The Pledge – Citizen Kay

Hey, I’m Kojo, also known as Citizen Kay. (SINGING) My family and I came to Australia in 2000, and 3 years later became citizens. And from then on it’s been nothing but ups and amazing times. Being an Australian is definitely the reason I think I’m doing music. I honestly can’t imagine me doing anything else right now. I definitely don’t think I’d be doing music or what I’m doing now if I was still in Ghana which I really appreciate, you know, being here. Just being able to share, and being able to give back The main reason for coming over to Australia was my parents, basically just wanted a better life for my brother and I. It’s a much better future that we can have. Canberra, because we had family here growing up now, looking back to it, I realise how big of a thing it was. Especially for my parents, they left all their friends and their close family back there to, basically just for my brother and I. So yeah, becoming citizens was something that I’m really glad my parents made a decision for us to do, and obviously I was excited at the time about it, still am today, because like I said I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without being here and being a part of this great country. A bit more part of the community that way. It’s a cool thing to know that you’re actually a part of a community and you’re living here. If you want to become an Australian citizen just do it. Feel like you… Not even feel like you belong but just truly belong. And to feel truly accepted. I think becoming a citizen is just something you gotta do. The actual day of the ceremony I thought was wonderful. You can’t help but sit and reflect at how far you’ve come, You’ve had your good bits, your bad bits and look how far we’ve come, and to feel proud of what you’ve done and it’s an acheivement. You just have to embrace it, and it’s just nice to say that you’re now Welsh-Australian!

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