The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking,
community stalking. You’re in the middle of this
ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the
National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of
millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone
through their phones. Certainly through their
television sets. The last year and a half,
he’s been systematically followed by a group of people. Does the FBI used drones for
surveillance on U.S. soil? New Associates Press
investigation shows that the Bureau has its
own little air force with scores of planes flying
over American cities recording videos and tracking cell
phone conversations. He has a man outside of his house. In a hood. Like, basically like a hood. This almost sounds like gang
stalking or something. Have you heard of that? Many of the things that victims of
gang stalking described are also symptoms
of mental disorders. We’re not having a
group hallucination. This is actually something
that’s happening. I grew up with my parents.
My mother was a medical doctor. My father was a former
rocket scientist turned teacher. I grew up with a desire to be
a graphic artist. And then I didn’t like school
very much so I joined the Navy. I did that for a couple of years. Didn’t like that too much
so I came back to LA. And basically lived in Los Angeles
as a homeless man just living on the street. I had my truck with a shell
and I worked as a handyman or construction jobs
that I would get. The gang stalking experience
started for me when I noticed these black SUVs and other police vehicles driving
slowly along the street. But they never came up to me
or said anything. And then, I had seven or eight
helicopters hovering directly over my apartment. And then it goes “brr” by. And it keeps happening,
it keeps happening. It begins to dawn on me that
something is going on. And this continued on. Here comes the
gang stalking helicopter. Here it comes. It’s confusing to humans trying to
understand gang stalking. Why would they do this to me? Why would they do these weird,
petty little things that, you know, maybe even just irritate
me at some moment. If you were to ask me
what gang stalking is. It’s a way to slowly kill people
using their own decisions. So we’re getting one
of our friends here. I got to see. I don’t know if you can hear that
on the audio. But we’re getting a buzz right now. On certain topics that I’ll
bring up, I’ll get buzzed. My understanding of gang stalking is that a number of people have
found each other on the internet who believe that they are being
targeted for harm. There’s this concept of
hyper-vigilance, right? Which is that your threat
assessment centers get locked into a position that is too high. They’re warning you all the time
about things not necessarily untrue but that you would feel better
not worrying about. Being of the opinion that you had to
constantly look around and figure out what might
be threatening to you. Or else your life would be at stake. Would lead to you not just seeing
connections that weren’t there, but erring on the side of safety when you see a connection that might
or might not be there. I’m a self-taught makeup artist. And depending on the
list that you look at, probably one of the top ten
makeup artists in the world. I think that just
my life experience, me being around famous
people all the time. What paparazzi photographers
do to them. What normal people do to them
if they go out in public. There’ll be a gang like reaction. This is essentially the same thing. Except it’s not. I didn’t ask for it. In my experience, it started
over a year ago. I had rented a space
in Hawthorne, California. And people warned me that
as a gay man, you know, it was maybe brave of me
to rent this space. I never think about
things like that. I didn’t know what it was called. Like I said, I just thought
that it was bullying. I just thought that it was people were just like, “get the faggot
out of the neighborhood or whatever.” When 20 or 30 cars are hazing you
on the freeway, behind you, in front of you,
on both sides of you. Completely controlling how fast you
go, whether you exit. Whatever you do. This is something bigger than that. I started spray painting their cars
on the freeway. I pepper spray them.
At this time, it was trying to get them
to call the police. That’s what I was trying to do. I had no other way, I felt like,
other than to find out are these people together. Are they working
in this one collective group for the same reason? What they’ll do to a particular
person in order to stress them out is they’ll hit them with the same
thing over and over and over again. I would get Los Angeles Police
Department vehicles lighting up their sirens. And not pulling me over
but zooming around me almost like a continual tactic. This happens so much that I was
inspired to buy a dash camera. I believe it was the very next day. And it was the first time
I experienced what I know now was called
street theater. And I watch the parking lot
literally filled up with cars. And heterosexual couples would hold hands and stroll
through the back of the parking lot like they were on some
1950s sitcom. People that are trying to look
incredibly normal, look incredibly abnormal. Because they’re, they’re acting. It’s not authentic. That was when I first
started thinking, “It’s all of them against me.” This is clearly a collective
organized whatever is happening. If a conspiracy is a bunch of people
working together to do something that they don’t want publicized, then it would be absolutely wrong to say the world is not
filled with conspiracies. The question is what does it do for you
to spend a lot of time thinking and feeling about the
conspiracies that you believe exist. The government has to know about it. This can’t be like some rogue group operating some shadow thing and
nobody knows about it. I go to the Van Nuys
Police Department. I walked in. I said this is my ID,
this is my name. Are you following me or do you have
any knowledge of me being followed? “Is there a reason for you
to be followed sir?” No, there’s not. But people are. “Who’s following you?” Well, I don’t know who it is. “Well, what are they driving?” They’re driving cars with dealer
tags that you can’t trace. “Well sir, there are a lot
of dealers here. There are a lot of dealer tags. How do you know that
they’re following you?” Very quickly, you see
how crazy you sound. I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never had a DUI. Anything whatsoever. Whoever is in charge, which is so
weird, is spinning this web about what a deviant, immoral, less than a human being you are. That’s the only thing I can think of
that would get that many people in this collective effort
to get rid of you. This happens to you enough, believe
me, you will feel stressed. You will get that feeling
of helplessness. This is not just a gang of random
people just doing this for, you know, like randomly
without a plan. This is procedural. The psychiatric definitions
of delusion tend to focus on really two
principles. One is that the ideas that you have are not very vulnerable to evidence. The other is that people in your
culture don’t share your beliefs. The question becomes if you can find
10,000 people on the internet who believe the same thing as you,
is it a delusion? Is it bizarre? Quite possibly not. If everybody believes this stuff,
how is it in any way insane? People just would not
believe the suffering that people in this community
endure every single day. I’ve lost just about all my friends.
They’re afraid to talk to me. They just think, they think… It’s very effective,
they think I’m crazy. My family doesn’t know
anything about it. I don’t say a word to them. I don’t know if my son knows. And I don’t want anything
to happen to him. It’s really the most important thing
that we can do for victims is to connect them with others who
understand what they’re experiencing because no one else will. And isolation is really a key weapon
that these perpetrators use to bring a person down
to the ground basically. If you go to see a psychiatrist. Let’s say it’s the first time
you’re meeting a psychiatrist And you say, “I’m under police surveillance.” Then the psychiatrist will write you
off as suffering paranoid schizophrenia and he will
give you medication. So we must assume that this is what
the American society believes. That all these government agencies
which normally watch our people don’t actually watch people at all. If anybody thinks that they are
being watched by these government agencies,
then they must be crazy. It cannot possibly be true. There is really no help at the
moment officially to assist targeted individuals. They can’t go to the police. They can’t go to the FBI. They can’t go to Congress. There is nowhere that they can go. We are having to create the issue
and also the solution. Why isn’t our nation listening?
This could be them. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the nation is under
mass mind control. Given that the world is filled with
groups of people operating in secret or trying to divorce us from our
money or our power or whatever they want from us. One thing that might be helpful to
ask from a psychiatric point of view is what’s wrong with the rest of us? So why am I so relaxed? What’s wrong with me that I don’t
feel I’m being gang stalked? And is it that I’m living
in the matrix? Where in order to feel
more comfortable, I have decided to simply ignore a
lot of the evils in the world and a lot of the potential
threats to me. Okay, so, what we’re seeing
here is this scene where Keanu Reeves character climbs
out of the battery vat chamber. You can’t see precisely what it is
because of that loss of focus. But you can definitely see
that something is abnormal. As you can look at it I drew a picture of what the shapes
of those claws are. Looks like a bird talon
or a reptile talon. I started searching on conspiracy
type movies, UFO movies, weird movies on YouTube. I came across the reptilian
shape-shifter subject. What I can confirm is that there are
apparently non-humans. Apparently some of them
are extraterrestrial. And apparently they have some kind
of evil grip on our world. Richard Bruce here. And, if you haven’t seen
my channel before, this is gang stalking for reptilian
shape-shifter movie uploads to YouTube. When I uploaded my study, within 15 minutes helicopters kept
zooming over my apartment like there was a
drug bust in my building. And then it didn’t take me long. I think it popped into my mind
pretty quick. Oh my God. Is this from what I
uploaded to YouTube? Because the whole thing was so
freaky at first. Like when you’re seeing these
non-human features, you’re like, “Oh my God.” What is this? What can possibly be
going on? They’re carnivorous. They’re not friendly to mankind. At least the ones that are here. When you say carnivorous,
they eat humans? When I told my family about this, it’s almost like, I get a non sequitur reply
from a computer. They just kind of look at me like I’m not even hearing this. And, I’m really not
interested in that. My father, the rocket scientist,
the doctorates in mathematics. When I tell him anything about this. One of the main points of
discrediting me is saying that you just have to be
negative and dark about everything. Because of your own dissatisfaction
of being unemployed. I mean that’s a highly- It’s an understandable
point of view. It’s like somebody who’s disgruntled
with life in general might flock to an idea. Yeah, there’s evil reptilians doing
it all to us and that’s why I’m so miserable
or whatever, you know. Nobody wants to be called crazy. It’s one of the worst things
you can imagine. I don’t think I or any psychiatrist
would recommend that. People are convinced that what they
believe is not true. The more useful target would be what
pain are they feeling in their life? At least, if I can do anything, if I
can achieve anything by exposing this issue to
the general public. It could be that it takes away these
criminal’s right to destroy people’s lives with this. Because it’s terrible what’s
happening to people. I mean what kind of a country do we
live in where you can’t say certain things or do certain
things without our own government using these subversive, underhanded
tactics to drive you crazy. You’re in the middle of this
ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. And it’s stranger than fiction or
anything you can imagine. And it’s- It’s terrifying. Fuck. I don’t want to start crying. It… It pisses you off. It frustrates you. Beyond anything that
you can imagine. And it… It changes you. We could see it from everything. The fluoride in the water. The chemtrails. The fake education system. The fake medical system. I mean when are we going to wake up
and stand up and fight? As the scriptures say, “How good is
it for brethren to be together.” Meaning how good is it for people
who truly trust each other and are friends to be together.


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    Tracy O'Kane
    The National Alliance of Mental Illness website states:
    "Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions and relate to others. It is a complex, long-term medical illness. The exact prevalence of schizophrenia is difficult to measure, but estimates range from 0.25% to 0.64% of U.S. adults. Although schizophrenia can occur at any age, the average age of onset tends to be in the late teens to the early 20s for men, and the late 20s to early 30s for women. It is uncommon for schizophrenia to be diagnosed in a person younger than 12 or older than 40. It is possible to live well with schizophrenia."

  2. Post
    Tracy O'Kane
    The National Alliance of Mental Illness website states:
    "Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions and relate to others. It is a complex, long-term medical illness. The exact prevalence of schizophrenia is difficult to measure, but estimates range from 0.25% to 0.64% of U.S. adults. Although schizophrenia can occur at any age, the average age of onset tends to be in the late teens to the early 20s for men, and the late 20s to early 30s for women. It is uncommon for schizophrenia to be diagnosed in a person younger than 12 or older than 40. It is possible to live well with schizophrenia."

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    Garry Romanik

    Notice he tried to get them to call the cops on him, but they didn't. In fact they never reacted to his spray painting their cars or using pepper spray on them. He couldn't provoke a reaction, in our violent road rage prone culture? What's wrong with that picture and much does that deviate from what a noraml person, based on their life experiences, would expect to happen when people have their cars spray painted and pepper spray used on them? He must have been one of the luckest people on earth or there's somthing going on here.

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    Love AndLight

    You have to be a fighter
    and you have to keep God near you Every day .. You have to keep your relationship with God on yr mind daily …
    But you have to be a fighter
    You need to flip them off! And keep going .
    Keep yourself alert ,and let them know ,your not afraid and your very aware of whats happening ,and you will never let it enter your world or change who you are .. BE FEARLESS

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    Marcia Jones

    Daquan Cuban shut your stupid mouth, unless you’ve walked in our shoes you do t know one thing about this!! It is evil, and you are evil to fight us over it

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    Info Junkies

    I Have Video Of This,
    Its Confusing To If You Don't Know About it But You Can Run Across The Wrong Info, Or Know The Wrong Person, Or See The Wrong Thing Or Sue The Wrong Person,
    And That Makes You A Target!

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    Anthony Brown

    Defeat the Reptile's and gain access of your matrix. If I was him I would have been on some GTA sht frfr, 6 stars 10,20,100 stars all day, and jumped dimensions.

  14. Post

    I get paid to stalk random people by an agency but have to sign NDAs. No idea why but it pays well. Had to sign a 67 page document. Can't say anymore than that.

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    Codename Zell

    Demons have a variety of mechanisms to torment a variety of people. Pray to Jesus to take these demons away and to give you comfort and security and he will.

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    Awkward Autistic

    It is a group delusion…thanks to the internet…the paranoid can all get together to discuss their delusions which just makes it worse.

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    jason stanza

    I'm not crazy. I know my life before and after gang-stalking. My mind has not changed. People's behavior around me has changed. I grew up in a normal world with normal behavior of others around me. Then, in a day my life changed and I was gang-stalked. That means the behavior of others around me radically changed. It's gone on now for years. There is no way to confuse my gang-stalking with some mental disorder. My freedom is constantly encroached upon by the actions of others relentlessly synchronized to my behavior to interrupt me as I go about each day, all throughout the day, and I do have proof, but there are no authorities to go to with it, because it is basically all dependent upon the government itself. I'm drugged multiple times a day, targeted with painful burn/microwave weapons everywhere. This is a covert war on individual constitutional rights perpetrated by all parties who hate your rights. It is real and if you are a target, you'd have to be crazy to believe your life is normal anymore. The harassment is done so that it is made undeniable to the target. If the target even tries to chalk some attack up to a coincidence, the attack will be repeated and escalated until and unless the target knows it is not a coincidence. This is all about the target being "humbled" and that means he has to know power IS being exercised over him. Gang-stalking is real. It's just covert communism, a covert power-system to take the individual's rights off of him unlawfully. It is a "community" of targeting, all acting to secretly grab someone out of the light of day of his freedom and rights, and drag him into a dark alley of secret torture and abuse.

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    G Lamp

    Some characterize gang stalking as a group delusion. But that's an easy way out. One merely reduces all claims to a psychological construct. No investigation is done. And no room exists for an exception to the rule. You claimed to be gang stalked? Have supporting evidence? Guess what? You're ALWAYS delusional. Why? Because gang stalking is a delusion. Circular much? 🤔

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    kimmi 0427

    How the hell do these "people" get hired, to stalk perfect strangers? Omg please! And who are the people doing it and why would they WANT to spend their day "giving dirty looks" 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Post
    G Lamp

    If police think you're getting away with crime, you're at high risk of gang stalking. It's hilariously downplayed in the video. In reality, gang stalking is a mental-torture program. It's modeled after what Stasi used to induce insanity in suspected deviants. Lastly, some weirdos are victimized to give gang stalking a veneer of mental illness.

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    paul leftwick

    Even if they do what you all say you have no choice but to pretend it's not happening look at nature study body language? stalking is police related it might be just them covering up serious crime fraud and who started all the wars ? my voice as a teenager and my freinds was trapped on phone it's on lots of album's in the shops ask why your still alive and are they alive or happy the pychological warfare is probably how twin towers or iligitimate royals get by try forgetting about them? the problem stalker has is they don't have details like how many concussions I've had so I didn't know my own voice from memory loss the intentions must of been a waste of money they have one nasty recording of my mum saying please don't bloody die to my dad while he's having an epileptic fit on a marylin Manson album they tryed cracking me just start breathing and realise someone else might be worse off or you're gonna sound like a victim people can't stand

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    Homer Holloway Jr.

    Sounds like tweaker shit to me…stop smoking meth…if you are sober and this happens..its because you serve Jesus Christ..El Elyon

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    Monica Browne-Smith

    Its happening to me right now. The question I want to know is "WHY?" When I go to both local libraries and using the internet, someone is "virtual accessing" what I am viewing. I get random people following, being observed. Recently had excess leaves and rubbish strategically placed outside my front door. This is stalking with a good pinch of racism. These people are insignificant losers elevating themselves as bunch of cowards. They are so SAD. Their sheer ignorance shouts volumes in their actions and shows how low their IQ is, which is ZERO. Great! Now that I've got this angst off my chest, and now I can actually live my life in peace. Yea!

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    Argie Cox

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Read the Book, The Truth Will Set You Free by Electric Angel. The Technology behind the Electronic Harassment of Targeted Individuals is Fully Explained. Solutions and How to Escape included. Real Practical Solutions that can be put to use TODAY.

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    Roberto Flores

    I am a ex meth addict. This is so true i would not bother anyone under the influence but just get high in my room. After one year of addiction i started to get this gang stalked bi listening to some audio recordings i knew i was not tripping i started to due sleeping meditation and i knew it was some demon. Upon humans government military or so who knows may be UFO. After stoping using meth thanx to my Lord i stoped hearing and living this gang stalked life
    Wake up humans no more technology no more social media stop using medications and drugs pray to our Kings of Kings

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  52. Post

    I call them a bunch of hating strangers follow me, watch me and try to sabotage me but I don't give a F$%k I get on with what I have to do and the gang stalking subsides. gangstalkers want to keep you off track. They are merely a distraction. By the way it only happens to those living outside the matrix.

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    Hans Effect

    Some of the folks who leave/escape Scientology really are “gangstalked”.

    Escape now:

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    Red&BlueKachina kachinaFlats

    Reptilians are gang stalking because they are harvesting our negative energy and they sense your fear when they hang stalk you they are harvesting fear negative energy they thrive off it we are being harvested and we have been invaded by more multi dimensional beings who go from planet to planet using up all its resources minerals and energy and when they harnest all of it they move on to the next place costuming everything in there way!! Read the pladian and Anunaki wars by Andrew St.clair!!

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    Supreme Frequencies

    Sounds nutz as hell, but impossible is nothing. Just be a decent human being and lead a healthy life I guess 🤷‍♀️

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    Something You Forgot

    16:22 man o man…I feel for that guy. Prayers man. We got to remember there is no other way. God will not allow direct harm to his people. Take a breath. Glorify God. N keep looking towards the future🖤❤

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    robert kennedy

    They're so interested in another person how pathetic their own life means nothing wasting moments of your life over someone else.LMFAO

  66. Post

    OMGFG,,, 3 mins is about all I can handle listening to this PARANOID FREAK,,, I don't even remember his name and I don't care what he's called or what planet he thinks he's living on!!! HELICOPTERS TRACKING HIM, "SUSPICIOUS" BLACK SUV'S MONITORING HIS ACTIONS??? TALK ABOUT A FUCKED UP INDIVIDUAL AND WHY WOULD VICE EVEN BE INTERESTED IN WHAT THIS FREAK HAS TO SAY ANYWAY??!!!?? HORRIBLE SEGMENT VICE!!!

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    Targeted Individual

    Jimi Hendrix was gang stalked. Two men in Black suits came and choked Jimi to death, got the world believing he drug overdosed. I mean since 1970 everybody was lied on about our greatest rock musicians death…..I think Jimis girl at the time who ever she was knew how he died and she was probably paid to keep her mouth shut…

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    Truth Bomb

    Some of these people are just NUTZ but Gang stalking and street theater is real. The crazy’s are hurting the real Gang stalking victims.

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    S.M. McMiller

    Maybe Billy is just close to a huge mental break down…I think it could be pretty hard for him to get new jobs after his interview

  71. Post
    Edith Savanya

    This is actually for real, I've been experiencing this for the past 2 1/2 years, and I didn't even know it was a THING. I have been put on anti sphychotic medication 3 times because I was very vocal. Other forms of abuse I have experienced has been doxxing, which is a form of online bullying, again very hard to TRACE. I had helicopters fallow me from home to work, to my parents house…. If anyone else has experienced this, you are not alone! At first it was terrifying, I became really depressed, started experiencing severe ptsd and felt very disoriented, Now I'm just Mad!! If someone else out there is experiencing anything like this, I know how dehumanizing it is, and I hope you can take comfort in knowing you are not ALONE!!!!!

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    Vinnyf Cimmino

    Hitec perv THREW VOICE INTO homes said"my sex crimes and right violation are funny and legal because you can't identfiey my hidden by web camera projector identcation"

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  81. Post

    Out of all the conspiracies I've heard. This by far is the only one I don't believe. It's to weird and sounds more like paranoia! Smoke some damn weed and chill tf out.

  82. Post

    Please Beware!!!! If you are seeing this for the first time and you are trying to learn about this subject or have never heard of what being a targeted individual and or "gangstalking" is then This doc will NOT teach you a thing about the truth of this very real growing crime. It's definitely happening more now than ever before making it possible by new technologies coming out but also making it very easy to hide behind made to look as though a person is suffering from mental health problems etc. And nothing is actually happening. Very scary stuff!! I feel vice did a diservice to the TI community and this was created to mock/discredit the real victims to make anyone new that would be trying to learn of it not believe us. What they show is someone with an actual mental illness who believes in reptilians and other sci fi conspiracy theories that are absolutely ridiculous to take seriously but not even relevant to what being a victim of this crime really means ! I would encourage you to keep an open mind just know that this is not what being a targeted individual REALLY means. You will not learn anything from this other than that there are some serious nut jobs in this world ! 😂 I say that with the most respect too! So If you are actually trying to understand what it is we go through on a day to day basis you will need to talk to a real victim and one that who is still of a sane mind which there are plenty. I promise you vice left out all the important parts you need to know when learning about this topic and purposefully edited out and not talked about the harassment and tactics the perps who get involved carry out on their target. Same tactics used by Scientology when they target someone . They repetitiously harass and use tactics to condition and sensitize the victim in order to make us seem and sound "crazy" and it works quite well. They also did not go into depth about how many close relationships /family we lose as a result of these attacks and no body caring or believing this is really happening to us. I am victim too of this crime and I became aware of it on May 19 2018 Armed Forces Day …PRAY for us NOT "prey" on us WE NEED Justice and peace for all T.I.'s who have lost this battle 🧡 Human Rights for ALL no one should suffer this way for any reason!!!

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    Marcia Jones

    I have proof, they’ve stolen my prayer journals, when they were returned most of the pages were ripped out. My extra set of keys were stolen. With 2 different cars while they were in a drawer , also safe keys, returned 4 or 5 years later, they are able to get in and out of my car now, nothing is private, they are scraped on my perfectly beautiful wood dinning room chairs, damaging them, I bought a wood repair kit and somewhat fixed them,the next day they were scraped worse and my repair kit was taken!

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    Elizabeth N

    Using people for free to rewrite the DSM maybe. Psych peeps get cars paid off, new homes (the ones stolen from the targets) etc. Someday the Targets of the horrible experiment will seek payment. Personally each target and their families should get at least 5 million for their lives being destroyed.

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    Christopher Adams

    occult pedos were the worst gang stalkers. but my master Jesus wields the keys of hell and death and Christ has flexed.

  95. Post
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    Anarchist Zero

    Ever heard of ghost towers? The Breakaway Civilization? The Missing Trillions? Operation Mockingbird? Operation Northwoods? Classified patents? Ninety percent of federal paperwork is classified. Project Artichoke? — & & & & #JohnKeel & 🤔

  99. Post
    Manfred Schield

    It happened to me ; i found RFID chips in my clothes , and when i was 19 years old serving time in Folsom prison , i was brought before the dentist who put a filling in my back bottom molar. Years later when i looked an xray of my teeth , i can see a bright perfect square inside the filling material in my tooth…..When i found the RFID chips in my clothes , i allowed my attorney to turn them over to the FEDS ; the FEDS took them and now deny having any record of them being turned over to them. Yes , they will stockpile you with weapons and then try and drive you crazy to commit some type of horrible shooting…..Right after i discovered all the RFID chips in my clothes , less than 2 weeks later i was sitting in jail for a crime i did not commit. I sat in jail for 2 years.

  100. Post
    Marcia Jones

    I just read on targeted justice that there are 170, 000 T.I’s in the United States and well over a million world wide also the Deep State , uses slush fund money supporting this a million dollars per targeted person. Its like war to these criminals who wants no opposition.

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