Supreme Court Reverses Anti-Citizens United Ruling In Montana

you know the supreme court struck down
some portions of the house on immigration law scalia had an interesting descent in
that case that he represented of the conservatives who thought that the whole long should be maintained not even half of it stricken they thought that the arizona law did
not conflict with their federal laws at all but i’ve found a couple lines in his
uh… dipping into the the most interesting now he agrees import highway to
understand that the parts available sculley agrees with the parts that they don’t know colby dissents so here’s what he said he said quote as
a lawyer has moved to protect it’s offering t finally there you go justin antonin
scalia saving up for states rights and saying look as on the state’s kind of
sovereignty and out of course you could pass laws saying that uh… if you are that here illegally that he could take
uh… caroll actually issue within the state of arizona and not just wait for
the federal government alright here here so it’s been a state’s rights guy uh… he continued to say if securing it’s there is securing its territory in this
fashion is not one of the power of arizona we should cease referred to it as a sovereign state very strong language my god if arizona
wants that pass laws in this regard no matter what
federal law as they should be able to do that i was and i just saw birthdate states rights you know there’s a catch coming right today on the same exactly on a different
decision on the case of citizens united now this is the the actual case is called american
tradition for mister person pollock it’s um… montana case that has to do with citizens united montanez and we’ve got our are all laws
in the sovereign state amount montana will literally the last one hundred
years the referendum passed by the voters
saying corporations cannot give two politicians because we think he gives
them too much power anti-corruption are bus system what it’s going to you turn around and said defect states
our products of course not shut up about your state’s rights might editor of the remaining rights no corporations have all the rights coverages are people my friend they didn’t even hear the case the majority that ruled on including
justice kennedy the so-called moderate conservative they said no we extra it’s we are in favor of
citizens united if there’s any state law that we think
disagrees with citizens united we strike it down early states rights sovereign you ballinger head and dualism
multinational corporations tell you to do if they want to buy your politicians you shut up in montana he’ll let them by your politicians i’d love this because in the original
citizens united case justice kennedy had written these two very important
line squall independent expenditures meaning the
kinds of corporations and rich people do influence politics including those made by corporations will not give rise to corruption or their appearance of corruption but the montana supreme court had said our law is very clear in montana the voters said it we agree it does lead to corruption at states rights uh… jobs jobs jobs no i don’t care corporations of all the time and then the second part of what the
activity of said was no sufficient governmental interest justifies limits on the political speech
of non-profit or for-profit corporations in other words you even have any government interest in
trying to get corporations to not buy your politician that was an original citizens united
casey that there is not even experience of impropriety that couldn’t possibly ineffective parents but it appears that these corporations
by giving bride from politicians legal drives a year here’s all of those
laws are in a million dollars that does not lead to a appears of
corruption but i think resisting anybody’s ever
heard in the montana supreme court said that’s that’s not the case of montana here are the voters are absolutely
convinces oza legislatures rosa want has a report but it does at the very least lead to an
appearance of corruption here at the demand here arguments five
before the dissenting justices certainly we got
any of those out what do you know i think at least that
and there is that there is approaching and the five conservatives who said we
don’t give a damn about any ideology any state’s rights any corruption or appearance of
corruption we’ll ruled by the corporations that is why we were put here and we will
do their bidding we’ll do their service so any hope that you had that this supreme court of justice
kennedy would see the light and somehow they would overturn citizens
united gaw no such file supreme court is hopeless in this regard there’s only one hope that remains and that is the constitutional amendment because their viruses complete in washington they’re never going to do it goes
corrupt politicians that are bought while those corporate money at the end
of the first place the supreme court is bought by the
corporations hussein corrupt politicians put those same corrupts a pre-recorded
as-is on the supreme court and it never gonna change their mind and
they didn’t today so the whole way did you notice that
amend the constitution say the paling toward claire dot desert all-out assist eighty one percent
a country believes that money invoices politicians but it corrupts politicians apparently
we were kind of one eighty one percent of the country said that so here’s your amendment that says corporations cannot give money they are
not human beings and anybody even a child knows they’re not human
beings may have cards and a half years they
have a lot more than a letter what kind of sectoral cassettes they they’re not human beings you do not have the rights the constitutional rights or the human
rights citizens of this country and from now on one of the publicly
finance all were licensed corporate interests and these monied
interests can buy our politicians burnett wanted done and or they come sheet there so instead of bright so today is absolutely clear supreme court is not here to help you
it’s here to hurt you they don’t work too four u they work for the corporations and found them in the constitution and tell them nowhere in charge you’re not in charge

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