The DIFFERENCE between RICH and POOR people | An Eye Opening Speech by Jordan Belfort

The DIFFERENCE between RICH and POOR people | An Eye Opening Speech by Jordan Belfort

People are unable
to manage their state. Now this is your physiological emotional state
and what it is it’s how you feel in the moment. You could be the most talented person in the
world, the best business person in the world,
the best athlete in the world, doesn’t matter, the best parent in the world,
but if you’re in a disempowered emotional state,
you can’t do anything. Here are the empowering states for business. CERTAINTY,
AMBITION, PASSION. Disempowering states for business:
FEAR, those things destroy you. Now, we can’t manage our state all the time,
you’re not a robot. But that’s skill
that in the moment when it matters, when it really comes down to it,
can you manage your state? Or do you spend the bulk of your time
in disempowered states feeling overwhelmed,
fearful of the future, pissed off,
angry? We live in a world where happens. We do right? You’re walking along doing everything right
and bam you get hit with a lump between the eyes. Right? And at that point in time
you take that punch, that’s when state management really matters. Because what most people do is when they take
that punch, they try to make sense of it all,
so they start telling themselves a story. They’ll themselves a story of
why they can’t have what they want and so on and so forth,
when in truth, what stops people from getting what they want
is the bull story they tell themselves of why they can’t have it. Cause that story
stops them from getting honest. This is about honesty,
to see things as they are right now, in your life,
but not worse than they are. Then to see things better than they are,
and develop a plan to get there. If you don’t have a starting point,
I can’t draw a map for you. What you need to do is get honest with yourself,
see things as they are, not worse than they are. Then see them better than they are,
develop a plan to get there and this is your GOAL, your VISION for the future. Next reason people are broke:
They set impotent goals. Here’s the deal. The reason
that most people are not successful or not wealthy,
is not because they set their goals too high and miss them. It’s because they set them too low,
and hit them. It’s not because you set your goals too
high and miss. You set your goals too low and you hit them. And you get caught up
in the average daily struggles of averagism and mediocrity. It’s that extra inch. That’s where you want to set your GOAL,
not pie in the sky and out of control like it’s never gonna happen,
because that’s a load of crap too. People that set those sort of GOALS,
they abandon those goals and we’ll get to that later. But the idea here is you wanna set the GOALS
just above your comfort zone. So now think about it for a second. Think about your GOALS right now, how do you
set them? You setting them very low and hitting them? Are you setting goals that don’t inspire
you? Some people set goals that might be high,
but they’re crappy goals. They’re not the sort of goals that make
you jump out of bed in the morning,
make you wanna go to work for yourself, to secure the future and not just for you
but for your family. That’s FREEDOM. You know, money is just
a mechanism to get there. Limiting beliefs. These are killers. There are two. One has to do with life,
and one has to do with money. Poor people
believe they are creatures of circumstance. Life happens to them. Rich people
are creators of circumstance. I will tell you this. There is no more
destructive belief in the world than to think that life happens to you. Cause there’s 3 things that you do,
when you don’t think that you can create your own destiny. I’ll tell you exactly what they are. Ready? Number 1,
the first thing you do is you play what I call the blame game. You start blaming everybody
for why you don’t have what you want. You’ll BLAME the government,
you’ll BLAME your family, you’ll BLAME your spouse,
you’ll BLAME your boss, you’ll BLAME the economy,
you’ll BLAME the people on Wall Street, you’ll BLAME anybody and everybody,
when you think the world happens to you. You’re PARALYSED. The second thing you do,
is you JUSTIFY. It is because,
because the economy stinks, it’s because people are unfair to me,
it’s because money doesn’t really matter anyway. Third,
this is the worst one of all, they COMPLAIN. Cause I do believe in some laws of the Universe,
I do. And one of them is that
what you FOCUS on, EXPANDS,
gets bigger and what you FOCUS on you ATTRACT. So here’s what happens
when you’re complaining, what are you focusing on? All the in your life. So guess what happens to you? You become a giant magnet. Poor people
think money doesn’t matter. Rich people
value money, they know it does matter. We live in a world where money matters. Now is it the be all end all? No. But money is a beautiful, wonderful thing. When you have money, you can do great things. You can help other people,
you can retire your parents, take care of your children,
travel, have freedom to do the things you wanna do. Money won’t make you happy but a lack of
it, a lack of money could be a passport to misery. So I say solve the money problem
and then look for the higher things afterwards. GREED is not good. AMBITION is good. PASSION is good. GREED is destructive. The first thing
that happens when you get greedy, is ethics
go flying out the window. It becomes about making as much as you can,
as fast as you can, and you do not care who gets hurt
along the way. They’re controlled by FEAR. This is a killer. We all know this and there are basically
3 ways to process FEAR, to manage FEAR. Let me tell you what they are. Number 1,
is to pretend that FEAR does not exist. And here’s where you end up:
in a place called POVERTY and MISERY. If you try to convey “I’m not scared of
anything”. I’m not not taking action. I’m not starting my own company. I’m not going out there and trying to strike
it rich. It’s not cause of FEAR. And then what do you do? So you tell the story
you get it? That’s not what you’d say to anybody. What you would say is,
“money doesn’t matter”, “eh it’s too difficult”,
“I didn’t come from a rich family”, “guy like me is not cut out for that sort
of stuff”, “oh it’s not important anyway”,
“those people, rich people are all idiots”, all the stuff that we hear. That’s a result,
of not admitting to yourself that you have a bit of FEAR. You ignore it and you let it control you. That is the most disempowering state
for WEALTH and SUCCESS. The most. Second is overwhelmed,
third is uncertainty. Second way,
you act in spite of FEAR. I was always scared. Scared to fail,
Scared of what people would think if they knew how
I didn’t know all the answers back when I was younger. I was scared but I acted anyway. I never
STOP ME. It’s the achievers special I call it. That’s what achievers do,
they’re scared but they act anyway. Here’s what happens when you have that strategy. You end up in a place called
“WEALTHY MISERY”, or “WEALTHY ANXIETY”. Acting in spite of FEAR,
okay, not processing it correctly, you’re gonna be nervous a lot of the time. Always concerned “what happens if I FAIL?”,
“what happens if I don’t hit my GOAL?”, the whole nine yards. It’s better than the first,
but it’s not the best way. The third way,
is EMBRACING it, letting it MOTIVATE you. Do you have the achiever’s mentality? Will your process FEAR but you act
but you’re scared all the time or nervous? Either you’re selling and persuading or
you’re failing in life. Not products. The intangible. Yourself,
your IDEAS, your CONCEPTS. Selling your kid to make his bed. Either you’re selling and persuading or
you’re failing. But this is an ART,
the MASTERY, or at least effectiveness,
“can you be an effective persuader?”, is the most crucial skill
that any human being could have and It’s the single
most important skill that Warren Buffett has. And he said it publicly,
on numerous occasions but the point is still the same. You have to learn
not to be a master salesperson, that’s not what it’s about,
or a hardcore salesperson. You have to become
an effective persuader. So you can share your IDEAS,
your CONCEPTS, your VISIONS with other people. And they’ll follow you. Because you can show the value that you have
as a human being. You could have all the value in the world
as a person, you can be the smartest person,
you can have the cure for cancer, you can have the next great computer chip,
anything in the world. If you don’t have the power to persuade,
to make your thoughts known, to influence others,
you can’t do anything about it, you’re failing in life. This is what poor people always do. This is the biggest trap ever,
The biggest one of all: they slave their lives away for a paycheck. This is why most people are broke. They work,
for somebody else. There’s no way around this. It’s very simple. There’s just no way around it. If you work for somebody else,
there are a couple of exceptions, I’ll tell you what they are. Number 1,
is if you’re a commission-sales person working on heavy commission. That’s one way around it. Second way is if you work in
a certain industry like banking and investment banking,
where you can leverage off of a huge company’s assets,
like the Goldman Sachs or Citibank or one of the largest Kuala Lumpur
bank whatever it might be locally here. There’s very few exceptions. Other than that, if you really wanna get ahead
in life You have to own your own business. Now I’m not saying,
you gotta go and quit your job right now. Absolutely not. But at some point in time if you wanna get
wealthy, you have to get into your own business. I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my
heart. You have to do it at some point in time
if you wanna get wealthy or else, you’re a PAWN in someone else’s game of


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    The Outcome

    "If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally among everybody, it would soon be back in the same pockets it was before." Wealth is a mindset. That means anyone can acquire it.

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    Armin Rau Leadership For Entrepreneurs

    Well, one important thing is not to fight the emotion, even if it is negative. It is important to accept them and let them pass. If you have your clear goal, the positive emotion will come back automatically. That’s what I experience every day. And it makes me grow.

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    Practical Inspiration

    The big lesson here is to take responsibility to make your life what you want it to be. Don't blame others, even if they're at fault, because it's your responsibility to make things better for yourself

  5. Post
    Lynn Marie Anderson

    This is an interesting perspective. I would say it's one thing to talk about all this, quite another to actually do it and practice it in your life. This is very motivational for me, thank you.

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    OH HELL YEAH OUTCOME!!!! fucking love this this dude is one of the smartest crazy people ever. I really enjoyed the long video and hint hint nearly at 100k subs that amazing well done and well done on all the hard work friend. I tell myself everyday that i can do anything anytime anywhere the truth is some people are weak weak minded weak bodies – I want more people to be a lion not a poor sheep! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! YOU KILLED THIS! Shaun 🙂

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    Reflective Motivation

    Property is not the sacred right. When a rich man becomes poor it is a misfortune, it is not a moral evil. When a poor man becomes destitute, it is a moral evil, teeming with consequences and injurious to society and morality.

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    Jade Penn

    Talk about getting what you want but no talk on healthy goals, healthy wants. So if you regulate yourself one day you too can become a dictator etc etc. I’ve over drawn the point but there is a sickness to getting whatever you want.

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    Chauncy Gilmore

    Only in America can you be an unethical, egomaniac, thief, conman and so much more and still get idiots to believe your BS .

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