Student societies at Cambridge University: ACS, ABACUS, Archimedeans, Bangla

So the ACS is basically
a cultural society for people of African
and Caribbean descent and also people who just
want to kind of be involved to know about the culture get to know what we do and we have a lot
of fun social events and we’re basically
just one big family which is really cool In addition to this ACS has had major
success in improving diversity and inclusion
in the University and we find this important
because well we find Cambridge is lacking our peoples and we want to
change that We have a lot of really
exciting things lined up so one thing I’m really
looking forward to is our annual
access conference because as James has said access is so
important to us and that’s something that
really gets a lot of black students
into Cambridge I’m also really looking forward
to the Motherland Conference because that was just
such an amazing event and to next ACS affair again because it will be lit once more so yeah that’s my
highlights for the year Amen! If you’d like to get
more involved you can find us on Instagram,
Twitter and Facebook @CambridgeACS And we can’t wait for you
to come and join the family really get involved and we’re
excited to see you here… ABACUS is the Association for British
And Chinese University Students ABACUS is a cultural society we host a ton of events where we generally
have lots of good food there’s good
company as well and basically what
we try and do is get like-minded
people together just celebrate how
rich Chinese culture is You can come to loads of
formals at different colleges you can check them off
from your checklist and also our fun card events
which are club nights they’re definitely the
biggest and the best East Asian club
nights in Cambridge to find out more you can
find us on Facebook or you can find us on our Instagram
page @ABACUS_Cambridge or you can check us
out at our website. The Archimedeans is the biggest
Maths society in Cambridge and our primary aim is
to promote Maths and bring together people who
share a passion for the subject We organise lots of events for
Mathematicians and non-Mathematicians throughout the year So even if you don’t study Maths feel
free to come for one of our talks or the more fun events Yeah, I mean you can come
for the board games there’s no Maths In the next year we primarily want
to increase our outreach to Mathematical, as well
as non-Mathematical subjects which involves collaborating with
other societies for joint events And also means the greatest
diversity of friends so that’s Mathematical art,
films, books, lots of stuff If you want to contact
the Archimedeans you can contact us via Facebook or you can email us or you
can also check out our website So Bangla Soc is a cultural society which is for people from
Bangladeshi heritage or it’s for people who just are
interested in Bangladeshi culture. Passionate about bringing
in speaker events like all about Rohingya Muslims it’s not just about our culture but we’re also doing cooking events and honestly it’s just the
best place to make friends just as a BME student personally like being with people
from where you’re from is just the
best experience.

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