The Ancient SECRET Society of The NINE Unknown Men

Hi, it’s Mike Chen. At some point in our lives We have all heard of or read about tales involving secret organizations quietly controlling the complex workings of human society and pulling everyone’s strings From the shadows without us realizing it we may even know the names of some of them like the Freemasons and Illuminati But there are actual goals and motivations as well as the extent of what they are capable of remain a seemingly uncrackable Mystery some say that these secret societies possess knowledge beyond what we are currently capable of fathom. others even believe that these Clandestine orders are made up of incredibly wise and insanely gifted individuals Who are given the difficult task of? safeguarding potentially destructive hidden truths from the rest of the world one example of this kind of elite organization dates back to more than 2,000 years ago in a set to have been founded in ancient India members of this particular Secret society is believed by some to be the guardians of advanced ancient knowledge and his supposedly Continuously operating and complete silence and secrecy even to this day Here’s what’s really interesting at any given time over the last two millennia this underground the league has supposedly Always been composed of only nine members all of whom have the duty of protecting mankind from dangerous threats of any kind Especially from itself this silent and secret group is known as the nine unknown men And I know I just did a video about secret societies But this one is so interesting I wanted to devote an entire video just talking about it anyway the order of the nine Unknown men is believed to have been established sometime after 226 BC during the ring of emperor Ashoka who was the grandson of legendary? Emperor Chandra Gupta who is credited for unifying several territories in the Indian subcontinent Into one Empire to measure up to the legacy his grandfather had left behind Emperor asoka plotted to conquer the region of Kalinga which was located between modern-day, Calcutta and Madras It was initially thought that the Empire’s occupation of Kalinda’s villages would be a swift one however the Kalinga is Resisted the Imperial presence in their region, which ultimately led to a full-scale war Ashoka’s military forces won out in the end But at the cost of more than a hundred thousand deaths of the congas warriors this senseless Bloodbath that ended the lives of so many made the ones cold Blooded in ruthless Emperor to completely abandon the path of violence for good So instead of subjugating people through force and violence emperor, Ashoka thought It’d be better to win people’s hearts by observing the loss of duty and PT He also converted to Buddhism and his efforts allowed the religion to spread in India Malaysia as well as Indonesia his contributions to his Propagation also affected Nepal China Tibet and Mongolia his sincere intent to refrain from taking a life has also led him to become a sworn Vegetarian he encouraged others to follow suit, but did not force them to pursue vegetarianism He was also tolerant of those who followed a different fate from what he believed in emperor, Ashoka also Saw, men’s tendency to utilized her intelligence and knowledge to serve malevolent purposes in to perpetrate evil through warfare So he decided to save mankind from itself by devising a way to protect all kinds of scientific and technological discoveries from those who may intend to use it to do harm to others and bring all of Society to his knees he did this by selecting nine brilliant men of science who were given the challenging task of collecting recording and preserving all available Advanced knowledge and scientific discoveries from around the world and withholding them from everybody else To accomplish this each of the nine men was assigned a specific book on a certain science related topic and they must continuously Expand each book’s contents and keep it hidden from the world these men vow to never interfere with the affairs of every civilization that had common god only observing what transpires in the shadows except when mankind’s very Existence is under serious threat and supposedly for more than 2,000 years this secret society always had only nine members if why was no longer able to complete his duty a worthy successor Was always selected to take on the role until the time comes later on that he must be replaced as well So what’s in these books there have been much speculation? about the contents of each of the nine legendary books English author Talbot’s Mundi in particular published a book in the 1920s titled in nine unknown men and it is close that the topics of the alleged Naim igniting texts cover a variety of scientific disciplines and knowledge like psychology and natural science interestingly Most of them should have been completely unheard of during the ring of emperor Ashoka and some of them We are still not even able to completely grasp today The first book supposedly contains various techniques of propaganda and teachings about psychological warfare according to Mundi the most dangerous of all Sciences is that of molding mass opinion because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world the second book is about physiology And purportedly contains secret information on how to kill people just just by touching them the damn mock may be I think Bruce Lee died From that this move is called. Yeah the touch of death and it entails reversing a person’s nerve impulse It is suggested that the Japanese martial arts judo was actually developed through the leakages from the Nile no means Second book the third volume of the book is supposed to be about microbiology and biotechnology while the fourth book contains hidden knowledge about alchemy as well as the Transmutation of metals I guess like how to create gold that is why according to legend the nine are no men is Responsible for secretly providing massive quantities of gold to religious temples and relief groups in times of natural catastrophes like droughts the fifth book supposedly had extensive information on all means of communication both terrestrial and Extraterrestrial, which could mean that the nine are no men already knew from a long time ago that aliens do exist the sixth volume holds The secret of gravity and also contains details on how to build an antigravity Spaceship called the vimana the seventh book has Extensive information on cosmology and answer some of the mysteries of the universe as it also contains hidden knowledge on traveling faster than the speed Of light interdimensional travel and bending the space-time continuum the eighth book is believed to be about light It’s real nature its speed And how it can be harnessed by humans to turn into weapons of destruction like lasers finally the 9th and final book is all about Sociology and according to Mundi it contains the rules of the evolution of human Societies as well as the secrets of how their decline can be predicted hastened war even Prevented now while all nine books were supposedly kept secret from the rest of mankind if there are said to have been Instances during which some valuable information from the texts have been leaked to help push men’s technological advancements in the right direction Various medical breakthroughs as well as new technologies in aeronautics and nuclear weaponry can be credited to deny on Men making some of their secret knowledge known to the outside world however they only intentionally disclose valuable information when mankind is in dire need of aid and these wise men Supposedly only revealed themselves to those they deem worthy of learning and spreading such advanced knowledge now of course We don’t know if the secret society actually does exist And I’m thinking as an emperor during the period of this court in continuous conflict if Ashoka did create this organization He may have really wanted to get the upper hand against his enemies by gathering a group of men and assigning them to study new Battle tactic and develop advanced weaponry and technologies however whether this? Enlightened secret society really possessed advanced ancient knowledge and whether this society really managed to live on for the next 2,000 years Quietly observing the world that I don’t know I mean if you’ve been watching this channel for a while You know I do believe that advanced ancient civilizations have existed I mean it could be possible that their knowledge is still somewhere on this planet I just don’t know if there’s like nine people you know living like Batman somewhere who has books on essentially the meaning of life But anyway a lot of you guys asked me to talk about this topic so hopefully you enjoyed the video Thank you all so much for watching. See you later

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