with a scattered few visit-able locations (when it works at all, attempting to enter usually makes the game crash.) A 2-bit asset flipper on steam could do more in a month. They are promising 100 planets. It took them 8 years to make 1. By the time the game is ready it will be easier to just go fly real spaceships.

  89. Post
    Ben Bowers

    Why am I not a "Becca" I think you called it?

    I've been researching this game endlessly but haven't played it yet.

    For a multitude of reasons:
    Primarily, I don't have my damn Carrack. It isn't flyable yet.

    Secondarily: Because the people making the game don't seem to be thinking like you yet.

    Hell yeah they need "instancing" I think you called it.

    There's still alot of stuff they need, from the Explorer's point of view.

    Why else do you think I want my Carrack?

    I don't much care for everyone in the verse. I don't hate them or love them, but they're not what I want to explore.

    I know people, and I'm not opposed to meeting new ones or old ones but damn it there's a system out there I don't know about. There's a star, a rock, a meteor, a crevace, a nook, and a cranny I haven't seen yet.

    And I'd like to.

    Wouldn't mind too much either, if another explorer came with me. If a whole crew did, but I've also got NPCs right?

  90. Post
  91. Post
  92. Post
  93. Post

    If this game will be boring?
    Like every other game !

    At the beginning you like…
    "Best game ever"
    When he finally comes out…
    "It's literally the best game i ever played" …

    After 1 month you will farm 24h/7d just for getting the newest best spaceship, spacesuit, weapons…

  94. Post
    Bungis Albondigas

    The fun is in watching crazies go ballistic in the comments when you criticize the scam game they lost money to.

    People have spent 1000's on this game, just think how many good games that could get you instead. Games that work, that have hundreds of hours of story and content, that run at a good fps, that respect the player without selling pictures of content.

  95. Post
    Marvin the Martian

    Where's the fun???…..more like where's the game???……asking if Scam Citzen is fun is a hypothetical question. We need a playable & finished game to truly answer that question….

  96. Post
    Alan Hilton

    I hope you get the fun that you speak of buddy by the time this game is fully released I'm afraid the universe will have died of heat death.

  97. Post
  98. Post
  99. Post

    S42, AC, Racing, and whatever may come are basically seperate games.
    As for Citizen there doesn't seem to be any creative element to this game. Even if it is a big verse, it'll only bear so much novelty and explorability, especially since most of it was procedurally generated and therefor repetitive. The game consumes massive amounts of time doing seemingly meaningless chores and idling, over and over again. It is not a singleplayer game, so one has to accept that pvp is unavoidable as a core feature. It is a game with an economy and shooting as core features, which predicts a very hostile environment. I assume that a huge portion of the game will not be possible to do solo. So within that, you can't pick and choose the gameplay elements you fancy and just ignore the rest. Either you enjoy the whole package or not.

  100. Post
    David Almeroth

    Scuse the lengthly dribble, friend. I'm not always known for bein' the briefest of speakers.

    As to your gamer-type list:

    Champion, I do like to collect achievements and items but not at the cost of being "best."

    Socializer, I do enjoy helping others. However, the advent of games with weapons have long-standing phenomena of Kill-On-Sight [KOS] is pretty much what drives player interactions in a lot of games. Better to have the whole thing … instead of just a slice.

    The Lone Wolf, I like the idea of building up a base and assets that are "safe" from would be theives or vandals. But recognize there is a decided element of "interest" when one's base and belongings could be at risk. A sobering reality for offline players who think their combat skills are sharp ? … those who dare to go from plowing hordes of stumbling-NPCs … to going against a real player who makes them look like the stupid, stumbling-NPC. Other real-players are the excitment for realistic gameplay … unfortunately, most shut-ins complain "It's Not Fair !" when their base looks like scorched earth after logging back into play the next day. Hey, be thankful you didn't have to witness it.

    Grindhouser, yep … been there dun that. Pretty much all games have the grind-monster of one form or another.

    The Explorer, maybe not in the same sense as you say. But the explorer seems part-nn-parcel for completing all maps and quests, etc.

    The Part Timer, I do not pretend to have the know how nor desire for any steep learning curve. I simply check in YouTube to see how the more advanced players are doing things. Games like Kerbel Space Program and Space Engineers look fun by someone knowledgable who is playing. But for me, I gave up rather quickly trying to learn those games. Lot to remember. And as they say with ole' age … only so much bandwidth. As a youngster, I think so but as a middle-aged guy … uhh, no. But as the saying goes as well: "A player, plays … always." So never say never.

    The Pack Leader, no. Worked remodeling kitchens and baths years ago and quickly learned; I liked the work but hated having to deal with customers. Not really a salesman type unless you wanna talk about Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His Holy Bible. amen.

    The Achiever, yeah pretty much this compared to the Pack Leader.

    The Griever, no. What goes round, comes round. Believe it.

    The Roll Player, maybe at times but mostly no … I'm sure at times we all sort of filled in the story "gaps."

    Switch gears, friend.

    Loved IL-2 Sturmovik and some of the missions where you'd fly back and try to land when damaged … just terrific.

    When I heard C. Roberts talk about that kind of gameplay in "early days," I thought: Star Citizen is for me. After all said an done, Chris got me for a few hundred dollars since 2013. And haven't played in years. I mostly check in on other's YouTube channels to see how it's all progressing.

    Fast forward a couple years and after J. Pritchett joined up and helped give the impression SC was not just gonna be fun; it was gonna be real-world legitimate as well.

    Think it was around the time when we saw new damage effects being introduced. Really cool visuals where spots on fuselage were being burned snd blistering before flaking off and later being broken in larger sections, etc. High-Fidelity was no longer a term owned by your stereo system, no sir.

    Visions of high fidelity IL-2 fighter came to mind. Imagining how to correct the inputs with all that crazy cool blistering stuff goin' on.

    For cryin' out loud, Robert's said more than once about planes trying to land with partial wings, etc.

    Then one video with an exchange between Roberts an Pritchett.

    I think may be an "Around the Verse" episode where Roberts was looking like proud-papa with his new damage-states baby.

    Roberts was talking like flight models for all these different damage-states were going to be developed and not only for space flight but for atmospheric flight as well.

    Pritchett looked at Roberts almost "offended" at such a suggestion. I'm still tryin' to find that video.

    I know nuthin' about computers but then and there I got the impression we can all forget about ever getting Pritchett flight models for what Roberts just suggested. Maybe someone one else but not J. Pritchett, no sir.

    That exchange reminds me when Roberts was talking about economy concepts with T. Zurovec in one ine the Gamescon or Citizencon videos.

    Can't find that video ither but the same kind of design-level disconnect with Zurovec as with Pritchett. Zurovec made some kind of off-handed comment on how money would be generated by players. This was along with Roberts saying how real players will only be no more than ten-percent of all players on screen at any time, etc.

    It's like Roberts waits to be out in front of cameras to discuss high-level concepts as if they are definitely being implemented. Both Roberts and Zurovec seemed to be in wish-listing-mode and they definitely were not on the same page.

    By the way, I'm not sure if all ships since the Bengal carrier video days with its fighter slingshot takeoffs … have we seen any craft roll down a runway before take off ?

    And don't most craft have a "skid" type landing gear ? … not exactly the best choice for atmospheric landings on a runway. And that speaks to all or most ships being VTOL.

    And isn't that one of the design elements in real world aircraft to allow that aircraft to land with reduced engine power using it's glide capability and rolling to a stop on a runway ? … no SC is all about the VTOL, sorry.

    And those days of IL-2 are still there because the tension didn't subside until one's damaged craft; whether rolling, listing or even sliding sideways … came to a stop.

    In case you haven't seen this series; this group of nine videos is definitely worth a look by [Binky ATX]:

    Sunk Cost Galaxy – The Series

    Still got that voice friend. Let's hope Chris-nn-company drops the landing gear so they can slow descent enough to pull outta this dive. Then again ? … what do I know.


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