The Truth about Turkeys failed Coup (CIA designed Civil War)

The Truth about Turkeys failed Coup (CIA designed Civil War)

In late 2015, following the downing of the Russian fighter jet, a pattern for the future of Turkey and the Middle East started to become apparent. A western backed plan to foresee the fall of Turkey into Civil War was set in full swing. This complex plan involved in fuming the already tense relations between the many sects including the Kurdish militia factions and split political groups. If you haven’t watched our video about this, I highly suggest you take the time to do so to get a better understanding of what’s happening in Turkey.
The failed military coup is something that has caused many, trouble wrapping their head it. With the obvious lack of support and the poor execution, it leaves many to wonder if the coup was even ligament. My first thought while seeing the coup unfold in real time as Turkish social media users flooded streams with videos and images of the seemingly small amounts of military personal that was supposed to gain control of the entire nation of Turkey. In fact, many of the troops involved told reporters they thought it was a military exercise. Other sources even noted that Erdogan’s plane had been strafed by the “stolen” Jets, having ample opportunities to shoot it down and yet it didn’t. It’s not too farfetched to suggest that someone such as Erdogan who is known for breaking political promises and ousting all his competition, in addition to overseeing one of the highest rates of jailing journalists in the world. Erdogan himself even stating, that the coup was “a gift from God”. So case closed then, right? Erdogan staged the coup to gain more political power and support to become what some are calling a Democratic dictatorship. well unfortunately this is the real
world and everything isn’t as cut and dry as it may first seems. Knowing in advanced about the US intervention and support garnering for the Kurdish factions in both Turkey and northern Syria it was not shocking to me when I found out that the man being blamed for the coup has ties with the FBI and the CIA in fact Turkish intelligence claim back
in 2011 that gülen’s moderate Islamic movement based out of Pennsylvania has
been providing cover for the CIA since the mid nineties also Graham fuller
former CIA operative giving direct recommendations to the FBI not to
extradite gülen back to Turkey in 2006 stating he did not pose a threat well you might say, this doesn’t mean the US had any play in Erdogan staging his his own political coup well yes and no. you see this all goes
back to the US plan to topple Bashar al-assad and the Syrian government. the
United States failed. their goals were crushed by the Russian intervention this is where John Kerry’s plan B came
into action someone’s gonna have to sit down at a
table and arrive at an understanding about what Syria is going to be but it
may be too late to keep it as a whole Syria if we wait much longer Plan B is the dividing of Syria into three sects which include Sunni, Shia and the Kurds. the reason this is the goal is to weaken
Russia’s influence in the Middle East (because once they break it up they’re never putting it back together) including their access to oil set up through deals with
the Syrian government. this purposely bypasses us and Israeli backed nations. this
pipeline will go through Iran Iraq and Syria all three targets of the US for a long
time. (starting with Iraq and in Syria) (Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan and
finishing off iran) (the truth is about the Middle East is) (had there been no oil layer you would be
like Africa) (nobody is threatening to intervene in
Africa) with these countries toppled Russian intervention would be next to
impossible without creating a world war 3 scenario So again, what does that have to do with Erdogan? even with his many flaws and outright
fallacies Erdogan was elected democratically even if it was lying his
way in. and despite his dreams of joining the EU
and his connections with Isis. He is is not necessarily bought paid for. which makes
him unpredictable and unreliable for
western-backed plans which have been proven on many occasions with the
conflict in Syria. This, on top of his military actions against us back Kurds
in northern Syria is more than enough reason for the u.s. to orchestrate the
removal of Erdogan from power. Again this was largely kicked off by the downing of
the Russian jet that set off a domino effect to destabilize and divide the
country. In the video I’m going to be linking we talked about how Erdogan was
talked into shooting down this Russian jet back in 2015 so all that being said the most likely
scenario is that Erdogan and the Turkish intelligence forsaw a planned coup d’état by Gulen supporters this is why leading up to the coup
Erdogan was already systematically purging Gulen supporters from power. fearing a coup backed by CIA involved Gulen, created this staged event in order to gain support and oust the military and political leaders ultimately plotting against him. you see
when every single Western news outlet almost unanimously condemned and push a
rhetoric that would be considered conspiracy theory if we mentioned it you have to stop and question the motive
and look at the evidence it is no coincidence that after the
entire Cold War and all the wars fought in the Middle East and pass coups in
Turkey did they decide to mention the
possibility of nukes we store in Turkey falling into the
hands of belligerence and CIA created Isis formerly known as al-qaeda we have seen the same tactics of using
the media to shame and gain public support before every US intervention of
a country in the Middle East Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein Saddam
Hussein Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam
Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam Saddam Hussein by no means am i a fan of Erdogan yet
look at who is causing the situation Erdogan was played into shooting that
Russian fighter jet down just like Saddam Hussein was played into invading
kuwait. directly supporting these figures and their actions until they do it and
then they turn on them. all these actions and events are highly calculated and
rarely do something happen naturally without outside intervention these superpowers are playing a big game
of geopolitical chess and it is the innocent lives of billions that hangs in
the balance this is cold war 2.0 and it started
years ago it is time we stand up to our
governments and we refuse to take part these are my theories based on research
and critical thinking I advise you to do your own research because you can trust
no one unless you trust yourself all the links are in the description
below this has been Tyranny Unmasked


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    Carlos Craigg

    the Americans,chinese,russians,Europeans.all are humans.a all have faults.yet you blame the US for every shit.

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    Hey many people died under soldier. Where is your western countries democracy ? U support soldiers. Just go to hell democracy. We don't believe in western countries democracy. We believe in Islamic justice. It is superer than democracy. Western countries doing such kind of things. And try to stop Islamic contrives to develop. And talking Muslim r terrorist. U western countries real terrorist.

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    Gökhan Demirtaş

    Mate, I don't always applaud to Youtube producers, but when I do I do it until my palms bleed. Thanks for making this video and laying out the facts.

    In Turkey, we are very aware that foreign conspirators are trying to redesign our country as a part of their future vision for the Middle East but thanks to the "independent" Western media outlets it's getting increasingly difficult to get heard without being blamed to support Erdogan

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    monkey thegod

    at 1968 gulen and necmettin erbekan who was islamic leader met. erbekan said he was going to build a party and ask support but gulen denied. when erbekan left, nurettin veren who was second in command in gulen movement until 1996 asked why do not we support him because with respect to veren, erbekan and their movement was parallel. then gulen said politics is not the way to control the goverment, our way is putting our staff in bureaucracy. basicaly this is what happens at 2016.7.15. because their staff see gulen as a their savior or such as their jesus. in 40 years, gulen's staff move into higher ranks within bureaucracy such as judges police force and millitary. and whenever a person oppose this and try to take the attention of puplic to gulen they were silenced. so our goverment nearly taken over in 2012. what important is our little story up there is told by nurettin veren. when gulen said our way is putting our staff in bureaucracy, he was only 27 years old. and he only gradueted from a primary school. so where in the world this person get the idea from. may be it was really his idea and then cia saw this movement and took advantage of it. or cia was all along with the gulen which is horrible man. imagine you put your agent in a country. and your agent becomes a religious leader then he builds his scholls all over the country. and in that scholls he puts students in secret sessions then hypnotize them. after that, those students becomes judges polices military when i say that i mean very high ranks not just a basic police. it is horryfying me if cia was all along with gulen. i wish i could translate all the confessions of nurettin veren which was broadcasted at cnn turk, 2016.8.5.

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    Kıvanç K

    I've been following the Western mainstream media since the failed coup attempt. You are being bombarded with biased or ill-analysed misinformation about the situation in Turkey.
    Here are the facts :
    1.Erdogan has been reverse engineered and demonised by the USA since he changed his stance in the Greater Middle East project.
    2.The coup wasn't plotted by the secular Turkish military but by a small Gulenist group who infiltrated partly the airforce and gendarmerie.
    3.Turkish Armed Forces didn't back the coup, on the contrary they helped defeat the coup.
    4.Fethullah Gülen, the man behind the coup, has been a CIA asset since 1960's. He is residing in the USA and being protected by the CIA and the US government. It is evident that this coup has been orchestrated and/or supported by the CIA.
    5.US government has been and is still harbouring this so-called cleric who is the #1 enemy of the Turkish state.
    6.The coup attempt was defeated by civilians who went on the streets standing bravely in front of the tanks. Around 300 lost their lives for this honorable cause.
    7.For the first time in the history, seculars, liberals, conservatives, socialists, Kurds, all of us set aside our differences and stood united as a nation to defend our democracy (however crippled it is). It's a first since the Gallipoli war.
    And the result: USA intervention failed. EU proved their hypocrisy. The West failed their sincerity test. Political polarization of Turkish people seems to end. Turkey got closer to Russia.
    The West is about to lose Turkey as an ally.

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    Kıvanç K

    The target of this CIA lead coup was not Erdogan but sovereign Turkish Republic. That's why our people including the opposition unified against such an external threat. Turkey is not Irak, in such external threats we set aside our differences and unite as one.

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    Archie Cervantes

    Is there a reason while almost all Russia's neighbors fear Russia and want to join NATO, Including Ukraine, Georgia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and possibly Finland and Sweden !

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    M Yil

    Erdogan is the hero of the Turkish people. He brought success after success to the Turkish economy and made turkey undeniable force. He is the sultan of the Ottoman Empire. What a legend

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    Ufuk Alpaslan

    Good point of view bud.Nothing was staged;they captured Chief of general staff;tried to abduct special ops.commander;captured national TV station.If it was succesful those foreign media networks would start sayin that Erdogan was a dictator so Turks got rid of him.
    But American Gurkas failed this time.So the networks started saying that it was staged.

    Anyway this rice will suck a lot of water dude.

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    Suzan ZKN

    Yes and what came out after coup? The pilot who downd the Russian jet was a Gülenist. His connection with USA intellegence on picture just 2 week before coup. He is jailed now.

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    Purex Bleach

    CIA lost their dicks because they never know Turkish people was that strong. They fought they were like arabian people.

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    anyone noticed how the turkish flag is positioned during almost every interview that erdogan gave? Look at the star ..

    fucking mason/luciferian symbolism right there.

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    Emad A.E.

    I like your critical and free thinking and it's better to put all of those characters you mentioned under question and never blindly cheer up for any of them. Innocent lives are dying everywhere because of their own and their opposite governments alike! It's totally screwed..

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    Fethullah Gülen: 'Explode yourselves like a bomb against the U.S.' like that comment so everybody can see.

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    Before writing, I am keeping out all friends from Europe and USA and Russia and Bulgaria(thank Bulgaria giving our terrorists to our country back) and around the world.

    Democracy of foreign media; if 52% people vote for brexit, then Brexit means Brexit
    but if 52% people vote for president Erdogan, then they are brianwashed.

    Fairness of world; if people dies in Paris, all Turkey respects and condoles.
    but if people dies in Istanbul then blame president ,defend killers and ignore the deads.

    European union standards; if Europe or USA executes people, it is justice,
    but if Turkey even consider it democratically, then it is sharia law and forget union barbarian
    let me show you real barbarian

    Refugee policy; if Turkey opens their borders to refugees, then it is helping Daesh shit, but if U.S.A keeps a killer terrorist(mr.gulen), then don't be an anti-american..WTF.

    there is a joke popular in turkey right now, why there is no military coup in US? Because there is no US ambassador in US.Funny right.NO I don't think so.

    People who have a good intention and a heart can look to those and see the truth.

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    inmemoryofJacoboArbenzN JahOnfroy

    The US leadership still has that Cold War mentality for intervention because our countries are ran by old outdated out of touch old men who really came from a time when a countries value is it's conquests glory power and that everyone else that doesn't agree is a enemy or isn't always supporting our way is wrong …US stop saying And trying to support America is the greatest most powerful country and end this culture worldwide it's outdated and poison that at the end no one will win…Example…In Iran youth is very progressive and moderate but is ran by old conservative religious men.

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    Arctic duck

    Only diffrence between erdogan and saddam husein , qaddafi , bashar assad and many others

    Turkish people not idiot as arabs they unite against coup even soliders not listen their coup generals and they stand back of their leader[sorry arabs but killing qaddafi is most nonsense shit ever (you can search qaddafi libya and now what happaned libya)]

    You might not like erdogan but don't fall this bloody plans it's not first time you guys remember 2013 gezi park our news only shows us how police uses tear gas and hits protestors but erdogan again played well he stopped hes supporters to go streets and block possible divide while all other countries support these events.

    Erdogan is good leader don't waste him if you don't want him send him at selection but not like this

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    How many countries USA destroyed Qaddaafi Libya zaadam Hussain Iraq Putin could be the next man USA are terrorist country.

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    Michel Fradin

    In this huge chess game in the Middle East the best and smartest player is V.V. Putin ! The U.S . cannot challenge !

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    volkan ozdemir

    first of all turkey must take control usa nucleer boombs in turkey incirlik and after that Turkey and Russia must be allie 1.5billion sunni supports erdogan and iran şia supports Russa. Turkey and Russa allince can stop şia sunni war we can focus kick together illimunati USA US goverments and their Dollar system.

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    Modern Communist Music

    Mahmut Esat Bozkurt(Minister of Justice from Turkey after the WW1) said: “We live in a country called Turkey, the freest country in the world. As your deputy I feel I can express my real convictions without reserve: I believe that the Turks must be the only lord, the only master of this country, those who are not of pure Turkish stock can have only one right in this country, the right to be servants and slaves".

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    Truth seeker

    Turkey is a great country with amazing people
    love for turkey
    please be United with your neighbouring country then no evil can brick us

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    My father is in the Turkish military , he says CIA and Gulen designed this together. He is a very objective man and conspiracy theories are not his style.

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    Ismail Sezgin

    I have done some research,
    I have examined the 5 evidence that suggest Gulen's involvement in Turkey coup

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    Hamzah Bawazier

    evils will continue to work.. divide & conquer people are much aware
    much awake
    much interact
    much vigilant

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    Hello Corp

    i agree with most except a few. i live in Turkey, toy dont have to go far to find anti Erdogan news, both on tv and b2ews papers, please do carefully research who the journalists jailed are and you will understand the difference between freedom of speech and puppet journos working for shadow networks writing articles that lead to civil wars. most of which have been charged with treason.

    i also didnt agree with many failed promises, he is actually the one president in Turkey who has kept his promises and that is why he kicks ass every election. many leaders before him would borrow money from the IMF, they would start projects for roads and bridges but than cancel the projects and pocket the money. Erdogan paid off the IMF, finished ALL projects previous governments cancelled and made Turkey an economic Powerhouse. so with the secularists they hate to love him.. most i know hate Erdogan because he is religious but still vote him because he best serves the country. Even during the Nights Watch the millions of people gathered every night through out Turkey that lasted a month were a mixture of MHP, CHP, BHP and AKP supporters everyone united for democracy and all supported Tayyip Erdogan. my grandfather the biggest hater of Tayyip Erdogan and even he respects Tayyip's leadership Now.

    and the last thing you said is just not true… and i really do not mean to disrespect you, im talking about the allegations put forward by Russia that Erdogan is aiding ISIS is not true and there is no evidence to support that accusation, if it were true Turkish people would kill Erdogan, but they love him. outside of Turkey Erdogan is no doubt the most hated man in the world, and that is why i put such high value on him.. what other president do we know who has had more than 13 now assassination attempts on his life in a period of 10 years and in this era?
    thanks for the video. massive thumbs up to you sir.

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    Sophie Louis

    Satan Dajjal's & Decoyed Prince William's behind the Coup & False Flags Attacts In Turkish Airport. Their also known for False Flags Attacted On Belguim,Paris,Orlando,and Chasing Phrophet Mohamnad,that lead to Charlie Hebdo Attacts.

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    It was an international crime to have a base in Syria for USA but USA had it.
    It was an international crime to try or help a coup attempt in foreign country but USA did it in Turkey.
    I can go on. The point is USA think it is above the law. However; it is hard to see for people because we are talking about the country that created the term perception management.

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    Two faced Europe and U.S We will never trust them again hundres of people died in ISIS terror attacks and Gulenist coup attempt!

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    us and eu might mistake turks with other nations. Be careful dude. I've learned turks as being the spearhead of justice, brotherhood and Islam. take care and be aware that'll take more to erase 'em.

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    marc cepeci

    Erdogan is a LIAR and thief. He is dictator the imprisons journalists!

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    this is gonna lead to Putin king of the north coming down like a whirlwind on the king of the south Erdogan because of Syria.

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    Its all in the BIBLE and tomorrow's news headlines will be ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE.PRAY THAT THOU ART WORTHY TO STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN.

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    seth lachem

    American or Russian they all are the same. want to gaining control over middle east and the world.. Russian is the plan B of the jew if they fail the plan A wich is American. For example, when American fall the Russian will rise as a new leader and then the same shit will happen again.. I'm come from a chaotic place wich is I humbly called home and I know this because everyone want to fuck up my life(Home) in middle east and blame us as terrorist. FUCK YOU WORLD!

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    Mustafa Hg

    As a Turk and as an Erdogan hater, it was a CIA coup there is no doubt about it. Every single person in Turkey knew before, military was full of Gulen's puppets. My personal reasons for believing in CIA-Gulen alliance.
    1) 7 years ago, I was in a Gulen school, and they usually were talking about "how good is USA." It was almost a propaganda.
    2) In Turkey, if you think a guy behaving against Turkey, you most likely blame him for being "American spy", but Gulenists always blame people as "Persian spy." It may be weird, but bleive me, Persian spy is not a common adjective here.
    3) Gulen's schools were built with American supports. They always told us how Americans helped them.
    4) The organization mainly spread on NATO countries.
    5) In Gulen's TV channels and newspapers, you can see that american style.
    6) Gulen is living in US for 18 years. Even after coup, US didn't sent him back.

    I hate Erdogan's conservative politics but I love my country. Erdogan is not Turkey, Turkey is not Erdogan. US can come here with their own weapons and soldiers next time, it can be more honorable fight.

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  85. Post

    Make friends with China, man. We make your shit, loan you money, we don't sent soldiers to fuck up your plans. We cook you food , too! What more do you want?!

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    john carton

    Welcome to the World Games of the Crazy men …War Games… shouldn't we (the human race) better focus on our families and loved ones? Grow vegetables, and have sheep? Sing songs and explore the universe? Dance on the Rhythm of the flute, the cello or the piano for God sake? If ya'll wont a war then go to war but don't play the Rambo tapping war on your keyboard, give me a break. Every country has his heroes and they are all dead!! They died while someone else played daddy at home. And the generals, they polished there medals laughing and get drunk on the best wine a man could buy. And the people, the people all died of hunger and thirst. Thats the truth!

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  91. Post

    2:50 I live in Pennsylvania and theres not many muslims here. Where in Pa is this based out of ? I will go investigate if I get some names.

  92. Post
    Cirrus ODD

    Gülen is a kings dog.. we do belive that it was CIA.. and we also do belive that turkey should be part of shangai 5.. not EU or NATO anymore.

  93. Post

    ur proofs of F.M.Gulen being a spy ..I find that ridiculus .. and overly simplistic ..u r just filling the gaps with the most convenient things that u find …just so u could make a story out of it …

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    Japan's Truth

    【History】 Do You know The Secret of Japan – USA ?
    【Japan】 = The Emperor of The World ⇒ 「Root」= Africa / Black People
    【US-RP】 = The Son of The Emperor / Japan ⇒ 「USA」 = Released Black !!
    【US-DP】 = Anti-Japan / Liberal / Communist ⇒ 「Anti-USA」 = Anti-Black

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    Thaddeus Lovelock

    I don't believe this. The US and Europe's interest are not served by Turkey collapsing into civil war. It would be a disaster for US and European interests. They would prefer Turkey to remain stable afterall it is a vital part of the Nato alliance.

  98. Post

    russia was very good trade partner for turkey. before jet shot down turkey host lots of russian tourists.
    russians helped turkey more than eu and usa. there was no reason to shot down that jet.

    finally we know what was the real reason. new evidence show cia puppet feto terrorist cells in turkish military ordered to shot down that russian jet.

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    Gom Naam


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