Lots of sugar! An exaggerated amount of
spices and everything nice… These are the ingredients chosen to
create the perfect little girls But professor Anthony also added an extra ingredient to the mix The element Z! And that’s how the Ultra Strong
Girls were born Sweetie, Fluffy and Sticky have dedicated their lives to… Oh god…what is that?? What is this?? Diabetes! Morbid Obesity and apparently some weird tumors Look at Fluffy! What’s that name supposed to be sarcastic? What did you do?? Oh God…the size of her head Her head is normal, the problem are the tumors around it Kill me…please…. What did you add on us?? Uh sugar, spices and everything nice! What is everything nice, exactly? Uh, whipped cream, marshmallows and some honey… …leftover pizza but that was still good,
some fries, a can of coke a sundae Two Big Macs and the element Z… What is element Z ?? Cinnabon… Are you out of your mind?? How much sugar did you put in that recipe? Not even a glass of water? What scientist doesn’t know o humans are basically made of water? Oh my god! It wasn’t supposed to be like this! I…I… I’m not sure, but I think her blood is pure nutella She’s having a heart attack! Oh, my chest! Somebody call an ambulance! And once again, the day was saved by the emergency staff of the
General Hospital of Megalopolisville Who with cardiopulmonary resuscitation
and a pacemaker, managed to bring Sweety back to life to save the city She only needs to wait for Fluffy’s exams, that may indicate she has to amputate her left foot because of diabetes and also the biopsy of Sticky, who is in a more delicate situation

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