The Deliberate Rebellion | Extinction Rebellion

The Deliberate Rebellion | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion like we look like a
bunch of radicals and with our kind of pinned up things and we look like punks
or something when we’re on the streets but a citizens assembly, to me at least,
it’s not that radical at all it’s an evidence-based democratic solution. It makes perfect sense actually. Brexit is an irrelevance when you look
at the climate and ecological crisis The democracy we have right now is
essentially deeply flawed. It shouldn’t be left to politicians and it shouldn’t be left simply to experts it needs the voice of the people. People need to understand what the implications of any policy is. I’m a mother I’ve got two boys
and I’m a co-founder of extinction rebellion. I quit my full-time job to come work on citizens assemblies full-time with extinction rebellion. I describe myself as a pan-african community advocate for global justice. Mostly I suppose I work in a broad sense in permaculture. I study history and
politics at Goldsmith’s I’ve been an organic farmer for twenty years and then about five years ago I started a PhD at King’s College in London studying how to bring about radical political change. Being a farmer, every farmer in the world
now is on the front line of climate change. There’s no two ways about that. Around 2005 UK weather changed forever it’s just been extreme, 2006 it rained every day for seven weeks, I lost all my outdoor crops, I lost a hundred thousand pounds, everyone I employed lost their jobs so it was a big trauma for me. it’s quite possible that all life on earth, ninety-seven percent of it, is going to go and possibly in my children’s lifetime. You can’t pretend it’s not happening anymore when you know the information and you know what a dire situation we’re in. For a lot of people, climate change, not because they’re bad people or anything but it’s just really difficult to sort of grasp
viscerally. what this means? Well for me it means we’re gonna starve! There’s no two ways about this, we’re gonna starve because if you can’t grow food because it’s raining for seven weeks that’s it, there’s no plan B. This civilization’s finished, it is finished, whether you like it or not. if we have three years of really bad El Nino weather events The food systems are fucked and we’ll be fighting over cans of beans and what we’ve got is a political system that’s incapable of change. Normal politics is just not sufficient to solve long-term collective action problems because it’s a five year election cycle and that’s just not enough. The system that we have in the houses of parliament it’s built in confrontation so they nearly always oppose each other and on principle that’s how it works, it’s set up as two rows of people shouting at each other and that’s a disaster. I think it’s a deeply toxic system, it’s got this machinery based on the idea that we have to have constant economic growth and you can’t have constant economic growth on a finite planet. We can see that the system is broken and what we have to remind ourselves of all the time is that we’re part of that, we’ve been brought up in those systems, we’ve we’ve been
indoctrinated into those ways of thinking so as much as we can see
externally that this is a very broken situation and that it needs to change
rapidly we have to also recognize that internally we are still part of those
constructs we still have those things working on us. There’s no way that we can find our way through this situation without hugely changing the way that
everything is structured particularly around governments, particularly around power. In Britain, in Europe, in Africa, anywhere
in the world I have no faith that these governments will positively respond with the agency to take the measures that must be taken right now to save humanity
and the planet. That’s what Extinction Rebellion is putting
its money on which is to create an assembly where people can look at climate change without the influence of the fossil fuel companies, without the influence of having to run for office and go with the herd and just say okay what’s happening here? And you know we can make a prediction, can’t we? that after about half an hour they’re all gonna be shitting themselves if they weren’t already. And then you can bet that they’ll go, yeah we’ve got an emergency situation. No question about it. Let’s get on with it, transform the economy in the next few months. so citizens assembly brings together a randomly selected group of citizens somewhere between 50 and about
150 so it’s very easy once you get over about 50 people to make sure that they
are a diverse group who have the age characteristics, the gender characteristics, the geographical characteristics, the class characteristics of broader society that’s very easy to do. And they brought
together and over a period of time they’re facilitated to learn, to deliberate and to come to decisions and recommendations. The fact that extinction rebellion is demanding a citizen’s assembly on the climate and ecological emergency is really what makes it unique. We’re not trying to assert our will on
anyone else and we’re not just crying out for action. We’re crying out for a very specific thing, we’re crying out for the UK public to have a say on how they respond to this emergency. The actual rebellion rests on how far we can advance democratization how far we can bring humanity back to the practice more of direct democracy. You can feel this is different although people see radicalism as a bad thing, in the way that we need to change, we do need a radical change to actually reverse the damage that we’ve caused. I don’t want to get arrested, especially being black a lot of my friends being people of color as well. But if I do get arrested I’ve come to peace with the fact of getting arrested because once you break through that social stigma it’s it’s fair game. I first heard about the citizens Assembly around the time of the abortion referendum in Ireland and it really elucidated this topic that was so deadlocked for years and so
controversial and no politicians were willing to touch it because they were
just it was just toxic politically. What’s really important about citizens
assemblies is that they aren’t run by directly by government government may
give them a task it may sponsor the assembly but the assembly is organized
by an independent trusted organization typically a civil society organization
and the facilitators working in that citizen’s assembly are independent, they are not civil servants. They have no connection with government. These are people who have spent their lives developing these kind of facilitation skills. Most of the deliberation actually happens on small tables, tables of around 10 people and this is where the facilitators are able
to ensure that those who like to speak most are actually calmed down and those
people who tend not to contribute actually get a chance to contribute and
the studies that we’ve done where citizens assemblies have been run really
effectively the talking time is almost equal across gender, across class, across
ethnicity and you don’t see that in any other political institution. If you give this to normal people, a bus driver in Glasgow, a caterer in Basingstoke they’re gonna get it. For me the notion of a citizen’s assembly,
it’s not some technical fix. For me it’s a profound change in the metaphysics of politics. If that doesn’t sound too grand. And of course, it’s not like new, this is the wholebasis of the jury trial. The jury trial is an institution that has been going for thousands of years. And why is it? It’s because you have to get people that are independent. And how do you get people that are independent? You select people by chance. Our job as extinction rebellion is to create that political space whereby the people can decide for themselves throught the transmission system of a citizen’s assembly and that’s why we’re going out on the streets so the government will say, well what do you want? And you say, we want a citizen’s assembly, to decide what’s gonna happen on climate change. They’re going to do a report and you are
going to make sure it happens. And if you don’t, that’s the end of your institution because the nation comes before the politicians and the corrupted class. I’m still here because I feel like I can make change. I’m still here because I see this working. My hope is that in 50 years time people look back and say, what were they thinking of when they were writing to their MP? So my daughter is five, fifty years from now she’ll be nearing her fifty-six birthday I would just what to say, I am so sorry
because we should have stopped it 50 years ago. You know We’re already 50 years late! I hope we can do enough.


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    Natasha Thoday

    The case for Atomic Humanism i.e. nuclear energy. Global warming is very likely being caused by humans emitting greenhouse gases. There is a high degree of confidence amongst climate scientists, and the general scientific community, that the dominant cause of observed global warming has been humans burning ever more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitting coal, gas, & oil over the last several hundred years.

    The world’s climate is a chaotic system. Even after decades of intense study and billions in research funding, scientists have barely begun to comprehend all its workings. Even if global climate change factors other than CO2 turn out (following new analysis and evidence being robust enough to withstand the cut and thrust of scientific peer review to change today’s consensus) to be equally or more significant then we should preserve fossil coal gas & oil reserves for future generations in any case, not selfishly burn them all now: about 13% of total petroleum products consumed in 2017 were for non-combustion but vital non-fuel uses.

    Big Fossil now accounts for circa 85% of global energy consumption and rising. Less is than 2% is accounted for by Wind & Solar, and 2% by Nuclear power. Apart from traditional bio-mass 8%, per unit of energy generated, burning fossils fuels kills ten of thousands times more than all other energy sources combined, with Nuclear having the lowest mortality and injury rate of all (details below).

    For this reason alone, the immediate and rapid expansion of Nuclear power is essential in an ethically just global energy system.

    Meanwhile humanity faces largely unavoidable “Deep Adaption” to global warming induced social & environmental chaos.

    To address this emergency, multiple decarbonisation studies show that financial, social, and environmental costs spiral out of control as Wind Water Solar (WWS) penetrates into (models projecting the future make-up of) electricity grids above circa 75% and that Nuclear Power generated electricity is the 'least-worst' choice for humans to make-up the remaining 25% in balanced modern low-carbon grids.

    The cost escalation seen in studies of non-Nuclear 'scenarios' (models with aggressive carbon constraints) is mostly due to electricity generation's extra build-out demands, like the plants themselves, and distribution, and storage infrastructure cumulatively far exceeding global supplies of construction materials & minerals, which becomes necessary in future 'scenarios' that rely exclusively on variable renewable electricity generating technologies. But even if raw materials were not a limit, electricity grid instability problems arise, such as increasing risks of power-cuts with too little fossil or Nuclear base-load and dispatchable capacity.

    Modern civilization has evolved as a direct expression of (high energy density) fossil fuels. The inevitable (and desirable) move to new energy arrangements involving an increase in renewable (low energy density) sources will require society to undergo profound spatial restructuring of our energy systems.

    Below we explore the impacts this will demand, and why and how Nuclear and WWS must abandon historical antagonisms and work together in partnership to urgently decarbonise human energy use.

    The message is clear: we – i.e. the Wind Water Solar & Nuclear industrial sectors on behalf of humanity – need to urgently decarbonize over three quarters – 85% – of global energy use by a combination of Electrifying the 12% of humanity now off grid, Electrifying Transport, Electrifying Heat (domestic & industrial process) and Maximising Efficiencies in EVERYTHING.

    Full paper here

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    gopMultiBillionaire koke is dead&mafiaDon has no gopHushMoney to replace the lyingSupporters of the fake teaParty aka gop….

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    Adam Kelley

    You can have growth while being good stewards of the planet the belief otherwise is a false dichotomy and is hurting our movement, most people will never agree to live less well then they currently do and suggesting that they do will get them to completely tune you out.

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    K T

    Y'all should show up in suits at the rallies, that would have quite an impact , many subliminal messages regarding suits. It'd be good if y'all identified your professions on your banners or arms so the excuse of their just hipsters or hippies can't be used to ignore. The one lady worked as a lawyer writing the Paris agreement. Now she's part of extinction rebellion. That message alone is huge , this movement is nessecary because every other system has FAILED to address climate change.

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    A SH

    The single biggest human contribution to fighting is,,,, STOP BREEDING! Dont stop breeding, just keep on trucking. People need energy to live, the more people the more energy. D'ah

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    You want to create worldwide original Soviets. I am all for that. Was done in the past, between 1905-1917 they acted as a parallel government in Tzar Russia.

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    Neal Tauss

    We can GREEN capitalism…tho it may take a CatastropheOrThree to adjust that Gotta $hill-to-EAT Group'think'….'cau$e THO the capitali$t impul$e I$ a driver….we NEED a greener Vehicular Fleet in a GREENER map$cape….take agricultural Hemp…(plea$e)…$eque$ter$ more CO2 per crop-acre than ANY other plant….u$e$ WAY le$$ water….two crop$ per $ea$on at a minimum….yielding a thou$and gallon$ EACH of ethanol AND a high-quality FUEL oil that DOUBLE$$ a$ the fine$t nutritional fat for human con$umption a$ food AND medi$ine…. BETTER than any other….leaving a COMPLETE protein $eed cake which can be proce$$ed into what EVER you want….even ice cream…..and chee$e……ye$…..CHEE$E!!!….oh….while fiber from the $AME crop…. that we took the beer and the ice cream from?….can be proce$$ed into the $tronge$t LONGE$T-LA$TING burlap or denim or flannel or even the fine$t of $ilk$….AND PAPER….leaving the $tructural $hank…. from which we can manufacture hemp-crete…!!…..HOU$E$…. or dimen$ional lumber$ of incredible $trength and durability…. THO…. to provide ALL the market demand for feed-$tock…. $hank ET AL….. we WILL have to grow MORE agricultural hemp… using LE$$ herbi-$ide and LE$$ pe$ticide and LE$$ fungi-$ide AND LE$$ fo$$il fuel fertilizer$…until the time when No-Till (& Hemp-a-hol & Hemp-Die$el & $olar&Wind Electric) DI$-ables the need for ANY petroleum product$ AT ALL…. WHILE ALLTHE WHILE $eque$tering still MORE…AND MORE…AND more…CARBON!!!….and ALL under the Rubric AND Imprimatur of Capitali$m….albeit GREEN CAPITALI$M…. with your Strong HeartS lighting the way…..did I mention that the wa$te fibre from all of the above can be inexpen$ively manufactured into FUNCTIONAL graphene analog at pennies$ on the dollar? ….and PLA$TIC….107% bio-degradable all-u$e AND $tructural PLA$TIC….we never NEEDED petroleum….and don;t now NEED nuclear….Henry Ford and Rudolf Diesel BOTH wanted hemp….till Diesel was found floating…….face down… a ditch…… Wake….up….smell the Hemp………folk$$$…………….di$ bit$h be BUBBLIN'………..yo.

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    Eve Northrop

    why not have small meetings for education of the citizens in as many towns as possible. first they need to see evidence up close and as personal as possible. nothing that cost money just a meeting in a church hall or any spare room.

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    This cult reminds of the embryonic stages of Pol Pot and Mau. They were also 'right' and had the 'facts' – next your hand picked Totalitarian Citizens Assembly will be sending people who disagree with you to 'Climate Camps' for re-education and taxing people for breathing out CO2….and then what to do with those who won't comply?!! You might claim to be a peaceful bunch but violence always simmers under the surface when you believe something so fanatically. The 'climate emergency' is just another in a long line of factless environmental fear campaigns(remember Global Cooling in the 70's?) to bring in political (usually extreme left wing) policies; the only emergency is that lots of people are falling for your BS.
    I love the cognitive dissonance at the start of this video – Linda is seeking a democratic solution but Gail says the democracy we have is deeply flawed, and presumably needs changing to include your hand picked Citizens Assembly – not exactly democratic that! More hypocrisy when Gail wants the voice of the people to be heard – but it's only people who agree with you isn't Gail? Most XR members will be Remainers – it goes with the group think – and presumably would be quite happy that the voice of the 17.4 million who won the Brexit vote isn't heard.
    Oh, and you're not rebels; you have a lot of establishment money behind you and the media is on your side in general; you're just fulfilling the wet dream of the elite Club of Rome and others who want to control people and monitor their habits 24/7 to 'save the planet' and bring in global government. Even the oil companies are on board with you as evidenced by Exxon Mobil on at least 2 occasions putting $100 million into the climate cause.
    Rebels my arse! However, because you want to replace fossil fuel energy with inefficient renewables rather than nuclear (check out Thorium) you will cause extinction of vulnerable people around the world.
    Classic useful idiots.

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    gerry morgan

    As a farmer will you ever admit openly that we are shrouded in geoengineering, every day of the week, bar Royal occasions, obviously?

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    Harry Williamson

    Many of us have been anticipating this particular tipping point for 20, 30, 40 years or more. ER is bringing the truth to the surface, and with it a fair amount of scum and rubbish, of course. Yes we can sustain about 9 billion indefinitely with total management of resources, but should we? Yes we can still travel, but probably more collectively, under sail, or with electric mass transport. Yes we can feed everyone, but not meat 7 days a week. Maybe once every two weeks for some. Ansd so it goes. I suppose the question is – can we create the collective will to do this, now, and keep doing it as a way of life? Can we trust the other, the stranger, the foreigner, as we trust our families? Can we be generous and not afraid. Love and not fear!

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    aldus vonnegut

    those who want to speak are calmed down, you just assume that anyone that wants to speak is an egoist and whatever they say is predetermined meaningless?

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    Anthony Davis

    So, if XR went around wearing suits and ties and holding a coffee they would be more effective? I am joking of course. Rebellion is not a politically correct statement, but rather, it is a direct action by concerned individuals who realize that their generation is at high risk for extinction based on exactly what is going on on planet earth. Not fake news. Reality. All humans and all generations to come will be effected by Climate Change, abrupt and rapid and exponential global climate change that is HUMAN CAUSED.

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    Total rubbish, climate hysteria for a political agenda. Wake up and realise that you are being manipulated. Cults come and go, let’s just hope nobody dies in the process.

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    Total rubbish, climate hysteria for a political agenda. Wake up and realise that you are being manipulated. Cults come and go, let’s just hope nobody dies in the process.

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    bungyscuba bungyscuba

    Extinction Rebellion's Roger Hallam has spoken about wanting to fly drones over airports. I challenge all Extinction Rebellion members to either pledge never to fly on holiday again or quit Extinction Rebellion. Do either or admit hypocrisy.

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    Robert Alexander

    Well, there it was. Heathrow.
    Fat, plump, and juicy. Right on your plate. And you wimped out.

    Golden opportunity. And you wimped out.

    You guys were bought out. Tell me I'm wrong.

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    André Clements

    Thanks. With different dynamics we are discussing slightly differently articulated demands in XR South Africa, but the idea of pursuing evidence based democratic solution is a powerful essence.

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    OwlNation Legal

    Yesterday morning as soon as I brought up Climate on a progressive call-in talkshow with a famous host they hung up, disco'd, shut down, tuned out, ran. It is so hard for so many and Darwin suggests those species who don't pay attention and adapt…poof. Gone. Today is the 3rd day another world famous progressive host and producer has remained silent on the question; "Will your town hall on Climate invite the first and now only climate focused presidential candidate? …the person who sponsored and published Greta Thuhberg when she was just an enlightened, royally pissed off kid striking on a frozen sidewalk with a cardboard sign?" Logically it seems like a no brainer, reflex "Of course." reply; a piece of cake for any progressive producer. But we're more complicated, as is the system and tools we're accustomed to using, and the social and political contracts we're voluntarily bound to…our "nasty" destructive, negligent habits, broken as easily as simply saying "I care about our Earth and the happiness, well being, enlightenment and diversity of my fellow Earthlings. I care about their future.""

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    jean teese

    What is your plans for Geo-Engineering and 5G ? as this is the Global Elites plan to kill all Plant, Animal and Human Life, Agenda 21-30 NWO, Your silence is deafening ! These Crimes against Humanity are happening right now above you in our Skies !

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    I understand that climate change is very important – but my problem with everything is that every one is completely ignoring the fact that the world has consistently cooled and heated since its creation. While we are speeding the process up, there's no way to stop 'global warming' eventually the world will heat to devastating temperatures.
    Shit. Really all we can do is just learn to adapt, we can't stop it. We can't control nature. Call me a nihilist but it's the real truth.

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    Daniel Ferra

    Global Heating Deadly Extreme Weather

    Climate Changing Sea Level Rising Over 220 Feet

    Today Tonight Tomorrow with in 36 months ?

    "The vast expanse of sea ice around Antarctica has suffered a “precipitous” fall since 2014, satellite data shows, and fell at a faster rate than seen in the Arctic.

    The plunge in the average annual extent means Antarctica lost as much sea ice in four years as the Arctic lost in 34 years.

    The cause of the sharp Antarctic losses is as yet unknown and only time will tell whether the ice recovers or continues to decline." Damion Carrington

    Warmer Oceans, Hotter Temperatures From Burning Fossil Fuels, In 2005 Methane Feed Back Loops Starting Accelerating The Heat In Oceans and Atmosphere

    US Federal Reserve Energy Policies are Poisoning an Killing us Destroying Our Fragile Life Sustaining Eco-Systems

    Methane Natural Gas US Federal Reserve Freedom Molecule Is The Molecule of Extinction

    Temperatures leap 40C. degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet see record June melting June 14 at 12:52 PM

    20 Feet of Sea Level Rise in Greenland

    200 Feet of Sea Level Rise in Antarctica

    Last Time Parts Per Million Of Carbon Was Over 410ppm

    Sea Level Was Over 130 Feet Higher Than Right Now

    Carbon Is At 415.78ppm an Rising

    Carbon 415.78ppm + Methane Natural Gas 2,300ppb + Water Vapour = Global Warming Extreme Deadly Weather

    Add 1.8C. Temp Rise Carbon

    Add 1.8C. Temp Rise Water Vapour

    Add 1.8C. Methane Natural Gas 2,300ppb Temp Rise Methane natural Gas = 5.4C. Temp Rise Now

    Feed Back Loops Kicking In, In 2005 Are Not Calculated In the Total Temp Rise,

    Four Geological Formations Spewing and Venting Methane Now In The Arctic and one Venting Along The Washington Oregon Coast

    Perma Frost Melting

    Methane Hydrates

    Mantle Methane From Isostatic Rebounding of Greenlands North American Plate

    Isostatic Rebounding of Greenlands Tectonic Plate, affecting (Gakkels Rift), causing Earthquakes in the Arctic, as well as Venting Mantle Methane

    Arctic News Sept. 15 2013

    “ As more ice melts away on Greenland and more water runs off in the Ocean and Sea, There is less weight on Greenlands Crust, the Crust Bouncing back from the lighter weight.

    The Crust bouncing back during Large Melts an effect called Isostatic Rebounding.

    This Rebounding can not Only Trigger Earthquakes and Landslides, it can also Suck Up the Magma from the Mantle.

    It Also Sucks Up Magma From The Mantle.

    It also Sucks Up Mantle Methane !

    Triggering Volcanic Eruptions and Venting Mantle Methane”. Sam Carana


    Pingoes— Started in 2005 Finger Size Blow Holes, Now 300 Foot Wide Methane Blow Holes Increasing in Number and Size, in Siberia, Canada, an the Euro-Asian Plate Pingoes and Under Water Pingoes

    “Pingos preceded blow-outs Researchers have now examined satellite images of northern Siberian from a few years back and looked at the area where the explosions occurred.

    They found that the year before the huge crater appeared, there were large pingos in the same place.

    Pingos are found in the arctic and are usually raised hills, like a giant pimple, with a core of ice.

    In this case, however, the pingos must have been filled with gas in the form of ice, bound up with water in gas hydrates and permafrost.

    Russian scientists have now mapped 7,000 gas-filled pingos that are poking through the thawing permafrost, visible in satellite images that illustrate how the pingos form and grow, published in The Siberian Times.” Siw Ellen Jakobsen

    This Methane Has Found Its Way To the Stratosphere Enveloping It With 65C. Above Normal Temp an Temp Keeps Climbing

    Resulting in Antarctica Melt an Record Temps In Southern Hemisphere Just Like Nothern Hemisphere

    We Are Already Locked in to 20C. Temp Rise Even If We Stopped Emitting Now

    Methane has a 10 year lag time an Carbon has 30–50 Year Lag time in Reaching its Full Molecule Potential in Holding Heat Mass

    Methane has 130 Times More Heat Mass in the Molecule in First Ten years

    Then 86 Times More Heat Mass per Molecule over 20 years

    Then 34 Times More Heat Mass per Molecule over next 80 Years Than Carbon

    Methane Burp Or Pingoe Popping Pimple

    and at some point, like Natalia Shakhov, Guy Mcpherson, and Kevin Hester point out, we are going to experience a Methane blow out in the Arctic, from Mantle Methane, Perma-Frost, Methane Hydrates, Pingoes.

    The Methane has been telling us, it is going to blow since 2005 by Maria Shakhov, what was a finger size blow whole in 2005 is now a 200–300 ft. wide blow hole called Pingoes 2015

    And their increasing in number and size in Siberia, North American Plate, and on the Euro-Asian Plate

    We Are At 6C. Temp Rise According To Record Deadly Weather

    When Will Greenland and Antarctica Collapse ?

    Great Lakes Lake Levels Rising Because of Record Rain an Greenland Melting

    All That Ice an Snow Is Heavy Water Coming Off Of Greenland and Antarctica Sinking The Ocean Floors Putting Pressure on the Thermal Convection Belt Between The Crust an Mantel

    This Stress is Relieved By Lava Magma Eruptions and Plate Tectonic Movements

    Earth Quakes and Volcanos

    There is Still Over 218 Feet of Sea Level Rise to Sink the Ocean Floors

    When Will Greenland and Antarctica Collapse ?

    Will They Collapse This Summer ?

    The Past Three Winters it Has Been Raining In Greenland

    Will Greenland Collapse in a Winter Rain Bomb ?

    When Will Greenland and Antarctica Collapse ?

    Today Tonight Tomorrow With In 36 Months ?

    "Japan hit with Biblical amounts of rain! Total rainfall could surpass 1200 mm (47 inches) in 24 hours which is more than 10 times their August average" Gary Walton

    Kuwait June 12 2019 147F.

    Area in China 6 Feet of Record Rain

    Jalisco Mexico 5 Feet of Snow

    Japan 4 Inches of Rain in 1 Hour, 17 inches of Rain Total in the Passing Storm

    Europe 120F. Heat Wave

    Midwest ununited states Flooded

    Our New Normal Since 2000 Record Rain has been 29 percent — 600 Percent Increase in Rain

    Record Rain, Record Snow,

    Record Highs Record Lows

    Record Winds, Record Waves

    Record Fires, Record Floods,

    Record Volcanic Eruptions

    Record Hurricanes, Record Tsunamis,

    Record Typhoons, Record Earthquakes,

    Record Mud-Slides, an Record Sea

    Surges. Record High Tides, Record Sea Level Rise

    Carbon + Methane Natural Gas + Water Vapour + Methane Feed Back Loops Kicking in, in 2005 = Global Warming Extreme Deadly Weather More Like 5.4C. or 6C. ?

    Temp Rise Now

    Greenland and Antarctica Melting Calving Getting Ready To Collapse When ?

    Today Tonight Tomorrow With In 36 Months ?

    We Should Not Throw In The Towel, Now Is The Time To Act

    Campaign to Allow Californian Residents to Sell Electricity Obtained by Renewable Energy To the Utility aka Feed In Tariff

    We Need a National Feed in Tariff

    Will you read, sign, and share this petition?

    Richest in Land an Money Queen of England, Vatican an US Federal Reserve Should Fund Decommissioning an Relocation Of All Nuclear Waste To Above 3,000 Feet

    444 Nuclear Reactors

    450 Nuclear Fuel Rod Facilities an over 1,300 Fuel Rod Pools

    Over 250,000 Toxic Tons Of Radiated Nuclear Waste

    Over 14,000 Nuclear Weapons

    There Is So Much Uranium In The Oceans They Will Be Mining It Soon

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    Daniel Ferra


    By Malcolm Light

    Humanity is facing the final, western corporate capitalist, fossil fuel initiated, catastrophic Arctic methane hydrate destabilization and Permian style methane blowout – firestorm that will culminate in 1 to 4 years (2020 to 2023).

    We will all be boiled alive like lobsters in a massively humid atmosphere and converted into stardust.

    Recent data from the Arctic confirm an exponential rise in the temperature anomaly of the Arctic stratospheric methane which is now 65 degrees C above the normal, while it was only 20 degrees C above the normal, 6 to 8 years ago.

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    So these people think that the decisions should not be left to the experts ?
    Well, where do you go when you are seriously ill ? Do you ask "the people", too, or do you go and see and expert, say a doctor ?
    Where do you go when you are in a financial crisis and have tax problems ? Do you ask "the people" or do you go and see an expert ?
    The people don't know what the right thing to do is, considering all aspects of a very very complex problem. That's why we have experts. They are the only ones who even have a chance to know what the right thing to do is.
    Extinction rebellion IS a radical leftist movement, and it is a quite deluded one. Anyone with any common sense, put your trust in the experts, be it natural science, economics, ecology, or any other field that is involved here.

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    Seve Nahm

    I'm following all this closely and love watching the videos but you need to tone down the background music. I can barely understand the dialog.

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    joel fildes

    So,scruffy people are more altruistic than everyone else ? …Swampy and fellow eco warriors,we support you !..virtue signalled…

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  59. Post

    Hey you should live in the US and see how rapidly our idiot president, Republicans and centrist Democrats are leading us in the complete opposite direction on climate change. You've actually got it much better than we do. We are leading the world in climate change denial and we are doing the most damage to the planet. We can't even get the people most affected by climate change to admit it's happening, let alone do something about it. We're fucked.

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    Interstellar Beat Teller

    We need to change public opinion. We need to use information warfare. The narratives can be changed, we can shape people's thinking thru social media. People don't care about World hunger until they see starving children. People don't care about nature until you show them dying animals # Show them what the f*ck is going on!

  63. Post
  64. Post
  65. Post
  66. Post
    Wu Li

    The workaholic Japanese and white US and EU populations have been decreasing faster than all others for decades. Hence, the reason the republican party is now led by KKK members and all our rights have been thrown in the toilet, because democracy isn't working as well for them as it used to. Conservative politicians are already begging their constituents to "do the right thing" and make more babies while they work 90 hour weeks and their standard of living drops. Fuck em all, they made it illegal to vote for Mickey Mouse, took away our constitutional rights, and elected Donald Duck, against the wishes of his own party leaders, to oppose the same government that they had elected in the first place. They are actually dropping like flies recently, due to alcoholism and sheer stupidity, piss and vinegar, brought to you by watching too much Fox News, which is legally entertainment. Their own children have abandoned fundamentalists services en mass and begun moving to more urban areas, disowning their own parents and heritage.

    The best way to deal with Three Stooges slapstick, is to encourage the idiots to kill each other and die faster by giving them all the bullshit they want to hear. I'm working on ways to easily automate it using bots, that can easily pass for human, because all it has to do is spout rhetoric.

  67. Post
    Oliver Kunz

    Climate Change is war – the corrupted elite against the rest of us….we need to break this vicious system we live in … it is a question of life and death.

  68. Post
    Andy Kadir-Buxton

    I have sent the world's first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan to every
    Prime Minister since 1985, only one has replied, Tony Blair, who said:
    "Interesting." My plan can be seen at: @t
    Please sign the petition on it.

  69. Post
    Andy Kadir-Buxton

    I have sent the world's first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan to every
    Prime Minister since 1985, only one has replied, Tony Blair, who said:
    "Interesting." My plan can be seen at: @t
    Please sign the petition on it.

  70. Post
    Andy Kadir-Buxton

    I have sent the world's first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan to every
    Prime Minister since 1985, only one has replied, Tony Blair, who said:
    "Interesting." My plan can be seen at: @t
    Please sign the petition on it.

  71. Post

    I use LED lighting and ECO BULBS… I plant the odd tree – and lots of flowers… – I understand where extinction rebellion are coming from; – but Precisely WHAT do we do now about Climate Change? …apart from OBSERVE + ADAPT??? …there is a theory that the next few years will get even WARMER and then melt the rest of the Greenland ice sheet into the North Atlantic thus STOPPING the GULF STREAM …so, really DON'T WORRY …Nature will RESTORE EVERYTHING …the BEST way is Arguably to simply LOVE the NATURE!!!

  72. Post
  73. Post
    Paul Webb

    I hope the XR members will eventually realise that we have to reject the political system completely. They’ve made a good start but we need state COMPLETELY out of the way if we’re going to save ourselves.
    Extinction Rebellion needs to become Total Rebellion.

  74. Post
  75. Post
  76. Post
    Luke Bitton

    I agree with everything that extinction rebellion say, but it is obviously predominantly a bougie movement as it requires an amount of financial capital to do what they are doing. I wonder if there is a way to engage the working class, because that is a necessary step.

  77. Post
    Brad Campbell

    I am shocked at the way we sabotage our own health in a toxic food system that does not provide real food that supports life, as well as the indoctrination into vaccination when the science clearly points out that vaccines do more harm than good. These are measures accepted by well meaning public health officers/officials. We undermine our health in the most obvious ways because of ignorance, and trusting the "experts" who don't have clue, so there is no limit to our appetite to destroy ourselves from the inside out, and from the outside in.

  78. Post
    Simply Human

    Our economic model is at fault. We externalize all costs. We assume growth is good. We borrow from the future generations. We live off debt and consumption. We compete for "resources". We think clear cutting rainforests is OK. Humans deserve to go extinct.

  79. Post
    Simply Human

    Dismantle the Central banks, they are the root of all the environmental destruction, violence (wars), disparity, corruption. Limit the life of a corporation, and force corporations to serve public good. Initiate corporate death penalty. Get money out of politics. End all foundations. Limit wealth accumulation to $50 Million.

  80. Post
  81. Post
  82. Post
  83. Post
  84. Post
  85. Post
  86. Post
  87. Post
  88. Post
    Alejandro Rosa

    Ok I live in the US. I’m trying to express this idea. This country is the second biggest polluter in the world. If we could help republicans and evangelicals that they are soooo concerned with abortion. So laser focus on saving even one embryo or zigoto EVEN if the are unwanted by the mother or born out of rape and abuse cause God is in them… ok is ur belief, but they are voting in masses for candidates who promise to be tough on abortion and actively against pro choice candidates … can anybody let them know that with the choices they are making they will assure the death of 1000 times more embryos. And not only embryos but full fledged BABIES, TODDLERS, KIDS, and TEENS along with their mothers. AND this infants will die in far more horrible ways than embryos during abortion. They will die by starvation, by wars by thirst by gangs on concentration “detention” camps like in the USA, by torture by rape and they will be on the MILLIONS . They will bring these horrors to all children and all of us by keeping in office climate deniers and too afraid of trump republicans who will INEVITABLY and without hesitation will lead us to extinction by opposing every legislation to curve CO2 and in favor of those that accelerate the CO2 in our atmosphere for huge quick profits. Can somebody say something about this? Or am I totally in the wrong? Why nobody is trying to help them ( evangelicals and other hard core antiabortion groups) see? They can and have been deciding elections just by their sheer numbers! And that’s how we got here. PLEEEAAASE WAKE UP!!! abortion IS NOT a priority anymore!

  89. Post
    CSERA Studio

    Stop populating the earth, don't believe anything else will save it, personally I think it's way too late to recover the damage done. Sounds pessimistic I know, has anyone else got better ideas? The world governments know it's too late, bunkers are built, hydroponics are ready, no room for the masses. They know exactly what they are doing, agenda 30 is an interesting read!

  90. Post
    Tyler Paterson

    The funny thing is the rich 1% thinks they'll be ok lol. Who will make your products do the real work you've never done in life.

  91. Post
    James Pullen

    Citizens' Assemblies are not a democratic solution if their members are not elected. On the contrary, they are a means of circumnavigating democracy by placing activists in positions of authority where they dictate policy, not from objective evidence, but ideology.

  92. Post
    Greer Wanda

    Margaret Mead said:
    'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'
    I think this is true but those that start the change need the rest of us to come along too… There is research that demonstrates that if 3.5% of the people join a non-violent social change movement that movement will succeed – check out the research by Erica Chenoweth.

    In the comments below I see so many people wanting to undermine XR but guess what? they are out there doing something and being heard better than many other movements before them. I would like to invite you too to join an XR protest (or school strike) and swell the numbers – that 3.5% – if those running our countries SEE that many people will put their life on hold to support change then they will realise they must do something. Non Violent social disruption brings about change: think the American Civil rights movement and Gandhi in India – by standing up VERY VISIBLY (and risking your freedom) and saying 'NO' to the current system you disrupt the system (which is based on compliance). The rights movement and Gandhi had specific demands – protest without demanding/providing some doable beneficial solution is not going to get anything happening – those in power have little vision of what an alternative can look like so they must be given some option. And like the Civil Rights and Gadhi, those movements were the BEGINNING of societal change – they were a tipping point – a citizens assembly is a STARTING point by which to change the way power currently operates.

    SO my suggestion is to join the movement/vote width your feet/be part of the 3.5% and then help make change from within that movement – allow your self to be heard AND allow your self to hear others points of view. One thing you can be sure of if you join an XR protest is that everyone there wants change – they each want something different from what is currently operating – that has to be a good starting point! To start this, let's focus on our commonality rather than our differences.

  93. Post
  94. Post
  95. Post
    Robert Burns

    Just a thought. The insect. Kids ask your grandad how many insects used to get splattered on his windscreen when he first started to drive. Then ask your dad the same question then go outside and look at thr car on the drive??

  96. Post
    antonio bortoni

    The only answer is social democracy to all countries, great subsidize to green energy and sustainability and put hight taxes to pollution and trash…
    Like hight taxes to process food
    Hight Taxes to fossil fuels, pollution…

    It's the only way.

  97. Post
  98. Post
    matej vohl

    Why the hell should I give a crap? Europeans are about to become a minority in our own continent in a few decades. You globalists are doing everything in your power to erase my people from existence. So as far as I'm concerned, I don't care if your future multiculturalist dystopia burns

  99. Post
    Mitch Dickson

    LOL! Aren't you buying oats for a dead horse? You have no survival skills, no food, no way to grow any. Your basically already dead 🙂 Your parasitic in nature. You believe you have the right to steal from those who produce and give to yourself. But you have already lost this game. The Grand Solar Minimum just took out 70% of the food and is gonna last for at least 15 years. Look around youtube at the 10s of thousands of rural whites that have geared up to grow their own. This will be done in tiny incriments with no government involvement. None of that food will reach you!!!!! You see, the "extention rebellion" has begun. You are going extinct, and soon 🙂 Now go riot and burn your city down, we could care less! But come out here…….well try it 🙂 We have already taken proactive steps to insure our survival. Your plan? Well last I heard you were going to live on maggot sausage and cock roach milk. Go for it LMAO!

  100. Post
    Alex Almeida


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