The Christian’s Citizenship (Ephesians 2:19) – Tim Conway

The Christian’s Citizenship (Ephesians 2:19) – Tim Conway


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    Adriana Morawietz

    We are in a way all one in Christ obviously, but God does make distinct separation of his true ones and his adopted ones.

    The 144 thousands will be Jews by bloodline only. They will have a direct access to God and their leaders will be the 12 appostles. We won't have a direct access to God in heaven but it will still be good 4 we will be where he is.

    The 144 won't be born again Gentiles but born again Hebrews. We do know that don't we? So how can one say otherwise!

    Is all common sense really once the Holy Spirit hits you.

    You need a good discernment to know the mind of God and most don't have it, but concerning the Jews it's written in the bible that they were, are, and always will be special to God. Now I know that God can raise his choosen from anything really so I don't need a bunch of bible verses to prove that. What christians don't get is that we must take all bible seriously, not just what is convenient 4 us.

    Is like with Holy Living, u don't have the fruits of that in your life you will perish even if you "believe".

    Just believing in God makes you equal with Satan.

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    Adriana Morawietz

    Very good teaching but sadly is not the norm. What he said should be the norm amongst christians. I didn't learn much from this teaching as for me it is the norm, but still it is good to hear it over and over again. It's music to my ears.

    Christians should walk in power and delivers the ungodly of demons and expose Satan, but sadly most christians are a joke.

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    Jen Hemmings

    I'm going through a second round of the same affliction I had three years ago. This time, I'm constantly reminded of how the Israelites reacted when they didn't get what they wanted, and how they kept looking back toward Egypt. Remember this: There were those in that wilderness crowd who the Lord declared, "They shall not enter my rest".

    Living in sin includes being faithless. We are to believe in the goodness of God, and believe in what He has promised us. Not to look back. Jesus Himself said: "Remember Lot's wife".

    Be faithful.

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