Sydney’s Story – YWCA WorkBC Employment Services Centres

I don’t think I would have been able
to launch this if I hadn’t had the WorkBC lead me and, you know, and help direct me to the Self-Employment program because that’s where I learned how to write a Business Plan that was the first stumbbling step for me getting this idea to market and then after
that it was funding, and then after that it was production, and they were there every step of the way to help. Also my mentor, my case worker Cliff, we had a great relationship he has an interest in helping
me, it’s not just another one coming through the door. My
business is solving a problem that I started to notice that was really apparent in Vancouver, though I know it is global, and that is pedestrians getting hit and killed in marked crosswalks So I didn’t understand why this kept happening and then I realized it’s our outerwear – we are dressed all in black, so I came up with fashionable and stylish light reflective outerwear accessories so anyone can wear them. I wanna change the city, I want to drop the number of accidents, I’d
love to be able to say two years from now: “I see a bunch of people with my product, and the numbers have dropped” you know, that would-be the most amazing thing for me.

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