The Benefits of Becoming a U.S. Citizen

The Benefits of Becoming a U.S. Citizen

>>VOICE: Every year some 700,000 people become
U.S. citizens at naturalization ceremonies across the country.
By taking the Oath of Allegiance you pledge to be faithful to the Constitution and to
serve your new country when needed. In exchange you will enjoy many of the benefits and privileges
[CHEERING] of being a citizen of the United States.>>OFFICIAL: Well one of the most obvious
benefits is the ability to vote. Only U.S. Citizens are allowed to vote in federal elections
and in most state and local elections.>>VOICE: In addition, children of new citizens
who are under the age of 18 are automatically given U.S. citizenship. They also enjoy special
privileges when it comes to bringing other family members to the country.>>OFFICIAL: Permanent residents can bring
family members to the United States, but the benefit of being a U.S. citizen if that U.S.
citizens get priority when they want to bring immediate family members permanently to the
United States.>>VOICE: The United States protects its citizens
abroad through its embassies and consulates, and that is another benefit of taking the
Oath of Allegiance. The U.S. Government offers assistance to victims of crime overseas and
can also assist with information on what to do if there is an emergency in the country
you are visiting or living. Other benefits include working for the federal
government, the right to be a member of a federal jury, and access to certain types
of academic scholarships available only to U.S. citizens. There are several requisites to becoming a
US citizen. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ website has several
resources that can help you with the process.>>OFFICIAL: Two major things that you can
do: one, go to our website where we have all kinds of study materials. Or you can also
attend one of our naturalization workshops which we run at offices throughout the country.>>VOICE: This video was produced by
in collaboration with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


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    Eric Kiraly

    wow that lady is retarted come to BC. you can smoke weed anywhere you want. remeber to come up for canada day at 420 for the day. i would rather become a taliban then before comin us citizen

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    Tuyen Huynh

    Try to move out of the USA and you will know why. There ought to be a reason why people around the world try to get here. Use your brain dude!

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    Brocialist Party of America

    The benefits of becoming a US citizen: becoming a part of the greatest and most influential countries of the past 100 years, preserving freedom and democracy during the Cold War and working to improve the rest of the Western Hemisphere.

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    joke's on you, government, I live in Canada… free health care 😀 (we also get 100% of the money won in the lottery :3)

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    Awdaly Saleh

    This first ever moment , I feel my self a human , that is the getting of my U.S.citizen , it's really bigger than me .

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    laurababyseal Mesinokka

    If a person is not a US citizen but lives there permanently and has a child, is that child a US citizen?

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    Jack Frost

    Us citizens are have non rights at all..
    The gove will fuck u all..Anywhich way it can..
    Dont belive?? Open your eyes..
    Whats going onin 2018..
    Its a Joke !! THE gov does not give a shit of its citizens. Period.
    when will u all wake up?

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