The 10 Best Places To Retire In The United States For 2019 | Affordable & Cheapest

The 10 Best Places To Retire In The United States For 2019 | Affordable & Cheapest

When it comes to retiring, most people want
the same things. A peaceful, affordable, yet stimulating place
that allows optimal enjoyment of the Golden Years. It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing
a new city. There are plenty of places you can retire
cheaply that boast plentiful entertainment, charming neighborhoods, affordable property,
temperate weather, and lots of other retirees. 1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh combines low housing costs with
a high quality of life. The median cost of homeownership is $1,100
per month for retirees making mortgage payments and $470 monthly for those with paid-off homes,
according to Census Bureau data. The median home price among older homeowners
is $140,000. Renting is also an affordable option for retirees
who don’t want the responsibility of maintaining a home. The median rent for people age 60 and older
is $670 per month. Pittsburgh is an ideal retirement spot for
retirees who are no longer able to drive. Free public transportation on the bus and
rail systems is provided to residents age 65 and older. 2. Nashville, Tennessee. The housing prices in this melodious city
will sound like music for your retirement budget. Older homeowners face monthly housing costs
of $1,200 with a mortgage and $430 with a paid-off home. The median home value among people age 60
and older is $230,000. Renting an apartment costs a median of $830
per month in Tennessee’s state capital city. There are also tax perks for Tennessee residents
who plan to work in retirement. The state of Tennessee doesn’t tax earned
income, but does tax dividend and interest income. 3. San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio features a cost of living that’s
slightly lower than the national average, with the median home sale price below the
national median as well. Active adults in retirement will find every
kind of housing choice – from dedicated retirement communities to all types of housing
in the city’s neighborhoods. San Antonio offers big-city amenities and
world-renowned attractions coupled with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Most famously known as the home of the Alamo,
the spirit of the region expands beyond its tourist labels, offering a community rich
in Spanish and Old West heritage. San Antonio’s sees approximately 300 days
of sunshine per year. During the winter, below-freezing temperatures
and snow are very uncommon. 4. Palm Bay-Melbourne, Florida. The home of Kennedy Space Center and Cape
Canaveral Air Force Station is often referred to as the Space Coast. A beach retirement along the Atlantic Ocean
can be enjoyed at a reasonable price in the metro area that includes Palm Bay, Melbourne
and Titusville. The area has affordable housing, costing retirees
age 60 and older a median of $1,200 per month with a mortgage, which declines to $440 among
those with a paid-off home. The median home price is just $190,2000. You could also rent an apartment on a modest
retirement income. Renters pay a median of $900 to live along
this part of Florida’s east coast. 5. Greenville, South Carolina. Located about halfway between Atlanta and
Charlotte, Greenville has considerably more affordable housing than these larger cities. The median home value among people age 60
and older is only $160,000. Mortgage-free retirees can live in Greenville
for a median of $320 per month, while those making mortgage payments have $1,000 in monthly
housing costs. Renting a house or apartment allows you to
test out a retirement spot before committing to a home purchase. It costs a median of $700 per month to rent
a home in Greenville. 6. Grand Rapids, Michigan. You don’t need a fortune to retire in Grand
Rapids. The median home price among people age 60
and older is just $170,000, according to Census Bureau data. Retirees with paid-off homes have median housing
costs of $450 per month. Those who are still making mortgage payments
are charged a median of $1,100 monthly. Renting an apartment can be a good way to
test out a potential retirement spot and easily move on if the neighborhood doesn’t suit
you. The median rent is $770 per month in the Grand
Rapids metro area. 7. Lakeland, Florida. Waterfront property doesn’t have to be expensive
if you consider retirement in this inland Florida area with 38 lakes. The median home price for people age 60 and
older is just $146,000. Retirees with a mortgage pay a median of $1,140
per month in homeownership costs. Monthly expenses drop to $400 among retiree
homeowners who have paid off their mortgage. Renters age 60 and older are charged a median
of $830 per month. Retirees in Lakeland enjoy mild winters, but
watch out for the humid summers and accompanying air conditioning bills. There’s no state income tax in Florida,
which helps to keep costs low for retirees with part-time jobs. 8. Daytona Beach, Florida. Retirement near the beach can be enjoyed on
a modest budget in Daytona Beach. The median home price among people age 60
and older is $185,000. Retirees who have paid off their mortgage
have a median of just $430 in monthly housing costs. Older homeowners with mortgages pay a median
of $1,000 per month. Renting an apartment in Daytona Beach costs
a median of $930 monthly. But don’t expect a quiet retirement in this
dynamic city that contains the headquarters for NASCAR and hosts several large motor sports
events each year. 9. McAllen, Texas. McAllen residents enjoy some of the lowest
housing costs in the United States. The median home price among people age 60
and older is only $73,000. The McAllen area, which includes Edinburg
and Mission, is the only metro area in the country where the median home value is a five-figure
sum. Retirees with mortgages on their homes pay
a median of $1,080 per month to live in McAllen, but homeowners without mortgages have significantly
lower costs of just $350 per month. Renting is also a good deal, costing retirees
a median of $580 monthly. 10. Indianapolis. Home to one of the world’s largest children’s
museums, as well as professional and college sports teams and miles of recreational trails,
Indianapolis has plenty to keep locals entertained. Indianapolis’ lively downtown is easily walkable. With so many things to do, Indianapolis allows
its residents to experience big-city living without too much effort. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail connects neighborhoods
and cultural districts, and offers access to multiple entertainment venues, public art,
restaurants and shops along the way. The home prices in Indianapolis are reflective
of the state’s low cost of living; so low you will be hard pressed to find many cities
of this size with home values which average $120,000. While the weather in the fall lends itself
to outdoor activity, the winter months can be brutal.


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    Cindy O'Hara



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    Diego Saul Reyna Español

    hey bud your video was stolen, the same channel that has already stolen 3 videos of mine, please report so it can be taken down,

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    Cynthia Maldonado

    Well at 3:39 the picture of Florida with mountains in the background. Really? At least pick your pictures correctly. Oh and Titusville sucks!

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    grumpy old fart

    "NASHVILLE" ????? You gotta be kidding. 9 3/4 % sales tax, High crime and massive overcrowding. You wouldn't make me live there.

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    Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

    Grand Rapids city Michigan is a rich thriving innovative city with low crime. Rated number one economy and the airport rated number one in America too

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    Alice D

    Pittsburg , pa. Is not a nice state..Texas has high taxes
    Louisiana is a low tax state, someplaces no taxes..any beach areas are nice…to collage

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    Fred Azbell

    This list is NOT affordable for anyone but those with "golden parachute" retirement deals. I am amazed that ANYONE could consider a rent of 800 dollars a month as a "good deal". The author must live in Los Angeles or New York City. Sheer insanity.

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    George Taylor

    Haha, there are NO mountains in Melbourne Florida. Actually there isn’t much of anything in that area.

    This list is full of BS.

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    H D

    I don't see cold climates like Michigan, or coastal cities in FL as good retirement places. Who wants to be snowed in or in a hurricane prone area? Not me.

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    Davy Jones

    I didn’t like any of those BIG CITIES. I want to get the hell away from people, been around to many assholes.

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  38. Post
    donald louk jr.


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    KV V

    You people are such a bunch of liars. Americans only can pay out at less than $300.00 a month for rent or mortgage because they still need money for other things. Majority of Americans retired with $1,100—$1,200 and how in the hell you expect them to live in AMERICA???? RIPPED OFF, YOU ROBBED YOUR OWN CITIZENS… Price need to go down 5000% to help the retirees.

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    Kevin Kozak

    Grand Rapids may be the biggest shithole in the country, lakeland has more meth house and trailers than any county in Florida. Look it up (Polk county) shithole. Pittsburgh shithole. This list is nuts. Someone did too much acid

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    Jewels Okike

    Getting settled seems like a challenge. How come? I'm doing all the right things to align myself. something?

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    Shawn Afshar

    Which is the better city to relocate to, Seattle or Denver? Why?
    Overall quality of life future developments which city has a better promising future ?

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    Gany Meade

    This list should be based on health care, amenities like parks, trails, health clubs, and also important low crime rate and senior friendly with lots of retirees there.

  48. Post

    Also on the list, Pripyat which is home to Chernobyl. It is a radiant city with very cheap housing.

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  52. Post

    If you like Gerrymandering and omission of voting areas Pittsburgh is good👎🏿selection of votes only at given areas to elect there candidate

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  55. Post
    Lenny Buttz

    Is that a computer generated voice? Whatever it is, it's too annoying to listen to, I made it about 10 seconds in and had to turn it off. Worse than fingernails down a chalkboard!

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  60. Post

    What a lie! Do a quick search and you will find that Nashville's median rent is nowhere near $830. Look up what $830 will get you there. There are much better places for retirees in Tennessee. There are several smaller cities that it is pretty easy to buy a 2 bedroom house for less than $100k.

  61. Post

    Daytona? We are trying to find another place to go. You are always in the middle of someone else's vacation here. When the races/bike week/spring break occur during the best climate of the year, you either leave to get away from it all or stay at home because of the traffic congestion and not being able to get decent service at restaurants….they are too busy. I had a friend who lived over on beachside who had motorcycles parked all over her lawn when she returned home. The police are overwhelmed and can't do much about it. But they have gotten better in recent years. Planners abandon plazas/strip malls to go elsewhere to build in newer places and allow the abandoned area to rot. If you live in a nice neighborhood when you get here, it will be outdated and not so nice in about 10-20 years because all of the local amenities will jump ship to go to the newer locations. So sad. I want to move to the mountains and live in the woods! LOL

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    Sherr Wahed

    I really would love to retire in Uninited States.
    I love everything in United States. I am messaging from Calgary, Canada not happy here.

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    R. O.

    Nashville???? For real? I live here… there is nothing cheap here. If you retired here, you need to find a part-time job to survive in this place.

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