The Lasting Impact of Women in The Civil War | Time Capsule

The Lasting Impact of Women in The Civil War | Time Capsule


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    I agree that women should have equal opportunities, but i dont agree that they have to have equal outcomes. Because that is the land of quotas and stupidity.

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    Moreover, women's rights movement rose from the fact that industrialization created more easy jobs on mass, who could employ women. The whole causality is flipped. Rights came after the jobs and opportunities.

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    Caleb Limb

    I'll agree that there wasn't very much equality between genders at that time, but today men and women have all of the same rights, wages and opportunities. You have all these feminists choosing to go into gender studies that then complain that there aren't enough women in the stem sciences, then they get a job working at McDonald's and they complain that men working life threatening skilled labor get paid more than they. If anything we've gone to far and given an artificial advantage to previously oppressed groups but that's a whole other can of worms.

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    Roni Huhta

    American civil war is not an exception to women participating in any of the mentioned professions, it's a rule. There are less of the cases where women haven't participated in warfare in any capacity than there are of those where women are secret or accepted participants of it.

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    Metric Imperialist

    The main reason why men wouldn't allow women into the roles held by men IS NOT because they thought of them as property.
    They did that because they were trying to protect them from it.

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    Vladimir Novitski

    Oh no, what a terrible-terrible society it is! To think that it wouldn't let poor women to go and die a horrible death in the front lines!

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    Now I suugest you delve into the PWD (people with disabilities) rights movement. It's interesting and overlooked history.

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    It's kind of ironic to think that women have finally been allowed into combat roles in a time when major wars are increasingly rare. I'm sure, maybe unfortunately, that there will be many more female war heroes in time, but it is perhaps a silver-lining in how long it took to accept females into the military that wars with staggeringly high casualty rates are, hopefully, a thing of the past, and we won't lose generations of young women like we did men.

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    John Bonini

    3:28 George: Y'know what it is? It's "Clara Nightingale Syndrome". He falls ill; she falls in love.
    Jerry: You mean Florence Nightingale.
    George: What'd I say? Clara?
    Jerry: Yeah, you must have meant Clara Barton.
    George: Clara Barton? What did she do?
    Jerry: I'm not sure, but I think she was nice.
    George: Susan B. Anthony I think I'd have a problem with.
    Jerry: Yeah, I think you would.

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    Under the law in the United States, Men and Women are equal. However, as I am sure you are aware, putting something into law is not a guarantee that one's goals will be realized. Laws need to be Enforced, and there will always be those who break the law. On top of that, there are some things that cannot be legislated, such a other peoples thoughts, beliefs, and speech.

    And it is the thoughts, beliefs, and speech of those who believe that Women are not equal to Men that modern Feminism is against. And I believe that such debates (if kept civil and rational) should be a welcome voice in our society.

    (I wrote this as a response, but I felt it needed it's own comment =^_^=)

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    The military rarely reflects the views of the public. sometimes it is light years ahead, and sometimes light years behind. It should be inclusionary and reflect the public it defends. currently it doesn't even represent it's veterans, they're ignored by washington and their rights aren't supported. They have different standards and rights for non conscripts and those who served under the draft. When we need them where are recruits going to come from? Washington is an equal opportunity exploiter.

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    I have faaar too many American friends to really want to see this happen… but if you guys reactivated the draft you'd be done with senseless wars so fast it'd make the rest of the world's heads spin.

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    Exeggcuter Timur

    So far there have been 4 episodes on the civil war, and yet still no mention of how weapons improved. I know you'll cover it eventually, but it seems odd to me.

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    "Can war create lasting change?"

    Well, as I remember from my studies, WWI played a large part in the close of the "Age of Monarchies," so to speak.

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    It's sad that women weren't allowed to be a nurse because of sexism, and they fought really hard to be able to be a nurse, and then men turned around and made being a nurse only a woman's job, so that the sexism remained strong. Next, voting will fall to only the women…

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    Sam Ellis

    These time capsule videos really give some perspective on America growing stronger after the civil war, which is really kool.

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    Neko 2016

    it's a good thing not only young boys will die in droves during war. what a joke, when actual war start most women wont passed the physical requirement that already lowered compared to mens or just get removed….

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    Jacob Grant

    As an Army veteran with a combat job it's not so much we think women were too weak to do our jobs, it's how we as combat MOSs communicate and treat each other (read haze but not so much). Sexual harassment is such a huge deal in the military nowadays, so as much as the word "bitch" or "cunt" (words used on a daily basis in all male jobs, a shame I know) get said in front of a female soldier it could IMMEDIATELY be considered some kind of sexual harassment and be the end of an otherwise superb Soldier's career.

    In conclusion, as it is much a shame, females in usually all male jobs in the military will lower morale. Everyone will be too scared to joke around and just talk normally.

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    Jonathan Colburn

    I wonder how many in the US, understand that although females now may enter "combat" fields in the Army – they still don't have to achieve the same physical fitness standards of their male counterparts. The double standard hasn't been erased – as once announced. But hey, it's all about career advancement anyway, right?

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    Elisabeth Coley

    Hate to tell this people, but women had it the best they would ever have it before the civil war.Men provided for them protected them cared for them, and all they had to do was get married, raise family, and enjoy life.That was true living.

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    I'm a big Civil War buff, I have several ancestors who fought in the war, for the South, but hey, the were Southerners, that's what they did when the Yanks showed up on their doorsteps. One of them was killed, and his father, who was the seventh son of the seventh son and said to have "the sight", actually foresaw his son's death, and showed up at the battlefield with a coffin he had made for his son. He was able to recover his son's body and took it home for burial. True story! 😊

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    Colton King

    Frances Clayton was a fraud. No evidence to back up any of her wild stories, or that she ever had a husband who fought and died in the war.

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