STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets!

STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets!

From dangerous creepy crawlies to cuddly creatures,
here are 13 of the most unusual pets ever!! 13. Scorpions
When it comes to creepy crawlies in the world, the scorpion is definitely one that makes
the list. It’s not their fault that we usually prefer
cute and cuddly creatures! But there is an exception because many people
actually have them as pets. There are many different kinds of scorpions
and their stings are legendary for being painful and venomous, some more than others. Besides being fascinating creatures, they
can live up to 25 years in captivity and most species are not dangerous to humans. There is another reason they’re actually quite
common among people as pets. Scorpions are viewed as very strong, and can
survive just about anything. They’ve been around for at least 400 million
years and can go an entire year without food. Many people believe that if you own a scorpion,
its “strength” gets transferred to you. They are very easy to take care of but shouldn’t
really be handled, especially not by children. The most common pet scorpion is the Emperor
scorpion whose sting has been compared to a bee or a wasp sting. Fun fact, scorpions actually glow under ultraviolet
light! Scientists still don’t know why!! Even fossils can reflect UV rays as visible
light, despite being hidden for millions of years!!! 12. Capybara
The capybara is the largest rodent in the world!! Forget bunnies and hamsters!! If you want to push the limit, you can get
a Capybara. They’re so big that they can weigh up to 140
pounds, which if you think about it, is about the average weight of an adult. Not unlike other rodents, the Capybara are
very social animals and are semi-aquatic so they need a very special habitat. They’re not as good when they’re alone, so
you’ll definitely want to get it a friend. So if you don’t feel you can take care of
two of them at once, you might want to look for something else. Native to central and south America, they
usually hide in the dense jungle and are more active during dawn and dusk. They aren’t legal to own everywhere either. In the United States you are only allowed
to have them in Texas and Pennsylvania. Other states require you to have a license
before getting one. Like many animals on this list, be sure to
check your laws before trying to get one! 11. Bearded Dragon Lizard
The Bearded Dragon is native to Australia but it’s popularity as a pet in the United
States is growing. (Australia actually banned the sale of its
wildlife in the 1960’s). They’re sold in pet stores all over, which
you might not expect from a lizard with spikes all over its body. Even though they might look a little intimidating,
the Bearded Dragon Lizard is actually known for being one of the most gentle lizards in
the world. In fact, Bearded Dragon Lizard pet owners
say their lizard doesn’t mind being held and petted. You should probably be careful for the lizard’s
sake but you can do it if you want! Easier to do than with a scorpion… As an owner though, you’ll need to be prepared
for their growth, because they can get up to 2 feet long. They need a very special habitat and can live
around 14 years. And now for number 10 but if you are new here
Welcome and be sure to subscribe!! Let us know about your exotic pets and any
tips you have in the comments below!! 10. Fennec Fox
These foxes come from the Sahara Desert in Africa and are the smallest type of fox in
the world! They are famous for their large ears which
allows them to hear prey digging around in the desert from far away. Can’t sneak up on this guy!! They are extremely furry which helps keep
them cool. Even their feet are furry, which helps to
protect the from the hot sun. However foxes in general are very curious
and love to burrow so they are quite the handful to have as a pet. They have very high energy and need a lot
of stimulation indoors AND out, otherwise you can say goodbye to your house!! They mate for life and are extremely social
animals but if they are going to be a pet, they need a lot of attention and shouldn’t
be left unattended for too long. Otherwise they can dig or jump their way out
and you might never see your fox again! As always you need to be sure you are ready
for this kind of commitment and check your local laws. 9. Crocodile
There once was a time when it was actually quite common practice to have a baby croc
or alligator as a pet. This actually started the urban legend of
crocodiles being found in the sewers, since people would flush them down the toilet once
they got too big. Despite that warning story, you can still
get a crocodile as a pet. Why? I have no idea. Allow me to warn you about some of the things
you’re getting involved with if you get one. While baby crocodiles do start out small,
be assured they will get big. Depending on the breed you get they can grow
to be over 20 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds. Furthermore, the older they get, the more
food they’re going to need to eat, which means the longer you have a crocodile, the more
it’s going to weigh on your wallet. Due to their massive size and mouth full of
teeth, they need a place to roam, a big body of water to lay in, and more. And don’t even think about cuddling with
it or letting children get too close. So unless you are Escobar trying to protect
his stash of millions of dollars hidden underneath a crocodile pond, I would avoid this guy. 8. Piranha
One of the most feared creatures in the world can indeed be yours as a pet. Congratulations, You can own a piranha. And while TV shows and movies may have exaggerated
their “skills”, make no mistake, they are meat-eaters, and they will bite you if you
tempt them. Plus, they’re very messy eaters, and require
some skill to handle in regards to food. Speaking of handling, like other creatures,
piranhas don’t like to be alone, so you can’t just get one. You’ll need to get at least three to keep
them somewhat calm, which is raising the danger factor even higher. You don’t need me to tell you they are not
the kind of pet to give to a child or anyone really. And they need a very special habitat. So again, unless you are trying to scare people
or show off, you might want to just visit this one at your local aquarium. 7. Savannah Cat
The Savannah Cat is a spotted cat breed which is across between an African Serval and a
domestic cat. They were accepted as a breed in 2001 and
are known for their beautiful coat which mimics the Serval without being a fullblown wildcat. Although as a side note, people do have Servals
as pets but many people give them up after about a year or a year and half to Big Cat
Rescue because their wild personalities are just too much to handle. The Savannah cat has very high energy and
but are known for having a good temper and being affectionate, especially if they are
socialized from a young age. They do need more interaction than an average
domestic cat however. Depending on the degree of domestic genes,
these cats are allowed in certain places but not others. And by the way, did I mention they usually
cost between 15-20,000 dollars?? 6. Hedgehogs
These small spiny animals can be found almost everywhere in the world except the Americas
and Australia. Despite what video games may tell you they
are very slow and will roll up into a ball to protect themselves. They don’t need a lot of taking care of, but
they are nocturnal by nature and have a lot of energy at night. And due to their spikes you’ll need to be
careful with how you handle them. In Europe they are known for eating pests
in the garden so they are actually a useful pet to have around. However, in areas where they have been introduced,
they have become an invasive species and become a pest themselves because they hurt the native
species of insects, birds, and all kinds of other species. This is why they are illegal in many states
because they can have a huge impact on local ecosystems. Like other exotic pets they can also carry
diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They are a food source in many cultures and
their parts are often used in black magic, although recently, more and more people want
them as pets. In the UK and the US, the African Pygmy Hedgehog
is growing in popularity at a surprising rate. 5. Wallaby
Wallaby’s are one of the animals you most associate with Australia as they’re known
for looking like mini kangaroos. But, surprisingly you can actually have a
Wallaby as a pet in many countries and states, as long as you have a license for it. Wallabys are extremely exotic pets and are
very rare. They require a lot of space and need a large
enclosure to be able to run and graze outside. Scientists from the Netherlands were asked
to research exotic pets for pet “suitability”. There is a growing trend of people owning
exotic animals and the government wanted to see which animals would be suitable for people
to take care of without any special knowledge or skills and the Wallaby was one of them. Not that they are meant to replace cats and
dogs but as long as they have the right environment and diet, a happy and healthy wallaby could
be your new best friend. 4. Freshwater Stingray
Easily one of the strangest aquatic animals you can own as a pet is the Freshwater Stingray. You’d think that these types of aquatic creatures
wouldn’t be allowed as pet, but they are in some places. But they do come with a catch. Creatures like this need a very specific type
of habitat that would most likely need to be custom made. They need a large aquarium with a large flat
bottom for them to lay on. The water conditions have to be absolutely
perfect because they can be very sensitive and the aquarium can’t have to many things
in it because they can get easily injured. They can grow up to 3 feet across and need
feedings 3 times a day. Also another thing to keep in mind, they are
venomous and often illegal to own. You might want to check your laws, AND your
doctor just in case! 3. Sugar Gliders
Sugar Gliders are in the marsupial family and have a pouch to raise their young. They look a bit like flying squirrels, and
have a fold of skin which they can use to glide from place to place. Native to New Guinea and Australia, their
popularity as pets is growing but you should definetly do your research before getting
one! They should always be kept in pairs because
they are extremely social and are very curious. If they get lonely or don’t have enough
stimulation then they can get depressed and become aggressive. If treated well, Sugar gliders love to hang
out with each other and their human friends and love to hang out in pockets. They need to be handled daily though and they
are nocturnal, so they are best for people who are willing to hang out with them late
at night! Many people will get sugar gliders and then
give them up because they are just too much to handle. Check your area for sugar glider rescue organizations
and of course, say it with me….your local laws! Good. 2. Burmese Python
Burmese pythons were also extremely popular pets to own but there are many horror stories
of the pet python swallowing the baby, or even the owner itself when they snuck out
of their cage. Snakes as pets in general are well known as
exotic pets. Many of them are small, but not when it comes
to the Burmese Python, which is known to grow up to 23 feet in length. And yes, you can have this as a pet but there
are numerous and significant problems. Due to their massive size, you can’t put them
in a simple enclosure, they need a bunch of room and a lot of food. Also, it should be noted that the Burmese
Python is known to eat smaller animals. So if you have a dog, cat, hamster, or whatever,
you would likely have to get rid of them in order to ensure they don’t get eaten by the
python. One man (who even has a Youtube channel) actually
likes to take his 20-foot long pythons down the street for a stroll. I am not sure where he lives, but in some
places, walking your pet python, even if it’s on a leash can actually get you arrested. These snakes are also incredibly long-lasting,
with documented cases of them living up to 20 years, so having this as a pet would be
a long-term commitment. Many people can’t handle it and are letting
them go into the wild. Florida is having a huge problem as the environment
is perfect for them there and they grow to massive sizes in the wild. 1. Chimpanzee
The Media has shown us that it would be “fun” to own a monkey, and sure enough, you can
even own a Chimpanzee in certain areas of the world, including certain parts of the
United States. In fact, the rich used to try and get Chimpanzees
as pets all the time, seeing them as a status symbol and proof of their wealth (probably
along with the crocodiles). But I’m sure most of you know by know that
unless you are a wildlife expert, it’s not nice or healthy to own one as pet. Besides them being large, and intelligent,
they can live to be 50 years old. That is quite the commitment. They are extremely strong and if not treated
properly or given the right care they can rip your face off as they grow into maturity. There have also been many documented cases
of Chimpanzees killing their owner. They are expensive and dangerous and should
probably be left alone and admired in the wild. Thanks for watching!! Be sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next
time!! Byeeee


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    Omg there is a guy that brings a bearded dragon lizard on warm days after school and everyone gets to hold it and pet it if they want to despite this spikes he's actually soft and his name is Freddy I love him so much

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    I have two pigs 4 snakes 13 rats 2 hamsters 3 dogs 7 cats 4 horses and 1 scorpion and I’m a child and I have lizards and 102 fish

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    Kk Creatures

    I own almost 20 crested geckos, 2 cane toads, a Madagascar rain frog, and a pineapple green cheeked conure. They are very fun and cute pets but they can be quite a handful, especially my conure! My friend owns 2 bearded dragons and is planing on breeding them, I went to a reptile show once and almost half of the reptiles there were bearded dragons… their pretty common!! Still a great vid thanks for posting πŸ™‚

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