Texas A&M Civil and Environmental Engineering Survey Camp

Are you ready for an experience that will
take your civil engineering education to the next level, make you more employable and help
you learn firsthand the skills of surveying? No matter what civil engineering specialty
you’re in, surveying is likely to be a part of your career. That means survey camp offered by the Texas
A&M Zachry Department of Civil Engineering is the best way for you to get a jump start
on developing the skills of surveying that can only be gained through experience. Students who participate are able to quickly
see how this will tie into their future work experiences. ” What we’re learning now, we’re learning
topography, plats and a lot of utility work and all of those things are applicable to
what you’ll see on plans, and what you’ll need for construction in the office. So if I need to tell someone to do something,
I already know where that’s at and how they found it in the field because of surveying
camp. If you’re a junior or senior in the Zachry
Department of Civil Engineering , you can participate in this one of a kind survey course
designed by A&M civil engineering alumni, including Mr. Carlos Cotton with Jones and
Carter. Mr. Cotton is one of the instructors who comes
to survey camp each year to help students understand how to survey for land development. ” All engineering projects start with surveying
and end with surveying in some degree, so if they’re not actually doing it themselves,
they may be ordering it, hiring other people to do it for them, so they understand what
the effort is to do the surveying. Engineering camp is important to the students
because they prepare topographical maps, boundary maps and do construction layout in the field,
which are all components of surveying that they’ll utilize in their careers as engineers.” You’ll earn two credit hours in this special
two week program that sends you out in the field with professional surveyors. You’ll learn how to use the equipment, including
the most state of the art robotic total stations. You’ll also create the corresponding CAD drawings
for your survey so you can understand how surveying corresponds to office work. Class is wrapped up with a presentation on surveying
and the map you created from your survey work in the field. “Survey camp has served as a tool for me and
everything that we learned in the classroom and our textbook, calculations, tables, everything
like that, in the real world. Definitely one thing learned on the first
day is that just the knowledge of what your textbook has is not gonna help you if you
don’t know how to connect the real world to your textbook.” One of the most valuable aspects of survey
camp is the chance to learn about the regional engineering and surveying companies who volunteer
their time each year. You’ll grow your network and learn from professionals
while getting to know your classmates. ” I attended survey camp because I knew it
would help prepare me for the future, there were going to be many professionals attending
and I just knew it would help me network and expand my network especially. Not only that, it helped me bond with my classmates. I’ve had many of them in my classes and I
never really knew their names and I feel that now, in the future if we ever take classes
together we’ll definitely be working together with them.” Douglas Bramwell, survey camp instructor and
former participant. is certified as both a surveyor and a civil engineer. He explains how valuable survey camp is from
his own experience. “One of the reasons I am where I’m at today
is because of survey camp. This will get you a job, I got my job, Shane
got his job, we hire people that took this class, this will get you a job.” And it’s more than just networking, every
student seems to have a favorite experience at survey camp. “One of my favorite activities at surveying
camp was cutting through 500 feet of forest with a machete.” Start building your professional network and
get the experience that only Zachry civil engineering students are offered. Survey camp is a mini-mester held in May. Register for it with summer courses.

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