after a group of young losers gained
special powers and didn’t have to wear glasses anymore they decided to fight
other powerful guys like them with the excuse that they are superheroes they are… the white salamander after being bitten by a radioactive salamander he
developed the powers of a salamander the Birdman after being attacked by Birds when he was very young he gains the ability to fly the hot woman after being exposed to the Sun for a long time she gained the ability to get very hot and to peel after a week the Hammer man after buying
a hammer at a hardware store he gains the ability to hit other people with a hammer Steven! after being bitten by a common salamander he had to take antibiotics for two weeks because the bite got infected and till now he does not understand how come the guy who’s been bitten by a radioactive salamander is doing better than he is the bullet man! after being shot during a robbery and stayed
three months in the ICU he is now well and can be shot yet again The Man Man after bumping into a man on the street he decided to add the word man to man They are… THE IMPRESSIVES !

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