Hello? Hello! Karl… Did you call for a locksmith? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time Yeah? My car broke down in traffic…
because of a crash.. .a truck crash Karl, you are the chosen one Oh, shit! No, no, no…this is good. The fate of humanity is in your hands now You will be the supreme wizard of this universe You probably have the wrong guy. I’ve tried running for a head of the neighborhood watch three times and got turned down by my neighbors every time That’s because your destiny is not as
the head of some neighborhood watch, Karl You were born to be the greatest… That’s because they a bunch of ignorant negros Uhm… what did you just say? Yeah, my neighborhood is infested with negros Sorry, but that’s not very nice You don’t have to apologize, it fucking sucks! I’m trying to put an end to this mess for a
while now All that fucking rap shit in my ear all day long No, not that, maybe you would like to use a different word Like what? Music? Rap is not music! No, I meant the negro thing… What’s wrong with negro? I can’t say that now? What the fuck! I’m at not the chosen one? A chosen one has to walk on eggshells
now… Sure, sure, you can do whatever you want really but we’re still looking into that, right? Honey if I’m the chosen one, what exactly are you looking into? Depends, the chosen one must have a very rare birthmark on his arm like a… Right here, it was a birthmark here but I didn’t like it so I covered You can see how it pops out Wait, is that a tattoo on your shoulder? Oh yeah, I got that in jail a few years back What? The chosen one can’t have tattoos now? Yeah, of course he can um but listen…my question is do you even want to be the
chosen one? If I was you I wouldn’t… There’s a reason I’ve been searching all
this time for someone to take my shitty job, right? hahaha…I’m such a bitch… I’m starting to like the idea actually Didn’t you say something about having all of humanity in my hands Which is awful, I mean, imagine all the people of African descent you would have to deal with on a
daily basis Sounds good to me, the chosen one will put them where they belong And where is that? Away from me, along with the fags! Okay, okay, so you’re the chosen one, yes, but you need to take some tests first and then we’ll see where we go from there That is not what you said! Yes I did, you were chosen to take a personality test and some exams to determine if you actually have the
mystic abilities the chosen one should have Actually, I do! I hear voices in my
head all the time! I knew there was a greater purpose behind all of that Do these voices tell you to…kill someone? Maybe… Is that a problem for you?

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