Sustainability in Civil Engineering

[music] Narrator: 4.6 billion years ago,
small particles of dust collected to form planetesimals
and ultimately the Earth. Ever since then,
civil engineers have utilized a multitude of resources
to shape the natural and built environment. From the intricate design
of iconic bridges to the construction
of record-breaking buildings and the implementation
of efficient transit systems, civil engineers will truly
leave a mark on this planet. As a result, it is
of the utmost importance that we practice sustainability. Sustainability is improving
the quality of life indefinitely without degrading the quantity,
quality, or availability of natural, economic,
and social resources. Sustainable building practices
include reducing waste and pollution by recycling
construction materials. This includes ensuring
the safety of construction workers before,
during, and after construction. All of these measures
can be taken into account by striving to meet LEED
performance ratings and making a lasting impact
on the earth. [music]

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