The Society Cast Toby Wallace & Alex Fitzalan Best Friends Challenge | Netflix

Morning! Morning. Good morning! Alex. Hi, Netflix! Netflix! How ya doin’? We knew that it was a thing that we would
wake up and you guys would be here. But we’re glad that you let yourselves in
and everything. We’re pretty good friends, we thought we’d
take the BFF Test today. So, welcome to bedroom. Shall we? Yeah, we shall. Let’s do it. Hi, Netflix! Good morning! I’m Toby. I’m Alex. We lived together during the shooting of The
Society, and we’re gonna do a little BFF Test for y’all today. Yeah. Oh, Jesus Christ! What’d you put? What’d you put? The tissue paper! What did you put? Uh, the chicken parm foil left in the kitchen. I wrote the tissue paper, the tissue paper
in the living room. Honestly, I didn’t really mind it. Didn’t you? Well, you’re involved in it! That is such a contentious… …that I’m gonna… You fucking cockbag! You did make great chicken drumsticks. Really? That was the thing that turned it for me. Well, this is specific to The Society. Oh God, people are gonna think I’m a… What’d you write? Alex plays video games if that hasn’t been
established yet. This is, alright… Infectious? Infectious what? Laugh! Awwww! What’d you put? That’s really sweet of you. Fuck, that’s a good one! Wait, that is not a name answer. Oh, yes it is! Toby, shit, sorry. I don’t know if I have one. Yeah, you do. Who is it? Yeah, we had a chat about it one night. Fuck, who was it? There was definitely someone. Bish, bosh, bang! What’d you put? Put me? Thank you! I put you! Aww, thank you! Who’d you put? Yes! I put you! Aww, buddy! Neither! You are definitely the more responsible they
say. True, I did find our house. Yeah. You better know this. Ah, shit. This is a good one. It’s actually very simple. I wrote latte and then under I put “good milk”,
cause I need to do- Black? Oh yeah, you are obsessed with milk. I was! Oh yeah. “I bloody love milk!” Oh, fucking hell you’re so dangerous. If you put yourself I’m gonna slap you. There you go. Where’s my rubber? Can I borrow your rubber, darling? Yes. So mine, so the way to Alex’s heart really
is video games, laverne, which is a garlic-based yogurt, with some cut up, like pickles. Mm-hmm. And wine and beer! You spelled laverne wrong. I don’t know how to spell it, I’m not Greek. But his said wine! And I also wrote video games, cause it was
true. Yeah. Yeah. Yeeep! Been wearing this shirt for five days. Hmm! I don’t know if I spelled her name right. I don’t know what that is. Kendall Jenner, and Christian Bale, I said. I really respect your answer though!

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