The Truth about the Yellow Vest Mouvement: Referendum Initiated by the Citizen

The Truth about the Yellow Vest Mouvement: Referendum Initiated by the Citizen

Hi everyone, my name is Roman and for the first time in my life I can actually say that I’m proud to be French. I am a
part of the movement called the Gilet Jaune or the Yello Vest
for those of you who doesn’t know what it is I would like today to share with
you a little bit of my perspective on what is going on in France. You would hear here and there that the French Revolution is about tax evasion or
increase of 40% of the basic pension or massive construction that protects house
for millions of homeless and civil penalties for major prefectures or
cancel debts or politics or health issues or foreigners affairs or ending
friends participation getting out of EU ban GMOs Reinductrialising France, no more plans obsolescence, bans on plastic bottles or weakening the influence of big
pharma Foreigns Affairs or much much things but the truth is that the deeper
aspect of that revolution has to do with one essential aspect of our so-called
democracy which is that illusion that our voices has meaning so like in America for example they actually spent a lot of time talking about that movement called
“the black life matter” the issue that we are having in France has to do with
people voice matter and in our current democracy we’ve been programmed to
believe that that was good enough to vote for representative to
actually make decision for us and France is basically waking up to the reality
that no it is not. That the people who are so-called representant who are
taking power from our votes and making decision on our behalf
doesn’t really care about what we think and this has
to go. So we’re basically starting to study the depth and the issue of our so called “democracy” and we decided to put in place a remedy for the current
problem that we’re going through all across the world and this is called the
wreck we call it the RIC which is the
Referendum Initiated by Citizens so what is Referendum Initiated by the Citizens
mean? It actually mean that we are asking to have a right to trigger national
referendum from our own initiative we are done begging to be listened we are
done asking authorities and governments to do what has to be done which is like
what everyone wants but you know like as they are here to tell us what we have to
do and what we have to think and the system is so much more complicated that
we all can understand that it’s better for us if they’re making decision that
like it’s it’s time this time is over like we don’t want anyone anymore to
tell us what to do. We don’t want rulers. We want to be sovereign. We don’t want
anyone to tell us what to do we want to be the one making our own decision. And that very tiny little idea has the potential to be like an earthquake, a tsunami that will go all across the world and that will inspire people to
actually wear that yellow suit and go outside and basically stop feeding that
system with our taxes, with our energy with our time because we are
responsible by being a part of this – we’re responsible of all the
consequences connected to that like the climate change, the extinction of animals race and all the side effect the separation of traditional principles,
the separation from ourselves We are losing ourselves we’re losing our
soul we basically become instrument of production we are losing our own connection to nature and ourselves and everything and like
there’s absolutely no point crying about what’s going on if we cannot change the
system from inside so basically the French analysis came to the
conclusion that the issue is actually integrated into the Constitution the
fact that in the Constitution we don’t have a right to trigger referendum from
our own initiative is the key to our own slavery so the antidote is actually
quite simple we need to force the government to put Referendum Initiated
by the people, by the citizen to actually be having a right to make our own
decisions and learn from our own mistakes so this is a very simple message for the world that we are not protesting about
tax we’re not protesting about inequality or anything like that we
basically protesting about the fact that we are powerless that that as simple as
that we are powerless and we’re done with that we’re done with people telling
us what to do we want to make our own decisions we want to learn from our own
mistakes and we want that the people who are in place of power who still will
have to make some decision will be accountable for what they do and that’s
as simple as RIC just as simple as RIC Referendum Initiated by the Citizens a
referendum triggered by mums and dads no matter where they are, if they can find
1% 2% 3% of the population of a country, should be able to trigger a
referendum on any matter no matter what it is : financial, political, international
relationship, education, health or anything and ask to the rest of the
population what do you think about that because I don’t agree with that
politician point of view I don’t agree with that senator or does that
Parliament point of view and I’m done begging to be listened so this is the message from the French people. It’s a Yellow Suit. That yellow suit is the color of hope that yellow suit is the light in the
darkness. That yellow suit is a language for the world to stand up and say enough
is enough we are done listening to you we are done claiming that we are
going to change anything No, now we’re going to impose what we want to happen and we hope the whole world is going to follow us thank you for listening my
name is Roman Light You can find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and we need to change that mess because none of them you are going to do it. Go together, strike, stop doing anything stop paying your taxes come together we’re stronger than them and France is showing the path. Follow us please let’s change the world all together


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    Simon Atherton

    Firstly, you should be so proud of what France is doing at the moment. Secondly as an Australian who's eyes are open and see's so much wrong with how the government runs my own country, how did you get this started? How did you get the ball rolling? Australians are so laid back they wont even help themselves, but I want to fire them up. Viva la France.

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    Sir Lanceabott

    Well done. You are the first 'Yellow Jacket' that I have heard that has made the one and only valid point. I'm Dutch, and I am proud of the french people. I will spread the word and keep people overhere informed about what is right and what is not. Thank you.

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    We support you from this side of the Atlantic. There seems to be an issue with your website. The URL calls up a 404 error.

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    genya Gen

    We are proud on France too. Go for it, Fight for it till the voice of people will be the only voice. You are showing another countries wat they need to do as well ! Those EU leaders are destroying our culture and our live and they do not listen a EU people at all. We need fight in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Slovenia , Sweden etc … till we will be all free of this idiots who are rolling our counties now.

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    Just Common Senze Yo

    From Bali here, saw you on several Q US videos. As a citizen of this planet, I am very proud of what you are doing for us all. We all share this planet and what you are doing is effecting us all, as we have all suffered under the corrupted and evil governments for so long. We need to unite worldwide, all citizens of the world to bring equal justice, unity of race, religion, culture and have prosperity for all nations.
    I truly believe it is now that we , the people can start to change this all. Thank you, all the French patriots. Viva Revolution of the world.

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    Marvin Cooper

    Congratulations and support from UK. It's really good to see support for the common people and recognition that CORRUPT globalist politicians are NOT REPRESENTING US and

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