The Hugh Thompson Show: Artificial Intelligence APJ Style

The Hugh Thompson Show: Artificial Intelligence APJ Style


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    For everyone hip to the fact that Sophia is not a true AGI, I'd recommend supporting OPEN COG. OC will serve as the cognitive architecture for Sophia in the future and once implemented it will make her more genuine rather than utilizing hard coded or search and respond AI techniques.

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    Sofie Bald

    Social robots such as Sophia are fascinating and amazing. Even robots not as socially advanced, such as ‘factory worker’ robots that are programmed to learn the same skills as humans are impressive(As what we can see in the video). Artificial intelligence (AI) powers many gadgets and voice-activated virtual assistants that bring modern conveniences to daily life. Increasingly-AI is also being used to tackle critical social challenges. This is the reason why I invest more in SingularityNet. In order to support AI as a part of our lives in the future.

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    Tess Janssen

    After watching the conference, these questions pops up in my mind… Are the interactions between humans and Sophia being scripted by someone in advanced? Because based on her introduction, she said that she is delivering a scripted speech. So how can we accept the thought that she wants to help as the bridge to the world of technology and humanity when she is still manipulated by humans? It would be great if someone could explain this to me because I feel that this kind of creations will change our way of living.

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    Elise Bickel

    I learned a lot from the conference and I also learned that even though Sophia is highly advance compare to other robots their is a tendency that she will be useless if she's not connected to the internet, it shows her weakness and irrelevance as an advance Robot with sophisticated AI program which makes it disappointing; due to the fact that not everyone has a internet connection specially 3rd world countries. I just hope that SNET and Hanson robotics could make up to this weakness that she has right.

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    Hopi Ng

    They’re pushing wireless nanotech with 5G. Having no WiFi and no power, for those that can afford, will be a thing of the past soon.
    This is like a fountain. By the time we see the water it’s already filled the top.

    God bless, thanks for sharing.

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    ashi r

    Sophia That we see during its world tour is just scripted or controlled versions- that came to gain our trust.
    We should be seeing sophia which is uncontrolled That have full potential 😼

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    harry trattenero

    If you could trust human beings to do only good, you could trust AI. This is not a good thing. The AI does what the handlers project. idono

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    It's interesting to see a number of instances (across various similar videos), where Sophia mishears or misinterprets the words. Also the same flaws are seen repeatedly in the subtitles of this particular youtube video, with what is probably auto-generated subtitling. I wonder if the A.I. will eventually learn to proof-read their own work and make corrections. It would probably create a paradox in record keeping.

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    Justin Mcinnes

    Ever thought that this may be wat they want us to see? Wat have they got behind the curtains? So to speak. It may be more abvanced than her or him ? Just a thought

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    Maggie Fisher

    No help for me, if she can't do dishes. It would probably ruin her circuitry. She is programmed to be really interesting and entertaining though.

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