The Boys – Episode 7 “The Self Preservation Society” REACTION & REVIEW

The Boys – Episode 7 “The Self Preservation Society” REACTION & REVIEW

hey guys Jorrell here Great Wolf TV,
we are back with another reaction video for you we are on the boys this is
episode 7 we’re gonna be watching. I’m not really gonna do much of a recap to be
honest because the last episode was kind of an information filler sort of episode
we’re finding out a bit more about background of a lot of sup’s we’ve been
introduced to a new sup who’s kind of a has-been, I cant remember his name, the one who
can read people’s thoughts. We’ve found out more information on Billy’s wife Rebecca,
and exactly what happened – and what Homelander did to her
so anyway I’m not going to mess around and just gonna get straight on with it
so this is episode seven why’d you bring me to a hotel, you’re
kind of a mystery to me I need to know that the hotel is a nice thing and not a
red flag thing. You heard the doc your heart is getting, bigger balls are
getting smaller your bone densities for shit that
compound V shit is killing you don’t even say it out loud
you don’t know shit about it you understand I don’t wanna know. Lately some of you have been a little out of sorts, erratic, unreliable, now I
know why.. Oh shit! Why this is a joke why is Hughie up there he’s also one of the
guys who killed translucent wait what? as well as blackmailing Mesmer, Ezekiel
pop claw, and God knows who else pop well no no no you that that is
insane. starlight keep those hands down by your sides Missy. Holy shit! sit down you’re a fucking killer Hughie just
thought the rest of us it’s about annie fucking finally that bitch is fucking playing you and
your to fucking blind to see it right so better to be loyal to a dead
woman who doesn’t know and doesn’t care how’s that working out for you. He’s
gonna hit you.. this so much time obsessing about me am i right baby boy
daddy he’s fine Remington Steel’s almost time
A-Train, listen to me if he’s burned were fucked, my place is
burn they’ve got me. damn it oh my god get your ass over here in 20 minutes I’m
gonna burst him like a fucking pinata do you understand me just like I did your
girlfriend. right you fucking idiots had to go a mesma fuck me
yeah it’s gonna be okay Hey I came alone you let him go oh nothing for a little
jet fuel what what is that I don’t know what that shit is you don’t lie so you
don’t mind if I do this bigger dose I have a real dose hidden somewhere
outside let him go I hand it over then you can do whatever you want with me.. Go.. where is it you know this shit must be
pretty good if it’s worth running through a human being for that was an
accident you used her. put her in danger and
then you threw her out like she was fucking garbage how does this not all
start with you Hughie, the only difference between you and me is that I made a
mistake the shit that you did was on purpose so who’s worse you’re right no I know it would have
been stupid to come along hey do you remember that marketing guru Ashley
seven eight years ago Becca Becca yes Becca butcher that’s it yeah. Yeah her,
well she’s missing what do you mean missing
I mean missing as in missing presumed dead seems her husband got pretty riled
up William butcher I was just wondering if
you knew what happened to her I’m not i not most girls come on baby I got you here
in the flesh please oh my god I think you should go
I’m not going anywhere you know fucking freak I said Oh having a good ground are we aren’t you
stuck a little bug Anya your wife she’s missing I can help you find her holy Christ she was a little madam for three hours I’m not sure we’ve got this right not long after that Rebecca went missing
and has remained so ever since. Who the fuck are you? my name is Mallory I’m the person
who can get you payback. Eight years ago Stilwell called me was quite an
interesting challenge Rebecca butcher had come to her with her completely
unprecedented medical condition she was pregnant with your child
Oh oh I thought I couldn’t so did I we told
her we delivered the baby safely in a secure location but she had a sign an
NDA couldn’t tell anyone not even her husband the baby clawed its way out of
her .The blood loss no one could have survived she died on the
table and the baby lived all of 10 seconds drowned in its mother’s blood
forgiveness now after you raised me like a fucking lab rat I’m just an old man
thinking about his mistakes Im the world’s greatest superhero you’re my greatest failure yeah do you
want this or not hand it over I mean I get it
jamming illegal drugs into baby’s arms I mean that doesn’t quite have the same
ring and that’s not even the worst what do you want? For starters there are no
superheroes in the US Armed Forces great the prick behind flight 37 is dead what
am I missing just wait. I said get down.
just saying hey they keep these you villains you super villains this is
what theyve been doing how was that son of a bitch still alive
I keep means captain we believe it’s his sup name are you telling me they have a sup terrorist. You’re a
murderer we didn’t have a choice there is always a choice (actually there wasnt) Im taking you in at
least I’ll treat you better than the seven listen to mr okay no this is so
fucked you are the only thing Huey you are the only thing that I could count
you know me I don’t know you this is about compound V? compound V is
this drug it gives the suits their powers Vaught will do anything to cover it
up. No, were born like this get away from her the fuck were you thinking coming here
i didnt ask for you help ya look like you had it under control Wow hmm now then
why do we start with this so let me get this right
we were know all about Compound V and what it does. They’ve been feeding this in other countries too splinter cell’s terrorists whatever is
you want to call em because they knew they would fight back
against the American government they would weaken the US forces because they are using superheroes and the only way to fix the issue would be for them to put our sup’s in the military to find them smart But at the
same time extremely risky because they are kind
of in control of their soups to a degree but the minute you give this stuff to
terrorists whats to stop them doing anything they want mmm Billy’s wife. if that old retired
scientist..whos probably one of the heads of vaught
is telling the truth To Homelander then if we make of it a conversation that he had
with him. Then her and HomeLander had sex in that office I don’t think she was
raped I might be wrong but the body language on that camera footage was
not a woman had been raped she was a woman who came out when (putting her shoe back on) it was more of an oh my god what have i done this was stupid. more of that kind of
reaction she’s then got pregnant she’s gone to
them and that’s happened in the delivery room which is
awful and pretty much like alien like having an
alien baby burst out of you because it’s super human, thats awful. The scientist
obviously didn’t know like he said we didn’t think you would be able to have a
baby so if we’re to believe him she is that the baby’s dead
or is it I’m not sure the baby will be dead the mother may be and Billy’s
girlfriend wife sorry
that’s a horrible way to go I don’t see there being any chance that she is still
alive he’s holding all the grudge against homelanr here and yes it is
homelander who’s got a pregnant but it takes two to tango and if it was
consensual going off that footage they showed. well there you go huey he has just made a complete and
utter mess of this because he never got a chance to come clean before homelander opened his mouth what Billy did to that guy who squealed
on them mesmerize was he called whatever bust his head in on the sink that was
that was brutal right what else
im gonna try not to delve in eat too much because I know we’re probably gonna get a lot of
more information in the last episode what wait until then I think and I
probably won’t do too much of a review at the end of the last episode this
season and I will do a proper review over the boys as a whole and we’ll
do it then right guys that’s it we’re done for now that was episode 7 which
was called was he called the self preservation society so that was episode
7 if you enjoyed the video please like share and subscribe post your comments
down below let me know what you thinking any suggestions all that sort of stuff
right I will be back with the final episode of this season in the next few
days till then catch you later


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    Good reaction, one of the better ones. I like that you recognize the extreme risk that accompanies some of the decisions being made that benefit Vought in the short term. I see a lot of people generally seeing such moves as "smart" when we only have the shot term result, and have yet to see how they play out over the long term.

    Making opposing "supes" can certainly help Vought with their military contracts and to have a manufactured bad guy for their "product" to fight against, but they run the risk of those conflicts becoming so damaging that all supes are restricted or removed (like happens a lot with mutants in X-men) or having their own supes become overpowered by these new creations. And that isn't considering what happens if they find out they are responsible for these "supe terrorists".

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    Boile Knwpetc

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