The Citizens Advice Witness Service – how can we help?

Giving evidence as a witness can be daunting
and the court process can be complicated and difficult to understand. Citizens Advice’s Witness Service provides
free and independent support for both prosecution and defence witnesses in every criminal court
in England and Wales. Our trained volunteers provide practical information
about the process as well as emotional support to help you feel more confident when giving
evidence. We can show you round the court before the
day of the trial so you know where to go and who you’re likely to see. We offer some
witnesses more in-depth support outside of court, which can take place in your home but
you might prefer somewhere else; like your work, school or community centre. We want you to you leave feeling respected
and fairly treated by us, having given your best evidence. You can get support and other helpful information
about attending court as a witness at citizens advice dot org, dot uk, slash witness.

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