Team Trump’s Plot to Block Legal Immigrants from Citizenship | The Daily Show

Team Trump’s Plot to Block Legal Immigrants from Citizenship | The Daily Show

Immigrants. They’re the one thing
Donald Trump hates more than reading and suits that fit. And who can blame him? Immigrants are responsible
for two of his worst marriages. Since Trump began his campaign, he’s had it out
for illegal immigrants, and it feels like every week the Trump administration
rolls out a new policy aimed at drop-kicking immigrants
out of America. But this week was a doozy. An exclusive NBC news report has revealed a new plan
within the White House that could target
over 20 million immigrants living in the U.S. legally. The trump administration is
preparing to take its hard line approach to immigration to the
next level With a program that would make
it more difficult for legal immigrants
in this country to become citizens
or simply to get green cards. REPORTER: This proposal comes
from White House senior advisor Stephen Miller. That’s right. Trump is
now coming for legal immigrants. And I just wanted to say,
thank you so much for having me. I, uh… I’ve had a wonderful time. I mean, don’t get me wrong.
I always thought I would get kicked out
of America, but I thought it would be
for the way I say “zeh-bra,” uh, not just
for being an immigrant. Yeah. And I’m-I’m gonna stick
with that. It’s “zeh-bra,” okay? It’s just like “Debra,”
but with a zed. And it’s not a “Z”– it’s a zed. But, l-look, I’m getting carried
away. I’m getting carried away. (cheering and applause) Trump is coming
for legal immigrants. And, really, it’s no surprise that this latest
anti-immigrant policy is the brainchild
of Stephen Miller, -senior White House advisor
and young Mr. Burns. -(hissing) Because although we don’t
often hear from Miller, don’t ever forget,
he’s the mastermind who shaped many
of Trump’s cruelest policies, including the Muslim ban,
uh, overturning DACA, and kids in cages. Yeah. So this guy is so evil, Satan has a signed Stephen
Miller jersey in his bedroom. He’s like,
“Now, that guy’s a pro. I love him, man.” Because where
less creative people might say, “What excuse could there
possibly be to get rid of people who already live here legally?” Stephen Miller found a way. REPORTER: The White House effort
led by senior advisor Stephen Miller
would make citizenship or legal status tougher
to obtain if they or anyone in
their household has ever used some public assistance programs
in this country. This could affect up
to 20 million legal immigrants in the United States who are
trying to get green cards or move toward citizenship if they use programs
like Obamacare, child health insurance,
food stamps, even some tax incentives
already built in. Goddamn. Cranium over here
is an evil genius. Because you-you see
what he’s done, right? They’re saying the U.S.
won’t allow legal immigrants to stay in the U.S. if they’ve ever used what
they call “public assistance.” And what’s interesting
is that that description ranges from food stamps all the way
through to Obamacare, which, by the way,
you had to get by law. So, thanks, Obama. Yeah. Some of us don’t want
to go back to Kenya, okay? And under this new policy,
if you’re an immigrant, they could kick you out
for breaking the law or they could kick you out
for following the law. Yeah. And l-let’s just take
a moment to acknowledge just how far this escalator
we’ve come down, right? Because when Trump began
his journey, his message was this. We have some bad hombres here,
and we’re gonna get ’em out. They’re removing the bad ones, and that’s where-where
our focus is. It’s the bad ones. We’re looking at the bad ones. And I said that from day one. I said,
from the day I’m president, we’re getting rid
of the bad ones. Okay, fine. So, first,
it was bad hombres. Out. Right?
And who could argue with that? I mean, “bad” is right there
in the name. Why did they call themselves
bad hombres? I mean,
that’s the price you pay. But then, as time progressed,
it moved to “I know there are good hombres, “but they came here
in a bad way. So adios, muchachos.” Yeah, but that was it. I mean, those people
were “illegal,” right? Everyone else was cool
because they came in legally. And no one loves legal
more than Trump. Donald Trump stands
for the rule of law. He respects the immigrants
who came here legally, who played by the rules, who waited their turn. I promise you, he is gonna
remain completely focused on American citizens and people
who are here legally… JAKE TAPPER:
I don’t understand why– I want people to come in.
I want… I want immigrants to come in, but they have to come in
legally. “Legally, folks. Legally. “Now, it can also be
barely legally. “In fact, I prefer it that way. But legally either way.
Legally.” But now we also see that
that’s-that’s not true anymore. Right? If you came here legally
and you used certain services you were allowed to use legally, now the Trump administration
is telling you to get the (bleep) out. Right? Bad hombres, good hombres,
hombres. And I’ll be honest with you,
I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he goes after people
he considers hombre-ish. Yeah. And, look, I know,
I know in the Constitution the 14th Amendment says if you
were born in the United States, you’re a citizen. But if Donald Trump had his way, I think he would get rid
of that, too. The 14th Amendment
is very questionable as to whether or not somebody
can come over, have a baby, and, immediately,
that baby is a citizen. The 14th Amendment, you know,
I had these guys tell, “Oh, you can’t change the 14th
Amendment. It’ll take so long.” On that I agree. But, you know
what, an act of Congress– The 14th Amendment,
I was right on it. You can do something with it,
and you can do something fast. -You can do something fast.
-(cheering) Trump really doesn’t know
anything about American politics.
He thinks Congress can do something fast? That’s what he thinks? That’s his idea? “I’ve seen them so fast. “Reminds me of that story,
‘Tortoise and the Hare.’ Both superfast, same speed.” But-but you heard him,
you heard him. If Trump had his way,
even being born in the U.S. wouldn’t guarantee
that you can stay. Yeah. And I know
a lot of people always think that Trump’s immigration
“policy” won’t affect them. But here’s the way
you got to think of it. Trump’s immigration policies
are a lot like an STD. It can get to anybody, no matter who you are
or where you come from. And the more people
it spreads to, the more likely it is
that you’ll be the next one to get Donald-rhea.


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    If being born in the country doesn't exempt you from getting deported then……………..can we deport Trump because last I checked he's not related to Native Americans.

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    David Bouru

    yes let them all in so that the can get welfare… very nice liberals…
    i had to do so much mental gymnastics to try and follow the logic in this one

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    Karen Wentz

    tRump should be careful….He goes to far back on the immigration plan….he will evict himself. The illegal spawn of banned German's after the war. I guess terrorist feelings last for generations. LOCK HIM UP!

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    Ryan McIntyre

    At this point, it takes a special kind of ignorance of reality to support Donald Trump's presidency. Similar to flat earth and creationists – you have to suspend facts and appeal to your own incredulity.

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    Raoul Fleckman

    What the fuck is going on with Miller's head? That melon is gigantic! I would love to see a high powered rifle hit it dead center. You would expect blood but it will just be a black puff of smoke seeping into the ground and the body would just disappear leaving a pile of clothes.

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    Sharon Njoki

    So I guess I'm fucked. I have been in this country for almost 8 yrs, legally, and now I have to worry I'm about being deported?? I'm in the process of citizenship

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    Sun Shine

    Trump Cohen Manafort they don't pay taxes even though have billions of dollars,and I never know being poor in Trump opinion being bad

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    Minda Kahn

    Miller should go back to Russia and wait for the Kossacks or the Nazis to murder him.
    Who the hell does he think he is ultimate anchor baby!!!!

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    Herman Justice

    He's a blight on society. He
    Got dropped on his head
    To often. He never got high
    Or laid. That explains it. Nazi.

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    steve coley

    Trump's dream. Rows of counters filled with rainbow white bread for as far as the eye can see. Absent of variety, color and texture.

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    Jane Doe

    Trevor you were weeks ahead of the real thing happening right now. He will get what if coming to him and he better be prepared to lost everything from the 10,000s of lawsuits waiting until he is out of office. His corrupt kids and wife will get the same thing.

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    Katie T

    I mean, technically trump didnt lie, his definition of "bad" is just different from a sane person. Bad to him is "anyone who disagrees with me" and a large number of immigrants dont agree with him. And those who did….well the majority gave them a bad name I guess?

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    Christopher Libby

    Hey, 20 million people. Come to Canada. We have kindness, a (mostly) respectable leader, a functioning government, an adequate economy, and very few countries hate us. Come on in, immigration is easy and we welcome you! We know how to adapt our economy for immigrants, since 1 in 6 people are immigrants.

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    So the 2nd Amendment is the heart and soul of the USA, the very fundament of all it stands for, but the 14th Amendment is an inconvenience you should get rid of?

    The hypocrisy is… unbelievable…

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    Orneryman Man

    Im a legal american citizen..
    Pay taxes, follow the law, respect and honor the flag and the constitution. America was never great but it was a place where all of us wanted to be, where I wanted to raised a family. But this has to stop, this is insane..

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    Thatone Guy

    I don't like his dislike for immigrants but as a legal immigrant. I don't like how some immigrants Come here and immediately get on welfare . Work you shit head

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    This is not just about immigration, this is an intersectional issue too if you consider what populations need public assistance? Working class families that live multiple families to a home (extremely common in our communities) and those families receiving services who are citizens or not this could strip them of life saving services they need while simultaneously saving the federal government so much money by dropping 20 million current qualifying recipients of any public service (disability leave, unemployed, meals on wheels, WIC, etc.) making it a cruel and inhumane win win for the federal government.

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    Valdenyan Mapper

    right before i was planning to become a legal immigrant…

    that damn orange, i wish he stayed on the orange tree

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    Shehara :

    would I ever be affected by Donald-rhea? my parents were citizens when they adopted me from Sri Lanka.. then they brought me to the US & I became a citizen because of them.. is it possible for Trump to get rid of immigrants who “waited their turn” & became US citizens the “right way”??? I’ve been a citizen since I came to the US which was when I was 6 months old.. & I’m very curious if Trump could kick my legalized ass out 😳

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    Makayla Welch

    ICE came through my states high schools and started taking away a bunch of kids. What's more, is that they were taking Native Americans because we "looked Hispanic"

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    Rinto Julian

    So all americans except Native Americans and African American will be kicked out…Natives of course not immigrant, Afro American also not immigrant cause they imported from Africa against their will hundred years ago

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    I remember the Looney Tunes cartoon for the Tortoise and the Hare. I always thought it was weird to see Mitch McConnell try to race against Bugs Bunny.

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    William Hinton

    He's delusional and has no empathy or sympathy for anyone that's why when they come for him there will silence except he'll hear 6×9 ligths you maggot.

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    Tax cuts are part of the government assistance programs he is talking about. This ensures even financially successful legal immigrants can be deported too. Trump will try to start a civil war to stay in power and out of prison people so look out….. He is taking his plays straight from the Nazi playbook…. So noone will be safe from him and his cult. Just because they aren't gunning for you today doesnt mean you are safe… "When they came for the Jews I said that's ok I'm not Jewish. They came for the mentally ill and elderly and I said thats ok I'm not sick or elderly. They came for the homosexual and the artists and I said thats ok because I'm not homosexual or an artist. They came for the "illegal" immigrants and I said thats ok as I'm not "illegal". When they came for the "legal" immigrants I said thats ok I'm not an immigrant. When they came for me there was noone left to say anything"….When good people do nothing despots thrive.

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    This is a nation of immigrants. This Russian asset is determined to start a civil war, likely due to orders to undermine our democracy from his boss Putin.

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    Men Guarding Their Own Well-being


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    Latoya Wilson

    Trump is like a sick dog that need to be put too sleep But we we need too send them all back to where they belong NO MORE GREEN CARDS see you by

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    What the fuck are you talking about u fucking dummy there are americans pay taxes outta there freaking working checks you fucking dummy deport this fu king loony bum ass

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    Rachel Medellin

    Hurry Up Donald Trump. Do Your Thing!!!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠YOUR TAKING TOO DAMN LONG!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jack Medlock

    You remember that time in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA) when the Empire used their weather changing weapons on that planet who had been loyal to the empire? This reminds me of that.

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    N Fraser

    If you are going to deport people for accessing Medicaid (which is paid for by taxes), then each of those person should have been repaid the taxes they paid over the years. Yes, including every bit of tax on every single purchase. Have fun Mr Trump!

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    N Fraser

    Hey, remove the BAD PRESIDENT. Problem solved.
    Did he play by the rules on his Manhattan and Queens deals? Er,…

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    E Randco

    Stupid headline. It’s not unreasonable to say you have to support yourself or your sponsor family has to. It’s not unfair to say you must pay for your own support, healthcare, education, lawyers etc. it’s not unfair that taxpayers don’t want their tax dollars and government fees spent directly or indirectly for these purposes. If people want to support illegals and those not yet citizens then they can do so privately.

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