The American Numismatic Society: An Introduction

The American Numismatic Society: An Introduction

The American Numismatic Society is
dedicated to the public appreciation and research of coins, currency, medals and other objects. Since its founding in 1858 the American Numismatic Society has grown into one of the largest numismatic institutions in the world. The ANS has about 800,000 objects in this collection which
includes material from the ancient Greek world starting from about the 7th century BC include Roman material, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern material, also of course includes European and US material in a its in addition it
includes mandela are which is are formulated to the
newsletters become the Renaissance which continues
right up to the present. The ANS has a staff of curators studying the
objects and publish the objects and various
formats we to a number of online publications curator’s also publish all articles prestigious journals published world we
also produce a number books about 75 percent the collection or currently online and
some forms and the is on his way to access the anus
works was to go to the web-sites go to matters
which is our searchable database dennis has material
on display of course here and its headquarters but we also
have material on display at the Metropolitan Museum a bar and again as happy to participate loans its material to exhibits both here in
the United States wells overseas good the library here the American
Numismatic Society is an excellent resource we have over a hundred thousand
items and this includes box periodic of Pampa filed where about
10,000 the auction catalog all the items are catalogued in the
online library catalog which is freely available from any Internet connection the archives are also part of the
library and include both institutional records in the society
which date back to 1815 as well as papers now but
manuscripts up a number of prominent in education sits at the heart in the end
its mission to build a wide variety of programs here at our headquarters in New
York ok but we also send us stop around the
world lecturing on our collections and on their cell your opinion and
graduate some seminar began in nineteen good and it’s where we bring the brightest
students from around the country to New York train them to be the next generation’s publication as a central part by
educational mission so we publish a series and journals the
american journal numismatics all magazine and the colonial newsletter
but we also publish monographs long-standing series that address more
specific times the Mac and miss maddocks society carries out its unique mission thanks to
the support of its members in bed consider joining today the


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