The Citizens’ Agenda

Hello. I’m PJ Thum. Elections are coming in Singapore,
but mainstream media in Singapore tends to cover elections unfairly and in a really trivial
way. This makes it hard for us to make good decisions
at the polls and it alienates people who want to have a
real discussion about the issues. Citizens deserve better. We deserve better. How do people like you and I,
who never have a chance to have a real conversation with politicians,
get our concerns on the agenda? New Naratif announces a new initiative:
The Citizens’ Agenda. As an independent, reader-funded publication,
we will try to find out what you, our reader, cares about,
and try to inspire a genuine, issue-focused discussion
about Singapore politics ahead of the next election. Here’s how it works:
We will survey our community and ask you what issues are the most important
to you. You can go to the New Naratif website and
fill out this survey right now. It’s just one question! “In your opinion, what issues do you consider important to Singapore?” Or to put it another way, “What do you think the candidates should be talking about as they compete for your votes in the upcoming election?” It’s available in all four of Singapore’s
official languages. Please, ask your family, your friends, your
neighbours, your colleagues to fill in the survey. At the end of this month, we will make a list
of all the issues that you have told us are important. We’ll then ask you to rank the issues. From this, we will create a list of the top
5 issues that you, our community, consider important. With this list, we can go to every candidate
running in the next election and say to each of them,
this is what our community thinks are the top five most important issues. What are you going to do about these issues? We will be able to see what each candidate
thinks about the issues and this can help us decide how we vote. Using this agenda, we will help ensure that
the elections coverage focuses on the issues that you, our community,
care about. New Naratif will also use this list of issues
to guide our coverage. We will produce articles, comics, podcasts,
and videos on these issues. And yes, this includes all new episodes of
“The Show with PJ Thum” We do need your help. All of this will cost us around US$20,000
or about S$27,000. If you’d like to support our movement, please
join New Naratif as a member here: It’s only US$52 per year or just US$5 per
month. Members get invited to our events, online
and offline, and they get a voice in building New Naratif. As a member, you can weigh in on what issues
to explore, stories to tell, and how these stories are told. The Citizens’ Agenda, for example, was put
together after focus groups with current members, and their advice and feedback helped shape
what you’ve just seen today. Join New Naratif as a member today and be
a part of our movement for a better Southeast Asia. And then go to the link below and fill out
the survey! We look forward to hearing from you,
and we’ll see you back here in a month with the second survey. Please hit “like” and click “subscribe”
below to stay in touch with us! Thank you very much!

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