Start of the Civil War | The Civil War era (1844-1877) | US History | Khan Academy

Start of the Civil War | The Civil War era (1844-1877) | US History | Khan Academy


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    A very complex subject. I think Lincoln made the same mistake that many other presidents have made, jumping into a war too quickly. 800,000 people died. A big mistake. There were many other options.

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    Eros Kasikantiris

    A. Lincoln was a certified racists. A fact that can be easily proven by reading many of his quotes. He was also a known socialist that closed down many northern newspapers and imprisoned many of their owners and editors for their anti-remarks against Lincolns unlawful demand of the Southern states "constitutional right" of secession.

    I enjoy many of the topics of this channel but, don't believe everything that's being taught here without first doing your own indepth research.

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    marty hill

    fort sumptner was on confederate land you ass clowns Lincoln tricked the confederates into believing it was a warship like I was told a long time ago you cant fix stupid what about the letter from abe Lincoln to the captain of the ship thanking him for pulling off the hoax to get the confederates to fire first to gain support from the northern simpothisors the simpothisors he had hauld of to jail there are 2 sides to a story do us all a favor and read a book about both sides not just what supports your insanity, and finaly you highly educated fuck when did the war start?now ask your self when did the freeing of slaves come into play are you that retarted you cant pick up a book and see slavery became a issue when the north was getting its ass handed to them and lets not for get old honest abe stated he would only free the slaves in the southern states that took up arms against the south ps delaware was the last state to give up their slaves  how many slaves did grant have .and while your at it where did abe Lincoln amass all his money maybe you should look into his wifes plantaition in Kentucky

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    Neil Watson

    There was a lot of money in the south, needed an income tax, bang, "Civil War", and congrats 20 trillion in dept we're all on the edges of now of being totally enslaved… Ever wonder why Black Americans fought and died for the south ??? Cause they knew the truth and fought to keep us all from being slaves… And in the lines during the surrender of the Confederates when a black soldier was spotted, he had no jury, nothing, he was killed on the spot for the flag of history liberals want to ban, and ALL American soldiers deserve to be remembered despite of people and their fake feelings and false knowledge of some things… Look behind the curtain of history, so much more in there…

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    jknbt jknbt

    Civil war causes part 2

    Here are a few more "follow the money" examples:
    * The union army styled itself as heroes who were struggling to free the poor exploited slaves. Actually, they were thugs, murderers who killed unarmed prisoners, thieves, and rapists. The first thing southerners did when they heard the union army was coming was to move their daughters to safety at least 100 miles out of harm's way, since the blue uniformed rapists left no white woman untouched. If all they wanted was to free the slaves, why didn’t they free the slaves in states that did not secede that had slavery laws like MD, MO, DE, & KY?
    * Union army murderers routinely killed their prisoners since it was impossible to march them safely back north to a prison camp. They also lynched farmers who destroyed their crops or killed their livestock rather than letting them fall into Union army hands.
    * The union army thieves stole everything that was not nailed down and shipped it all back North. The scene at Tara House in the movie Gone with the Wind was not a literary exaggeration–they stole everything including the green curtains, and THEN THEY BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN. Sometimes they went through the ashes so they could steal the nails also…really high moral standard you keep there, Yankees. This was a war on civilians, not on military targets. Why is this truth never exposed?
    * Sherman's march to the sea was a war on civilians and the economy of the South. The purpose was to destroy the manufacturing center that Atlanta had become, and then to destroy the deep-water seaport that Savannah had become. Why? Because the business interests there threatened the northern businessmen, manufacturers, and shipping interests. These businessmen forced Lincoln and Congress to support the war. All wars are ultimately fought for economic reasons but for moralistic excuses. The net effect was that manufacturing and shipping in the South was destroyed and did not begin to recover for at least 80 years at the time of WW2. However, the manufacturing and shipping was done by northern companies and investors who had located their plants and shipping facilities in the South. This turned the South into an economic colony of the North. This is one more thing that the Confederate heroes were fighting to avoid. Can't anyone see past skin color issues to recognize this?

    * More examples of the staggering growth of the federal government: federal hamburger laws; federal commode laws enforced by the potty police; and federal clothes washing laws….sorry friends, but because of the explosive growth of the federal government, you can’t eat a hamburger, flush your commode, or wash clothes without if being a “Federal Question” and Involving NUMEROUS INVASIVE FEDERAL LAWS.

    A fair question: What would be an example of a legitimate federal law based on a “Federal Question”? Basically, any concerns common to two or more states, or a concern involving an international boundary. Here are three examples of reasonable federal legislation: 1) regulating barge traffic on the Ohio River; 2) importing goods manufactured overseas; 3) vetting refugees who request asylum with the intent of becoming citizens.

    Federal Hamburger Laws: A perfect example is the common fast food restaurant hamburger with a sesame seed bun. A law firm did a comprehensive survey, and no less than 26,000 federal laws come in to play in one form or another to produce one single hamburger. For example, inspection of the beef, interstate trucking laws, regulations on importing the sesame seeds with tariffs and inspections, regulations on the container vessel moving the sesame seeds into a port, agriculture laws concerning producing the wheat flour, labor laws, union laws, the list goes on and on and on…

    Federal Commode Laws: Another example is Congress passing laws concerning the nation's water supply to the point that the amount of water used to flush your stool is an important matter of urgent federal scrutiny. How much water I use to flush my stuff is not any concern of Congress. But plumbers and suppliers have to be careful about installing a commode that does not conform to the federal standard. A master plumber can lose his license if he installs a surplus commode from the 1960's found on the back lot of the plumbing supply house that uses a little too much water. Doesn't anyone but me consider this a little invasive and unnecessary?

    Federal Clothes Washing Laws: Congress even regulates how much water can be used to do a load of clothes. Manufacturers have had to redesign washing machines to the point that it takes two washes just to get the clothes clean. Federal laws now regulate how much water can be used to wash a load of clothes. The net amount of water it takes to get your clothes clean has actually increased, since the first wash job is so inefficient. To compensate, they are now selling special, expensive, highly caustic soaps, which bleach the color out of the clothes and rot the fabric. This is what happens with politicians with an insane environmentalist agenda take over the design of washing machines. They can’t trust the manufacturers to design an efficient machine that uses the minimum amount of water needed to get the clothes clean.

    * And try to get your gold and silver back from a bank! Take your Federal Reserve paper money to a bank, and say to the teller you want silver dollars for each paper dollar. They will laugh at you. A silver dollar sells in the coin shop for about $17 to $25 these days (paper money). An American Eagle $50 gold ounce costs around $1300 paper dollars in the coin shops. This should give you a picture how much the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve have inflated the currency supply. Their money is just green ink on cotton paper with no real value to itself, unless you care to use it for the toilet paper it is. The Constitution plainly says that “gold and silver shall be the money of the land”. It doesn’t say anything about green ink on cotton paper printed a pallet load at a time by the mint.
    * People don't realize how the federal government grew after the 9-11 disaster. Laws are on the books that will turn the country into a totalitarian state on 24 hours’ notice. Bush jr. asked Congress for emergency powers when the Lehman Brothers bank started to fail in 2007. The thought of a Federal Reserve stock holding bank going under so disturbed the northern business interests, that they were ready to turn the country into a dictatorship. This didn't happen because the financial cabal that controls the banking system orchestrated the collapse of the economy. It was necessary for at least one really big bank to go under to crash the stock market as completely as they did. The super-rich that ordered this had already sold most of their stocks. After the crash they created, they bought them all back at bargain basement prices (as much as 90% off of the former year’s price), doubling their fortunes in a year, tax-free, and WITHOUT ANY RISK AT ALL. You can only get this with a Federal Reserve system controlling the nations' banks and economy.
    * The people of the South saw all this coming. The bottom line is that northern business and shipping interests still control Congress and the passing of invasive federal laws. This has been the case since 1861. So yes, the leadership of the South who saw all this coming and fought against it are genuine heroes. They should be honored with statues to remind us of what they fought for.

    * An interesting comment borrowed from DEO VINDICE

    The Morrill Tariff ultimately tripled the Tariff rate from 15 to 48%. It was passed the day before Lincoln took office. The next day at Lincoln's first inaugural address, he promised that any state that would not pay the taxes would be invaded and the taxes would be taken by force with bloodshed if necessary. In that same address Lincoln said he supported the Corwin Amendment and said if the southern states rejoined the Union that the Corwin Amendment would pass and be ratified. The Corwin amendment would have kept Slavery Legal in the south forever under the US Constitution. Lincoln never had any intention of freeing a single slave and in fact said the opposite when taking office. So, the south clearly did not secede over the threat of losing the right to keep slaves.. It had to be something else…

    Northern states by 1860 had a majority in the House of Representatives. It was with this majority that the North was able to TAX the South to death. Although the South had 25% of the population, they payed 80% of the nation’s tariffs! The northern states used their majority in congress to use that tax money on improving the industry and infrastructure of the North. So the southern states payed 80% of the nation's taxes and saw less than 20% of the entire tax revenue spent by the federal government in SOUTHERN STATES.

    Taxation without representation, no control in the US congress, and the recent election of Abraham Lincoln.. who received less than 40% of the popular vote & was a member of a new political party created ONLY to help NORTHERN INDUSTRY, NORTHERN BUSINESS, & NORTHERN PEOPLE AT THE SOUTH'S EXPENSE! These political reasons are among the major causes of the southern state's decision to secede and gain the ability to govern themselves. The people's right to abolish or alter the government is a fundamental right our founding father's recognized and would have supported.

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    jknbt jknbt

    Civil War causes part 1

    Have you ever even heard of the other side of the story about the reasons for the Civil War? Probably not, since the winners always write the history books. Try this on for size:

    * There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents a state leaving. It is a right reserved to the states. Show me the article or amendment that says a state can't leave.
    * Lincoln declared an illegal war on the states of the South to force them back into the union. The moralizing excuse was to free the slaves. Only the super-rich top 1% of the southern elites owned a large number of slaves. Most southern whites were as poor as slaves themselves.
    * Other Lincoln illegal acts include blockading southern ports without a declaration of war; suspension of habeas corpus (“charge them or release them” Constitutional protection guarantee); arresting and holding without trial or charges northern citizens sympathetic to the secession, including some sitting state legislators; censorship of telecommunications; issuance of baseless paper money with no gold or silver backing; confiscation of private property and guns owned by northerners sympathetic to the secession; turning the country into a dictatorship with government by decree; enforcement of the Morrill Tariff, which unfairly penalized the South
    * You people who refuse to listen to the “other side of the story” need to take off your own magical glasses that make you see everything as a black vs white race issue. Something is wrong with your glasses if they can only see two colors, black and white.
    * The southern leaders did not want to be owned or controlled by the northern businessmen. This was a fight over state's rights. The slavery issue was just the touchstone or excuse. They had draft riots in the North because northern conscripts did not want to get killed just to free the slaves. Can you imagine the riots and reaction that would have happened if Lincoln and Congress said, "Now come on boys, the Yankee manufacturers want to put the Southern manufacturers out of business for good. They are afraid of the competition. So go join General Sherman's army outside of Allentown. They are about the march South and burn every factory in Atlanta down, and then burn Savannah harbor, oh yes, and then march north and burn Columbia to teach those rebs a lesson. Come on boys, my officers won't say anything if you take a few mementos and souvenirs home with you, like the entire contents of a southern mansion. You'll get rich, rich, rich!"
    * All of the northern states except PA had laws on the books allowing holding slaves. NY had legal slavery until 1845. Border states like Delaware and Maryland had slavery laws in effect throughout the war. When the new laws that would free the slaves were about to take effect, northern slave holders would quietly move their slaves down South to be sold to southern slave owners. The super-rich 1% southern plantation owners doubled their labor pool overnight when they bought the northern slaves at bargain prices. It was a win-win for the super-rich of the North in partnership with the super-rich of the South. What hypocrisy! Then the former slave owners of the North moaned about the plight of the oppressed southern slaves!
    * The abolitionists got the slave laws overturned in the North. They would have eventually gotten the slave laws in the South overturned without a brutal, bloody war. These people got a half million people killed for their cause out of the 31.5 million people living in the country in 1860. If the same percentage of people were killed in a war in this decade, the number of dead would be a staggering 5.3 million people. Every family in the country would lose loved ones.
    * Black southern freedmen and slaves trying to earn freedom carried arms and fought for the South. They proved to be competent fighters in battle.
    * Black freedmen owned black slaves. About 40% of black freedmen used the cheap labor of slaves. A farmer had to do this to compete and stay in business.
    * The majority of the states, 6 out of 11, left because of the state's rights issue, not because of the slavery issue. They did not want the rich merchants of the North dictating to the sovereign states their laws. The Republic had a limited federal system originally. The growth of the federal government to the giant octopus monster ogre that it is now started with Lincoln and the Civil War. Roosevelt, Johnson, and most of the presidents since Reagan have aggressively campaigned for more and more federal government with correspondingly higher taxes. The country will never get out of the debt it has taken on to fund the growth of the federal government.
    * The cause of the war was ultimately economic, as with all wars. The northerners did not care about the poor slaves until the southern merchants and manufacturers started shipping directly out of Savannah and Charleston to London. Until the late 1850's, southern merchants sent overseas shipments through New York harbor and Boston harbor. When northern merchants started to lose this income, the business, manufacturing, and merchant sector joined the abolitionists to crush the competition. This was the ultimate reason for the war. This truth has been suppressed or under-reported from the beginning, since this takes away the moral justification the North used to make war on the civilians and business interests of the South.
    * If you don't believe that statement, follow the money. Business boomed in the North as suppliers built whole fortunes providing equipment and arms to the northern armies. War is good business, as long as your factories and homes are not getting destroyed.
    * Again, follow the money…Lincoln paid for the war with greenback paper money, which had no basis and was illegal to print. This issue of money was still in use until recent times. Have you ever noticed a red triangle on the back of a dollar bill? That was the issue of money that Lincoln printed out of thin air. The Fed has taken out of circulation all those bills, but their derivative issues are still in use without the noticeable red triangle.
    * Again, follow the money…Lincoln's baseless paper money was the beginning of the Federal Reserve System. The US Federal Reserve is the biggest criminal counterfeiter that has ever existed. Read: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin for the story on how the super-rich bankers corrupted Congress and President Wilson to invent this monster in 1913. The Fed with the help of a corrupt Congress will eventually bankrupt the country. Thanks, Mr. Lincoln, for giving this pending disaster its start.
    * Again, follow the money…the Morrill Tariff was designed to penalize the southern manufacturers for having the audacity to buy their equipment and supplies from Europe rather than from northern manufacturers. It imposed a whopping 48% tariff on certain imported goods. This legislative abuse alone was enough to start the Civil War. The tariff became federal law shortly before Lincoln was sworn in. He promised ruthless enforcement of it against any violators, meaning punishment of southern businessmen who imported equipment from Europe.

    It is downright heroic that people would fight against the oppression of the federal government with its confiscatory taxes, baseless money, endless deficit spending, and overwhelming laws that rob states of their rights. Do you know that there are laws on the books that Bush jr. helped invent that allow the Homeland Security goons to break into your house in the middle of the night, haul you away without any charges, and hold you indefinitely in a secret prison in northern Utah for the rest of your life without telling your relatives where you are being held? Yep, the 9-11 attack changed many things.

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    The lady is mouthing the standard story line the historian class offers students; a silly story line, generated by previous generations of historians to mask the reality that the Southern states withdrew from the Union, because they feared "slavery would be outlawed" and they "would lose their livelihood." What they feared was being bottled up with the Africans when they became through the passage of time, free.

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    ray bon

    d.c. was able to get europe to not buy, cotton during the civil war. thats the reason
    they always had no money really and lost.

    . during this time europe didnt want to get d.c. angry.

    so they bought cotton from egypt in 1860. with that money egypt was able to build canals around Cairo.

    but had the south was able to sell cotton in exchange for ships and war materials.

    im sure the out come would had been way different.

    but keeping europe out of it sank the conferecy.

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    I would suggest reading The Coming Fury by Bruce Catton. A great book that spells out the beginnings of the civil war.

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