TallyFi – Advanced People Counting System

Filling your nightclub every night can be
a challenge. Getting more people through the door each night means more money in your pocket.
And that all starts with knowing exactly how many people are coming to your venue. TallyFi
counts people so you can focus on running your business. TallyFi helps nightclub owners stay competitive
by helping them maximize and track the number of customers through the door each night. We’ve
helped our clients optimize their staffing costs, identify the best nights to be open,
and ensure they always operate at maximum capacity. TallyFi is an easy to use, drop-in replacement
for the familiar mechanical counters used by security staff to keep track of your venue’s
capacity. Our counters automatically log data, securely transmitting it to our online dashboard
that you can access from anywhere. With TallyFi, you can easily keep track of
your male-to-female ratio to run a balanced and lively venue. Do you have trouble keeping track of the number
of people inside your venue due to more than one entrance? Multiple TallyFi counters automatically
sync together to maintain a single up-to-date count. From any smartphone, tablet, or PC you can
see in real-time whenever a customer enters or exits your venue. Comparing data from previous
weeks or months lets you easily identify long term trends, and the effectiveness of promotions. Start counting today.

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