The 10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida – Cheapest Place is BAD

These are the places in Florida where the
cost of living is the lowest; where your salary goes the furthest. And when if you have the luxury of choosing
where to live in Florida, then the cost of living should play a role in the decision. Here are the 10 Most Affordable Places to
live in Florida for 2018: 1. Dunedin. Dunedin is a city in Pinellas County. Bikeable, walkable and just plain likeable,
this is one of the safest towns in Florida that’s close to both beaches and a major
city. A quick check showed there were still plenty
of condos under $100,000, but the better single family homes $200,000 were selling quickly. A small town with good schools, low crime,
low cost of living, average job prospects near beaches and all the amenities you could
want, Dunedin is what most people move to Florida
for, but never really find. 2. Tavares. Tavares is a city located in the central portion
of Florida. It is the county seat of Lake County. This is a great choice for affordable living
in a very safe town with plenty of amenities. It has an average household income of $40,000. It’s close enough to do day trips to enjoy
the theme parks in Orlando, and even the beaches on Florida’s east coast,
but not close enough to suffer from the drawbacks of living there, as covered in the Florida
Move Guide. The area’s schools are slightly better than
average for Florida and job prospects are good too, and may improve the more you’re
willing to commute. 3. Edgewater. Edgewater is a city in Volusia County, situated
along the Indian River, adjacent to the Mosquito Lagoon. The city had a population of 22,000. This is a great choice if you’re moving
to Florida for the beach, or you’re a NASCAR fan. Mostly quiet uncrowded beaches are just minutes
away, and if you want more excitement, Daytona Beach isn’t far either. Edgewater is right off I-95 so trips north
are convenient. Affordable, very safe, good schools, average
job prospects all add up to a town worth serious consideration. 4. Fort Pierce. Fort Pierce was ranked as the eighth-most
affordable beach town. Since 2016, the median home value has only
risen by 0.56% and the cost of property taxes for a typical resident has fallen by about
1.7%. For homebuyers looking for beach homes in
Fort Pierce, that’s good news. The average resident in Fort Pierce spends
roughly $9,200 annually on housing costs, according to data from the Census Bureau. If you decide to stay in town year round,
there are a number of activities that you can take up,
from surfing and deep sea fishing to riding horses along the beach. 5. Niceville. Niceville is different than most of the picks
in this list because it’s a small town nowhere near a larger Florida City. It’s like a modern day Mayberry, if there
were such a thing. It is close to great beaches with warm clear
water and a very laid back lifestyle. There are lots of mom & pop restaurants, shops
and tiki bars in the area. It’s ideally suited for folks from rural
areas and big cities refugees that really want a slower pace of life. Niceville is very affordable and has a very
low crime rate. The schools are great, job prospects are surprisingly
good. Located in Florida’s panhandle, its an easier
trip home by car to states west of Florida than the other towns on the list. 6. Gainesville. The largest city in the Alachua County, it
has a population of 132,000 as of 2017. It harbors the famous University of Florida
which has the nation’s ninth largest campus by enrollment. National Geographic declared Gainesville as
one of the best places to live and play in America,
but was also declared as the 5th meanest city in the United States by the National Coalition
for the homeless. 7. Sebastian. Sebastian also offers it’s residents a choice
of some wonderful beaches to enjoy. Many of these beaches aren’t on the radar
of the tourist yet so the aren’t quite as crowded during the winter. While Sebastian is probably too far from Orlando
for theme park visits accomplished all in one day,
this area is ideal for beach lovers and water-sport enthusiast. Nearby Sebastian, Inlet State Park is known
for it’s surfing and fishing and natural beaches. Also in the area is the Pelican Island National
Wildlife Refuge offering some of the best bird-watching, fishing and sight seeing in
the area. Rentals in this area are in short supply so
prices are higher than Florida’s average. 8. Coconut Creek. Coconut Creek is a rare gem. Located between the much more expensive cities
of Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Coconut creek is just a short drive from some
of the best beaches on the east coast of Florida. It also offers easy access to major Southeast
Florida employment, shopping and entertainment centers. Coconut Creek’s property and violent crime
rate are lower than the national average. If your Florida dream involves condo living
where all the hard work is done for you, then this town may be where your dream can come
true, for less. Single family homes will run you at least
$100,000. Rentals start around $950 a month. 9. Apalachicola. Apalachicola is a much-loved small town in
Franklin County. If you’re not worried about graduation rates
or employment, Apalachicola has a very low cost of living
and housing, along with a very low crime rate. Even if you don’t move there, it’s a great
place to visit. 10. Port Orange. Port Orange is the largest city on this list,
at around 60,000 people. The crime rate isn’t as low as some of the
smaller towns on this list, but it’s still lower than the average,
and the violent crimes are 80% lower than the rest of the state. The cost of living is average, but the cost
of housing is good for Florida. It’s only six miles from Daytona Beach, but
has a much lower crime rate and some small-town charm.

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