‘The Society’ Star Natasha Liu Bordizzo Debunks Biggest Fan Theories | In Studio

– Hi, I’m Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and I’m in studio with
The Hollywood Reporter. (upbeat music) – So you play Helena in
The Society on Netflix. Now, I binged season
one in like three days, I just couldn’t stop watching it. But for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet, give us just a brief description
of what the show is about. – It has allusions to the
Pied Piper of Hamelin, and essentially, the story
of him playing the flute and stealing the children away. I think that there are
several elements of the story that are quite dark. But essentially, on the surface, all you need to know is that
we’re a group of teenagers who get on a bus somewhere, there
is a big biblical storm, and then we wake up back in
a replica of our hometown, our parents are gone and we
suddenly have to learn how to govern ourselves, and that
results in a lot of chaos, yeah. – Definitely! When you first auditioned for the project, did you audition for
Helena or a different role? – We kind of got (exhales
deeply) like a variety of bios to read, but essentially, I think I was most interested in Helena, mostly because we are the
opposite humans in real life. Being religious is a huge
element of her character, and being in like a long
term committed relationship that she wants to get
married very soon in, are all things that I’m not familiar with. I did grow up Catholic, but I’ve recently, you know, in my adulthood
become more of a agnostic, I’d say citizen. So, I think it was just scary for me, and I wanted to challenge
myself to humanize a very like archetype kind of character that I had nothing in common with and make her relatable and likable, yeah. – Yeah, Helena is definitely
the most religious character in the show, and she even
becomes a preacher really, and sort of steps into
this role as a leader. How would you say she evolves
over the course of season one? – I think that she, a big
arc of the show is that each character is certain
about certain things that in their life they held dear to them. And as time goes on, it
becomes very much almost like the Stanford Prison Experiment or something where everyone’s you know, making this show sound really intense. – It’s intense. – But it is intense.
– It’s intense. – And it’s kind of like, her
certainty is her love for Luke, her boyfriend and her
faith, and she uses them as like a vehicle to get
through this challenge. But everyone’s certainty is shattered at some point in the show and hers is too. I won’t ruin too much, but certain truths that she
held dear are slowly broken, and it just adds to the
drama of the show, really. – And how would you say
that Helena’s relationship with her faith evolves
as the story goes on? – I think it becomes less about God, and more about keeping the group calm and hopeful for a future,
because there is no hope. And I think that’s what
causes people to party, to like take drugs, have
sex, go wild, and she’s like, we should just, we should just stay calm and take care of each other, do the work that Allie’s
saying we should do. And she uses the church as like a vehicle to inspire that message. Instead of talking about
God, she’s more talking about things in like a place of
faith and just, you know, camaraderie and bringing
everyone together. So, I like that about her actually, because when I first read
the role, I was like, oh God, there’s gonna be so
many like Bible excerpts that I have to research and go into, but it was actually more about
just community and reason, and she’s very logical. So, I think she’s got
potential to be a leader if we get season two. – Well, that’s what I was going to say. I think she’d make a great mayor. – Well, yeah, I mean, I,
I think there’s a moment, hopefully gonna be a moment
where that becomes a possibility because Luke is clearly just,
without running anything, not getting things done, so, yeah. That’s gonna be one of the main things I’m excited about for season two, is seeing what happens
to their relationship, ’cause it’s left on a quite a problem. – Yeah, do you think they’ll
make it down the aisle? – Oh, God. Maybe eventually, but there’s
gonna be a big period of issues following the end of season one. – Well yeah, because how do
you think Helena’s gonna react when she finds out that
Luke is lying about Allie and Will fixing the election? – Ooh, it’s gonna be ugly, yeah. – Because she has so much.
– It’s gonna be real ugly. – Yeah, faith and trust in him. – She is gonna, she’s on the verge, I think she’s kind of
like just staying calm, like a whole of season one, like, I’m the only one
that’s got logic and reason and staying calm, and everyone
just, just come to church and I’ll just, you know,
calm you down again, and that’s gonna reach a
breaking point, I think. She was kinda getting there
towards the end of season one, but this will be, I want
her to snap for season two, because I think that’d be fun. – I know, I’m excited to see
what it would even look like for her to snap.
– Yeah. – Because we’ve seen her so calm– – I deliberately played it extremely, ’cause I feel like a lot of the characters are so unstable through the show that I wanted Helena to be, really, I deliberately made her very stable and like collected and composed. So, you know, if we get Season
Two that will be my play time to just, yeah, explode. – Now, Helena and Luke obviously,
a lot of fans ship them and love them together–
– Yes. Talk of the word ship
gives me so much anxiety. – But I was gonna ask– – Stand-ship. – We stand, we ship. – I’ve have gone to bed like
with nightmares of those words just floating above my mind, anyway. – But I wanna know which
couple do you ship the most? – Oh God! And as I say this my entire
Instagram like tagged feed is like flipping through
my mind of all the fan art and people like Photoshoped faces onto. I think honestly speaking,
like it’s so predictable but Grizz and Sam.
– Yes. – Because even when I watched the show, I hadn’t seen any of the scenes ’cause I’m not in or around any of them, so it was a whole new
storyline for me to watch and especially the scene where Grizz has just discovered
that Sam is the father which obviously is not true, and they have that big
argument, it’s just yeah, it’s pretty endearing. – I agree, they’re my number one ship too. I wanna see more of them in season two. – They’re kind of like the underdog. I think when we were reading the scripts and going through table
reads and filming it, they were just like another couple, like there was a bunch of couples and they were just another one. And then as the show progressed, and it was released and filmed, I think some, you can’t
predict what magic happens between two actors on set, so yeah. – With all of the characters, what are some of the things
you hope to see happen if there is a season two? – Oh, there’s a lot. I think, I want everyone to
reach their full potential of what they would do
in this time of crisis, ’cause I think the crisis
is gonna get worse. We have no resources, no food. Well, we discovered some,
but it’s still pretty dire. So I think I want everyone
to just reach the full, highest potential of their character whether it’s in a good way or a bad way. Like everyone’s just complete,
stripped-down selves, because I think we’re still
able to hold it together and put on the clothes
and put on the makeup and just kind of go through life in a still pretty controlled way. But I think war could
break out in the future because it’s already getting that way with the coup and the takeover. So, I’m excited for it to
get actually even more wild. – With the show, there’re
so many online fan theories about what could be going on. So I wanna read through some of them. – Okay.
– And get your take on these theories, if you
think they’re far fetched? If you think it could be possible? You know, just– – I know nothing, by the way, so anyway– – Just your personal thoughts on it. All right, so, theory one,
Dewey didn’t kill Cassandra somebody else did? – I mean, Gordie went at
it pretty scientifically, so I think, I kind of think he did it. Yeah, I don’t think that’s the one that’s gonna be a reveal or anything, yeah. – Any confesses? – Yeah, yeah, he’s pretty
misogynistic, so, you know. Either way, the execution was probably. – For the best, oh man, okay. – For the best. – All right, theory two. Okay, so this is just Campbell. Campbell is the father of Becca’s baby, and that’s why Kelly
tells Sam, his brother, she has your eyes? – Geez. I hope not. That would be, I don’t
know what that would do to a lot of characters if that
was true, that would really, I mean, that would change
our entire vision of Becker as well, and
Campbell and what’s going. Yeah, that could be interesting, but I don’t think it’s true. – Next theory, they’re
in a parallel universe. – It’s a good one. Yeah, I think that’s just a solid could-be that we’re holding on to
for the next season, yeah. – So going off that, you
know, the dog, we see the dog. – The dog, oh God. – In the beginning, in the end. so the theory is the dog
can go back and forth between the universes? – Yeah, we’ve thought a lot about the dog ’cause by the way as the cast we are also constantly
thinking about theories. We think a lot about the dog but like we don’t know if it’s more
that the dogs’ presence in our universe matters as opposed to them going between universes like
there’s a gateway or a portal that’s only available to this spiritual. I mean, we think it could
also be the original man that had turned into a dog,
the bus, the bus driver that is in the dog form now, I don’t know. – And last theory, the kids
are being replaced in Westham, and that explains, you know,
maybe the new younger kids that we see at the end of season one? – Replaced, I think that
they’re just a younger grade or and our names are on the wall, so, I don’t think we’re replaced. I don’t think so, yeah. – Well, that’s all the
theories and questions I have. – Thank you. – So thank you so much for talking to me, and I hope we get to season two because I need to know
what’s going to happen. – Please Netflix gods. Thank you.

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