The 10 Struggles Only Highly Intelligent People Have

The 10 Struggles Only Highly Intelligent People Have

Brainy Dose Presents: The 10 Struggles Only Highly Intelligent People
Have Being smart isn’t always easy. If you are a highly intelligent person, these
challenges can leave you feeling lonely and isolated. Here are some of your most common struggles… #1 You Don’t like Small Talk It can be really challenging for you to engage
in small talk about ordinary things. This is because your brain is flooded with
tons of great ideas! Topics that interest you likely include science,
art, or philosophy. Thus, small talk makes you feel like you are
wasting your time. What you really want is a like-minded individual
to bounce ideas around with – about the important stuff. #2 You Think More Than You Speak Your brain is wired to look for all possible
solutions and answers to a problem. It may take you more time than a person of
average intelligence to give your opinion or draw a conclusion. Plus, if you are not completely sure you’ve
got the right answer or a brilliant idea, you won’t speak at all. Most people around you are not familiar with
the way your thought process works. They get confused and may even regard you
as weird, introverted, or uninterested. #3 You Get Bored Easily at Work You are most likely to have a day-to-day struggle
to finish your tasks. Your brain needs to be constantly challenged
with new ideas and projects. Your once exciting job turns into ordinary
and boring as you exhaust all possibilities to be creative with it. In addition, your boss probably isn’t too
concerned about your brain’s need for constant stimulation, and just wants the job done. #4 You Suffer Paralysis by Analysis You like to be aware of all the pros and cons
before making a decision. This can often stop you from making a decision
altogether! That’s because you tend to over-analyze
and let potential “what if” scenarios get the better of you. This may also be because you are a perfectionist,
and just want to make sure you get the best possible result. Unfortunately, people tend to mistaken this
trait as laziness – leaving you feeling underappreciated. #5 You are Socially Awkward This struggle comes as a result of all the
ones just mentioned. If you feel uncomfortable during small talk,
refrain from speaking if you are unsure, don’t get inspired by exhausted ideas, or if you
feel more comfortable with ideas than execution – people tend to characterize you as “socially
awkward”. However, this only puts more pressure on you,
and makes you feel more self-conscious about your social conduct. #6 You Find It Hard to Make Friends Making friends is hard for you. Simply because you don’t like small talk or
spontaneous adventures. You really don’t mind spending time alone. But, if you don’t have like-minded people
to call friends, life can get very lonely, and you will risk developing depression. On the flip side however, you tend to find solace
in your work and dedicating more time to making breakthroughs in your field. #7 It’s Hard for You to Find Love You are much more cautious, analytical and
independent than the rest. Because of that, you often tend to get mistaken
for cold and high maintenance. Additionally, you can lack spontaneity at
times, which makes your love interest quickly lose interest. #8 You Don’t Have Much Fun You can’t bravely explore or try something
new just because you feel like it. Analyzing comes into play here again. You will think about something until you literally
talk yourself out of it. If something is slightly dangerous, but still
could be super fun, you won’t even consider it. In your mind, the danger will outweigh the
fun. #9 Everyone Notices Your Mistakes You wish you didn’t have to prove your intelligence
to people all the time. But, because of your gift, it’s pretty much
expected. And, people notice every tiny mistake you
make! This is hard on a smart person like you, as
it increases your fear of failure and drives perfectionism even more. You tend to base your self-worth on your intelligence,
so making mistakes can hit you hard. #10 You are Under Pressure to Succeed You tend to feel superior to other people. You can see and understand things that people
around you can’t perceive. You are aware of the direction your life is
headed, and it should head in a different direction than everyone elses! These things include having a better career,
more money and better relationships. But, if your life doesn’t take the path
you think it deserves, you end up criticizing and attacking yourself. Which of these struggles do YOU resonate with
the most? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for watching! Please LIKE and SHARE THIS VIDEO; And SUBSCRIBE
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    Less struggle when Highly Intelligent people, Just BLOW DMT & disintegrate Vail of deception . Come over visit 🤯🔥☠️🛫✈️🚀🛸👽👁️🧘

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    I'm trigger by this video because I have all of these traits, yet I score as borderline retarded on the IQ test. So I don't know what is true and what isn't about my intelligence.

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    Sunkuang Lee

    based on ur points i am high intelligence. but sometimes i also feel am that smart enough and also maybe over estimate myself

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    Galactic Quasar

    4. Ive been stuck trying to get a phone with at least 20MP rear camera, good storage, and is younger than 1 year old. And less than £100

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    Objective Perspective

    Comments section is 50% making fun because they don't feel this, 49% thinking they do. And me analyzing it all and wondering if it's really me, or do I just want to feel like that, or are there other traits more telling I would agree with, was this suggestive to us all or am I just like you.

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    Encryption 1.0

    This is a very outdated rule of thumb. Given today's social structures and bounds, many people have these so-called traits or behaviors. It was hard as a child to make friends being two years younger than my classmates. As an adult, I became so bored with every aspect of life. I started going to see doctors for depression, anxiety, and isolation. Just to have someone to talk to on an intellectual basis. There are a lot of us geniuses hiding in the world that just want to be left alone. alone.

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    Krutarth Mehta

    many of the traits releted to obsessive compulsive personality disorder ( is a personality disorder that's characterized by extreme perfectionism, order, and neatness.)

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    ketan kene

    Kch bi Kya be madarchod jara dhang see to vdo bana.. motivational vdo bana to acha lagega Kya ..lawdebaji laga rkhi h…chutiya lawda..😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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    I have all these habits.people says me mad.i find it difficult to manage with others. I am facing a lot my life is bad

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    There is a difference between highly intelligent people, talented people, knowledge people and nerds.
    I think what you're talking about is not intelligence but knowledged people.
    Highly intelligent people are not introverted or get bored like that

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    Cj Lake

    I'm It talking shit or denying that y'all not dumbasses , but what I got from the video is that yes that may be signs of a genius or is it just a way of trying to make someone feel better about about a mental illness or justify I act like this because I'm a "genius" , I'm not talking shit , just trying to see people's view on this open for opinions , givee me your input 👏👏👏

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    Rishav Bro

    I don't know if I am intelligent or dumb or average (in terms of this classification)and I don't care about my intelligence and smartness.

    I want to have a happy mental state,also the the mental state I can't describe , which I like the most and want more than basic needs in life.

    So the properties include cautiousness and overthinking because you have a goal at every point in time.
    I don't want to achieve goals, I just want no mental pain(which I usually have), I don't want the thing which is described as tension or stress for any reason at all.

    I am cold, I don't care about anyone.
    I just want a good mental state.

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    Dragos Tudosa

    #9 I hate the most. That part when people who see you as the "intelligent" one very often rely on your intelligence and that builds up pressure in you because in your mind you don't want to let yourself down or have a bad reputation because of your (small) mistakes, which leads to your brain being shut down or just throwing you off from your usual state of thinking. As an intelligent person, i just wish people can understand to stop having high expectations on intelligent people, because you don't know what it's like to be one. Being an intelligent person doesn't mean perfectionism comes all the time, which means regardless your IQ level you can never be perfect. I wouldn't devote my time to becoming a robot, trust me!

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    I’m in my schools gifted program and I’m 2,3,5,6,8,and 10 and no I don’t think I’m smart because I got an A+. I’m I actually tested for gifted identification and I qualified and I always feel pressured to get an A+ even though no one is telling me to.

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    Awaken To Life

    One unique opinion on this topic is be happy with who you are! There is give and take pros and cons. Highly intelligent people sometimes lack social skills, for example. So if you’re socially awkward embrace that you’re maybe a higher level thinker or something of that nature. On the other hand if you’re social adapt then be happy you’ll never have to deal with social awkwardness. Also, for a long time I struggled w wondering why I was only above average intelligence not genius but I found through research that creative geniuses typically fall on the spectrum of above average intelligence almost always. Any higher and they start getting out of the creative realm into more just raw intelligence. My point is, you might feel like you’re lacking something and maybe you are but maybe it’s because you’re stronger in another aspect of your life… don’t underestimate yourself and don’t hate who you are. Embrace it and have peace that you have a purpose and a design by God!

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    The Incognito

    This video is relates with me . If your a intelligent person others avoid you, they cannot understand your different thing , mostly they will hurt you becase others hurted and faced by me.

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    Rame blessed

    I have these issues Because most people are idiots these days and only know about sports .men anyways so when i say i dont watch sports i get the look like something is wrong with me .

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    Robert Delgado

    I have all of them!!! for an example,
    This bird saw a beautiful world,
    Its alive! it wants to explore, but doesn't have the ability to fly, its older siblings are Playing and flying.
    He's very confident that surely he can fly.
    The baby bird comes to the edge of it's nest, takes a deep breath and jumped out from its nest.
    What happened? We all said,
    Unfortunately this bird was impatient and desperate to fly but ended up falling down and died by getting devoured by a snake that destroys his opponent by deceiving and taking the weak ones for granted.

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    Kristie Kogut Rodriguez

    I resonate with all of these symptoms ……so now what …that’s great you pointed this out for people who struggle but how about some coping skills or direction as to how to handle these issues…unfortunately I’ve noticed most people that are poor and homeless are the ones that truely get it… please follow up with a purpose on this video and don’t leave people hanging…most people who have highly intelligence are not allows fully grounded because we are board with lack of substance and supercial directions. We are past the baby steps and are board with simplicity

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    Richard Landis

    I have seen a number of videos like this over several years. I wonder if some of the people making these videos have these traits and claim these are signs of intelligence because that is how they want to view themselves instead of thinking they are average.

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