Stories The Alaskan Bush People Don’t Want You To Hear

Stories The Alaskan Bush People Don’t Want You To Hear

For seven seasons, the Brown family has been
charming and perplexing audiences around the world as the Alaskan Bush People. But while they tell lots of wild and entertaining
tales on their reality show, there are plenty of secrets they’d rather didn’t get out. Here’s a look at some stories the Alaskan
Bush people don’t want you to hear. That whole government arson thing In the opening season of Alaskan Bush People,
patriarch Billy Brown made the bold claim that the government had burned down their
home. But did they? Normally, when you accuse the government of
arson, you should be prepared to prove it. However, the Browns couldn’t, and by the second
season, Billy had walked back his claims, saying only “My cabin burned and I wasn’t
home. That’s all I can say.” Only Smokey the Bear knows the true story. How now Browntown? After leaving their original cabin home, the
“Wolf Pack” eventually relocated to their “Browntown” compound on Chichagof Island. One thing though: Chichagof Island is actually
a popular vacation spot, with the town of Hoonah boasting “the world’s largest and highest
zip line,” as well as “a museum, local arts and crafts shops, restaurants and a mid-1930’s
cannery line display.” It’s even a port for cruise ships. On top of that, Radar Online claims that the
Browns don’t live in Browntown at all. Turns out the producers fly them to and from
Browntown for filming, with the rest of their time spent at the Icy Strait Lodge. Phew, life in the Alaskan bush sure sounds
rough! Dating games According to a woman named Christina O’Malley
and her mother Ramona, Christina was duped into having phone conversation with Gabe Brown,
after she was told that she’d be participating in an Alaskan dating show. Ramona claimed that soon after Christina signed
up for the dating website, she was contacted by the Alaskan Bush People producers. They set up a phone call with Gabe and recorded
it for what they claimed was a dating show. “Hello, is this Christine?” “This is.” “Hey, this is, uh, Gabriel Brown. Suzie sent me your profile, uh, the matchmaker?” Instead, the call was heavily edited and aired
in a segment of Alaskan Bush People which even used a still image of Christina, much
to her shock. Yuck. Leis and Lies According to Juneau Empire, Ami’s estranged
83-year-old mother “Memaw” Branson traveled to Alaska to reconcile with her daughter,
whom she supposedly hadn’t seen in 37 years. Branson told the newspaper, “I don’t like
flying, but that’s the only way I could make it to see my daughter. I want to hug her neck and see my grandchildren. I just want to see her before I die.” However, the reunion never happened…because
the Browns happened to be in Maui on vacation at the time. They learned that it’s hard to take a secret
vacation to Hawaii when you’re reality stars taking pictures with fans for social media. Whoops! Accusations later arose that Memaw was just
a pawn in a PR stunt orchestrated by Billy and Ami to generate more buzz for Alaskan
Bush People. If that’s true, that’s pretty low. Forbidden bushman love Bam Bam Brown reportedly stirred some scandal
when he started a romantic relationship with one of the show’s producers. But according to Radar Online, he was actually
caught out on a date with crew member Allison Kagan in New York City, of all places. The intrigue deepened when when photos of
Bam Bam apparently wearing a wedding ring surfaced in August of 2016, leading to widespread
speculation that he and Kagan had secretly gotten married. So far, all Bam Bam has revealed is that he
found a “city girl” who he says “stirred something inside me and made my soul wake up.” Who says romance is dead? Matt blew up his fridge Unfortunately for show producers, the cameras
weren’t rolling on what could have been one of the most extreme Brown family moments of
all time. Eldest son Matt required nine staples in his
head after an incident in which he somehow blew up his refrigerator, sending the door
rocketing into his noggin. Yep. TMZ reported that for whatever reason, Matt
had “filled a mason jar with gunpowder and cannon fuse, and stored it in his fridge.” Other than the obvious misuse of dangerous
explosive materials, it’s unclear exactly why the improvised device went off, but if
we had to guess we’d say that fridge couldn’t take one more moment sharing a household with
this nutty family… Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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    Maria Staak

    Discovery is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this show. Just a bunch of hillbillies. I've never watched it and i never will. It's a total waste of tv time.

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    thor morten christensen

    so why are u spreding all this shit about them m, asshole , makew ur self big on others , fucking shitthole …

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    Chris Oxford

    One thing that isn't secret is that this Noah character (idiot) uses his head. He attached a skill saw to his arm,then began pruning bushes with that contraption. Luckily he didn't hurt himself or anyone else with it. He did have the forethought to put on safety glasses!!!

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    marcus megusta

    The discovery channel should be ashamed of themselves for all the stunts they played on the tv audience. Momma brown never had cancer, she had surgery on her mouth. Not many people survive stage 4. What the he'll are they going to say at the pearly gates? LOL, these fake ass fucks will get to meet the Clintons in hell. Karma bitches lol.

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    The parents need to be put in jail 4 not putting their kids in school and being super inbred.. I don't understand why these fucking people are still on TV making America look like we're a bunch of fucking idiots. apparently you can be super inbred dumb as a box of rocks and be able to make it in life is the American dream. but I'll tell you this right now if I ever saw any of those fucking inbred idiots on the street I would have to punch each one of them in the face and let him know how stupid they are..

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    Douglas Graves

    I must admit, reality is exactly that, I am a realist and have enjoyed watching the show, but after seeing this, have my doubts for future adventure. I am truly disappointed if in the end this is all truly fake and simply for show.

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    James Sanderson

    Noah Brown is an IDIOT whoever told him he was an Einstein should not have done that because he really thinks he is

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    allen martell

    Just goes to show you people that are supposed to know so much how come every time I see an episode at my moms because I don't want this stupid thing but I'm getting a real kick out of watching these YouTube videos the last week or two I've seen about maybe eight or nine of them now and it's a good life makes my day happy because when I first seen the episode with my mom when I was visiting her I couldn't believe it they actually said that this was going to be a reality series when one person on the whole show didn't have no reality of what they were doing he's just lucky you didn't blow his head off I can't see how people have been caught on to this after the very first episode of how dumb they are

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    John paul monkey boy

    What it's fake what fken new it shite you people pull is in and find out that it bollocks cheers …again for make believe shows web site fken people we live on a pile of bull shit.. is ANYTHING real in this world ANYTHING 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🐒🐵😎

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    Trevin Coombs

    It is a well known fact that buildings on public land get destroyed by fish and wildlife upon discovery. And they are employed by the government.

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    David Maschetti

    It is true that they live in the forest maybe because they are hobbies because they know a lot about hunting and skinning animals and building huts but they were never disconnected from society, in fact, Bam Bam has a YouTube channel (Alaska Bam Bam) that has videos of the 2008 and shows his life before he came out in reality, and no, it is no caveman as shown in the program. The only thing that pisses me off is that they have lied to viewers saying that they have "never seen an Iphone" in their life. In addition, the program is no longer the same since they left Alaska.

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    Ronda Kelly

    Stop degrading REAL PEOPLE, who are. Willing to work for a living.
    You wanna degrade someone, FOCUS ON LAZE HEALTH WELFARE PEOPLE, who get pregnant for a paycheck 💰.

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    john g

    You mean to tell me this show is not real ? Bear really don't do flips running the woods ? The professor can fix anything. Pebbles/Bam.

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    John paul monkey boy

    You know I don't know what to believe now I was a great fan of these people but things don't add up and watch them do things with the boats the boats are brand new engines brand new outboard engines I mean this equipment is very very expensive you can't just get one of them just chopping wood I helping someone ship something all the tools a brand new everything the where is brand new the clothes then I mean he wears a jacket is jacket is gleaming white so just makes you think discovering yeah you mess with people's heads again you shit

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    kandi zanese

    the one old guy should put witch hazel on his grey hair- maybe it will turn red.- our brown town has been there one hundred years. but it kinda populated now- maybe they would take some farm pointers

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    Kathryn Brodie

    I like the Alaskan Bush family.They are nice ,well mannered ,friendly ,helpful.
    I wish them all the success in the world .

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